2006 July 30 Sunday
Canadian Muslim Reveals Role Stopping Terrorists

Helping police to infiltrate a terrorist ring can get you labelled a bad Muslim in Canada.

TORONTO The surprise announcement by a prominent Muslim leader here that he was an informant who helped authorities arrest 17 Muslims on terrorism charges has raised questions in the Muslim community over the ethics of informing versus a responsibility to stop violence.

Since outing himself as an informant who infiltrated and trained with the suspects, Mubin Shaikh has come under harsh criticism by some Toronto Muslims and sparked a debate about how far citizens should go in aiding police investigations, even as he has been hailed as a hero in the mainstream media.

Notice the difference in reactions. The Canadian mainstream sees a hero. Muslims see something else. Multiculturalism is a great way to increase distrust and make consensus impossible.

Is he a moderate Muslim perhaps? Depends on what one means by "moderate". He wants Islamic law in Canada.

Before this, Shaikh was a well-known conservative leader in the Muslim community. He runs a shariah arbitration center and is a fierce advocate for Islamic law, in Canada.

Muslims are nature's way of telling us that multiculturalism is a really bad idea.

Some Muslims figure Shaikh must have manipulated the arrested Muslims to take a path toward terrrorism.

Some wonder whether Shaikh couldn't have dissuaded the terrorism suspects, most of whom are younger than he, from violence. Some accuse him of entrapping the suspects. Some question his motivation - Shaikh claims he was paid C$77,000 (US$68,000) for his work and is owed another C$300,000. Others simply scorn him as a betrayer.

"He was not just an informer in terms of ratting out certain people, he was actually fishing," says Aly Hindy, imam of the Salaheddin Islamic Centre, a mosque several of the suspects attended in Scarborough, an eastern suburb of Toronto. Mr. Hindy said Shaikh's deep knowledge of Islam - he studied for two years in Syria - helped him gain sway over the youngsters.

I can imagine the logic: Better a single Muslim who cooperates with the non-Muslim authorities be considered bad than the larger group of Muslims who saw their primary allegiance for Islam against the non-Muslims.

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John S Bolton said at July 31, 2006 1:05 AM:

The Canadians really shouldn't need further proof of the hostile character of their moslem immigration cohorts.
It is this way to such extent, that one would have to conclude that at least some important officials there, are deliberately fostering social conflict thereby.
The motivation for this would be the chance for great expansions of power, as emergencies develop from the activities of Moslem immigration cohorts.

Big Bill said at August 2, 2006 4:56 AM:

The critical realization is that ethnic/racial groups will do whatever is necessary to prevent the destruction of their solidarity. They choose to see the greater culture as something out to destroy them. They may never build a bomb themselves, they may never do a drive-by killing themselves, they may never forge illegal documents to help wetbacks themselves, but they will never "snitch" on their racial and ethnic brethren who do. And by not snitching they make a safe place for the evil ones to travel, make contacts, buy material, work and thrive.

Those nice, friendly ethnics around you every day are like that. Your ethnic friends are like that. The ethnic members of your clubs and committees aand encounter groups and Boy Scout troops are like that.

I remember my shock reading that the Mossad makes the rounds of America synagogues looking for spies. They arrange with race-loyal Jews to meet with other like-minded Jews and ask them if they are willing to be spies for Israel, to set up safe houses, to provide fake employee documents, or to ask for an H1-B visa for a Mossad guy to get into the USA.

Very few American Jews actually agree to do these things (whether from fear of being caught or love of America is unclear), yet there is one thing that the Mossad can universally count on: no Jew, even if they refuse to assist Mossad as a spy, will ever snitch on the rabbi and Mossad agent who approached him.

Race loyalty.

And it is the knowledge that Jewish ethnicity will universally trump American citizenship and American laws that permit such spying to continue.

Likewise with the Muslims. 99.9999% of Muslims in America and Canada may not bomb schools, airports, marketplaces and the like, but the people who DO the bombing know their fellow Muslims will not snitch. And if they do snitch, they will face such rejection for creating "paranoia" in the ethnic community that they will never do it again.

Just like the Muslim girl in the article who sees "snitching" on Muslim terrorists as immoral, so do Jews, so do blacks, so do Mexicans, so do Somalis and Ethiopes, and Haitians, and all the other hard-core race-conscious ethnics living in the West. Their primary loyalty is to their race, their tribe, their ethnos.

White gentile Americans just don't get it. It is the almost universal ethnic refusal to snitch that poses the threat to America and the West by providing the environment through which like minded spies, criminals, terrorists and saboteurs can safely mix, meet, mingle and recruit. We will never eradicate the tiny raction of betrayers and violeent crazies who want to do harm. We can, however, break down th racial solidarity and code of silence that permits them to join together and do monstrous things by treating ethnic omerta as the essential enabling evil it is.

K said at August 3, 2006 7:40 AM:

"Big" Bill,

I can't stay silent on your Jew-hatred. If these other immigrant groups were anywhere as law-abiding, intelligent, and productive as American Jews, then we'd have no problems.

The problem is that they aren't. American Jews enrich society and are not plotting to destroy it. Jewish culture is very compatible with mainstream American culture (cue Sandler's "Chanukah Song"). But a significant percentage of many of the other groups, particularly the gang-raping, car-burning, Sharia-imposing Islamofascists, ARE a threat.

A common tactic of the multiculturalists is to call everyone who is not absolutely enthralled with a Muslim or Mexican conquest of their homeland as simply bigoted, or "islamophobic," or "racist." Criticism of Jews, which is not supported by facts (American Jews tend to be civilized NET TAXPAYERS), casts suspicion on valid, factual criticisms of other ethnic groups, such as the factual assertion that children of Mexicans have astronomical rates of teen pregnancy and illegitimacy and miniscule educational attainment.

But you are correct more generally, that it is considered bigotry to defend Western Civilization, while other cultures do defend themselves. Today's cultural imperialists are the Muslims, who insist on conquering Western culture (by systematic rape of Swedish women who do not wear burquas, for example), and the Mexicans who insist on converting the United States (which has been English speaking since before 1776: read the Declaration of Independence) into a Spanish-speaking slum.

Civilized Jews are pillars of Western Civilization our allies in the fight against barbarism (I am talking about the domestic cultural battle, not the foreign military "War On Terror.")

Bob Badour said at August 4, 2006 7:26 AM:


Whoa! Slow down. I don't see where you got the message that Big Bill hates anybody. I have no doubt that Mossad spies on the US just as I have no doubt that Canada spies on the US--and vice versa.

Certainly, he made an assertion without any documentation to support the assertion. Whether Mossad recruits in Synagogues remains in doubt without anything to back up what he said. However, if I were recruiting for Mossad, I would look in Synagogues for potential agents. I would probably screen potential recruits heavily before approaching them, though.

Even if he can document that Mossad recruits in Synagogues, his thesis that no Jew ever reported the recruiting activities remains very much in doubt. It's not like the FBI or the CIA would be in a hurry to publicize the identities of those who came forward to help them. Nevertheless, I don't find it unreasonable to think those coming forward are in the minority.

I don't think there is any doubt that in general Jews are tribal and have considerable solidarity as a group. I, myself, have noted on several occasions when very intelligent Jewish friends have reacted in a startling and knee-jerk manner to anything they perceived as having the remotest chance of working against Jewish interests. I further note that the solidarity is tribal rather than religious as some of those friends are atheists.

At the same time, I don't think there is any doubt that in general Jews are attacked as a group even when no attack is warranted. Market-dominant minorities get targeted as a group even when they have no particular solidarity.

Mubin Shaikh said at October 26, 2008 1:20 PM:

Where do I sign out the klan suits folks?

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