2006 August 26 Saturday
Hispanic Flight For Lower Costs Driving White Flight

Too much crowding of Hispanics and the resulting higher cost of living and lower quality of life is causing Hispanics to move into majority white cites and causing the whites to flee. The leftists, libertarians, and business interests expect us to ignore our own interests and support the immigrant deluge.

An analysis of census data released last week has shown that the white non-Hispanic population in another three of America's 50 largest cities has become a minority. In Phoenix, Tucson and Denver, the white population has recently fallen below 50 percent, according to William H. Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution.

He predicts that another four cities will soon follow. Whites will become a minority in Arlington, Tex.; Charlotte; and Las Vegas within two years and in Austin within four years, he said.

Although these changes were once driven by "white flight," Frey said, something else contributed in the cities that most recently reached the tipping point. While they were still losing some whites, the more dramatic shift was the increase in Hispanics, some of whom were moving from California and elsewhere in the United States in search of a better -- and more affordable -- life.

Why make our towns and neighborhoods less affordable? Why subject ourselves to a higher crime rate?

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John S Bolton said at August 28, 2006 1:30 AM:

A new pattern has shown up where tolerance of mass immigration of menials, drives hordes of them out to where the construction is most extensive.
As they dump their children into school districts which had been desirable enough to function as refuges for 'white flight', those locales have less new construction, and fewer jobs for the menials; which pushes a new outward flow of two different classes, though.
One school district dozens of miles out from a big city, which has long been minority-dominated, has an enrollment of over 2,800 in a population of under 10,000 total. This is almost twice the typical proportion of 1/6 or 1/7 enrolled in public school, to the total of all ages. They are spending over $18,000 per student, and it would seem, making no effort to clear out immigrants' children without documentation of residency.
Apart from the high expenditure, this would seem to be a harbinger of suburban evils to come. It is almost entirely the result of treacherous assisted immigration, which appears to maliciously delight in damage to the net taxpayer.

John S Bolton said at August 29, 2006 1:36 AM:

The NYT of 8-27-06, p. A18, reports that new public school construction is running $20 billion a year!
There's no way that immigration could account for less than half of this directly or indirectly, and most of that will be attributable to illegals and their children.
One could estimate that savings on public school construction would pay for the cost of a wall/fence of 1000's of miles' length, every year.

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