2006 August 24 Thursday
Israel To Crack Down On Illegal Immigrants

Aimed at preventing West Bank Palestinians from marrying Arab Israelis and getting residency in Israel a new law will make illegals leave Israel for at least a year before applying for residency.

Meanwhile another law has been taking shape in the Knesset, which is an undeclared revolution in Israel's immigration policy. The concern is that the bill (Amendment 19 of the Entry to Israel Law, known in the vernacular as the shabakhim, or illegal aliens law) will turn into Israel's de facto policy on who gets in and who does not.

The law determines that an illegal alien will be able to receive legal standing in Israel only after he or she leaves the country for a cooling-off period of one to five years. The law passed its first reading on the first day of the Knesset's summer session. It enjoyed wide support, and it is hard to imagine what will prevent its passing in the winter session.

The main reason for the bill's support is the rationale that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens living in Israel should not be given a prize. However, it cannot be ignored that the law is directed only against non-Jews. Jews cannot become illegal aliens in Israel.

I want a barrier on the US border with Mexico that is as formidable as the barrier Israel built on its border with the West Bank. I also want a law at least as tough as the one discussed above which will require illegals to leave the United States.

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John S Bolton said at August 25, 2006 3:03 AM:

...and rightly so.
If Tojo, Hitler or even Mussolini had tried to use marital or 'family preference' features of immigration policies, to infiltrate hostiles into the US, they'd have been prevented.
No one would have said: what about the family? Why are you discriminating?
New-made families are not prior to our loyalty to the nation.
Marriage is not then still a legal relation, if the citizens do not honor their responsibility to take the side of fellow nationals when such are attacked by foreigners here, first and foremost.
The dissolution of the nation through disloyalism, takes down with it also the special legal status of marriage and family.
Why Israel has not moved more boldly along these lines, so far, is another question.

Hal2000 said at August 26, 2006 4:07 PM:

All I can say is keep hammering on the liberals using Israel as an example. Israel also create an immigration police force that expelled and expels the equivalent of several million illegal workers a year from Israel. And these are not border-crossers, hell, the Jews have a WALL to keep hem out. These are people integrated into the workforce, the very people that liberals tell us we just cannot expel from America because it would be racist and not-nice.

Lets be honest. Jewish liberals are a major factor in why we have the alien invasion to begin with. If we use the example of Israel against them, their only response is, "Yeah, well, they are Jews and immigration is bad for Jews in Israel. It's good for Jews in America, since you are gentiles and you suffer from that weird disease called anti-semitism and can't be trusted. Anyway God did not promise you your own land, he promised the land to us." Which, for obvious reasons, is something they just can't say out loud in "mixed company" here in the USA. As a result they have no effective way to respond to we gentiles copying Israel, holding it out as an example of enlightened nationalism, and for asserting for ourselves the same rights to self-determination that Jews assert for themselves in Israel. For that reason, it shuts up Jewish liberals (i.e. 85+% of American Jews) pretty effectively.

When you hear them speak of the wonderfulness of diversity, use Israel as a counterexample. When they tell you American should let everyone from all over the world into America in order to create a vibrant multicultural society", ask them why Israel, their national homeland, doesn't. If they call you a racist, just tell them you are not racist you are just talking about America's "Demographic Problem" just like Israeli Jews talk about their demographic problem.

By all means, use Israel as a stellar example of what happens when people next door want to return to their ancestal homelands, like the Mexicans are trying to do. Reconquista is just the same, whether it is Arabs reconquering Israel or Mexicans reconquering America. And don't let the b@st@rds forget it!

Believe me, the issue isn't with the Israeli Jews. Like any other national group fighting for its national identity,culture, homeland and survival, they need to do whatever is necessary to survive and pass on their culture, heritage and land to their children. The problem is with those gutless diaspora Jews who don't want to move to their homeland, and want to take ours from us.

Use Israel ruthlessly and shamelessly against them. Cram Israel down their metaphorical throats. Make them face their hypocrisy.

dan g. said at August 26, 2006 4:54 PM:

I'm an American Jew and I feel Israel is my homeland about as much as your typical Italian-American (or Irish-American, or Polish-American...) feels Italy (or Ireland, or Poland...) is his or her homeland. In other words, not very much, certainly not enough to feel compelled to go there to live. Otherwise, I more or less agree with your point about demographics.

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