2006 May 28 Sunday
ACLU As Fellow Gangbanger For Employers Hiring Illegals

I've been reading the mostly very empirical posts of The Inductivist blogger Ron Guhname. He mostly digs through the results of General Social Surveys (GSS) and finds facts about groups that go against the conventional wisdom. But he's got one post on illegal immigration where he argues that we should focus far more on the people who enable the illegal aliens by hiring them and making it legally easy for them to work in the United States

So, everyone argues about the whether the immigrants are a good or bad thing, but all this talk is about the little fish. All to often the big fish get off the hook. This is a big mistake since, in this immigration drama, the employer is the drug dealer and the illegal is only a junkie. The drug dealer gets fat while the neighborhood goes to hell. The politicians are the cops who close their eyes to the transaction in exchange for a dirty money payoff. And the ACLU who sues the employer for investigating the legal status of his workers is the fellow gangbanger who threatens you if you are even thinking about leaving the gang and going straight. Now, none of us likes a junkie, but he is just the little guy. American save their rage for the guy peddling the dope. He is the one who needs to serve some serious time.

Some jail terms for executives in businesses hiring illegals would cut back on illegal hiring very rapidly and send millions back across the border. We need internal enforcement of immigration laws.

Read the whole post.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2006 May 28 08:28 AM  Immigration Law Enforcement

D Flinchum said at May 28, 2006 4:17 PM:

But let's not stop there.

If the citizens of the US really knew what awaits them, they would be rioting in the streets. For example, SSI. Were you aware that the aged parents which these newly amnestied immigrants can in due course bring to the US will be eligible for SSI without having paid a dime into the system? This will, of course, be happening at about the same time as the first wave of baby boomers are eligible to collect social security, which we are told is on shaky ground.

To their credit, in 1996 Congress (the Welfare Reform Act) tried to call a halt to this abuse. It didn't last long. As an ACLU document says, "After the ACLU-NC and a coalition of civil rights attorneys filed the class action lawsuit Sutich v. Callahan in U.S. District Court in March, 1997, Congress restored SSI benefits to most legal residents as part of the Balanced Budget Act. In December the Social Security Administration subsequently issued instructions to allow those noncitizens to receive their benefits." Note if you will these are noncitizens who are receiving THEIR benefits. Why are we allowing immigrants to bring in their sick, aged parents and making them wards of the state?

This document also notes that CA had the most noncitizens affected. Some of them were no doubt the parents that highly educated and well paid Chinese immigrants were bringing to the US, as noted by Norm Matloff of IT fame. It seems that these folks were bringing the 'rents to the US and promising faithfully that THEY would take care of them. They then put them on SSI - plus God knows what else - as soon as they could.

The newly amnestied illegal immigrants in this wave won't have to bother with that even if they were in a position to make such promises; and, face it, most won't be because they will be working low-skilled jobs and supporting their immediate families, which will join them right away. Thanks to ACLU, SSI is apparently now a right even if you haven't paid a dime into the system.

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