2006 July 14 Friday
Whites Not Good Enough For Accredited Universities

America's political Left is fully evil and just likes to screw things up.

The University of Maine's College of Education is among only a handful of teacher training programs nationwide cited for failing to achieve more racial diversity among its faculty and students, its national accrediting agency said.

But that does not mean that the program, based at the University of Maine's flagship Orono campus, will not win back its good standing quickly, said Jane Leibbrand, a spokeswoman at the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education in Washington.

Her agency warned the college that it could lose its accreditation if it doesn't achieve more racial diversity among its faculty and students.

Get this: Maine is 97% white. The education school at Orono managed to get 4% non-whites. But since Left likes to pretend that whites just come up short on all scores (unless the whites are Leftists who condescend toward non-Leftist whites as a way to show how superior they are toward other whites) those 96% whites are just not seen as adequate to make a useful university. Think about that. In the mind of Leftists all-white universities can't possibly grant degrees worth having.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2006 July 14 10:46 PM  Cultural Wars Western

John S Bolton said at July 15, 2006 2:33 AM:

Consider how extreme this position is: even Hitler did not say that being non-Jewish is a form of merit in itself.
For the state religions of anti-caucasianism, though, being non-white is itself a kind of merit.
It is a kind of official racial determinism as well, to pretend, along with the top shysters in Washington, that being non-white itself imparts a special perspective of value.
If different races necessarily inherit some kind of educational 'diversity-value', then the shysterocracy is imposing its view that race is fundamental to the specific content of mentality.
Such policies are almost certainly intended as racial provocation against the majority; by implying that someone can be better just by being non-white.
The majority will have to turn against the government schools as such, and throw the leftist anticulture out of its tenured alternative welfare positions.

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