2005 August 08 Monday
Mexican Criminals Hide In Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles offers a congenial environment for Mexican criminals who want to hide from the Mexican government.

LOS ANGELES – The killers cross the U.S.-Mexico border, assume new identities, get jobs, blend in among Spanish speakers and sometimes enjoy freedom for years.

But these fugitives from the law aren't border-jumpers heading south. As the recent arrest of one of Mexico's most notorious fugitives at a modest home outside Los Angeles showed, some criminals escape justice by heading north.

In the last 10 months, federal immigration officials have helped locate 13 Mexican murder suspects, along with hundreds of other criminals, hiding in plain sight in the Los Angeles area.

The vast Spanish speaking populations of LA provide an environment in which criminals can hide.

"There are large pockets in the L.A. area where you could live forever without having to speak English," said Jorge Field, who oversees the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's fugitive operations teams in Los Angeles. "As long as you're law-abiding in the United States, as long as you don't have any contact with police, you can fly under the radar for a long time because there is such a vast population in this area."

Of course, some of these fugitives violate laws and harm people while they are in the United States. They are criminals after all.

US law enforcement personnel put some effort into finding and deporting criminals back to Mexico. But the effectiveness of that effort is limited by rules in LA area police departments against treating illegal aliens different from citizens. While illegals operate large gangs in the United States and Mexican criiminals hide in the United States among Hispanic populations here lots of Mexicans and others commit crimes in the United States and then flee to Mexico secure in the knowledge that they'll be safe from extradition. Mexico won't deport criminals who face either the death penalty or sentences without eligibility for parole.

Mexican authorities will not return Raul Garcia-Gomez to the United States unless prosecutors agree to spare him from execution and life without parole, the Mexican consul in Denver said Monday.


The 20-year-old fugitive is accused of killing Detective Donald Young and wounding his partner, Detective John Bishop, as the two officers worked off-duty at a baptism party in Denver on May 8.

The irony here is that the worse the crime a Mexican commits in the United States the less likely he'll be deported from Mexico once he has fled there to escape prosecution.

The Mexican legal system considers not just capital punishment but even life without parole as cruel and unusual punishment.

On October 2, 2001, the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled in a binding decision that no extradition would be granted unless the requesting state gives assurances that a term of years would be imposed and the suspect would be eligible for parole. In so ruling, the Court held that the purpose of punishment is rehabilitation. Life imprisonment is inconsistent with rehabilitation and, therefore, a sentence of life imprisonment violates their constitution because it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

In May of 2002, in a non-binding decision, a Mexican court ruled that assurances by a prosecutor have “no value because U.S. judges are autonomous, as their own embassy recognizes, so they would apply the punishments established by U.S. Penal Codes”. The Office of International Affairs has advised that they interpret these rulings as requiring that the assurances to be given by a judge. Such “judicial assurances” are a legal impossibility in the United States since a judge cannot rule on a case not before the court, and a judge may not prejudge the evidence.

In at least two recent cases, Mexican authorities have refused to deport or expel a US citizen without sufficient assurances.

The October 2, 2001 Mexican Supreme Court decision and its holdings were reaffirmed by the Mexican Supreme Court in April, 2004.

350 violent felons live free in Mexico out of reach of California law.

In California, officials estimate some 350 violent felons have fled south seeking protection of a Mexican Supreme Court ruling that the death penalty and life in prison without parole represent cruel and unusual punishment.

With Hispanics committing crime at a few times the rate of whites and with Hispanic incarceration rates 3.7 times the white rate the ability of Hispanics to escape justice by fleeing the United States reduces the deterrent value of the US criminal justice system. This leads to more crime and more victims.

Bob Baker, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League to which 9,000 LAPD cops belong, says Mexico entirely refuses to extradite its own citizens.

Having decided that no murderer should ever have to spend their life in prison, Mexico arrogantly refuses to return fugitive killers to the United States. It has consistently refused to extradite murderers if they faced the death penalty. A 2001 Mexican Supreme Court decision in essence halted all extraditions of Mexican citizens, or Americans of Mexican descent. That decision forbade Mexico to extradite anyone if he faced a sentence which carried the possibility of life imprisonment, saying it was "cruel and unusual punishment."

In short, the thoroughly corrupt Mexican judicial system has decided the U.S. cannot prosecute even U.S. citizens if they make it to Mexico. Since Oct. 2, 2001, Mexico has repeatedly refused to return suspects for prosecution. As of last year, the Justice Department had more than 800 open extradition cases for fugitives in Mexico. Those fugitives include cop killers. Armando Garcia, a Mexican national in California illegally, allegedly shot to death Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy David March during a traffic stop in 2002. He is known to be in Mexico.

The halt to extraditions is not absolutely complete. A rare few still get extradited. In June of 2005 Mexico extradited the first Mexican criminal extradited to Los Angeles County California in 4 years.

LOS ANGELES – District Attorney Steve Cooley announced today the return from Mexico of a fugitive suspected of trying to kill two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies last year following a routine traffic stop. It is the first extradition to Los Angeles County from Mexico since the October 2001 Mexican Supreme Court decision limiting extraditions.

The Mexican legal system is not compatible with the US legal system. We need a substantial barrier along the entire border with Mexico along with a much bigger Border Patrol force. Also, police should be authorized and encouraged to enforce immigration law and the US government should develop the capacity to accept and hold for deportation all illegals that local law enforcement officers take into custody.

Update: Also see my post "Heather Mac Donald On The Illegal Alien Crime Wave". Also, see a Steve Sailer post on just how cheaply illegal immigrants could be deported.

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John S Bolton said at August 8, 2005 11:01 AM:

These Mexican government policies are like acts of war; they must be intended as provocations. The administrations' policies of appeasing Mexico will lead to more intense provocations, since the earlier ones did not get a response, other than weak and traitorous appeasement.

Rick Darby said at August 8, 2005 11:03 AM:

Since Generalissimo Bush-Gonzales is determined to preside over marriage vows between the United States and our bad neighbor to the south -- and we are currently paying mllions of dollars of U.S. taxpayers' money for social services to illegals as a downpayment on the dowry -- it becomes more urgent every day for us to think of ways to encourage Mexico to become a runaway bride.

In an earlier post I suggested the formation of an organization that, Wilderness Society-like, would buy up land abutting the borders and build private illegal-immigrant-proof walls. Even if only a portion of the border could be protected in this way (and unfortunately, part of the border is federal land such as Organ Pipe National Monument in Arizona, where naturalists now must go only in the company of armed rangers), it would concentrate the flow at other points and make The Invasion even more obvious at the very least.

American tourism is one of the main props of the Mexican economy. What if large numbers of U.S. citizens signed a pledge not to visit Mexico until that country stops encouraging its most poor and ignorant to head to El Norte, begins to extradite suspected American and Mexican criminals, etc., etc.?

We are on the defensive, but I'd like to think that individuals working together still can get out in front of our so-called leaders.

FriendlyFire said at August 8, 2005 5:06 PM:

"What if large numbers of U.S. citizens signed a pledge not to visit Mexico"

Why not simply stop hiring illegal immigrants ?

Mark said at August 8, 2005 8:30 PM:

"Why not simply stop hiring illegal immigrants?"

Right away. First I have to start up a business.

Brenda said at August 9, 2005 5:37 PM:

Here's a recent crime stat of Mexicans hiding out in their criminal theme park home...

June 6, 2005 - Mexico a hard sell on extraditing murder suspects


A Mexican citizen who had entered the United States illegally, Mr. Garcia-Gomez joins an estimated 3,000 murder-case fugitives evading U.S. prosecution in Mexico, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

AL said at February 4, 2006 11:53 PM:

Ask pres.Bush its just the price of cheap labor.One dead American here and there-what the hell-just keep your eye on the bottom line.After all they just come here to work-and they do the work that Americans are just to dam lazy to do.As our old friend-FOX said not even blacks-will do the work of these proud MEXICANS.We all know Bush cant run for president next time in the U.S.yet maybe he can run for president of Mexico.I know he would win.

Bobby said at October 10, 2007 1:33 PM:

What is there to question. Bush, has never had Americans best interests at heart. Unfortunately, some thirty per cent of the populace is still so ignorant as to believe that he does. How many times does he have to prove the contrary to these morons?

Bobby said at October 10, 2007 1:35 PM:

Hey, give Bush a break. He's only used to excuting Americans.

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