2006 May 02 Tuesday
Assimilate America To Latin American Pathologies?

On the Right Reason blog Steve Burton argues that a lack of honesty about racial inequality lies at the heart of American and Latin American debates about immigration.

Illegal immigration is a hard issue to tackle because it is, in the end, a matter of racial inequality. And Americans - including Latin Americans - are very bad at confronting issues of racial inequality honestly and coldly.

O.K., So here's the marrow that you gotta get at:

(1) Latin America in general, and Mexico in particular, is at least as deeply riven by racial inequality as the United States.

(2) Because they cannot solve their problem of racial inequality, Latin America's ruling Creole oligarchies (as Hugo Chavez would say) prefer to deny it, to deflect attention from it, and to export it to the United States.

(3) But the United States can no more solve its own problems of racial inequality than the Latin Americans can solve theirs.

(4) So unless and until we come up with solutions to these problems that work better than anything we have tried lately, our acceptance of essentially unlimited numbers of illegal Latin American immigrants is leading, not to their successful assimilation to our culture (what's left of it), but, rather, to the assimilation of the United States to the socio-political pathologies of Latin America.

Evo Morales in Bolivia and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela know that in Latin America the biggest conflict is between the lighter colored mostly European elite and the darker colored Amerind lower classes. Though I doubt either of them would admit that IQ differences play a big role in creating this division. The United States now runs the risk that this battle will come to dominate American society as well. Why subject ourselves to this? It is a stupid thing to do to ourselves.

Mexico's elite argue that Americans who want to keep out the Mexican Amerinds are racists, oppressiors, and other labels popular with the Left. Yet that elite is primarily white and its complaints are motivated by two selfish motives: A) to get rid of an Amerind lower class that it does not much want and B) to extend the power of Mexico's elite into a country that is much wealthier than Mexico. These desires are obviously contradictory since successful execution of their desire to do Reconquista would necessarily lead to Mexico's elite once again getting all those lower IQ Amerinds back under upper class Mexican Spanish rule.

But enough of their desires. Americans need to stand up for our own best interests and stop sacrificing our interests to corrupt Latin American elites, short-sighted American corporate interests, and America's own idiotic Leftists who place their frantic efforts to feel morally superior to non-Leftist whites above the best long term interests of the commonwealth. Afraid of getting called "nativist" or "racist" or the like by their ilk? Get over it. The stakes are too high and the damage being done to America is too great. It is time to assert your own selfish interest for immigration restriction against America's opponents who are busy pursuing thier own self interests under the cloak of dubious claims to the high moral ground.

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Jorge D.C. said at May 3, 2006 1:09 AM:

It is time to assert your own selfish interest for immigration restriction against America's opponents who are busy pursuing thier own self interests under the cloak of dubious claims to the high moral ground.

Well this is the whole ball of wax. Until whites regain the wholly legitimate racial consciousness that the non-white world thrives on, the USA is destined to be overrun and fade into a third world future - the same as every nation south of the Rio Grande (except the very pale outpost known as Chile).

Most of the strongest supporters of border enforcement today - Bill O'Reilly is an example - to a great extent rely on the terrorism argument for securing the border. O'Reilly seems incapable of making a cultural argument, let alone a racial one. The logical conclusion is that without 9/11 then the massive invasion from Mexico would be acceptable.

Ask friends and aquaintances if they think a non-white majority USA is a good idea. Verbalize the concept. We must break down the taboo of discussing the most pressing issue of our times. If you're completely afraid to display any racial identity at all then simply ask people the question and don't offer an answer yourself.

If you're afraid to even ask the question than you need to ask yourself if you're a free man.

Never forget: Leftists do not challenge or criticize the racial consciousness of non-white persons - in fact they enthusiastically encourage it. They are arch hypocrites and you are not a Nazi for challenging the anti-white status quo.

Dave said at May 3, 2006 3:04 PM:

What do the Amerinds think about the massive non-Amerind immigration to the USA?

RueHaxo said at May 3, 2006 4:22 PM:

Well Dave, I'm not sure. I think some support it because they view it as a way to stick it to whitey, but others are angry. I think I've heard of Indian reservations in southern Arizona being littered with the trash of illegal crossers.

Nigel said at May 3, 2006 11:36 PM:

Three (Brazil, Colombia, and Venzuela) of the five (those three + Mexico and Peru) big, volatile Latin American countries are as much mulatto as they are Mestizo (and Peru has a signigicant mulatto minority). So the white : mestizo dichotomy might be a bit simplistic.

Jorge D.C. said at May 4, 2006 12:57 AM:

Assimilate America To Latin American Pathologies?

Indeed. I hope readers are aware of the Tuesday article from Chicago Sun Times about latino gang activity in the US military on active duty in Iraq. Just outrageous.

Gangs claim their turf in Iraq


Here's a quote:

"I have identified 320 soldiers as gang members from April 2002 to present," said Scott Barfield, a Defense Department gang detective at Fort Lewis in Washington state. "I think that's the tip of the iceberg."

Check out the photos of Latin Disciples graffiti.

Apparently this outrageous article has triggered an FBI investigation:

FBI probes military-gang ties


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