2005 November 07 Monday
French Muslim Rioting Hits Yet Another High

The battle for Eurabia continues in France with new peaks of violence reached as measured by number of towns hit and number of vehicles burned.

On Sunday night, vandals burned more than 1,400 vehicles, and clashes around the country left 36 police injured, setting a new high for overnight arson and violence since rioting started last month, national police chief Michel Gaudin told a news conference.

Attacks overnight Sunday to Monday were reported in 274 towns and police made 395 arrests, Gaudin said. The Justice Ministry said Monday that 27 people had been convicted in fast-track trials since the beginning of the unrest.

What percentage of those arrested have French citizenship?

Smaller attacks have begun in Germany and Belgium

So far there have been only isolated reports of wanton violence beyond France's borders -- five cars set on fire in Berlin on Sunday night and six in the western German city of Bremen. In Brussels, five cars were also set alight on Sunday.


In the Netherlands, where almost 20 percent of the population is of foreign descent, the riots in France are also being closely monitored.

Some Muslim religious groups have issued a fatwah against the violence.

Muslim leaders of African and Arab communities have also issued a fatwa, or religious order, against the riots.

"It is strictly forbidden for any Muslim... to take part in any action that strikes blindly at private or public property or that could threaten the lives of others," the fatwa by the Union of Islamic Organisations in France said.

My guess is these religious groups are going to get government money in exchange for these groups taking measures to enforce of the peace. The government will probably partially surrender sovereignty in some neighborhoods in exchange for Muslim militant groups preventing further riots. But can the purchased groups rein in the gangs?

Two French police were shot and the destruction of property is increasingly accompanied by physical assaults as well.

Local police commander Bernard Franio said: "This is real, serious violence - not like the previous nights. I'm very worried because this is mounting."

Muslims are shooting at police with hunting rifles.

In Grigny, south of the capital, rioters fired on police with pellet guns or hunting rifles late yesterday, national police spokesperson Patrick Hamon said.

In time the Muslim gangs will smuggle in more guns and also learn how to build improvised explosive devices. Will the French put down the rioting before it starts to mature into something more deadly?

The New York Times reports that the rioters have begun building improvised explosives.

Most people said they sensed that the escalation of the past few days had changed the rules of the game: besides the number of attacks, the level of destruction has grown sharply, with substantial businesses and public buildings going down in flames. Besides the gunfire on Sunday, residents of some high-rise apartment blocks have been throwing steel boccie balls and improvised explosives at national riot police officers patrolling below.

The French police had better start buying heavily armoured vehicles.

Mark Steyn reports that even before the riots a few dozen cars were torched on an average night in the French no-go suburbs.

Battles are very straightforward: Side A wins, Side B loses. But the French government is way beyond anything so clarifying. Today, a fearless Muslim advance has penetrated far deeper into Europe than Abd al-Rahman. They're in Brussels, where Belgian police officers are advised not to be seen drinking coffee in public during Ramadan, and in Malmo, where Swedish ambulance drivers will not go without police escort. It's way too late to rerun the Battle of Poitiers. In the no-go suburbs, even before these current riots, 9,000 police cars had been stoned by ''French youths'' since the beginning of the year; some three dozen cars are set alight even on a quiet night. ''There's a civil war under way in Clichy-sous-Bois at the moment,'' said Michel Thooris of the gendarmes' trade union Action Police CFTC. ''We can no longer withstand this situation on our own. My colleagues neither have the equipment nor the practical or theoretical training for street fighting.''

The French government will try hard to buy the peace. I expect backroom deals involving money and an unofficial system of declaring some areas off limits to French police in exchange for Muslim militant groups keeping the peace in those areas in ways that do not involve arson. Of course women in those areas will continue to be required to wear hijabs or risk rape or stabbing or other forms of assault. I also expect the French government to adopt a racial preferences system to discriminate against whites and for Muslims.

Update: A French correspondent points to a French language analysis of the fatwah against violence (anyone read French?) which he says shows the fatwah argues against indiscriminate violence by referencing Koran verses arguing for jihad and for attacks against Jews. So leading Muslims in France are for jihad. This is hardly surprising. Anyone who knows French want to go read that post and report back what it says? Even better yet, anyone want to translate it into English?

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Bulldog said at November 7, 2005 12:39 PM:

I understand that almost at this very moment Mr. de Villepin is promising the rioters that if they will only be nice, he will give them money, jogs, and much respect. A cynical person might interpret that posture as a type of surrender. Time will tell.

That idea of paying muslims to leave France wouldn't work. They'd take the money, go on vacation, then when the money's spent, come back for more. The welfare state can't deal with this number of low IQ opportunists who look at violence as a first resort, not a last resort. France is completely at a loss right now. Nothing in their government playbook is any use.

Pico said at November 7, 2005 3:00 PM:

France is not at a loss. I predict the French will capitulate to Muslim radicals.

Stephen said at November 7, 2005 6:08 PM:

From the pictures I've seen it looks like disaffected kids - just teenagers doing what teenagers do if they think they can get away with it. If it were an insurgency, I'd expect to have seen a mix of ages and a slightly older group - mid-20s etc. That said, from little acorns...

Stephen said at November 7, 2005 6:14 PM:

Here's a link to the google translated version of the article Randall was asking about.

Venomous said at November 7, 2005 8:41 PM:

Click on the Union Jack at the top of the page and it is translated into English.

John S Bolton said at November 8, 2005 12:35 AM:

In Israel and territories, the palestinians would let the boys do all the rioting. Vicious commentators are pretending that the rioters want to be assimilated. They want microsovereignties with no police but their own terror gangs. It is an incipient separatist movement with hostility against any notion of assimilation. The calculated weakness of the French offcials can only be intended to elicit maximal aggression. If the riots subside, we may see officials resorting to the selective shooting of leaders, in order to restart the violence.

Nosferatu said at November 8, 2005 6:30 AM:

Eurabia? THe problem is being fair to everybody. In order to be fair all have been let in, including muslims and africans. The truth is that people from the Levant hav caused problems for more than 2000 years. Now they are muslims. Before they were ancient jews (and very early christians). In the past these migrants were dealt with with a heavy hand. They always violated the law in a major way and thought they new best. It is probably part of their being.

AMac said at November 8, 2005 7:01 AM:

Loose translation of the fatwa, from the link in the update to the main post. The text of the cited Suras are reproduced below the fatwa.

Fatwa enacted on 6 November 2005 by the “Dar el Fatwa” of the UOIF.

In several verses of the Sacred Quran, God condemns destruction and disorder, and rejects those who undertake these actions. In Verse 64 of Sura 5, he says, “Allah does not love the sowers of disorder"; he says in Verse 60 of Sura 2, "Do not sow disorder on the ground like troublemakers". (see also verses 2/27; 2/205; 7/56; 28/77, etc.).

In addition, God calls Muslems to respect, without fail, the lives, the honor, and the property of others.
He forbids transgressions and injustice to Muslims: "and do not transgress, for God does not love the transgressors" 2/190. These lessons abound in the Sunna of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). They are considered by all the legal schools of Islam to be fundamental.

In Islam, the needs of some do not abolish the rights of others. Thus, the need to express one’s distress or malaise does not annul the rights of innocent people, [such as] those who saw their cars and businesses burned.

Considering the gravity of the events that have embroiled several neighborhoods in the Parisian suburbs, and which seem to be spreading to other cities; events that disturb the peace and endanger people’s sense of well-being and property, and could even threaten their lives; “Dar el Fatwa” enacts the following Fatwa. We call on Muslims to follow it scrupulously:

"It is formally forbidden for all Muslims seeking salvation and divine grace to participate in any action that strikes blindly at private or public property, or that could place the lives of others at risk. To contribute to such activities is an illicit act.

"Every Muslim living in France, whether he be a French citizen or hosted by France, has the right to claim respect for his person, for his dignity, and for his convictions. He has the right to act for more equality, and for social justice.

"But these actions, be they undertaken in an organized way or spontaneously, must not in any case be done in contradiction to the lesson given here, or in contradiction to the rights of public life."

Cited Suras, English translations from submission.org:

[5:64] The Jews even said, "GOD's hand is tied down!" It is their hands that are tied down. They are condemned for uttering such a blasphemy. Instead, His hands are wide open, spending as He wills. For certain, your Lord's revelations to you will cause many of them to plunge deeper into transgression and disbelief. Consequently, we have committed them to animosity and hatred among themselves until the Day of Resurrection. Whenever they ignite the flames of war, GOD puts them out. They roam the earth wickedly, and GOD dislikes the evildoers.

[2:60] Recall that Moses sought water for his people. We said, "Strike the rock with your staff." Whereupon, twelve springs gushed out therefrom. The members of each tribe knew their own water. Eat and drink from GOD's provisions, and do not roam the earth corruptingly.

[2:27] who violate GOD's covenant after pledging to uphold it, sever what GOD has commanded to be joined, and commit evil. These are the losers.

[2:205] As soon as he leaves, he roams the earth corruptingly, destroying properties and lives. GOD does not love corruption.

[7:56] Do not corrupt the earth after it has been set straight, and worship Him out of reverence, and out of hope. Surely, GOD's mercy is attainable by the righteous.

[28:77] "Use the provisions bestowed upon you by GOD to seek the abode of the Hereafter, without neglecting your share in this world. Be charitable, as GOD has been charitable towards you. Do not keep on corrupting the earth. GOD does not love the corruptors."

[2:190] You may fight in the cause of GOD against those who attack you, but do not aggress. GOD does not love the aggressors.

(Submission.org annotation to [2:190]: All fighting is regulated by the basic rule in 60:8-9. Fighting is allowed strictly in self-defense, while aggression and oppression are strongly condemned throughout the Quran.) (Suras [60:8] and [60:9] (Basic Law Regulating Relations With Unbelievers) are reproduced below:

[60:8] GOD does not enjoin you from befriending those who do not fight you because of religion, and do not evict you from your homes. You may befriend them and be equitable towards them. GOD loves the equitable.

[60:9] GOD enjoins you only from befriending those who fight you because of religion, evict you from your homes, and band together with others to banish you. You shall not befriend them. Those who befriend them are the transgressors.

AMac said at November 8, 2005 7:05 AM:

Ack, sorry for the typos. "Post" and "Preview" both begin with the same letter; so confusing.

Stephen said at November 8, 2005 2:02 PM:

Thanks AMac, that's great work.

Versus 60:8 & 60:9 reveal a lot about why its so important not to couch this war as being against Islam (the early use of the loaded 'crusade' comes to mind as an example of what not to say). It really reveals how bankrupt our strategy has been - for instance, invading Iraq could have been propagandised to the arab world as an effort to free muslims from the shackles of the secular Iraqi state.

As for the rioting being a muslim thing, this article says: "The rioting has involved poor whites as well as French-born citizens of Arab or African origin complaining of racism and unemployment."

Derek Copold said at November 8, 2005 3:35 PM:

Those verses in Chapter 60 say nothing about civilization itself. Surah 9:29 is still the guiding precept for Muslims, and it's in a much later book, therefore has greater value than chronologically earlier chapters, which all of the chapters cited are:

9:29:"Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."

As for poor whites, it's not surprising that you can find a few opportunistic paleskins taking part in the mayhem, but that in no way obviates the fact that France is dealing with a long-term war for her cultural environment. These riots are merely an escalation of something that's been going on for years now.

CSK said at November 8, 2005 10:07 PM:

Some whites took part in the LA riots.

noone said at November 9, 2005 9:13 AM:

"Some whites took part in the LA riots."

And your point is what?
That "some whites took part",so it's all ok?

That because "some whites took part",whites are as bad or worse than the great majority of non-white rioters?

White truck driver Reginald Denney "took part" in the LA riots,didn't he?A lot of Asians "took part" in the riots,like Denney as victims.
Ditto the Cinncy riots.

But that's not your point,is it?


Is it just me or has anyone else noted the media's change in covering race riots(not just France)?

Compare the coverage of the recent Toledo riots and the black/Pakastani riots in UK to the high visibility given to L.A./Cinny riots here and the Bradford riots in UK.
The Ohio riots were sparked by a "massive"(all 14 of them)neo-nazi march,the headlines almost write themselves,yet despite channel (and net)surfing it was possible to be barely aware of them.

Stephen said at November 9, 2005 6:15 PM:

Noone, my point is that different people have different motives for their actions, and differing motives exist among people who are nominally from the same religion or ethnicity. For instance, how many of the rioters would have been happily sitting at home watching TV if they didn't know there was some fun to be had on the streets? How many of these teenagers would do the same if they were 30? How many of these rioters are doing it because of peer pressure? How many of these guys do it 'just because'? If you subtract all of those, how many are left who do it because they intend to bring down the State? In short, the media is subscribing the motive, but in these circumstances I always doubt media analysis - after all what's going to sell more newspapers, "Rioters appear to be bored teenagers" or "RIOTERS STARTING EUROPEAN JIHAD".

I agree there's a change in the media's meme, I think the new meme allows greater coverage of disputes between entrenched groups.

silchiuk said at November 11, 2005 4:31 AM:

The riots are yelling allahu akbar! and burning cars and beating old men to death. This is their ways of expressing themselfs. This is much to be looking forward to in Europe these years coming. Is getting worse from population changes and high birthrates from lower intelligent but more fecund.

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