2005 December 17 Saturday
Australian Trial For Muslim Terrorist Suspects Underway

A conversation between Melbourne Australia residents 46 year old Abdul Nacer Benbrika (who labels hiimself a Muslim cleric) and 20 year old Abdullah Merhi recorded by police in September 2004 and just introduced in a criminal trial against them has them discussing their intent to carry out an attack on a scale similar to the Muslim terrorist attack at the Madrid train station.

Prosecutor Nicholas Robinson read out portions of a transcript of a conversation in which Merhi allegedly discussed martyrdom with Benbrika.

Mr Robinson also claimed the two men had been recorded discussing plans to do something "big" and made reference to a terrorist attack in Madrid.

"To do a big thing," Merhi said.

"Like Spain," Benbrika replied.

"If I'm sincere, Allah will open a path for me," Merhi said. ". . . if I'm sincere and I go there now, will He open the door there tonight? If I'm sincere now, will He open the door in a month?"

They discussed the idea of killing Australian Prime Minister John Howard at a football game.

They are part of a larger group on trial.

As well as Benbrika, Merhi and Taha, the Melbourne men alleged to belong to a terror group are: Ezzit Raad, 23, of Preston; Aiman Joud, 21, of Hoppers Crossing; Fadal Sayadi, 25, of Coburg; Amer Haddara, 26, of Yarraville; Ahmed Raad, 22, of Fawkner; Izzydeen Atik, 25, of Williamstown North; and Shane Kent, 28, of Meadow Heights.

All except Haddara and Kent are also charged with making funds available to a terrorist group.

Mehri did not want to wait long to carry out an attack.

Mr Merhi said on the tape that his eyes had recently been opened and a message had to be sent. "I have made my point. If it comes up, I will go but I am not waiting 20 years or two years," he said.

Mr Benbrika said innocent ones could be the victims: "Because he kills our innocent ones . . . that is it. An eye for an eye." He also encouraged the younger man to do a "big thing" close to train stations, the prosecution told the court.

They had another conversation about slaughtering police.

Another of the accused terror suspects, 31-year-old Hany Taha, who was also refused bail yesterday, was said to be present during a conversation about "slaughtering police".

The court also heard Mr Benbrika had become infuriated by a rival Melbourne cleric preaching that al-Qa'ida leader Osama bin Laden was "on the wrong path".

These guys do not sound impressive. But people as unimpressive-sounding as these are probably just the sorts who go and blow up people.

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Bob Badour said at December 17, 2005 8:46 PM:

The folks who committed 9/11 were similarly unimpressive, and they pulled off a big one.

One of them went on a rant about the proper place of women to a female bureaucrat in a government office, and as I recall the rant involved him pointing to pictures of the towers or the pentagon or the whitehouse or something. The bureaucrat just happened to be even less impressive than the hijackers.

Of course, something tells me the folks she answered to were probably even less impressive still.

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