2005 November 20 Sunday
Over Half Of Pakistanis In Britain Married To First Cousins

In Britain Labour Party MP Ann Cryer commissioned a report that found Pakistani Muslims engage in high rates of consanguineous marriage.

The report, commissioned by Ann Cryer, revealed that the Pakistani community accounted for 30 per cent of all births with recessive disorders, despite representing 3.4 per cent of the birth rate nationwide.


It is estimated that more than 55 per cent of British Pakistanis are married to first cousins, resulting in an increasing rate of genetic defects and high rates of infant mortality. The likelihood of unrelated couples having the same variant genes that cause recessive disorders are estimated to be 100-1. Between first cousins, the odds increase to as much as one in eight.

In Bradford, more than three quarters of all Pakistani marriages are believed to be between first cousins. The city's Royal Infirmary Hospital has identified more than 140 different recessive disorders among local children, compared with the usual 20-30.

This is all a recipe for societal decay.

People who in-breed effectively are constructing their own mini-society within the larger society. They feel less loyalty to government and fellow citizens.

This brings to mind Phil Rushton's new report on how genetic distance affects feelings of group loyalty and patriotism.

Research showing how genes affect group loyalty and patriotism was published in the October 2005 issue of Nations and Nationalism, an academic journal of the London School of Economics.

Entitled "Ethnic nationalism, evolutionary psychology, and genetic similarity theory," it shows how genetic similarity provides "social glue" in groups as small as two spouses and best friends or in those as large as nations and alliances.

The evidence comes from studies of identical and non-identical twins, adopted and non-adopted children, blood tests, social assortment, heritabilities, family bereavements, and large-scale population genetics.

For example, identical twins grieve more for their co-twin than do non-identical twins. And, family members grieve more for children who resemble their side of the family than they do their spouse's side.

Also, spouses who are more genetically similar have longer and more satisfying marriages.

Based on their DNA, two randomly chosen individuals from the same ethnic group are found to be as related as first cousins.

Thus, two random people of English ancestry are the equivalent of a 3/8 cousin compared to people from the Near East; a 1/2 cousin by comparison with people from India; and like full cousins by comparison with people from China.

The study's author, J. Philippe Rushton, professor of psychology at the University of Western Ontario said, "This explains why people describe themselves as having "ties of blood" with members of their own ethnic group, who they view as "special" and different from outsiders; it explains why ethnic remarks are so easily taken as 'fighting words.'"

Here's an important point:

Human social preferences, like mate choice and ethnic nepotism, are anchored in the evolutionary psychology of altruism. Adopting a "gene's eye" point of view allows us to see that people's favoritism to kin and similar others evolved to help replicate shared genes.

People who are more distantly genetically related will behave less altruistically toward each other. Leftists who are for immigration of other races are basically promoting the formation of a society whose members will behave less altruistically at the scale of the entire society. The members of this society will instead be far more nepotistic in giving jobs, promotions, charity, and other help. They'll be more willing to commit crimes against strangers since strangers will be more genetically distant from them.

All the multi-cultural blather will not change how people see each other:

The paper described the group-identification processes as innate--part of the evolved machinery of the human mind. Even very young children make in-group/out-group distinctions about race and ethnicity in the absence of social learning.

Want to live in a more balkanized society split up by genetic groups? That's what current immigration patterns are driving us toward.

I found it very curious that upper class Indians are claimed in this press release to be genetically closer to Europeans than to lower class Indians.

Genetic distance probably plays a big role in the lack of loyalty some Muslims in Britain feel toward that country.

For example, YouGov asked respondents how loyal they feel towards Britain. As the figures in the chart show, the great majority say they feel "very loyal" (46 per cent) or "fairly loyal" (33 per cent) but nearly one British Muslim in five, 18 per cent, feels little loyalty towards this country or none at all.

If these findings are accurate, and they probably are, well over 100,000 British Muslims feel no loyalty whatsoever towards this country.

The proportion of men who say they feel no loyalty to Britain is more than three times the proportion of women saying the same.

For more on British Muslim loyalty problems see here.

For more on cousin marriage and its importance in understanding politics and societies see my posts "Consanguinity prevents Middle Eastern political development" and "John Tierney On Cousin Marriage As Reform Obstacle In Iraq" and "Consanguineous Marriage Perpetuates Violence In Muslim Mindanao" and "Endless Supply Of Brothers And Cousins Fuels Iraq Insurgency". If you want to understand the world understand consanguinity and genetics. The human race will suddenly make a lot more sense. Though probably your view of the human race's future will become more pessimistic. Also see Steve Sailer's article "Cousin Marriage Conundrum". Also see Steve's post "Corruption's Correlates". The Consang.net has a Global Prevalence map which demonstrates once again that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Update: Steve Sailer provides excellent commentary on the high cousin marriage rates among Pakistanis in Britain.

First cousin marriages also lower IQ by a few points on average, which Arabs can't afford. One study found a seven point depression in IQ, but other studies point to maybe half that. In any case, it's one reason that IQs among Caucasian Muslims are lower on average than among other Caucasians.

Of course, this has major implications for the question of the day about why Muslim immigrants aren't integrating into European societies, with everybody who is anybody denouncing European racism. But if the Muslims force their daughters to marry their cousins from the Old Country, they aren't going to engage in the most effective form of integration: inter-ethnic marriage.

A racial group is a partly inbred extended family. Due to cousin marriage, Muslims are particularly inbred within particularly limited extended families, which is a major reason why Muslim cultures are so fractious and integrate so poorly into larger societies.

Steve also describes how politically correct fools refuse to oppose cousin marrriage because the cousin marriers are non-whites.

Moreover, cousin marriage is to be deplored on multiple grounds. It goes hand in hand with arranged marriages, which we in the West despise. White Europeans are supposed to be beating themselves up with guilt right now over their failure to "integrate" Muslims, but arranged cousin marriages are the surest engine for maintaining Muslim ethnocentrism. And, finally, Muslim cousin marriages are a major engine of immigration fraud. Believing in true love, European countries allow their citizens/subjects to bring in their foreign spouses, but these arranged cousin marriages seldom have anything to do with romance, and often everything to do with getting visas for extended family members.

Obviously, European countries need to stop first cousins from marrying. But, that's not the way you're allowed to think about the problem:

"The problem that faces clinicians is how to deliver genetic services without stigmatizing British Pakistanis on the basis of their marriage pattern."

Stigmatization of cousin marriage is exactly what Britain needs, but it won't happen because it's associated with a politically privileged minority group. As we've seen in the U.S., stigmatization can work when a behavior is seen as either being common among the majority (e.g., drunk driving, smoking) or within a non-privileged minority (e.g., cousin marriage was easily stigmatized because it was associated with white hillbillies, who aren't a political force qua hillbillies). But when a form of bad behavior is linked to a privileged minority, such as gangsta rap or illegitimacy is linked with blacks, it is much harder to stigmatize in a multi-culti society.

White leftists are too foolish to act responsibly when non-whites are in their midst. They have status games they need to play and they need to act out their myths. Common sense just goes out the window.

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John S Bolton said at November 20, 2005 12:58 PM:

Promiscuous immigrationists have been asking for what is contra natura; nepotism that increases as genetic distance increases. Public policy has long been perverse enough to expect even maximal nepotism towards maximum genetic distance! A false dilemna is dishonestly set up, in which it is suggested that our alternatives are nepotism towards least genetic distance, like close relatives, or towards maximal genetic distance. The cousin marriage situation shows that nepotism can occur at numerous other points along the continuum of genetic distance. We're expected to regard this as irrational, even though it makes sense biologically, and in terms of cultural inheritance and community of values. What is irrational by any standard is the expectation of increasing nepotism towards increasing genetic distance. Living beings will not favor others in proportion as they are unlike themselves. To base an international order on such grossly unreasonable expectations is to increase the chance of disaster, especially now that hundreds of millions are depending for their longterm survival on aid of this contra natura description.

FriendlyFire said at November 21, 2005 12:35 AM:

I just read the first part and did a double take.
The deformality rate for marrying within blood lines is 16% (or around that figure)

Other associated medical problems seem to be above average when both of the parents are related.
I wonder if long term consecenses of this will be deneration of dna ?
But then again the theory of selective breeding of the aristocate class seems to have little difference over the long term.

Smitty said at November 21, 2005 1:43 PM:

Wow from the country of inbred royals....

"People who in-breed effectively are constructing their own mini-society within the larger society. They feel less loyalty to government and fellow citizens"

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