2005 December 13 Tuesday
Battles Between Whites And Muslims In Australia

Whites started the escalation of violence.

Eleven men were arrested in the new wave of unrest. Sydney police said they confiscated iron bars and molotov cocktails in Cronulla. Bullets were fired at teachers’ cars after men of Middle Eastern appearance abused gatherers at a school Christmas carols service in the suburb of Auburn.

The violence followed Sunday’s shocking events on Cronulla beach, some 25km south of Sydney, when a 5,000-strong mob indiscriminately attacked men and women of Middle Eastern appearance to vent their anger against Sydney’s sizeable Lebanese population.

Muslim youths have spent a couple of days rioting in response.

SYDNEY has declared war on all rioters after more than 48 hours of lawlessness and admissions from both the police and Muslim leaders that they have been unable to control the angry mobs of young men.

Police are also now investigating bullet holes found in the cars of several staff members at St Joseph the Worker Primary School in South Auburn after a Christmas carols service on Monday evening. Parents and children were abused by a group of young men of Middle Eastern appearance and gunshots were heard during the service.

One guy was stabbed.

Young men of Arab descent struck back in several Sydney suburbs Sunday, fighting with police for hours and smashing dozens of cars with sticks and bats, police said. They said 31 people were injured, including a white man who was allegedly stabbed in the back, and 16 people were arrested.

But how about some context? Janet Albrechtsen says the whites of Cronulla are embattled.

YESTERDAY a colleague emailed me from New York. The young lawyer - her family lives in Brighton-Le-Sands, a bayside suburb north of Cronulla in Sydney - wrote: "While I agree there is no justifying excuse for the violence and breakdown in order that occurred at Cronulla, it needs to be put in context. Unless you live in an area like Cronulla, Brighton-Le-Sands or Bondi, you have no idea what it is like to have one's suburb regularly inundated with large groups of young Muslim men from the western suburbs who proceed to shoot people [as has happened in Brighton], intimidate people, regularly threaten people within their vicinity with violence, drive around in large groups screaming abuse at people from cars with their music blaring, regularly brawling, etc."

This young woman recounted that all of the girls in her family (except the youngest) have been "subject to harassment inflicted by groups of these men - comments on our appearances, racist comments on our Australian background, unwanted touching, being followed while walking home by groups of men in cars (I was once followed all the way home - have never been so scared in my life), sexually explicit remarks while alone, with friends or with boyfriends, unwanted called-out invitations to have sex with groups of them, etc".

The Muslims are smashing cars with bats.

The attack, apparently prompted by reports that Lebanese youths had assaulted two lifeguards, led to retaliation by young men of Arab descent in several Sydney suburbs on Monday. The young people fought with the police and smashed 40 cars with sticks and bats, the police said.

Cronulla is a white area isolated by hostile immigrant groups.

What made Cronulla different was that those taking part were much better off, better educated and from more respectable homes than the miners who enforced White Australia more than a century ago. Cronulla is essentially a white ghetto compared with many other parts of multicultural Sydney. Its residents are mostly Australian-born, with Australian parents of British and Irish origin. The overseas-born come mainly from Britain and New Zealand. Moreover, it is isolated by geography and has no nearby ethnic neighbours. As in many other cities with changing populations, such areas tend to defend themselves from what they see as invaders. This can lead, as in the US, to gated suburbs and the deliberate exclusion of others.

Surfers blame the Muslims.

Surfers and residents say racial tensions at the beach have simmered for years. Shaun Donohoe, a 24-year-old chef, said: "[Lebanese Australians] look down on our women. They don't really assimilate to our way of life. I've been at war with them for 10 years."

You know how French cities have no-go areas? The Australian whites fear that their beach is going to become a no-go area just like French city neighborhoods.

The violence broke out a week after two Australian lifesavers were allegedly assaulted on the beach by a Lebanese gang. Some residents, fearing that their popular weekend surfing haunt was in danger of becoming a no-go area, threatened anybody of a vaguely Middle Eastern appearance.

Western nations should halt Muslim immigration.

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seelow heights said at December 13, 2005 8:21 AM:

An example below of why the "yobs" felt the need to take matters into their own hands. The Aussie police are apparently even more PeeCee than ours.
AN EXAMPLE of the confrontations police nearly always experienced in Muslim-dominated areas when confronting even the most minor of crimes is an incident that occurred in 2001 in Auburn. Two uniformed officers stopped a motor vehicle containing three well known male offenders of Middle Eastern origin, on credible information via the police radio that indicated that the occupants of the vehicle had been involved in a series of break-and-enters. What occurred during the next few hours can only be described as frightening.
When searching the vehicle and finding stolen property from the break-and-enter, the police were physically threatened by the three occupants of the car, including references to tracking down where the officers lived, killing them and “fucking your girlfriends”. The two officers were intimidated to the point of retreating to their police car and calling for urgent assistance. When police back-up arrived, the three occupants called their associates via their mobile phones, which incidentally is the Middle Eastern radio network used to communicate amongst gangs. Within minutes as many as twenty associates arrived as well as another forty or so from the street where they had been stopped. As further police cars arrived, the Middle Eastern males became even more aggressive, throwing punches at police, pushing police over onto the ground, threatening them with violence and damaging police vehicles.

When the duty officer arrived, he immediately ordered all police back into their vehicles and they retreated from the scene. The stolen property was not recovered. No offender was arrested for assaulting police or damaging police vehicles.

But the humiliation did not end there. The group of Middle Eastern males then drove to the police station, where they intimidated the station staff, damaged property and virtually held a suburban police station hostage. The police were powerless. The duty officer ordered police not to confront the offenders but to call for back-up from nearby stations. Eventually the offenders left of their own volition. No action was taken against them.

In the minds of the local population, the police were cowards and the message was, Lebs rule the streets. For a number of days, nothing was done to rectify this total breakdown of law and order. To the senior police in the area, it was more important to give the impression that local ethnic relations were never better. It was also important to Peter Ryan that no bad news stories appeared that may have given the impression that crime in any area was out of control. Had these hoodlums been arrested they would have filed IA complaints immediately via their Legal Aid lawyers and community leaders. To senior police, this was a cause for concern at the next Op Crime Review.

Jim said at December 13, 2005 10:07 AM:

i'm surprised you haven't picked up on this idiotic plan yet:


John S Bolton said at December 13, 2005 10:35 AM:

That immigration of hostiles will lead to hostilities is so obvious that intercommunal fighting can only be considered the deliberate objective of those who still want such immigration, and who know what they're doing. By now, the levels of provocation from hostile immigrants and their official protectors have reached such high points, that they're starting to get a reaction. This reaction from the majority is what officials need to increase their power. The depravity of officials and their professoriate and regulated media, is so extreme that it can only be expected that they will try to increase the racial provocations against the majority, until they get this sort of reaction, and then sometimes even beyond that point.

FriendlyFire said at December 13, 2005 2:44 PM:

Well they've rushed new police powers through.

15 year imprisonment
Confiscate cars
legal stop and search powers

Hugh Angell said at December 13, 2005 5:37 PM:

Time for a little W.B Yeats maybe

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all convictions, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

In many ways the US is unique. As a Gallup poll out today indicates we alone, amongst the
'advanced nations' retain our belief in God. Modern Europe has no belief except for the
belief that sanctimonious posing will somehow mollify the barbarians in their midst.
That, as the poster above reveals, allows for ineffectual policing and legislatures passing
laws that the police have no intention ( or capability ) of enforcing. OTOH as Mark Steyn
in the Sunday? Telegraph notes a women, remarking on BBC5 that allowing homosexual couples
to adopt children can be the subject of a police investigation for 'hate speech' while
Muslim areas of British cities have become 'no good' zones.

The US retains, with the exception of some of our big cities, strong police forces and the
will to punish our criminals. Even Governor Schwarzenegger had to bow to public pressure,
as opposed to media and elite pressure, and allow the execution of the savage "Tookie"
Williams yesterday. For this we are reviled by the Euroleftists but, I suspect, given a
grudging respect by the Islamofascist thugs the Euroleftists champion.

Sooner or later the Europeans will have to wake up or be overrun. That the Australians have
awoke is indicated not just by this past weekend's events but the 'surprise', at least to
the 'elite' conventional wisdom, reelection of John Howard. In the Netherlands, in Germany,
in Britain and France increasing public unease with the enemy they have let into their
midst may also cause some electoral 'surprises' for the Euroleftist elite. Unfortunately
for the average European their elites are not accustomed to paying any attention to their
electorates. It may take a real shock like the rise of a successor to Jean LePen ,the
BNP taking winning some seats in Westminster or a German rightist rising to the kind of
political prominence that the Austrian Joerg Haider achieved there before the ruling
parties get the message.

Zach said at December 13, 2005 7:06 PM:

"The US retains, with the exception of some of our big cities, strong police forces and the will to punish our criminals."

That's one way of looking at it. Though, from another perspective, our uber-police just constitute stronger string to hold our multi-cultural ball of wax together.

Engineer-Poet said at December 13, 2005 8:07 PM:

FriendlyFire:  That won't work against a horde of a thousand thugs unless and until the police have the RoE and intestinal fortitude to open fire against the hostile crowd.

If the assailants in seelow heights' quote had been shot dead, the situation today would certainly be quite different.  If talking solved everything, we wouldn't need or have police; all problems would be dealt with using psychologists and social workers.

FriendlyFire said at December 14, 2005 2:12 AM:

How hard can it be to trace these people from licence plate numbers captured on onboard cameras.
and simply take them out as indivuals in raids. The police have done this in the past

NSW is continually getting tough new laws all the time. The last one having the power to confiscate ALL procceeds from any crime. Someone caught dealing drugs have lost all possesions including houses, cars and money stripped from them.

what is most worrying is the cut backs and lack of experianced police officers.
Too many undermanned police station, experienced police officers retiring and not enough rescourses to go around.

John S Bolton said at December 14, 2005 4:49 AM:

Another current showing through this, is how hatred of muliculturalistic elites grows stronger with each cohort of hostile immigrants. Australia is just one of many countries where this pattern is rapidly unfolding, greatly to the unease of such elites. It is spreading like wildfire from the lower to the middle classes, and on up to the more patriotic elites, even to the largest cities' luxurious precincts.

silchiuk said at December 14, 2005 4:53 AM:

The immigrant is lower intelligence but breeding more quick. This low intelligence making up more of population over time. Large society is being doomed by this process. Only society that is making lot of babies can be fending off the immigrant. Affluent people not wanting babies but wanting toys and leisure time for playing. These are being doomed by selfs.

Kenelm Digby said at December 14, 2005 5:16 AM:

Imploring the political elites of the White western nations to halt Muslim immigration is as an impossible, futile task as King Canute attempting to turn back the tide.

Rick Darby said at December 14, 2005 6:37 AM:


I would agree that the media elite are beyond redemption — their world view has been in cryogenic stasis since 1970. Politicians have to be re-elected every few years, though. Rather than imploring them, we need to keep letting them know (calmly, not threateningly, just seriously) that we intend to work against them in the next primary campaign if they continue to support adding unassimilable immigrants to the mix. I say primary campaign because pols tend to disbelieve that voters will switch parties, but acting against them within their own party is more credible.

That should get their attention.

Sal said at December 14, 2005 12:41 PM:

The problem is the elites influenced by the so called "Enlightenment" dismiss the notion that religion influences behavior. The political class of the west subscribes to a universalism that is false, a universalism which believes the whole world desires democracy, big macs and coca cola.

Invisible Scientist said at December 14, 2005 1:14 PM:

Talk is cheap, and it's too late to philosophize about whose fault it is, etc. Instead of complaining about this or that, let me mention some possible scenarios about what will happen in the future. The present situation is what it is, but here is what I think will happen in a few years:
1) The United States will gradually lose ground in Iraq and in the Middle East overall, and the U.S. military influence as well as political influence will be reduced dramatically.
2) As a result, the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, will get inherited by more extremist regimes, who will realize that the oil revenue will enable them to acquire substantial military capability to intimidate Europe.
3) Additionally, once most of the Middle Eastern oil is controlled by Islamic fundamentalist governments, higher oil prices will not be sufficient to compensate them, they will additionally require political concessions from Europe, in addition to higher prices for oil. One of these concessions, will be free immigration quotas into Europe, United States, Canada, South America.

In other words, given that most of the remaining oil is in the Middle East, the American influence disappears from the region, the oil fields will give additional momentum to the tension between Middle East and Europe.

raj said at December 14, 2005 1:22 PM:

Some of the media stories have commented on the fact that there is a great deal of lingering hostility toward certain gang rapes (involving at least one Aussie woman- although most of the articles seem to go to great lengths to keep the ethnicities and nationalities of the victims secret) perpetuated by Lebanese youths some years ago:


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think most of the immigrants currently living in Australia are not Muslim. I even read that currently 60% of the Lebanese immigrants are Christian. I think Australia can take the initiative right now to prevent being inundated with less assimilable groups. From what I understand, this is already occurring (to a degree) with the current administration.

If I were a non- white, non- Muslim living in Australia, I would want to do everything in my power to ensure that the native majority understood I wasn't part of Bilal's ilk. Something tells me that Australians have little to fear from non- Muslim Indians or Chinese. If I was a Muslim in Australia, I would want to make sure my community distanced itself as much from individuals like that and leave them to the law.

I wonder if amnesty laws as a whole will be re-evaluated and rescinded on an international scale due to issues of assimilation. This would be a massive strike against the multicultural elite.

raj said at December 14, 2005 1:26 PM:

Hugh Angell:
"The US retains, with the exception of some of our big cities, strong police forces and the
will to punish our criminals. Even Governor Schwarzenegger had to bow to public pressure,
as opposed to media and elite pressure, and allow the execution of the savage "Tookie"
Williams yesterday. For this we are reviled by the Euroleftists but, I suspect, given a
grudging respect by the Islamofascist thugs the Euroleftists champion."

How much of this disparity in public policy is due to Europe's parliamentary system of democracy- where it seems more like 'winner takes all?'

raj said at December 14, 2005 1:36 PM:

Invisible Scientist:
"Talk is cheap, and it's too late to philosophize about whose fault it is, etc."

You're no fun.

"1) The United States will gradually lose ground in Iraq and in the Middle East overall, and the U.S. military influence as well as political influence will be reduced dramatically."

This is not necessarily a bad thing.

"In other words, given that most of the remaining oil is in the Middle East, the American influence disappears from the region, the oil fields will give additional momentum to the tension between Middle East and Europe."

Oil won't be that relevant in about 15-45 yrs. Alternative fuel sources will make the middle east much less relevant. Europe ancestral culture and way of life will prolly have to be sacrificed with rapidly changing demogrqaphics during this time period, but they seem to like suicidal tendencies even more than we in America. It's hard to feel too sorry for people who are allowing their government to do that to themselves. Maybe by that time we really will have built a wall between us and Mexico. Or maybe, behavioral genomics or computer brain chip enhancements will come to fruition allowing the less competitive groups to 'level' the intellectual playing field with smart WASPs like Randall.

Some of you are prolly snickering right now at these supposedly outlandish claims. If you read this site or GNXP fervently you know this isn't as farfetched as it sounds. Everything I wrote is perfectly plausible under the time period I specified.

FriendlyFire said at December 14, 2005 2:28 PM:

The Australian government after spending huge sums of money has managed to halt most of the illegal immigration (by boats) anyway.
Though it could also be due to the fact that Iraq and Afganistain wars have ended illegal immigtaion from those countries and neigbouring countries.

Australian isolation made it easier to halt the flow of illegals entering via boats. Visa overstayers is another matter with as estimated 30,000 illegals entering this way. Immigration laws here have never been tighter.
Not to mention deportation laws.

Thou this has come at some cost.
including stranned relations with asia and "accidental" deportation of australia citizens.

Hugh Angell said at December 14, 2005 3:26 PM:

More on the pitiful nature of the Australian 'police' from today's Australian.

The police response to the riots came under the spotlight last night when it emerged that officers were ordered to stay away from a gathering of Lebanese men in Sydney's west on Monday.

The Seven Network said a police incident report instructed officers to stay clear of Punchbowl Park, from where gangs later travelled to the riot hotspot of Cronulla.

Superintendent John Richardson denied the allegations.

"We received information that cars had started to gather at Punchbowl Park. A car crew was sent and reported back that there were 10 cars and approximately 40 men there," he said. "There were no offences being committed and the car crew was ordered to withdraw and observe from afar. There was no trouble and sending police in would only cause trouble."

Note that last line "sending police in would only cause trouble". I think Australians need
some new police "Superintendants".

Cora said at December 14, 2005 6:29 PM:

Have you actually read the James Jupp article? Because nowhere does it says that the suburb in question is isolated by hostile ethnic communities. But then, you seem to be the type of person who simply ignores anything which doesn't fit into his narrow little worldview.

Randall Parker said at December 14, 2005 9:56 PM:


I do not want a guilty conscience that would come from never having spoken out about what is going wrong in the US and other Western nations. I do not want future generations asking why didn't I do anything. So I try to persuade others.


Tony Blair's government has debated internally withdrawing from some treaty for asylum seekers. I think these sorts of treaties ought to be cancelled.

I haven't kept up on this but some European governments were looking to create places in Third World countries where asylum seekers could be returned to that wouldn't necessarily be their countries of origin.

John S Bolton said at December 15, 2005 3:32 AM:

I hope they pursue that. There are many countries which could use some tourism of that kind. That the above conflicts are caused by mobility of undesirable immigrants, is shown by the police figuring out within about a day, that roadblocks effectively reduce the violence.

AMac said at December 15, 2005 7:24 AM:

An email sent to one of the bloggers at "Hurry Up Harry" by a Sydney reader provides background that is consistent with Randall's post and some of the comments.

Here's the text (couldn't get [a] tag to work, so URL follows).


The Cronulla mob's rampage on Sunday was a disgusting display of the very worst in people.

But this riot is not something that can simply have a full stop put after a ritual condemnation. I have lived in Sydney most of my life and the rise of the nominally Muslim/Arab criminal gang culture and the manifest failure of successive governemnts to confront them has gotten to the point where there is a very dangerous current of rage that will arc very easily. Sydney is a very tribal city to begin with, and it would be tempting to dismiss this as one of those tribal tensions that spill over from time to time, but I really have my doubts. From car theft to rape gangs, the gangs that identify themselves as Lebanese (many of their members are not Lebanese, and the far larger, and older, Maronite Lebanese community in Australia are not regraded as Lebanese by these gangs) are unusual amongst the old pattern of criminal organisations
that sometimes flourish in dislocated communities of recent immigrants in that they do not prey upon their own community but direct their attentions outwards at both other ethnic communities and the more established Anglo Celtic host society. The scale of their impact, both anecdotally and statistically seems to be in a different class from other phenomena- Sydney now has the one of the highest car theft rates in the wolrd per capita, and this is know to be a virtual monopoply of the gangs who call themsleves Lebanese. The phenomena of pack raping with an overt religio/racial context has struck a deep nerve, and
the attempted conspiracy of silence that finnally broke down when the scale of what was happeneing was appreciated (with estimates that hundreds of women had suffered these assaults and thousands had been threatened).

I know the the plural of anecdote is not data, but my own experience is suggestive of the scale of what is going on - I have been assulted twice by groups of toughs who openly identified themselves as "Lebs", both times while waiting for a taxi after work, in broad daylight. Acompnaying one's sister, girlfriend or even 9 year old neice to some shopping centres on a Saturday morning and putting up with leers and insults like tart, slut and the like by groups of toughs at coffee shops has become just another aggravation of the shopping experience. One knows not to react because their will be no restraint in the response, and it will be fast and furious. And these are centres far from where many of these people live. Parts of Sydney are simply no-go areas if you are not young, male and muslim.

I hate old style Australian yob culture, and the Cronulla mob's behaviour was a painful reminder that it has not disappeared, but I am afraid that things like having your 9 year old neice leered at and insulted does leave you shaking with a rage that is very hard to rationlise with, especially when that is simply regarded as below the threshold which the police will seek a confrontation over.

Bob Badour said at December 15, 2005 8:06 AM:

Reading the anecdote about the Aussie police, I could only think: "What gross incompetence?!? Are these folks totally ignorant of modern policing?"

I mean: Really! Letting the suspects manipulate any small object like a phone sounds like the height of stupidity.

A competent force would have approached with the all too familiar:

"Driver! Open your car window...
"Driver! Extend your left arm through the window and hold it above your head...
"Driver! Reach your right arm through the window and unlatch the door from the outside...
"Driver! ...

What on earth were they thinking? It certainly lends credibility to the later post suggesting Australia suffers a lack of experienced and competent officers.

(Hmmmm... interesting that the small communication device used by the thugs is questionable content...)

Randall Parker said at December 15, 2005 8:01 PM:


I'm reading between the lines. Of course most of the commentators downplay the depth of the divisions between Muslims and whites in Australia. But you just have to read many reports on this and the truth becomes obvious.

AA2 said at December 16, 2005 1:46 PM:

Any muslim even a citizen of Australia who uses violence to force their moral code on others should immediately be deported. Same goes for any western nation.

Gary said at December 16, 2005 3:20 PM:

The sad truth for middle-class moralisers is that most Australians are unhelpfully non-racist. The book How Australia Compares, by Rodney Tiffen and Ross Gittins, includes the result of a 1990s survey on the sorts of people who were not desired as neighbours. Some of the respondent percentages were: drug addicts 74, heavy drinkers 60, people with a criminal record 45, emotionally unstable 38, and immigrants and people from a different race 5. Only 5 per cent! And that was the lowest in the list of countries surveyed: Austria and Belgium 20 per cent, Japan 17, France, Italy and Germany 13.

The usefulness of Cronulla last Sunday, of course, is that at last something bad did happen. But the outrage is as selective as ever. As has been reported elsewhere, Bondi Beach had problems with Lebanese gangs a few years ago, but the police response was serious and effective. After all, we can't have that sort of thing going on at the beach used by wealthy people who've been to university. But the similar complaints by the white trash at underpoliced Cronulla have received less attention. Again, it's as much to do with class and power as race.

Not only have the enlightened ones imposed the problems of immigration on those poorer and less educated than themselves, they absolve themselves of all responsibility when the masses protest in one of the few ways available to them. It was distressing to see last Sunday's cowards and thugs wrapping themselves in the Australian flag. But it has been equally disturbing to see their critics cloaking their conspicuous contempt in unctuous rectitude.


AMac said at December 17, 2005 9:46 AM:

As a contrast to the views presented in this post, consider the narrative of the Associated Press. Here is the beginning of their version of events, as printed in the Baltimore Sun of Dec. 14, 2005:

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA [AP] -- Authorities moved to crack down on rioters after two days of racial unrest in Sydney's beachside suburbs, while people of Middle Eastern descent were allegedly assaulted by whites in two other cities amid concerns the violence could spread, police said yesterday.

Police stopped and searched dozens of cars in the Sydney suburb of Cronulla - where an attack Sunday by white youths against people they believed were of Lebanese descent sparked two nights of race riots. But no arrests were reported yesterday, and an uneasy calm returned to Sydney.

The rioting began when about 5,000 white youths - rallied by neo-Nazi groups and cell phone text messages - attacked people believed to be of Arab or Middle Eastern descent after rumors spread that Lebanese youths had assaulted two lifeguards this month...

In the immediately preceding comment, Gary spoke of critics who cloak their conspicuous contempt of the identified-as-white rioters in unctious rectitude. This brought to mind Steve Sailer's ungenerous premise on the underlying attitudes:

In my experience, the liberal whites who run the media don't actually care much about blacks or other minorities. Nor are they consumed by White Guilt.

They're not blaming themselves, you'll notice, just other white people, ones they already despise. What they truly care about is claiming social superiority over other whites by demonstrating their exquisite racial sensitivity. The typical white intellectual considers himself superior to ordinary white people for two contradictory reasons:

[a] He constantly proclaims belief in human equality, but they don't;

[b] He has a high IQ, but they don't.

...To many elite whites, minorities are just useful pawns in the great game of clawing their way to the top of the white status heap. Which is, more or less, the only game in town... The vast majority of their rivals are other whites.

Randall Parker said at December 17, 2005 10:32 AM:


The AP manages to mention white attacks on Arabs far more than Arab attacks on whites. Yet the two nights of "race riots" were by Arabs. What ethnic group were in those cars that were searched? Did they live in Cronulla?

This is so typical. One has to dig thru many articles to find the core pieces of what has happened.

Bob Badour said at December 17, 2005 3:31 PM:

Does anybody know whether two lifeguards were actually assaulted?

Randall Parker said at December 17, 2005 3:56 PM:


Thanks for asking. I've been meaning to link to one report about this. The Australian Daily Telegraph has the details of how Arab thugs really do attack lifeguards and others on the Cronulla beach.

"GET off our beach. This is our beach. We own it."

These are the fighting words a group of thugs spoke to three North Cronulla surf lifesavers before bashing them on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The attack has disgusted Sutherland Shire residents and surf lifesavers who volunteer their time to protect the lives of beachgoers.

Cronulla locals say in the past three years a large influx of youths have travelled from Sydney's west to the beachside to intimidate beachgoers and start fights.

During the October long weekend, police were called to North Cronulla three times over several hours to defuse a large-scale stand-off between and visiting gangs and locals.

Surf Lifesaving Sydney rescue services manager Stephen Leahy said it was common for Middle Eastern men from western Sydney to taunt Cronulla surf lifesavers by stealing their equipment, making idle threats and kicking balls at them.

Some regular Cronulla beachgoers said that the behaviour of Middle Eastern groups was so offensive, they opted to travel to other beaches instead.

Bob Badour said at December 17, 2005 5:32 PM:

Very interesting. Many of the reports of the original violence I have seen seem to suggest the riot started over nothing more than a rumour.

While vigilantist, it seems it was a direct response to a very provocative violent act.

Randall Parker said at December 17, 2005 6:43 PM:

Here's another report on the lifeguard attack incident.

Clashes inevitably occur, like the one that sparked this week’s riots: two Cronulla lifesavers told a pair of “Lebanese” youths to stop playing soccer in the sand, ball games being banned on most liability-conscious Sydney beaches, and within minutes the lifesavers had been assaulted. What followed, however, was beyond expectation.
AMac said at December 18, 2005 9:19 AM:

Compare Randall's documentation that lifeguards were attacked on multiple occasions by, presumably, Lebanese Muslim gangbangers with the wire service story I excerpted above (12/17/05 9:46am):

The rioting began when about 5,000 white youths... attacked people believed to be of Arab or Middle Eastern descent after rumors spread that Lebanese youths had assaulted two lifeguards this month.

Many people in the US who get the news by reading a mainstream newspaper will have an inaccurate view of the Sydney situation. A reporter writes a misleading account, and editors print it.

Bob Badour said at December 18, 2005 12:10 PM:


After noting that, one wonders who the rumour mongers are? Would that reporter feel offended if anyone pointed out he was spreading rumours on a global scale?

AA2 said at December 18, 2005 1:13 PM:

I've pretty much written off western civilization at this point... But still it is sad that people like the Australians are so emasculated that they accept the government taking away their rights like freedom of speech and being searched on the way to the beach to stop the violence, instead of deporting the muslims.

Bob Badour said at December 18, 2005 2:10 PM:

Instead of searching people on the way to the beach, a much better solution would insist they come dressed for the beach. It's hard to hide much under a speedo.

abraham kari said at February 1, 2006 7:58 AM:

Well i think that its a major faoult to make an assault on the australia people , cause its a fault to force somebody to do somethin , that is a stupid thing to assault on australians cause they have rights , even iam an arab and iam lebanese , i have to say to Randel Parker and AMac that the fight's is not a solution of peice , and i love australian people so much cause i met many of them and they really r not agressive to anothuh people , bydaway my girlfriend is australian , and australia is a place for all the people on the earth , and arab must respect australian and vise-versa . and wat about lifegaurd attacks , i still dont think that they were assualted by arabs , FUCK Bin Laden too , hese rewin the arbas by tellin them to make ( jihad ) on people that dont do anythin to arbas , and hes killin inecent poeple , Islam bible dont say to kill inecent people , cause its a wrong thing to do .
love and care about anothuh people , even if they are different than you , blacks , whites or wat so eva , be respectfull dats what arabs really are , bt i think nt now , too late , god bless australia , gd bless arabs , whites aussies , black ... , and i was sad about the news of attacking , if the arabs do it ... fuck dem , if the aussies do it fuck dem too , i hope that peace will b in the world , it's posted by
plz for RANDAL PARKER AND AMac to send me a messge on my email .

John Nasr said at September 17, 2006 10:18 PM:

Amac I think your still living in the past. Maronite Christian Lebanese were by far the majority in the 60s and 70s but during the late 70s plenty of Muslim Lebanese started arriving to Australia which over took the Maronites by a small % currently there is rather 60% Muslim Lebanese and 40% Christian Lebanese. Yes there was also many Notorious Maronite Lebanese criminals in Australia throughout the years like Danny Karam, Louis Bayeh and Mick kanaan etc. but the most Violent and Ruthless have been the Muslim Criminals. Back then with the Danny Karam days when his gang ran Sydney what people dont highlight was that the Lebanese muslim members worked as the muscle(enforcers and hitmen) of the gang due to their extreme violence and Brutality and no fear of anything. They had no consideration for life so their capacity to take ones life had no limits which put them one step ahead from the other ethnic crime gangs and from being the muscle to challenging and overstepping their compratiots to take control of sydney's underworld. Their capacity for violence and Brutality has made even other crime gangs like vietnamese or the bikers afraid to do business with the Lebanese-Muslim crime gangs due to their unpredictability to take life. Their presence will only grow frightenly to a stage were it will be impossible to stop them.

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