2005 September 25 Sunday
South Africa Begins Seizure Of White Farms

And so it begins...

South Africa's government says it wants to hand over about a third of white-owned farm land by 2014.

The commission on Thursday said an expropriation notice would be served on Hannes Visser, the owner of a cattle and crop farm in North West province.

Visser said the government offered to buy it at a price well below market. But as the expropriations accelerate the market prices will fall as some whites see the writing on the wall.

Zimbabwe the model:

But Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka says the pace of reform should be speeded up - as in neighbouring Zimbabwe, where most white-owned land has been seized by the state. "There needs to be a bit of oomph. That's why we may need the skills of Zimbabwe to help us," she said.

Expect a decline in South African food production in the next 10 years. Only about 60,000 whites operate farms in Africa. So most South African whites will not lose their jobs or possessions as a result of this policy. The bigger cost will come as declining food production. This will hit blacks harder than whites since whites, earning higher incomes on average, will have the money to pay higher food prices.

A couple of months ago I saw a TV show about American farmers who have moved to Brazil because Brazil has more sunshine, cheaper labor, and in some areas it has excellent soil. With sufficient capital and skills the Brazilian farms can out-compete American farms. The American farmers interviewed on the TV show looked and sounded like they were making a lot of money. They did not sound like hard scrabble dummies who went abroad because couldn't compete at home. They sounded like sharp capitalists. Brazil's agricultural exports are booming in part due to growing East Asian demand. The Brazilians could further expand their production and exports by giving long term work visas to the white farmers in South Africa.

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Hugh Angell said at September 25, 2005 11:42 AM:

Unfortunately South Africa looks set to not just acquire the 'skills of Zimbabwe' but even
more of its people, and in time, its poverty and famine.

The European community in South Africa is doomed. While the 'deputy president' might seem
a utter incompetent for his comments he is actually far from the worst in this ANC
'government'. The 'health minister' for South Africa, with a name I will not even attempt
to spell, recently advised her AIDS riddled population to eschew western anti retroviral
drugs in favor of.... lemon peel, garlic, beetroot and olive oil as an equally effective
treatment and to assist the medically indigent she has instituted a home gardening program.
Well, at least this Zambian trained 'witch' doctor did not recommend having sex with an
infant as a 'cure'.

When we stop and remember that people like President Mbeki, this deputy president you
mentioned and the South African health minister are the 'educated' elite of South Africa's
black population the unworkability and tragedy of 'majority rule' in such a nation is
clear. I doubt it will take ten more years for this country to unravel. The white
population has declined to less than 10% of the total and many of those left are either
too old, lacking qualifications to secure a visa to emigrate or, like the poor farmer,
trapped by exchange restrictions that leave them unable to sell and take their
capital to a new country. Further, unlike the decline of Rhodesia into Zimbabwe, which took
twenty years from the end of UDI to complete Mugabeization, there is no safety valve left.
When South Africa tips into chaos there is no place left on the continent for people to
flee to, for NGO's to base their relief efforts in, to acquire the necessities of modern
life at.

Cecil Rhodes dream of a prosperous empire streching from the Cape to Cairo has collapsed
in a hellish nightmare in little more than a century. The whole of Sub Saharan Africa is
poised to return to the primeval state it was found in 500 years ago.

Kurt said at September 25, 2005 1:26 PM:

From what I understand, most white South Africans go to Australia if they can. Brazil is an attractive possibility as well. There was a recent article in Fortune magazine about American farmers moving to Brazil. Apparently, Brazil makes it easy for them to buy the land to establish the farms. How this will work in the long run is unknown.

I have a friend who has done considerable business in Africa and has done consulting work for two stock exchanges (Ghana and Kenya). He spent alot of time there in 94-95 and was quite hopeful about Africa's future. He is no longer so hopeful for the continent. AIDS and other diseases are ruining the continent and it appears that there is another wave of this African (black) nationalism that is sweeping the continent. Zimbabwe and South African agricultural policy seems to be indicative of this trend.

Then, there is the potential human version of H5N1. Since most African people appear to be immunologically impared to begin with, a human version of H5N1 will devastate the continent.

Bob Badour said at September 25, 2005 10:47 PM:

Sigh. Perhaps Malthus was at least partly right.

mariana said at September 26, 2005 1:11 AM:

What did Malthus say?

Bob Badour said at September 26, 2005 6:55 AM:

Malthus said mankind was doomed to grow to a population beyond the capacity of the world to feed and then we would all starve. Until his time, mankind had a long history of periodic famine after crop failure. Improved agricultural technology proved him wrong everwhere in the world -- except sub-saharan africa apparently.

Sensei said at September 26, 2005 10:56 AM:

This is all straight from Animal Farm, by Orwell. Too bad the current leaders of the probably doomed country don't read Orwell.

Mark said at September 26, 2005 2:32 PM:

I doubt if they read much at all.

Jorge D.C. said at September 26, 2005 11:27 PM:

...many of those left are either too old, lacking qualifications to secure a visa to emigrate or, like the poor farmer,
trapped by exchange restrictions that leave them unable to sell and take their capital to a new country

They can either take the financial hit or most likely be butchered. Frankly, the intelligent whites in Africa with the greatest survival instincts got out years ago.

And let us speak plainly: How many of the whites left in Africa today are liberals? Folks who drank the koolaid on race relations and convinced themselves all would be fine in the long run if all men were treated equal.

What's happening in SA and Zimbabwe is race war plain and simple. Whites need to evacuate these areas in the same way the U.S. left Vietnam: It is a politically unwinnable war at this point in time.

I say "at this point" because whites living in an advanced state of affluence [the modern western world] have near zero racial identity. And you can't win a race war without racial identity.

Of course, the affluence won't last and the cycle will begin again. In the meantime, if you're a white parent living anywhere in southern Africa, it is child abuse not to expend all necessary energy to emigrate.

Matra said at September 27, 2005 5:30 PM:

Jorge D.C. And let us speak plainly: How many of the whites left in Africa today are liberals? Folks who drank the koolaid on race relations and convinced themselves all would be fine in the long run if all men were treated equal.

I don't think that is true. The more liberal English-speaking whites (Uitlanders) had an easier time getting out because so many of these urban whites had exportable professional skills and, quite often, dual citizenship with the UK. Afrikaners were more likely to be rural and deeply attached to the land of their forefathers and not interested in leaving. Many observers have called the Afrikaners a "white tribe of Africa". It may not be that easy for Afrikaners to emigrate but as Jorge suggests they'd be well advised to try.

Sal said at September 28, 2005 10:25 AM:

Good point, Jorger. I too used to be amazed at the absence of racial consciousness among whites in the US. Success has atrophied the survival instincts of whites.

Jorge D.C. said at September 29, 2005 4:08 PM:

Afrikaners were more likely to be rural and deeply attached to the land of their forefathers and not interested in leaving.

Good point, Matra. I don't think there are many liberals in the rural areas. I was talking about the urban crime victims I keep reading about.

By the way webmaster I hit the "post" button exactly once last time but the post took 30 seconds to appear and then it was duplicated on the website. So I will try again here...

timothy said at April 7, 2006 12:56 AM:

You know guys, since the time of life as we were told, this racial thing is so sickening and immoral to humanity. Today it was the Egptians that pushed out the whites tommorow is Whites burning up Blacks! And now is the US disturbing youth focus bcos they are after their enemies. Everyone is doing their own thing.

The common idea to seperate nature is the genesis of all evil we new generation get to grow up with. Our fathers sure do have interests in various activities, colours, attitudes, dreams, wishes, faith, fates and beauty. So why can't I as a worldly gifted white kid embrace another formation of man?!

Another idea, beliefs and understanding? We can't go on dreaming of racial war? Is the world blind to see we are one? and the only that can communicate in words? Every community has its own style and attractive sights. Yours may be more advance than mine or viceversa. PLEASE YOU KNOW NEGOTIATIONS AND MOTIVATIONS, INTERACTIONS AND JUSTIFICATION.

Please! We need to enjoy this world the way nature created it. All created by man is just a visualization of Natures beautities. Can some ask me why races hate eachother so much, cos the mos recent racial-humilation was carried on Blacks. Pls, why is GOD?!

mukungupeterson said at April 21, 2006 8:38 AM:

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anonymous said at October 9, 2006 6:57 AM:

I think what is happening back home in South Africa serves the farmers right, should have been done long time ago. The land they and their forefathers have acquired has been based on expropriation so it is nothing more than right than to hand it back to their rightful owners.

Some owners of wine estates should be called to order, trying to work the system so it becomes virtually impossible to have them removed. I hope the government makes plan with them as well, giving the land back to the rightful owners.

Helen Scott said at January 17, 2007 2:53 PM:

the problem in south africa is hard they have to increase the black wealth and standard of living without scaring of the white people and investment how does one do that i think instead of taking the farms off people the white farmers should be made to have a black partner the farms could then be more productive everyone with a black partner could pay less tax that means working as ateam the white man can train the black people to run productive farms the more money made by everyone the beter it is in the white and black intersts to work together as for the goverment the communist system has fallen apart the western system under pressure south africa could set the pace with their goverment when i go to the hospital i want the best doctor i do not care if it is a woman or man black or white as long as he is good durban could vote for the minster of finance and so for the people then would have to tell you what they intend to do you would have the best person for the job at present if someone is no good you have to get rid of the whole goverment

CaptainReality said at November 5, 2007 11:09 PM:

To timothy:

"So why can't I as a worldly gifted white kid embrace another formation of man?!"

You can. However, if you live in South Africa, don't be surprised when your black fellow-men rob you, slaughter your family, and then kill you.

In the meantime, those whites who didn't embrace your new 'formation of man' and got the hell out will still be alive with their families.

It's Darwinian evolution, and it still applies to us.

Ian Chalmers said at February 22, 2008 7:45 AM:

Give the land back to the original owners.Man,what an idiot you people are.Zimbabwe is a joke!Mugabe is a sick baboon looking murderer.The people ate well and lived better when white farmers farmed.In South Africa they are emulating the baboon Mugabe and the whole world just sits back and believes it is a good experiment.Apartheid is a good thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It worked.People ate well.But blacks in africa are a joke!!!!!!Intellectual lepers and the black idiots are one and the same.I hope every scumbag black murderer dies!

Tadoh said at June 10, 2008 6:29 PM:

My dad has a big farm in Cameroon, West Africa and is looking for a partner. Right now, he has oil palms, coffee, fruit trees, and food crops. I am just looking around the internet looking for someone who is interested in partnering with him. As his sons, we shall also invest in the business. But we live in the USA.
If interested contact me.


Leon said at July 2, 2008 8:19 AM:

I think the Problem with South Africa is corruption . When the elections ( If you can call it election's ) ANS took 60 % of the vote , there was two minds in South Africa Immigrate or jump on the gravy Train .

Allot of Business men made allot of money in the new South Africa with Immerging Businessís and new markets . The problem as I mentioned in the beginning corruption is killing our country .

I know politicians all over the world are corrupt but not to the extent of South African Politicians and regardless if it gets on the news or not no one seems to get nailed for corruption , this makes me think the entire Government is corrupt ( Think Iím right in this guess ) .

Slowly but surely thereís no gravy left on the train , the train seems to be heading on a massive downhill trend , the Managers in charge of the Train are all BEE certified , the white passengers are all bailing out . Good luck South Africa .

Like Zimbabwe , the people believed in there new leader in 1980's , Magabe raped their country and no one seemed to stand up and get rid of the mad man . South African locals have the same mind set , the ANC saved the country from apartheid and they will vote for them until there is no economy left . Sorry for being so negative , but I can see the truth . Every African state run by African leaders seems to end in self distruction , if i'm not correct please prove me wrong .....

William Mitton said at September 2, 2009 11:11 AM:

It's frightening indeed when people in authority in the South African Government, say they need to look to Zimbabwe for help in instituting economic change. Where in God's name are these people living? Zimbabwe is an economic basket case, due in large part to the insane policies brought in by Mugabe. If I lived in South Africa, I would get myself, and my family to safety as quickly as possible, because there's no future to be had there.

robby said at December 20, 2009 8:45 PM:

From an American friend: I Have sympathy for you my friends
I Was wondering what the latest from South Africa was (knew it had to be bad)
Its the Same Politically Correct Bullshit everywhere (with Black Violence Etc)
No Offense It sounds like you better get out- maybe ALL Of South African whites should offer to leave at once for a fair pay-off - but even the people in the government are probably a little scarred of that.
You have to turn your assets into something tangible/portable (gold?) they probably try to prevent that- and get your wealth out- sell you land together with other whites to some Rich (CORRUPT) Blacks that are in power and GTFO.

go to Australia, Europe, Canada(ws giving refuge status to whites facing violence), America (we have total PC BS - and pleanty of anti-white violence if you are near any 'wrong area' - and the 'wrong areas' keep multiplying.

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