2006 May 07 Sunday
Immigration Driving People Out Of California

Our traitorous elites are having us replaced.

IN 2005, the least-affordable place in the country to live, measured by the percentage of income devoted to mortgage payments, was Salinas, Calif.

The second was the Santa Cruz-Watsonville area of California.

The third? Santa Rosa-Petaluma, Calif.

In fact, California has the distinction of having the 11 least-affordable metropolitan areas in the country.

Why? Immigration.

California is also in the forefront of population growth, but it is not driven, as might be expected, by envious Easterners and Midwesterners escaping snowbound winters. Nor is it driven by long-term Californians. In fact, census figures show that over the past decade, more people have left California — emigrating to neighboring states like Nevada and Arizona and farther away, to Texas and Florida — than have moved in from other parts of the country.

The population increase is driven primarily by births and foreign immigration. According to census statistics, from April 2000 to July 2005, California experienced a net natural increase — taking into account births and deaths — of 1.5 million people.

And an additional 1.4 million moved in from other countries.

Blacks and whites are being driven out of California. A large fraction of the births are births to Mexicans and their descendants.

As the population growth from immigration starts to produce crowding in more areas outside of California the California real estate price phenomenon will repeat in many other locales. Why do this to ourselves? Why not have a US immigration policy set for the benefit of American citizens?

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Dave said at May 7, 2006 11:11 AM:

"Why do this to ourselves?"

I think its important to remember its not just an American issue, it seems that all majority white 'western' nations have the same thing happening, there is a bigger phenomonon going on here.
'native' British people are predicted to be minority in Britain by 2100, but many people now think it will happen faster on current trends.
Holland will be minority dutch very soon, I don't have the facts and figures to hand.
Sweden and Norway have same problem, only 10 million people live in Sweden yet they have extremely high levels of immigration.

1 third of births in France last year were to Muslim immigrants.

Even Austrialia with its relatively tough asylum policies is predicted to undergo a dramatic demographic shift in the near future.

Personally I blame socialists, they do all they can to stop young people having children with all the "sex education", I ofcourse agree with sex education to some extent but they take it too far, they make it sound like having a baby any time before about 30 is ruining your life. And then the socialists realise the lack of young people is going to be the end of the welfare state because not enough young workers to support the old so they use immigration to fugde the flaws in their philosophy.

Randy said at May 7, 2006 12:25 PM:

Our home in Santa Clara county, San Jose, received the political flier, “Yes on Measure A” a sales tax measure on the June ballet. Frankly I have never read a proposal that is more vulnerable to fiscal abuse. The measure lists a series of programs the money *can* go to; however, *where* the funding actually goes to is left to the Citizens Oversight Committee. A single program: 'health insurance for uninsured children', could in two years likely take most its annual funding.

Much more disturbing is the fact that nowhere is it mentioned the money would go to county citizens. One simply has to reside in the county to participate in these programs. The measure, as written, simply serves a magnet to subsize illegal Mexicans to enter and remain here. It is sheer lunacy for any voter to support this measure.


Ballot Statement
``Shall a one-half cent sales tax be enacted, for 30 years, for general county purposes, such as:
1. The County hospital and clinics;
2. Trauma and emergency services;
3. Affordable homes for families and seniors;
4. Health insurance for uninsured children;
5. Prevention programs for at-risk youth, families and seniors;
6. Transportation improvements approved in city and countywide transportation plans;
7. Services for abused and neglected children;

with a Citizens Oversight Committee ensuring fiscal accountability by reviewing the Annual Audit?'

Lastly, what is really goofy is the last line of the measure, the statement: "ensuring fiscal accountability by reviewing the Annual Audit?' is left as a question. What does this mean?

Jorge D.C. said at May 7, 2006 1:40 PM:

Randy says:

The measure, as written, simply serves a magnet to subsize illegal Mexicans to enter and remain here.

CA ballot measures are fascinating in that they highlight the vast polilitical canyon between the eligible voters and the elected officials in Sacramento. The ballot measure results always show a strong conservative tilt as opposed to the left wing radicals in the CA chambers.

I believe the reason is that state voting districts are apportioned by total population and not citizen population. It's the "rotten borough" syndrome on a state level. Steve Sailer and others have talked about the distortion rotten boroughs introduce at the state and federal level i.e. undeserved US congress seats gained by having mass numbers of illegals in a district.

Jorge D.C. said at May 7, 2006 2:08 PM:

Leftwing media bias in action:


Check out this article linked by Drudge describing CNN's Anderson Cooper ratings fiasco. This is not just media bias but a conspiracy.

I don't know who is running CNN today but they should be fired and run out of the business. Actually the people running TIME/Warner should be fired for not firing the people at CNN.

This is highly relevant if you're interested in the immigration issue. Lou Dobbs is the only CNN host who is gaining viewers because of his conservative pro-American views. He is an anti-illegal immigration hero much like Tancredo. Yet CNN has recently taken Lou Dobbs west coast primetime replay off the air. As far as I know they now have Anderson Cooper on for two hours to fill the gap.

The media commissars and their cultural marxism prolefeed are real.

Dan said at May 7, 2006 2:49 PM:

One thing about the calif real estate post brought to my attention a thought Ive had for a while. If thinngs are so expensive, who is buying the property? Real Estate is as free market as you can get. So I must assume someone has the money and I know its not illegals (no busboy estates) If white people are all leaving and getting faboulous money for their houses, there must be a lot of people of color (GOD what a puky prhase, but it works) who have money. Dan

Big Bill said at May 7, 2006 3:55 PM:

Look at that list of benefits that Measure A will provide. Poor people, free busses, cheap housing for big families, free medical for uninsured kids, etc.

Any of it ring a bell? Doesn't it sound tailor-made for poor illegal immigrants from Central American and Mexico?

Now look at the gung-ho sponsors on the Measure A website (http://www/measurea.org).

Not a single one, I repeat, NOT A SINGLE ONE, is a Hispanic/Illegal Alien advocacy group.

Now why might that be? No Hispanic activists in San Jose? Nope. There are plenty of them.

Perhaps illegal alien groups don't want these benefits? Nope. They are going to get the lion's share.

So why the silence?

Do you average white folks get the feeling that the realtors, developers, and wealthy white folk sponsors of this bill are getting ready to slip that shiv deep in your side? All the champagne-drinking Republicans are joining arms with the Hispanic/Illegal Alien Democrats, rocking back and forth, singing Kumbaya and We Shall Overcome as they dip their hands in your pocket for a little cash.

With the passage of Measure A, life is going to be much better for illegal aliens in San Jose: free busses, free medical, free housing. Heck, they may now be able to afford to bring the enire family up from Mexico, what with the housing and medical care.

And since it is a sales tax, one of the most regressive taxes ever invented, it is all going to fall on the backs of the predominately white Middle Class, as expected.

Now do you see why they failed to mention the illegal alien groups? If they told you the Hispanic/Illegal advocacy groups were gung-ho for the plan, you would smell a skunk, so they have to pad the "Pro" column with your betters.

Rich white folks in San Jose are transplanting a little bit of Mexico to America: a wealthy white elite with tons of cheap servants, all supported by an oppressed (and virtually non-existent) middle class. They want cheap servants (not you, you greedy white folks), and the Mexicans want to serve ... and both of them look forward to being subsidized out of the public fisc.

Welcome to the New Republicrat California!

PS: The only piece I don't quite undderstand is the NAACP support. All I can figure is that they want more poor folks so THEIR kids have a better chance of getting a free "poor-minority affirmative-action" scholarship and so THEY have a better chance of getting a government affirmative action job.

I would say "Vote BNP" but we don't have one yet. Any takers for an American National Party? Working black folks who don't want to get screwed yet again by the Talented Tenth are also invited to join.

dave said at May 7, 2006 4:32 PM:

So Salinas is one of the most expensive places in the country to live because the evil wetbacks are buying up all the real estate?

How big a fucking moron do you have to be to join the conservative movement?

Randall Parker said at May 7, 2006 4:36 PM:

Big Bill,

You said what I was going to say. Yes, that list is aimed at providing services to the lower class. Since the white lower class has been fleeing California that means it is aimed at Mexicans.


I see a few things going on with housing in California:

1) People are going deeper into debt to buy. A larger fraction of their income is going to mortgage payments and they are trying harder to get into a mortgage rather than rent.

2) Asians are providing some of the money since they tend to be upper middle class.

3) Hispanics buy housing using bigger families. More people are earning toward the mortgage payment. I had a real estate girlfriend whose Hispanic customers tended to have more people signing to the mortgage. Brothers, cousins, that sort of thing. I also see groups of Hispanics renting houses together. This all means higher density populations in the same neighborhoods.

Randall Parker said at May 7, 2006 4:39 PM:


You have a reading comprehension problem. Salinas does not have the highest cost per square foot of housing. They have the highest percentage of income going to mortgage payments. There's a huge difference between those two.

Stephen said at May 7, 2006 8:50 PM:

California actually belongs to Mexico and they're going to get it back. One way or another.

Jorge D.C. said at May 8, 2006 12:12 AM:

Stephen says:

California actually belongs to Mexico...

Care to back this up with any facts at all? Let's be generous and assume you know more than jack about historical Spanish California, the Mexican-American War, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Gadsden Purchase.

Your bold statement is post-modern liberal nonsense to say the least. It's understood that the liberal persuasion puts much faith in international law. So, por favor, Stephen, why don't you explain to the readers how California is actually the property of Mexico under international law? Or perhaps no laws apply?

Somehow I've got a feeling you're the type that doesn't recognize even a place like, say, England...belongs to the English.

Jorge D.C. said at May 8, 2006 12:38 AM:

Dave says:

I think its important to remember its not just an American issue, it seems that all majority white 'western' nations have the same thing happening, there is a bigger phenomonon going on here...'native' British people are predicted to be minority in Britain by 2100, but many people now think it will happen faster on current trends.

It's also important to remember that we are right now at the peak of a mass-immigration period that is a historical anomaly. Extrapolating from this position is not going to provide an accurate idea of the future.

We are just beginning a huge immigration backlash throughout the West. The climate here in the USA on the immigration issue is completely different than only six months ago. Scaremongers who claim Europe will be soon Muslim majority etc. do not understand the present, the past or the future.

The great challenge is to gain control of non-white immigration into the West without an explosion of violence. I believe civilized, rational whites will do the job quite soon. But if they don't, uncivilized, psychopathic whites certainly will.

Rick Darby said at May 8, 2006 7:57 AM:


Of course it is almost always misleading to extrapolate present trends far into the future. And I hope you are right. The big question remains: even if there is a huge reaction against mass immigration, can the opposition do anything about it?

This is an issue where academia, mainstream media, corporations and the politicians they keep in their pockets, the federal bureaucracy, the federal judiciary, and a demented president of the United States are determined to keep the flood coming. Those are pretty tough odds.

The last chance I can see is in the federalist system. States and municipalities still have some power. Unfortunately, few citizens have the time or knowledge to play the political game at that level. (I'm no better than most; I don't know the name of a single city official.) We've become so conditioned by years of growing federal centralized authority over everything that that's the only game we know, and we've already lost that one.

Dave said at May 8, 2006 12:28 PM:

Jorge, I agree we can't really use the current figures to predict the future, but how can you say we are at the end of a peak? in Britain there are plently of international leftists and libertarians who think we need a lot more immigration to pay for their retirement funds.
I wasn't claiming Britain would be majority Muslim, only a small amount of the immigrants are Muslims.

In Britain and American the majority have not agreed with the immigration policy for years but our leaders have ignored us, now there is a 'backlash' whats new?

Stephen said at May 8, 2006 6:16 PM:

Jorge asked: Care to back this up with any facts at all? Let's be generous and assume you know more than jack about historical Spanish California, the Mexican-American War, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Gadsden Purchase.

Jorge, I was alluding to a more biological process. I don't think its got much to do with the law, rather I think it has a lot to do with the number of people with particular genes, ethnicity and birth rates migrating north. There's a sense of a fait accompli about the situation

Jorge D.C. said at May 9, 2006 12:06 AM:

Stephen says:

There's a sense of a fait accompli about the situation

OK, now you are talking about current mood and not making a seditious historical claim. I agree with your assessment. But let's be clear that the "sense of a fait accompli" has been institutionalized by Bush and previous administrations.

Let's also be clear that this is a very dangerous situation for national unity. Allowing this amnesty in 2006 could lead to a violent Aztlan separatist movement within say 10 years. Bombs just might go off as in Quebec. But we are not polite Canada.

A law-and-order president could turn the situation around immediately. The border can be 95% controlled with a physical barrier. But the key to a non-violent solution is to avoid mass forced deportations and aggressively target illegal-hiring businesses which will trigger self-deportations.

This will be bad news for Mexico. IMO the brown berets and their fellow travelers will instigate rebellion in the near future on whichever side of the border they end up.

Jorge D.C. said at May 9, 2006 12:28 AM:

Dave says:

...but how can you say we are at the end of a peak?

I said we were at the peak and beginning the backlash. The peak just could possibly extend between 6-30 months but only through outright revolt by our elected elites against the voters. Of course this will only intensify voter anger.

I am in the USA. Other Western states are in different places on the learning curve. But clearly anti-immigration sentiment is building in Europe.

I wasn't claiming Britain would be majority Muslim...

Sorry I was talking about fatalistic media voices like Steyn etc. not you specifically.

In Britain and American the majority have not agreed with the immigration policy for years but our leaders have ignored us, now there is a 'backlash' whats new?

In America the political terrain is brand new. There has been a sea change on immigration in the last 6 months culminating in the massive illegal alien marches and the re-writing of the national anthem.

U.S. voters are waking up and the only question is does the open borders incumbent wipeout come in 2006 or 2008.

Dave said at May 10, 2006 2:56 PM:

But Jorge, its already too late to stop radical change in the USA. As Stephen says, its going to happen. A nation is not defined by law or geography but by people especially in a democracy the largest group will define the culture and laws.


"The latest figures show 45% of US pre-schoolers are non-white, with the Latino population growing the fastest."

FriendlyFire said at May 15, 2006 11:59 PM:

I believe Australias immigration population is around 10%

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