2006 September 24 Sunday
Schools Forced Closed By Taliban In Afghanistan

In Afghanistan many secret schools located in homes have been set up in order to avoid attacks by the Taliban. Public schools have been forced closed by Taliban attacks.

Within two years of the 2001 overthrow of the Taliban, an extremist Islamic movement that banned girls' education and emphasized Islamic studies for boys, officials boasted that 5.1 million children of both sexes were enrolled in public schools. These included hundreds of village tent-schools erected by UNICEF.


President Hamid Karzai told audiences in New York this week that about 200,000 Afghan children had been forced out of school this year by threats and physical attacks.

According to UNICEF, 106 attacks or threats against schools occurred from January to August, with incidents in 31 Afghan provinces. They included one missile attack, 11 explosions, 50 burnings and 37 threats. In the four southern provinces under serious assault by Taliban forces, UNICEF said, nearly half of the 748 schools have stopped operating.

Many parents want their sons and even their daughters to receive educations. But the Taliban is opposed to education for girls and want the boys to receive religious instruction only. The US has not paid enough attention to Afghanistan because Iraq has become such a drain and a distraction. But Afghanistan is so backward and so split by tribal divisions that even with more effort by foreigners its future is something less than bright.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2006 September 24 09:36 PM  MidEast Afghanistan

Big Bill said at September 25, 2006 6:29 AM:

I had not realized it was so bad. In order to keep all of America fired up for the War Around the World, the Michele Malkins, Michael Yons, Jonah Goldbergs, et al have had to sweep a lot under the rug. Pity they could not come clean with their fellow citizens from the beginning. I get the feeling their answer to the lack of oveerwhelming public support is to hide the problems, get us involved in as many wars as possible, and then present us with a fait accompli.

Neocons are like the employee who swears to me he can do the big job, overcommits, covers up his failings as long as possible, and then blames me after he misses deadline after deadline because "I refused to give him the resources he needed". When deep down inside he knows I never would have hired him to do the job if he had been honest in the first place and told me he was not up to it.

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