2005 November 17 Thursday
Paris Lost 30 Cars To Arson Each Night Before Riots

Even before the riots the Muslim youths were out torching cars every night.

Car-burning has been described as a rite of passage for young dwellers of the cités, as the housing estates are known. It is so common that in the first seven months of this year, nearly 22,000 vehicles went up in smoke.

That is over 3000 cars a month and over 30 cars a night.

“It’s great. You smash a window, throw in a Molotov cocktail and wait for the petrol tank to go up,” one exultant youth was quoted as saying last week.

On an average Saturday night they burn 30 cars in the Paris suburbs, but as anger swept through them on the night of October 27 several hundred were torched. The figures kept climbing on each successive night of rioting. It seemed that years of built-up anger and frustration had erupted. At first, the police were the target.

Muslim immigration is bad. As for the years of built-up anger and frustration: What France needs is for its native people to erupt against its corrupt elites and replace these elites with leaders who will protect them by deporting the Muslims.

Paris has a population of 2.15 million in the city and 10.5 million in the surrounding area. So say a population of about 12 miilion in the area where the cars get torched. If the United States was experiencing a similar phenomenon nationwide then we'd be losing over 700 cars per night from arson or over a quarter million cars per year.

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John S Bolton said at November 18, 2005 5:50 PM:

Now it appears that what the rioters have in common is not so much the Islamic faith as low IQ. This leads to the hierarchy of ruthless violence supplanting all others, as is seen often in populations with average IQ's below 85 or so. For moslem or black men to be easily reconciled to a life of domestic service, is hardly to be expected. They are continually told that they are equal, and that it is the fault of others if they are treated as congenital retardates with criminal tendencies. In the French system, retardates are not retained through high school. The convenient fiction is held on to, that the government could just pick anyone and educate them to any capacity. This is another way that government schools give rise to evil; the expectations are raised that everyone might have equal educational opportunities, when that is actually altogether impossible.

Jorge D.C. said at November 18, 2005 11:16 PM:

Muslim immigration is bad.

HAHAHAHAHAHA...guess we need the bumper sticker as a convincer.

Multiculturalism = The Purest Form of Decadence. Only the truly affluent/decadent can afford to ignore the realities of Islam.

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