2005 August 10 Wednesday
In Some European Cities Muslim Numbers Grow While Net Populations Decline

Joel Kotkin argues that unless Western cities take a very aggressive position against potential terrorists that fear will drain their urban centers of populations. Thanks to immigration European cities are following the American pattern of white flight.

Nor is this flight a strictly American phenomenon: Population has been dropping in London, Paris, Hamburg, Milan and Frankfurt. In many of these cities, the only rapidly growing group is immigrants, most of them Muslim, including many who are increasingly recruited by and susceptible to Islamist extremists.

So much for the idea of Muslim immigration as a solution to European demographic problems. Muslim immigration, by causing white flight, contributes to the decline of European cities. The obvious response ought to be to halt the Muslim immigration and deport all the Muslims who are not already citizens. Such a move might save some cities.

Lots of cities in history declined due to violence.

It's too early to tell how businesses or individuals might react if terrorist attacks were to become commonplace. But the historical record isn't promising. Many of the earliest cities of antiquity -- in places as dispersed as Mesopotamia, China, India and Mesoamerica -- shrank and ultimately disappeared after being overrun by more violent but often far less civilized peoples. As is the case today, the greatest damage was often inflicted not by organized states, but by nomadic peoples or even small bands of brigands who either detested urban civilization or had little use for its arts.

A number of older American cities have become shadows of their more glorious pasts. The same fate awaits still other cities as higher crime and lower achieving populations displace the white populations that used to make up their majorities.

A lot of financial services firms are moving away from big concentrated cities in order to reduce the risk of terrorism.

It's easier to measure effects of decisions by financial services firms to shift more of their operations to suburbs and smaller towns, in part because they are less vulnerable to a potential terrorist assault. Jobs that used to be done in Manhattan are migrating to New York's outer suburbs, as well as to places such as Florida. The same has been happening to London. British observers note the steady movement of financial and other high-end service jobs to less vulnerable and less expensive provincial cities, as well as offshore havens in India and other parts of the developing world.

Kotkin notes that the dense and centralized nature of London and New York makes mass transit more feasible for them. But the mass transit then becomes an obvious target of attack due the density of the people on the buses and trains and also due to the dependence of these cities on mass transit.

Kotkin argues that in order to survive cities must abandon multiculturalism for assimilation. But what if a group embraces a religion that makes it incompatible with the larger society? Kotkin also argues for wider scale installation of eletronic surveillance systems and active surveillance of suspected terrorists. He also argues for preventive detention. While that probably won't pass constitutional muster in the United States in Great Britain Parliament has fewer restraints. Though Britain has now placed itself under an EU constitution and it is not clear whether the highest court in the European Union will allow the British government the range of powers that it has exercised in the past.

Demographics matters. America's demographics outlook is grim. Ditto Europe.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2005 August 10 08:15 PM  Immigration Culture Clash

John S Bolton said at August 11, 2005 1:03 AM:

Europe has so far, stood aghast at the American practice of abandoning to the firebugs, cities even of millions. Now, though, the burning looms over them, as terrorist worshipping peoples run loose in their cities in large numbers. Such influxes of savages can easily be turned out again, but there is all manner of power to be won, and depraved malice to satisfy, by letting the situation worsen. Europe preferentially recruits, and rewards with public subsidies taken by traitorous aggression, the terrorist worshipping refugees from the Mideast. European officials live for prestige, and with them, only power is prestigious. They want the power to force others to give up that which they value, and should value, so that officials may bask in the prestige of this power. They long to destroy civilization, but are too cowardly to do it violently themselves; that is where the moslem comes in.

French Howling Privateer said at August 13, 2005 11:37 AM:

A text of that sort, signed by a member of the New America Foundation, of which CEO is the French Sephardic Jew Eric Benhamou, of which most famous member is Francis Fukuyama, and of which donors include the Ford Foundation, should arise suspicions.

For me it's pretty obvious. Those who have spread the arson are trying to play the firefighters now. Some people are used to make a "first to market" move ...

M.Robinson said at August 15, 2005 7:48 AM:

I have never heard such lies. I have lived in London and the only reason I left was because the pace of life was very fast and not enough greenery.
The idea of immigrants taking over in 'hordes' is ridiculous in the extreme.

The majority of the immigrant population is NOT Muslim, we have a large population of immigrants of west African descent(predominently christian) and large hindu and Sikh communities.

The Muslim community of Britain is dispersed in the small towns of the midlands and north of england. What is this blog for, is it real issues or merely for anti-muslim propaganda?

Randall Parker said at August 15, 2005 8:51 AM:


Your own motivations aside, lots of Brits are leaving London to get away from foreigners and to get away from crime.

If immigrants were not flowing into London then London would have a larger white population. Do you dispute this?

You consistently label facts inconvenient for your views as propaganda.

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