2006 September 04 Monday
Muslims In America Turning Away From Assimilation

Writing for the Washington Post Geneive Abdo reports on what she found talking to Muslims in America. They are turning away from assimilation.

If only the Muslims in Europe -- with their hearts focused on the Islamic world and their carry-on liquids poised for destruction in the West -- could behave like the well-educated, secular and Americanizing Muslims in the United States, no one would have to worry. So runs the comforting media narrative that has developed around the approximately 6 million Muslims in the United States, who are often portrayed as well-assimilated and willing to leave their religion and culture behind in pursuit of American values and lifestyle. But over the past two years, I have traveled the country, visiting mosques, interviewing Muslim leaders and speaking to Muslim youths in universities and Islamic centers from New York to Michigan to California -- and I have encountered a different truth. I found few signs of London-style radicalism among Muslims in the United States. At the same time, the real story of American Muslims is one of accelerating alienation from the mainstream of U.S. life, with Muslims in this country choosing their Islamic identity over their American one.

The basic tenets of Islam are incompatible with assimilation. Therefore Muslims who come to Western countries are settlers, not immigrants. They do not come to join our societies. They come to recreate their own societies side-by-side with ours. British Muslims when polled put their Muslim identities and loyalties ahead of their British ones. Abdo reports on the same process happening in supposed melting pot America. So much for the neoconservative claim of the mythical uniqueness of America that supposedly makes us immune to the problems of Old Europe.

A Muslim woman proudly proclaims her right to not assimilate to American culture.

Ismahan recalled similar experiences. In elementary school, she had tried to fit in. As an adult, though, "I know I don't have to fit in," she said. "I don't think Muslims have to assimilate. We are not treated like Americans. At work, I get up from my desk and go to pray. I thought I would face opposition from my boss. Even before I realized he didn't mind, I thought, 'I have a right to be a Muslim, and I don't have to assimilate.' "

We are going to have an alien nation, a balkanized nation. Why do this to ourselves?

Also see my post Over Half Of Pakistanis In Britain Married To First Cousins. Also see Larry Auster's posts Muslim Miss England Turns On England and From "peaceful" conversion to jihadist mass destruction, Islam is a single continuum.

Update: Some conservative Muslim groups in the United States advocate the creation of completely self-sufficient Muslim communities to allow Muslims to separate themselves from non-Muslims.

Twelve girls sat in rows at the front of the community room in Silver Spring's Muslim Community Center, calming their nerves with giggles and girl talk. In their sweaty hands, they held prepared speeches. On their heads, they wore scarves in a rainbow of colors: pink, brown, gold, white and lavender.

The seventh- and eighth-graders were competing in a debate on this question: Is a segregated, all-Islamic upbringing key to protecting your Muslim identity?

Eight of the dozen argued yes, using variants of the theme offered by Fatimah Waseem. Young Muslims "join with the non-Muslims, copy them and look up to them. This is hurting our identity. . . . Sometimes, we turn way from Islam," she said. "In conclusion, . . . we cannot sway in the wind and become weak. We need to be protected . . . by segregation."

The kids want to segregate.

If Western culture is alien to Muslims values then doesn't Muslim immigration bring in people whose values are incompatible with Western values?

Dar-us-Salaam, whose Friday prayer services draw 500 to 700 worshipers, describes on its Web site its plan to create an Islamic enclave as a way to sustain its members' Muslim identity and spread Islam by example. Besides a mosque and school, "such an Islamic environment would include . . . businesses and shops for employment and basic needs, housing, medical and financial institutions."

This dream reflects the strict Salafi approach of Saudi-trained Safi Khan, Dar-us-Salaam's imam, who believes that Muslims in this country need close-knit communities to cope with pressures from law enforcement officials and a Western culture alien to Islamic values.

All cultures and religions do not promote the same values or beliefs. All cultures and religions are not compatible. We ignore these basic facts at our peril.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2006 September 04 10:31 PM  Immigration Culture Clash

John S Bolton said at September 4, 2006 10:56 PM:

One major problem in responding to the emergence of hordes of such hostiles within the borders, is the antidiscrimination social regime.
When the problem is a religion of this hostile a nature, a true enemy faith; the only way to respond effectively is to discriminate by religion, or the associated backgrounds of it.
That puts us back to the time when government enforced racial and religious property covenants.
The adminstration says we have to move forward offensively, attacking various countries; but really we have to move backward to official discrimination against foreigners, and also against citizens from hostile groups who have records which diminish their protection from such discrimination.
Sometimes moral progress is made by going 'backwards' to earlier policies which it was called progress to move beyond.
This shows up especially in crime policies, where the older stricter policies have been gone back to, with good results.

John S Bolton said at September 7, 2006 9:18 PM:

This shows again how the moslem demand is always for sovereignty, and not for assimilation or integration.
Competition for sovereignty is war, and traitorous officials are pushing us towards war, by failing to discriminate
the hostiles and their demands for attributes of sovereignty, from loyal citizens.
Officials have a responsibility to be loyal to the citizen and not to fifth columnists, prospective or already lodged in menacing positions within the borders.
Such policies must be deliberate, in that governments are always highly sensitive to threats to compete for sovereignty within the national territories.
They cannot pretend not to know.
Therefore the goal of some of these officials who know what they're doing, not just going along to further their careers,
must be war and the power that comes from war.

crush41 said at September 8, 2006 2:55 PM:

From a recent Pew Survey, posing the following question to both Muslims and Christians: "What do you consider yourself first? A citizen of your country or a Muslim/Christian?"

And the responses by country and religion:

British Muslims: 7% country, 81% Muslim
Spanish Muslims: 3% country, 69% Muslim
German Muslims: 13% country, 66% Muslim
French Muslims: 42% country, 46% Muslim

German Christians: 59% country, 33% Christian
British Christians: 59% country, 24% Christian
Spanish Christians: 60% country, 14% Christian
French Christians: 83% country, 14% Christian

Even France, with it's notorious superciliousness over the superiority of French culture, cannot get a majority of Muslims to buy into it. Fat chance it'll fly in countries where the elites perpetually trash the nation like in Britain.

Unfortunately the survey didn't query American Muslims. Still, it is clear that Muslims, no matter where they go, are not nationalists (The Muslim countries surveyed display similar Muslim-first priorities). Their loyalties are to other Muslims, not the gracious hosts that suffer them.

Tony said at September 16, 2006 3:03 PM:

Study the Hadith, the sayings and actions attributed to 'The Prophet'. In their own words he emerges as a mass-murderer, everyday murderer, thief, paedophile, and horny as a jackass. Is it any surprise Islam acts like it does

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