2006 August 06 Sunday
Muslims Have Stopped Integrating In Britain

Jon Snow of the Times of London toured around Britain and found that Muslims increasingly live as a separate community. The Muslims hold very unliberal beliefs such as that free speech rights should not extend fully to religious matters. Immigration of Muslims to Britain has created growing separate, deluded, and hostile society.

A sizeable number of British Muslims to whom I talked were convinced that Princess Diana was killed because of her relationship with a Muslim, a view reflected in our survey of 1,000 Muslims — not just angry young men, but the elderly, women, the poor and wealthy businessmen. Half of those polled believe 9/11 was a conspiracy by the US and Israel, while one in four think Diana was murdered to stop her marrying a Muslim.

The evidence that integration has stopped comes from comparing our survey with previous studies, most notably one conducted in 1993 by Tariq Modood, professor of sociology at Bristol University, who says political identification with Islam has grown disproportionately among the young since then.

It is generally assumed potential radicals come only from deprived areas, but Modood confirms that the well-off and educated are drawing away just as much. Many youngsters from Bradford are going to university and in a sense having it both ways — benefiting from this country’s facilities but taking with them core beliefs that sometimes lead to separateness.

Indeed, a 19-year-old Muslim studying biomedicine at a London university explained that the very fact of his education had led him to think the way he does. At one point I asked him and his two friends: “You’d like me to become a Muslim, wouldn’t you?” They said I’d be much better for it, and talked about the positive aspects of converting.

An overwhelming number of British Muslims believe free speech should not extend to insulting their religion, and one-third would rather live under sharia law, as laid down by the Koran. A 29-year-old of Turkish Cypriot origin told me: “I feel that democracy altogether isn’t working as a system. I believe that man-made laws aren’t really the answer.”

But the liberal chattering classes still attempt (quite successfully) to convince the natives that Muslims pose little threat to their way of life.

At Audacious Epigone crush41 reports on a Pew Global Attitudes Survey which found most surveyed Europeans still think immigration from the Middle East and North Africa is a good thing.

A couple of the findings are bemusing. The percentage of people in the following countries who think continued immigration from the Middle East and North Africa is a good thing: Spain - 62%, France - 58%, Great Britain - 57%, Germany - 34%. This even though an overwhelming majority of people in each country are concerned about rising Islamic extremism. And more people in each of these countries believe an Islamic identity distinct from a national identity is growing: Spain - 46% (compared to 36% holding a contrary view), France - 68%, Britain - 69%, Germany - 72%. The public in these places that feel a Muslim identity is growing firmly believe that this trend is a bad thing: Spain - 82%, France - 87%, Britain - 59%, Germany - 83%.

So at least 38% of the Spanish, 59% of the French, 41% of the British, and 60% of the Germans feel that what is happening in the Muslim community in their home countries is a bad thing (assuming, likely in error, that all respondents ambivalent toward or disagreeing with the assertion that Islamic identity is growing at home approve of the way the Muslim community conducts itself in their home countries). Why the French anomaly? A majority feels continued Islamic immigration is good but a similar majority believes what is happening in the French Islamic community is bad.

It says something about the intellectual decline of the West that so many Europeans are intent upon taking being-hit-on-the-head lessons in the form of mass Muslim immigration. Yet the Germans have seen through it and turned back from the multicultural diversity folly. Well good for them!

Human minds tend to underestimate just how differently other people think. I see an element of "surely the Muslims can't honestly mean what they are saying" in the reaction of the general public of Western nations toward what the Muslims in their midst actually say. But media talking heads and editors make this problem worse by underreporting the extremists and going out of their way to find seeming moderates who will mouth the proper liberal pieties while claiming to represent the vast majority of their ethnic and religious brethren.

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John S Bolton said at August 6, 2006 4:58 PM:

Some of the above may administer such assimilation stories as tranquilizers on the victims, until the power-seekers get the chance for civil war and despotism.
A left that can make common cause and all manner of excuses for the Moslem hostiles within the gates, is absolutely depraved, and cannot be considered as other than Macchiavellian in their intentions.
Consider how many left doctrines get cavalierly tossed aside as rubbish or burdensome by these leftists, in order to express their solidarity with spiritualistic, hopelessly backward Moslem terrorist-worshippers.

Guessedworker said at August 7, 2006 2:23 PM:


We are being informed by Channel 4 what Muslims think because the media darlings think we should worry about how to integrate them. Of course, worrying about their integration or lack of it only demonstrates how distant from a healthy and natural understanding of our own interests we still are. Muslims, Hindhus, blacks, Jews, Poles ... none of them belong in England. None of them can "integrate" because they each possess their own ethnic interests competitive with ours.

It matters that the English recover an understanding of their own interests - which include the right to their homeland and to decide who lives their. When Channel 4 broadcast fairly on that subject I will believe we are making progress.

Dave said at August 7, 2006 5:55 PM:

Guessed, its already too late for the English to recover their identity, too many non-English are living in England for that to happen and the English birth-rate is rock bottom.

You might say Poles don't belong in England but most true English people are descendants of Germanic invaders who are themselves closely related to Poles....

I am not concerned about Poles, or Hindus, the danger to Britain comes from the sharia law loving terrorist supporting Muslims.
Survey reveals backing for 7/7 attacks:

I don't much trust channel4 anyway but similar survey results can be seen elsewhere.

crush41 said at August 7, 2006 6:51 PM:

The percentages of Europeans in the four countries listed who think negatively of what is occuring in their respective Islamic communities is almost certainly understated because I assumed everyone who did not explicitly express a belief that Islamic identity within their countries was growing. Many probably do not necessarily see growth (as the enclaves are already so culturally distinct), but are still negative on that distinctiveness. Yet, with the exception of the Germans, who've dealt with Muslims for longer than the others, Europeans still, in magnanimous Western glory, turn the other cheek and extend hospitality to more Muslims.

Meanwhile, our talking heads portray the elusive (but numerically dominant!) 'moderate' Muslim as being as equally appalled by the actions of Hezbollah or Al Qaeda as the Nebraskan farmer is (despite hard evidence to the contrary). If we just kill X number of Zarqawis, we'll have a happy ending.

John S Bolton said at August 8, 2006 9:52 PM:

The propaganda about assimilation or potential integration of such hostiles, is often just a sly and mendacious way of putting off the burden of proof.
It should be always recalled that those who advocate for the momentous change involved with such immigration cohorts have the burden to prove that such do belong in an advanced society, not just throw out some television anecdotes.
If there existed a rational argument for such immigration, it would be used, not ad hominem, nor anecdotes of some odd and rarefied cases of assimilation, nor the 'why not' sort of shifting of the burden of proof.
It is assisted immigration, which is an increase of aggression on the net taxpayer, to whom offcials owe loyalty far above some wretched suffering foreigner.

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