2005 December 17 Saturday
Riot Threats Close Sydney Area Beaches For Weekend

Riot threats close Sydney area beaches.

POLICE yesterday declared six popular beaches unsafe for public use this weekend after intelligence revealed armed rioters are planning attacks.

In an unprecedented move, Police Commissioner Ken Moroney urged people to stay away from Cronulla, Maroubra and Bondi beaches in Sydney, Terrigal on the Central Coast, Nobbys Beach in Newcastle and beaches in Wollongong.

The lockdown decision was made after police received "credible threats" the areas would become race riot zones.

"These are extraordinary measures for extraordinary times," Mr Moroney said.

Those who ignore the advice will have their cars searched at checkpoints and will be turned away by police, unless they have a valid reason for going into the areas.

You might be wondering which ethnic group wants to riot on these Australian beaches. Is it white folks? Or Arab Muslims. The article does not say.

A Dec. 13, 2005 report in The Australian suggests both Arab and white groups want to fight.

One text message circulating yesterday in Sutherland Shire, which includes Cronulla, said: "Good work for the efort we put in at 'nulla. But the wogs came back and stabbed one of our people! ... We'll show them! It's on again Sunday."

A rival text message said: "The aussies will feel the full force of the arabs as one ... brothers in arms unite now ... let's show them who's boss ... destroy."

I hear music and singlng. "Majeeda, I just met a girl named Majeeda. And suddenly that name will never be the same. Majeeda".

But how'd this all start in the first place? Did drunken white Australian rednecks start the rioting at Cronulla? That's the impression some news reports give. But a Dec. 6, 2005 Daily Telegraph report makes it clear that Arabs have been harassing and attacking whites at Cronulla for years.

"GET off our beach. This is our beach. We own it."

These are the fighting words a group of thugs spoke to three North Cronulla surf lifesavers before bashing them on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The attack has disgusted Sutherland Shire residents and surf lifesavers who volunteer their time to protect the lives of beachgoers.

Cronulla locals say in the past three years a large influx of youths have travelled from Sydney's west to the beachside to intimidate beachgoers and start fights.

One of the lifeguards was knocked unconscious.

The latest incident occurred at 3pm on Sunday when three lifesavers, aged 15, 19 and 20, were walking from the beach to the surf club at the end of their shift.

They were approached by four men of Middle Eastern appearance, aged in their late teens or early 20s, who initiated a verbal confrontation.

One of the men king-hit the 19-year-old, who fell back and struck a metal picket fence, sustaining a cut and being knocked unconscious.

Eight to 10 other men then joined the original four.

The police have closed 6 beach areas with some streets locked down.

NSW Police have locked down some streets in Cronulla, Maroubra, Coogee and Bondi and established security checkpoints in other areas as part of Operation Seta.

From 7am today police were authorised to establish security checkpoints for 48 hours on key access roads to beachside suburbs across Sydney’s south and east.


Deputy Commissioner Andrew Scipione said other areas would be assessed on an hourly basis before any decision is made to order further lock downs.

“We are acting on intelligence we’ve received from a number of credible sources and are changing our tactics and strategy hourly in accordance with the latest information,” Deputy Commissioner Scipione said.

“I will again ask people who do not need to travel to the nominated areas of Cronulla, eastern suburbs, central coast beaches, Maroubra and Wollongong to stay away as they will only increase traffic congestion.

“This is not a normal weekend and we sympathise with the frustration of motorists however the action we are taking is to ensure our priority is public safety at all times.

“I would like to thank the public for their co-operation and patience.”

The natives are understandably angry.

Several websites also carry calls for fresh action this weekend. Visitors to fightback.org.au are asked to meet near Cronulla beach at 1pm tomorrow for a rally against "home-grown terrorist gangs".

Although the site says the protest will be peaceful, it asks participants to leave identification at home and bring Australian flags, ski masks, bullhorns, gloves and CB radios. It also asks participants not to "bash people who look wog/Leb on that alone", explaining that some of "our boys" are of Eastern European appearance.

On the neo-Nazi site Stormfront there are calls for fresh shows of power in both Sydney and Perth. On the usually laid back surfing website Realsurf.com there is a post urging protesters to set fire to a Sydney mosque.

Muslim immigration is bad. Western countries should halt all Muslim immigration and deport most non-citizen Muslims.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2005 December 17 04:29 PM  Immigration Culture Clash

John S Bolton said at December 17, 2005 6:08 PM:

In order to allow freedom of mobility to hostile foreigners, now they restrict freedom of mobility to citizens within their own country. It seems that you can't have both; either moslems are free to migrate and travel across borders into worthwhile countries, or the freedom of travel must be restricted within those countries. The effrontery of the moslem immigrants against their hosts is rather spectacular. It is as if they were trying to prove that only malice would allow them in.

Invisible Scientist said at December 17, 2005 6:18 PM:

Randall Parker wrote:
"Muslim immigration is bad. Western countries should halt all Muslim immigration and deport most non-citizen Muslims."

There is a grey area here: In many top universities, there are tenure track immigrant Muslim scientists who were born in various non-democratic anti-American countries, but they are as American as apple pie: they desperately want to get tenured so that they can become permanent residents of the United States because they feel more attached to America than their native countries. How would you deal with this issue? How do you figure out who deserves to be treated as a good American and who does not?

Maybe a certain loyalty interview and serious FBI/CIA investigation must be conducted before and during the green card interview, to figure out which Muslim immigrants are pro-American, and which ones are not. After all, it is a legal fact that ALL green card holders can get drafted into the U.S. Army even if they are not yet citizens, and this means that during the green card application, it was already assumed that the candidate is 100 % pro-American.

If the anti-American Muslim groups provoke the Western World with weapons of mass destruction ( which they will probably start acquiring in a few years) by causing mass killings in Europe and America, then it is possible that the response will be mass deportations that will be indiscriminate. This will be very sad, very divisive in the world, and precisely what the terrorist groups want to provoke in the first place.

What I am saying is that once the word spreads that there is a national programme to investigate and deport those Muslim green card holders who are anti-American, then even the pro-American Muslims will be suffering from discrimination overall. In any case, maybe the first step right now is to make the current green card immigration method much more restrictive, so that it becomes easier to keep track of the existing number of immigrants in general... The current percentage of Muslims in the United States is perhaps 1 %, since many Arab Americans are Christians, and the ones who came to the United States more than 20 years ago, were probably the pro-American generation... Most Iranians who came to the United States after 1978 when the Shah fell, were the pro-American upper class Iranians who were basically refugees in the United States, and these people are OK. Only the latest generation is worth investigating under the microscope, the previous generation only needs to be investigated with the telescope.

Bob Badour said at December 17, 2005 8:49 PM:

I would deport them just to be on the safe side.

Rick Darby said at December 18, 2005 5:27 AM:

I.S.: Randall said "deport most non-citizen Muslims." That seems to offer enough elasticity to make some exceptions. But just tightening green card restrictions won't do anything about home-grown Muslim terrorists and their supporters who are already here; besides, knowing how government bureaucracies work, I doubt that officially changing the rules for green cards will make much difference in practice. In theory, it's illegal for Mexicans to cross the border and colonize Los Angeles.

Either the Muslim population in the United States represents a threat, or it doesn't. If it doesn't, let's do nothing. If it does, let's do what it takes, not make a gesture.

Kenelm Digby said at December 18, 2005 5:59 AM:

Believe me or not, but I am fairly convinced in my own mind that when the "moment of truth" is reached (ie the proportion of non-Whites in "western" nations)is reached at about 35-40% and growing, and when an indigenous anti-immigrant mass movement starts amongst the indigenous population - and takes to the streets in sheer frustation, the western political elites will not turn a hair in gunning down the protesting whites - with no mercy given.
The boulevards of Paris will flow red with White blood and piled high with corpses, just as in the failed Paris commune of 1871.

Hugh Angell said at December 18, 2005 6:37 AM:

IS points to the practical problem. Neither our, nor any legal system created in the
British tradition, is set up to deal with people on the basis of anything other than they
are individuals.

We could, for example, exclude immigrants who are citizens of Pakistan or Egypt in the
same way we once prohibited immigration from China. That is doable. But what of Muslims
who live in Europe and are citizens of France or the UK? They may not even be practicing
Muslims. Do Muslims get anything like a Church baptism that makes them 'officially' Muslim?
Are guys like Fareed Zakaria or Mansoor Ijaz a menace. I actually think they are less of
a problem than Maxine Waters or Michael Moore.

OTOH I know exactly what Randall is worried about. The ringleader of the London subway
bombing was a British 'bloke' to most everyone who knew him. He seemingly was integrated
into British life and was 'political' only to the extent that he seemed to have some
interest in Labour Party politics once going on a tour of Westminster with his local MP.
Only after he began attending one of the local 'jihad' mosques did he become an 'Islamist'.

I do think there is something irreconcilable between Islam and the rest of mankind but I
don't know how we can deal with it short of adopting "Nazi" style ethnic criterion. So
while the limitation or prohibition on Muslim immigration makes sense I would be curious
as to how we could achieve it practically. Take Lebanon. From what I gather the older
Lebanese Christian community of Australia was not involved in the beach rioting. Would we
or the Australians accept Maronite Christian Lebanese as immigrants and just tell the
Muslim Lebanese they can forget it? How would be able to tell who's who with the ability
to forge documents pretty common in that part of the world?

Rick Darby said at December 18, 2005 7:58 AM:

Analysis paralysis alert!

Any plan of action can be picked to pieces if perfection is the standard. There are no perfect solutions, only ones that more-or-less work and ones that don't. Most of the time on most issues it isn't too important, because whether a plan is carried out or not, we'll probably muddle through anyway until the problem gets so bad that it has to be confronted using whatever it takes.

The war on Muslim terrorism is too important to be treated as an intellectual puzzle that must be solved like a mathematical equation. If we are to be proactive, we can't wait until someone comes up with the ideal plan that offends no one, has no negative fallout, or that might not be completely effective.

I'd rather take a chance on showing non-citizen Muslims the door, and have some of them mad at us, than take a chance that 2 percent of them are actively engaged in terrorist plotting and another 10 or 20 percent are enablers.

Bob Badour said at December 18, 2005 9:29 AM:

Regarding "Majeeda":

The context of Australian surf beaches and middle-eastern terrorists adds a whole new twist to the Sharks vs. the Jets conflict, doesn't it?

Invisible Scientist said at December 18, 2005 12:06 PM:

The answer to all these issues concerning the uncertainty of who is a loyal citizen or a foreign agent, will once again be found in advanced neuro-inquisition techniques. This new science of neuro-inquisition, will become possible thanks to new brain scans that will read your mind within less than 5 to 10 years from now. Not only will it be possible to know with absolute certainty whether the subject is answering the inquisitor's questions truthfully, but at the same time it will even be possible to have a good estimate of what subjects the subject is thinking about. There are already great new lie detector machines that analyze voice, as well as many other subtle pieces of information in such a way that with 95 % probability, the lies are cought. This means that in the future, with 99 % probability it will be impossible to lie to a government inquisitor. This way, who is a harmless citizen and who is a dangerous terrorist, will be determined very easiyly, but there is one catch: there will necessarily be new legislation that requires all citizens to be periodically interrogated by the government inquisitors. The only obstacle to this new system of investigation, would be the Catholic Church and the Pope, who might object to neuro-inquisition, due to intellectual property theft concerns, and patent infringement, since the original inquisition was originally invented in Spain and Italy.

AA2 said at December 18, 2005 1:18 PM:

Imagine this: The guilty white liberals are right, white australians did start the violence, and muslims are merely 'reacting'. The solution is still the same. Deport the muslims as there wasn't violence and restrictions on freedoms before they arrived and there is now.

Steve Sailor came up with this brilliant point in talking about black violence. It really is irrelevant what the cause is. Even if it whites consistently holding them down, and blacks striking back as the leftist intellectuals say. The end result is always the same, violence and loss of freedom for the whites. So the solution is the same, don't let them in.

crush41 said at December 19, 2005 7:45 PM:


Ending immigration from Islamic countries or specifically barring practicing Muslims from immigrating wouldn't be a perfect filter, but it would be an enormous improvement. The Middle East is characterized by moderately low IQs and a virtually unassimiable culture--with as many as 1.5 billion people worldwide wanting to come to the US if the red carpet is rolled out to them, we can easily compensate for this 'loss'.

The first step to kick this into motion would be to change the bromide from 'war on terror' to 'war on islamic extremism'. If the Senate passes the House's phenomenal HR 4437, the death of the visa lottery system will also make this more doable.

yasmin said at March 10, 2006 12:18 AM:

I am a muslim and i understand everything thats going on. I am upset but furiouse with what is going on! I think that we deserve to be treated like human beings and i am talking about the lebanese people. I think we should share this multicultrual country and be proud of it. At school i stand proudly and sing the national anthem and yes i am talking about Advance Australia Fair. This is just so wrong to be killing eachother and cursing about what we dont belong well guess what australia we do belong we are all the same even if we have different persnalitys. Oh yes and by the way we are free to do anything but we must respect our freedom.

from yasmin 11yrs old.

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