2006 May 06 Saturday
Racial Divide Deepens In Latin America

The revolt of the Amerinds/indigenous people/non-Spanish/non-white people of Latin (or soon to be ex-Latin?) America continues. The leading candidate to win Peru's Presidency is an Incan ethnic nationalist.

The revolt of Latin American voters against the political class began in Peru in 1990, with the election of an obscure agronomy professor named Alberto Fujimori. The anti-establishment mood has spread, leading to populist soldiers and a coca grower taking the presidencies of Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. Now Peru may elect the most dangerous leader yet. Last month Ollanta Humala, a military man whose family advocates the shooting of gays, Jews and Chilean investors, came in first in presidential elections. Since Mr. Humala did not get 50 percent, there will be a runoff on May 28.

More bad news: the other candidate will be Alan García, a spectacularly irresponsible and corrupt president in the late 1980's who wrecked Peru's economy and presided over the commission of widespread war crimes.

Note to America's Jews: There's nothing like being a market dominant minority to make people want to kill you. You are better off in countries where the distance between your ability and the ability of the larger population is not so large as is the case in Peru. Open Borders is a bad immigration policy.

Alan Garcia ran Peru's inflation rate up to 7000% and crashed Peru's economy. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is an Alan Garcia wannabe. But Garcia claims he's learned lessons, mellowed with age, and wouldn't act like a mad socialist dictator if elected President of Peru again. He's trying to appeal to younger Peruvians who do not remember what he did the last time.

Note to people who think democracy is a cure for the world's ills: Hello? Anybody home? Open your eyes. Resist the urge to embrace pretty and pleasant ideas. The fact that you find some vision of the world appealing does not make it possible or the pursuit of it a good idea. Strive to accept empirical reality, no matter how unpleasant. Stop supporting the pursuit of utopia. Utopians create disasters. Stop dreaming. You have a moral responbility to stop making the world even worse.

The Humala family are Incan ethnic nationalists. If whites were doing this sort of thing they'd be condemned as Nazis.

Isaac Humala Núñez, self-described descendent of Inca royalty and father of Ollanta Humala Tasso, is a well-known philosopher and teacher in Peru. He is the founder and long-time proponent of etnocacerismo, a political philosophy that inspired in Peru a political movement of extreme ethnic nationalists. The term etnocacerismo embodies two concepts. The first part, etno, evokes Peru's ethnic identity, specifically its Inca origins. The second part, cacerismo, venerates the 19th-century president, Andrés Avelino Cáceres, a war hero who led a guerrilla campaign of peasant militias against occupying Chilean troops during the War of the Pacific (1879-83).

The aims of the Movimiento Etnocacerista (Ethnocacerist Movement) center on the restoration of the Inca heritage of Peru, reasserting the role of marginalized indigenous masses in contemporary Peruvian society. It is opposed to what it perceives to be foreign control of the economy, most especially from traditional rival Chile, and supports a return to state control of key economic sectors. The movement also supports the legalization of coca cultivation and a return to the death penalty.

Active support for the Ethnocacerist Movement has been strongest among reservist military officers, including veterans of the struggles against domestic terrorism in the form of the Sendero Luminoso and the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, as well as the 1995 war with Ecuador. While on active duty in the Peruvian army, Ollanta Humala, and his brother, Antauro, were the leaders of the Ethnocacerist Movement. Six years ago, the brothers Humala led a failed military uprising against the regime of then President Alberto Fujimori. Imprisoned for a short time, Humala Tasso eventually returned to active duty after being pardoned by President Valentín Paniagua. After being passed over for promotion, the Toledo administration forced him into retirement at the end of 2004.

These guys aren't exactly poster boys for liberal democracy.

Humala, who seeks to come to power democratically, admires a Peruvian general who overthrew a democratically elected government.

Humala, a political novice unknown to most Peruvians as recently as seven months ago, is campaigning on promises to stamp out crime, corruption and cronyism, oppose a free-trade agreement with Washington, nationalize the petroleum industry and protect some national industries.

Humala has attacked the wealthy, promised to raise taxes on foreign companies and has praised Juan Velasco Alvarado, a general who overthrew Peru's democratically elected president in 1968 and expropriated private businesses and land holdings.

Humala's message has resonated in a country where half the people feel disenfranchised under democracy, still living on $2 a day, even though the economy has grown by 5 percent a year during the five-year term of outgoing President Alejandro Toledo.

The Incans, Mayans, and other descendants of migrants over the Aleutian path into the Americas want power and are taking it from the descendants of the conquistadors.

The Amerinds are on the march. Now that Hugo Chavez runs Venezuela, Evo Morales runs Bolivia, and Incan Ollanta Humala Tasso might come to power in Peru which country is next? How about a country which has a national average IQ of 80? how about Ecuador?

In unstable Ecuador, indigenous peasants have blocked roads in recent months to protest negotiations on a U.S. free trade pact.

Indigenous groups have also called for nationalization of the energy sector and particularly the expulsion of U.S. companies from South America's No. 5 oil producer.

My advice to "Latin" America's white Spanish: Get yourselves to countries where the whites form solid majorities. The Amerinds are taking over part of South America and your lives are going to become much less pleasant under their rule.

Up here in the land of Yankees and Rebels we ought to learn an obvious lesson from the inter-racial confict in Central and South America: Whites will be far worse off if they become a minority in the United States. The economy will do worse. Crime will go up. Racial preferences against whites will become much worse. Parties will organize even more along raical lines and the government will become more corrupt as non-whites vote to retain non-whites in power no matter how corrupt. The division along racial and ethnic lines will remove other factors for consideration of candidates for election and quality of government will decay a great deal.

Update: Peru's lower class does not see itself as benefitting from Peru's longest economic upswing in modern times.

The country is experiencing its longest economic expansion in modern history — 57 months — and inflation is near 1%, while exports have tripled to $18 billion in five years. Yet a majority of Peruvians are demanding radical change because the boom has not trickled down from the 5% of population that controls most of its wealth.

Continued economic growth would eventually trickle down. But my guess is that the next government of Peru is going to take steps that'll slow economic growth as it seeks to redistribute the wealth.

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Ivan Kirigin said at May 6, 2006 3:17 PM:

"Note to people who think democracy is a cure for the world's ills: Hello? Anybody home? Open your eyes. ... You have a moral responbility to stop making the world even worse."

So the alternative? Actively supporting dictators?

I don't understand calls to advocates of democratization to wise up. There are also important components in minority rights and rule of law. Elections do not make a country a liberal democracy (liberal in the 19th century sense).

But it is a fine straw man...

You clearly advocate a closed border with these countries. What would you recommend for our foreign policy in general?

Take Cuba. Clearly economic sanctions have done little to hurt the regime (as opposed to the people). I see no reason why we should punish socialists & communists with more socialism (aid, tariffs, trade quotas, and local farm subsidies) instead of more open and free markets.

Unilaterally opening trade and removing farm and other subsidies is a pretty good foreign policy to almost any nation.

It has the side benefit of allowing ethanol made from sugar cane and raw sugar from Brazil in at lower prices.

Randall Parker said at May 6, 2006 5:41 PM:


A straw man? You speak of a strawman? Oh, yes, you do. Your own. Okay, here are strawman choices Kirigin-style:

1) Support democracy everywhere around the world and spread it with force.

2) Support dictatorships everywhere and even use covert ops to overthrow democracies.

Surely there are other choices besides these two, more nuanced choices that take in consideration local conditions and US interests. Non-intervention might make more sense in the vast majority of cases.

gcochran said at May 6, 2006 8:53 PM:

For most of our history, we paid almost no attention to South America: that policy worked just fine.

Richard said at May 7, 2006 6:56 AM:

"Note to America's Jews: There's nothing like being a market dominant minority to make people want to kill you. You are better off in countries where the distance between your ability and the ability of the larger populaiton is not so large as is the case in Peru. Open Borders is a bad immigration bad policy."

Though in the main I agree, Germany circa 1932-1945 was not a good deal for Jews, even though it was probably the closest match imaginable.

Ivan Kirigin said at May 7, 2006 7:08 AM:

It just doesn't make sense to blame the system of democracy when it is used towards illiberal ends.

Robert Hume said at May 7, 2006 10:38 AM:

But if Jews encourage a high level immigration from Asia, including sufficient from high-IQ China, they may be able to ensure that they themselves will have all the market dominance they need while still ensuring that no ethnic group, in particular those of European or Amer-Indian ancestry can muster a decisive political majority.

Kurt said at May 7, 2006 12:45 PM:


I've not been to Latin America, so maybe I am clueless. But consider the following:

The upper classes in Latin America are corrupt, completely self-serving, and completely parasitical with regards to free-market based wealth creation. Is it not possible that the "leftward" drift in Latin American politics is a reaction to the supposed "free-market" reforms in the 90's which were really legalized looting of state assets (much like post-soviet Russia)? If so, then perhaps meaningful reform can come only from the left.

Lula, in Brazil, is a good example. He ran as a leftist. Yet, once in power, has done a respectable job in maintaining and reforming Brazil's economy. Might a "leftist" president in Maxico do the same?

There is saying on Vulcan: Only Nixon can go to China. Perhaps, only the left can do meaningful reform in latin America.

My 2 cents on the issue.

Randall Parker said at May 7, 2006 1:05 PM:


What's worse?

1) Rule by corrupt relatively smarter Spaniards.

2) Rule by (also possibly corrupt) relatively dumber Amerinds representing the masses.

I'd say 20 or 30 years ago when the Spaniards were more likely to favor socialist policies that the choice was not so easy. But now that the Spaniards have shifted toward favoring market friendly policies their dethroning comes at a bad time.

Lula didn't run as an Amerind ethnic nationalist. He didn't nationalize Brazilian oil and instead has been trying to prevent Hugo Chavez from nationalising oil fields operated by Brazilian oil companies.

Kurt said at May 7, 2006 4:41 PM:


Both options 1 and 2 are bad. But the masses certainly feel better with option 2, even if they suffer more than with option 1.

My suggestion is that the Spaniards' free market reforms may be a sham and that they are just using such rhetoric for looting state assets and calling it "free market" reform. Since I have not been to these places, I don't know if this is the case. It was just a suggested possibility. One thing that is very clear to me (from the ones I've met) is the contempt the Spaniards have for the Amerind ethnic people in these countries. This suggests that my comments may be correct. In which case, option 1 could be as bad as option 2.

Lula did not run as an Amerind ethnic nationalist because Brazil has few Amerind people, like Argentina, Chile, Columbia, and Uruquay. The countries with large numbers of Amerinds are Peru, Equador, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Southern Mexico. The first three countries are often referred to as "Indo-America". Yes, Amerind ethnic nationalism is on the run in these places. However, I don't think its really OUR problem. I generally agree with you on immigration issues. But other than controlling our border, I don't see any argument for dicking around with these countries. Amerind Ethnic nationalism is something that just has to run its course, just like communism in Russia and East Asia.

Even if Amerind ethnic nationalism does spread through-out Indo-America, it is unlikely to spread to places like Argentina and Chile (which are mostly European), not to mention Brazil.

Randall Parker said at May 7, 2006 5:03 PM:


Blame the system of democracy? I'm blaming the fools who set policy and spew rhetoric based on the idea that most of the world is smart enough and liberal enough in beliefs to make democracy work.


Peru's economy has been growing pretty rapidly. That does not speak to a looting. That speaks to investment.

Of course the growth is mostly going to accrue to the Spaniards. They are much smarter than the Amerinds on average.

I see that economic liberalisation inevitably leads to Amerind political activism since free market forces are going to lift up the Spaniards more rapidly and therefore build resentment among the Amerinds.

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