2006 August 08 Tuesday
Bush Administration Stalls Local Immigration Law Enforcement

Heather Mac Donald says the Bush Administration refuses to grant Orange County California sheriff's deputies the right to enforce immigration law.

President Bush claims he’s serious about immigration enforcement. Here’s one way he could show it. The Orange County, Ca., sheriff has asked the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to train and deputize his detectives in immigration law and to authorize them to enforce it. That way, when a sheriff’s detective comes across an illegal-alien gang suspect, he can get him off the street immediately on an immigration charge. ICE has sat on Sheriff Michael Corona’s request (which conforms to a 1996 federal law) for ten months. If President Bush wants to demonstrate that he is willing to protect the country against illegal-alien criminals, he should order ICE to approve Orange County’s request without further delay.

But President Bush does not want to protect the country against illegal alien criminals as much as he wants to flood the country with tens of millions more illegal aliens.

Orange County spends $18 million holding illegals who already are wanted for immigration law violations. That's just one county in one state.

Orange County, Ca., spends nearly $18 million a year incarcerating just those illegal aliens who already have immigration holds on them — over ten percent of its jail population; that number leaves out the many other illegal-alien criminals who have escaped ICE detection entirely.

In contrast to most of the existing local immigration agreements, the Orange County plan tries to nab illegal-alien criminals before they end up in jail. Unlike state highway troopers, sheriff’s detectives work in the most crime-prone, often immigrant-heavy, neighborhoods every day; they actively seek out criminals rather than waiting for a law-breaker to come to them. In these gang-saturated neighborhoods, illegal-alien criminals prey on law-abiding immigrants; their law-abiding victims are usually reluctant to provide evidence against them. The only tool that a law-enforcement officer may have for getting an illegal gang-banger off the street is his immigration status; trying to build a case for armed robbery, say, may be futile. Moreover, if an investigator has only enough evidence to detain someone briefly for questioning about a crime, but not yet probable cause to arrest him, a quick check of the immigration database may provide grounds to arrest him rather than let him get away.

We should not have to live with the consequences of Hispanic gangs in our neighborhoods. We should not have to live in a decaying society. We should not have to be governed by lying elites that work to harm our interests.

Due to objections from illegal immigrant advocacy organizations and the Bush Administration illegal immigrant appeasers Orange County has had to water down their proposal.

Orange County’s original proposal would have given sheriffs deputies on routine patrol access to the ICE immigration-crime databases — not just detectives. ICE and immigrant advocates rejected this reasonable idea and also sharply reduced the number of detectives who would be given clearance to check immigration databases.

The Bushies pretend they want to enforce immigration laws. But the Bushies reject any proposal that would be effective. You can't trust them.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2006 August 08 10:43 PM  Immigration Law Enforcement

John S Bolton said at August 9, 2006 4:00 PM:

The administration doesn't seem to realize that, if the democrats win this year, Conyers and Leahy will crucify them with watergate-type investigations or even impeachment proceedings.
They need to do everything now on immigration law enforcement that is even remotely feasible. They must torpedo any international agreement which can plausibly be described as disadvantageous.
Reagan democrats will decide the elections, and those who are the most divergent from opninion elites.
Immigration has no republican constituency, but immigration restriction can bring democratic voters over.
Affirmative action is the other issue where there is high divergence between opnion elites such as major media, and the electorate.
If the administration wants to save themselves from the grim fate of operating under the purview of Conyers and Leahy, they should end all discretionary uses of affirmative action.

John S Bolton said at August 10, 2006 12:15 AM:

Deliberately sabotaging border and immigration law enforcement in wartime is such a betrayal.
if they can betray the nation, and those who voted their way, why can't they betray a couple thousand contributors who had no valid promise that some quantity of illegals would be waived in and tolerated?

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