2006 March 07 Tuesday
US Senate Considers Gold Card Immigration Amnesty

Major figures in the US Senate want a massive illegal alien amnesty.

WASHINGTON - The Senate’s main immigration bill would enable most illegal immigrants now in the United States to remain indefinitely as long as they stay employed, but it wouldn’t put them on a glide path to U.S. citizenship.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will begin debating the measure Wednesday under a three-week timetable aimed at producing a final version for the full Senate by March 27.

Sponsored by Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., the committee chairman, the legislation is designed to strike a middle course between a bill passed by the House of Representatives calling for tougher immigration enforcement and pro-immigration advocates who call for permanent legal status - and eventual citizenship - for the estimated 11 million aliens now in the country illegally.

President Bush, defying objections from conservatives, has called for an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws and the creation of a temporary guest-worker program to ensure a steady source of labor for U.S. business. Under Bush’s plan, qualified workers, including residents now here illegally, could stay in jobs for up to six years, then would be required to return home.

Senate Judiciary Committee staff members who explained key provisions of Specter’s bill on Monday said that the measure would create a "gold card" program for illegal immigrants who entered the United States before Jan. 4, 2004. It also would create a guest-worker program to bring in more foreign laborers.

The US government seems intent on making me believe that it lacks legitimacy. They betray us.

What comes after a gold card? A platinum card for illegal aliens who help others enter the country illegally?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2006 March 07 11:05 PM  Immigration Politics

John S Bolton said at March 8, 2006 1:47 AM:

The name itself is ominous in its associations; as if the idea were to extend credit to foreign criminals by the millions.
America is not the world's credit facility or traveller's aid society for foreign criminals.
What's missing here is any indication of concern for the victims of the increased aggression on the net taxpayer, from the waving-in of so many low-income migratory populations.
Illegal aliens should not be made into sacred monkeys, to whom morality does not apply.
American citizens can't just say they want a new identity and demand papers be issued accordingly, and that all their crime or past records be forgiven, forgotten and sealed off forever.
How then is the foreign hostile, the illegal alien who marches against our sovereignty, entitled to what the citizenry in general cannot ask for?
How can our officials take the side of these illegals, and not be denounced on all sides as traitors?

Rick Darby said at March 8, 2006 5:18 AM:

The Amexican Express Gold Card. Don't leave Chihuahua without it!

Bob Badour said at March 8, 2006 6:04 AM:

"Guest worker to provide cheap labour for American business." Isn't that another way of saying Bush wants to bankrupt the already poor who have the sorry misfortune of American citizenship?

daveg said at March 8, 2006 9:52 AM:

I just called Senator DeWine's (Ohio) office and said I am a Republican and I am going to contriute to the Democrat in the upcoming race if any sort of Amnesty passes.

DeWine is up for relection (Ohio) and he is currently trailing slightly in the polls.

Gary Glaucon said at March 8, 2006 4:54 PM:

Another bunch of nonsense from a socialist who calls himself a Republican. Let's be sensitive to the criminals and make exceptions because they are all hard working immigrants who contribute more than they take. Rubbish!!!!

Question: Doing some research I learned that to become naturalized you need to know English. Why are election ballots printed in foreign languages????

D Flinchum said at March 9, 2006 10:41 AM:

"What comes after a gold card? A platinum card for illegal aliens who help others enter the country illegally?" RP

Well, yes, sort of. As we all know, legal (or amnestied) immigrants provide the network needed for illegal immigrants to move into communities. They are the contacts for housing, social services, schools, health care, and jobs.

C Johnson said at March 13, 2006 1:08 PM:

I have a baby with an illegal Alien. So I'm happy Bush is trying to help. What is this country made up of anyways immigrants. It's not there fault they were born in a poor country. We should be happy, we have a nice country people want to live in.

Bob Badour said at March 14, 2006 6:08 PM:

C Johnson,

The whole point is if the US does not start enforcing its own sovereignty, you won't have a nice country people want to live in. Eventually, you will have a not-so-nice country people want to flee.

scottynx said at March 16, 2006 1:20 PM:

C Johnson writes:
[What is this country made up of anyways immigrants]

So is every country on earth, except the countries where humans originally evolved.

C Johnson writes:
[We should be happy, we have a nice country people want to live in.]

Bob Badour is right, Santa Ana used to be nice, but not anymore. What stops the rest of the nation from following. I wish our capital was in Santa Ana, then the asshole Beltway would see what they are turning America into.

Jerrica Romero said at March 29, 2006 11:39 AM:

Well, I guess that it's a good thing that you all were fortunate enough to be born citizens of this great country. To have enough money to buy your daily necessities, feed yourself and your children. To live comfortably without having to worry about where you are going to get enough money for your next meal. But unfortunately, God has not given us all that privelage. Everybody is so upset about this new bill they are trying to pass. "Keep the illegals out, and the ones that are already here, well, send them back right?" Wrong! You all should be thanking God for these people who are here doing the jobs that nobody else wants to do. If all illegal immigrants were just to up and leave all at the same time, this country would be absolutely lost. I think that was plainly proven in the recent protests where over 80,000 walked out on their jobs and school. How many places of business had to be shut down due to this? Imagine if they ALL were to up and walk out on us at the same time. I'm sure that when you all sit down to a nice dinner at a mexican restaurnant where illegals work that you are not complaining then. I'm 100% positive that they are illegal when they have nothing to offer you, but when they do, you can quickly look the other way. This behavior is dispicable abd disgusting. I hope that God is not as quick to judge as you all are when it comes time for you to stand before him. And I hope that He is a little more forgiving than you all seem to be. Sure, they have broken the law and are here illegally, but without them, this country would fall apart. I'm not here yelling "amnesty" or "citizenship"! But, I think it would be beneficial to all involved to meet in the middle and come to some kind of agreement that would benefit all.

Randall Parker said at March 29, 2006 4:39 PM:

Jerrica Romero,

Why don't the Mexicans fix Mexico rather than come up here? If the Mexicans are so talented and capable and hardworking then surely they can turn the place into a idyllic wealthy wonderland.

As for "jobs nobody else wants to do": What nonsense. In areas of the country where the illegals haven't shown up yet blacks and whites can be found collecting trash, cleaning hotel rooms, washing dishes (I did this in college), painting houses, putting up drywall, and building roads. What illegals do is tell employers they will work for even lower wages than the native American blue collar workers get.

If the illegals all left the country would continue to run just fine and things would get better for our own lower classes.

Toni said at March 31, 2006 6:11 AM:

I honestly think they should go on ahead and make Mexico part of the United States. No matter what is done to try and keep them out they WILL find ways here. And as far as all the complaining about them taking the jobs away from the americans. That's crap!!!!!! Some americans are just to lazy to work a lower paying job and would rather accept welfare. I know to many people that are here illegal and they work jobs that they had to go to school for. Not all illegals are what society wants to call ignorant. They only want to come here to provide better for their families. And as far as coming here illegal. Most of them do not have the money it takes to pay for getting the documentation required to come here legal. Because they are to busy working a job over there that does not pay enough but to buy food to put on the table. If you were in the same situation as they were you to would do what ever it took to support your family. Even if it meant risking your life to try and get to another country where you knew you could work and make better money. What americans consider crappy jobs and pay, is alot more than an average man would have in Mexico. So I say let them come here. Atleast they are willing to work unlike some of us calling ourselves Americans.

Randall Parker said at March 31, 2006 5:04 PM:


Your thinking is too short term. You miss the following points:

1) The children of the illegals will not be willing to work at the kinds of jobs their illegal parents work at.

2) The children of the illegals will be paid for by the natives of America who have more skills, earn more, and pay a lot more in taxes.

3) The Hispanics commit crime at twice the rate of whites. So then, what, they work harder at crime too?

Andrés Puche said at March 31, 2006 8:34 PM:

Mr. Parker.

I think your eyes are just closed and want to continue closed to an evident reality. Ilegal Aliens in the US will never be inevitable as long as the leaders of your country continue invading and subjugating other "very" sovereign countries in the planet. Unfortunately many illegal aliens in the US are people without a secondary diploma which means, their level of education lets them think the more subjugated they live, the more they will think the country that subjugates them should be the model to follow and that this would be a better country for themselves and their families. And of course the pay of "crappy jobs" is a better deal for them in the states than in their country. Just imagine if the US gave the opportunity to integrate to society these people (11.000.000 and + people) and the amount of $$ in taxes that the government will collect that will of course benefit you and the other citizens of your country. Your imperialist behavior just worsens the situation. If you make a little research, after 911, the government increased the sanctions against companies that hired illegal immigrants. As a consequence it became more difficult for a lot of illegal aliens without education to get the money to send to their home countries, and the crime rates increased. The integration of these people will make your country safer and more socially and economically stable.
It is the time for US to stop getting in other countries business and concentrate in your own's. The day this happens you will see the difference. I think this can be the beginning.

PS: The Natives of America that you call are actually the indigenous people of your country that are as victimized and subjugated as hispanics.

Toni said at April 1, 2006 5:43 AM:

Mr. Parker how can you say that hispanics commit crimes at twice the rate of whites. There is crime in ALL races. Where do you get your information from? And as far as your statement about their children not willing to work the jobs their illegal parents work. Why should they have to? If they are here in the United States they will be able to get the education that they deserve. Thus not having to work a lower paying or degrading job. And as far as the U.S. citizens paying for those illegal children... Have you been to a welfare office lately? I live in a community where the majority is hispanics. And I have a friend that works for our local welfare office and I have been there a few times. And I can tell you that there were people of all races there. But definetly the majority WAS NOT hispanics. Why is it this country is so against the hispanic race? There is not to much talk of all the other illegal races that come to this country every year. I just think that it would be a good idea to help the hispanic people. There are good people and there are bad people. That's in EVERY race in this world. There are people willing to work and then there are people that totaly screw the system built to help those that really need it. That to is in EVERY race. You just like me would do WHATEVER it took to insure the well- being of your family. Even if it meant crossing into a country illegaly to work a job that paid you next to nothing just so that your kids could eat.

Randall Parker said at April 1, 2006 7:24 AM:


Actually, the Hispanics have a crime rate closer to 3 times the white rate.

From 1997:

The National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (www.NCIAnet.org), a liberal think tank advocating less imprisonment, has released a new report, "Masking the Divide," that argues that, "The overuse of incarceration is causing severe and potentially irreparable divisions in society." It wants society to "turn the criminal justice system off its racist path and begin to repair the damage it is causing."

The NCIA said, "During the twelve years we examined (1985 to 1997), the U.S. prisoner population more than doubled from 502,376 to 1,240,962. Nationally, non-whites accounted for 70 percent of this growth in state and federal prisons."

The number of blacks and Hispanics behind bars grew 180 percent from 1985 to 1997 compared with only 102 percent for Anglo whites.

In "Masking the Divide: How Officially Reported Prison Statistics Distort the Racial and Ethnic Realities of Prison Growth," the NCIA broke out Hispanics as a separate category from non-Hispanic whites, which is an improvement on standard government criminological statistics that often ignore Hispanic ethnicity. Until now, comparisons of imprisonment rates across states and races had been confused by law enforcement agencies' tendency to lump Hispanics in with Anglo whites.

"Because prison statistics don't separate out Hispanic/Latinos from other racial groups, we believe the scale of the racial divide in American prisons is masked," stated the report's author, Barry Holman. "Without distinguishing between Hispanic/Latinos, whites and African Americans, the number of white prisoners is significantly overstated."

That's because, according to the NCIA, Hispanics have a 3.7-times-higher rate of imprisonment that non-Hispanic whites, so including Hispanics in the white total made the black-white gap in imprisonment look less enormous than it really is. (In reality, blacks are imprisoned 9.1 times more than Anglo whites.) The NCIA used a variety of statistical techniques to estimate the Hispanic prison population.

Check out the maps at this link which show the imprisonment rate per ethnic group per state. You have to page down to see the 5 maps.

Also see the Wikipedia Race and Crime page. The second graph breaks out whites and Hispanics separately.

Hispanics also have aalmost double the white illegitimacy rate, only 53% of Hispanics graduate from high school. , and on NAEP tests the average 12th grader Hispanic has about the same level of knowledge as the average white 8th grader. Note that by 12th grade lots of Hispanics are not left in school to be tested and those drop-outs would score even lower.

Hispanics (who are not as family oriented as the myth makers would have you believe) have almost double the illegitimacy rate of whites:

The good news from the federal government's preliminary birthrate data for 2002 is that the black illegitimacy rate has not only stopped getting worse, but it is now in a gradual decline. Last year, 68.0 percent of the black women who had babies were unmarried, down from 68.4 percent in 2001. The peak was 70.4 percent in 1994.

Unfortunately, if the rate keeps falling 0.4 percentage points per year, it will take 115 years to return to the 22 percent level of the early 1960s that so alarmed Johnson Administration adviser Daniel Patrick Moynihan when he wrote a controversial report called "The Negro Family: The Case for National Action."


Indeed, the illegitimacy rate among non-Hispanic whites (22.9 percent in 2002, up from 22.5 percent the previous year) is now higher than that 22 percent black rate of four decades ago. By way of contrast, the white illegitimacy rate was 16.9 percent in 1990, and only 1.9 percent back in 1956.


Although Hispanics are widely considered morally traditionalist, their illegitimacy rate is almost midway between the white and black rates. It grew to 43.4 percent in 2002, up from 42.5 percent in 2001 and 37.6 percent in 1990, the first year the government kept separate statistics on the Hispanic category.

And as for the predictable argument that Hispanics will improve: Unfortunately, as Samuel P. Huntington has noted, later generations of Hispanics do not improve their scholastic performance by much.

I do not want my nation ruined by irrational sentimental thinking about the human race. Wake up. Look at the evidence.

Toni said at April 4, 2006 2:44 PM:

I've just come to the conclusion that no matter what is done it's not going to stop the illegal people from coming here. We should focus on doing something in this country besides trying to keep them from coming here. Because that will NEVER happen. I hope that it does pass that they will allow the illegal people here to get legalized. Maybe then they will be able to get a better paying job and not have to settle for a crappy job due to not being documented (legal). Everyone has their own opinion on this topic. And I can understand everyones point of view. But the truth is that THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NOTHING THAT WILL STOP THE ILLEGALS FROM COMING HERE. Bigger fences, more security at borders, it doesn't matter. Where there's a will there is a way!! And they WILL find a way. So I've just accepted it as a way of life...

Randall Parker said at April 4, 2006 6:17 PM:


The only reason the Hispanics are able to come to the US and stay there is that the elites want this to happen. Business elites want the cheap labor. Political elites hope to win their vote.

Immigration, both legal and illegal, is fully stoppable. Given the political will it could be stopped and reversed in a few months. The immigration laws would have to be enforced. Local police would need to be authorized to arrest illegals. If the federal government would accept citizen reports millions of American citizens would turn in illegals. It could happen extremely quickly. Eisenhower did it. We could do it too.

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