2005 June 30 Thursday
Search Raids Done Against Suspected Terrorists In Australia

The Melbourne Stock Exchange, oil refineries, and a bridge were considered as terrorist attack targets by Islamic terrorist cells in Melbourne and Sydney Australia.

Islamic extremists with cells in Melbourne and Sydney carried out reconnaissance missions on the Harbour Bridge and two Sydney oil refineries.

Sources believe an attack on the Melbourne exchange would be aimed at causing major disruption to the country's financial markets.

While details of the planned stock exchange attack are being kept secret by intelligence officials, the revelation comes as ASIO officers - assisted by Victorian and Federal Police - raided at least eight properties in Victoria and NSW this week.


Victoria Police started watching the Melbourne cell about 18 months ago after a tip-off that an Islamic extremist was recruiting followers at a mosque in inner-suburban Melbourne.

But since they worship their god by trying to blow things up if we interfere with their bomb planning we interfere with their religious worship.

Maybe they just thought oil refineries were beautiful backdrops for pictures sent home?

Cell members used two small boats to check out the harbour and were also observed filming at the North Sydney and Kurnell oil refineries.

This is nature's way of telling us we shouldn't let in Muslim immigrants. Unless you want "being-hit-on-the-head lessons" why let in Muslim immigrants at all?

The raids were aimed to disrupt terrorism planning rather than to make arrests.

Raids in Melbourne and Sydney yesterday by ASIO and police were part of a co-ordinated strategy to deter a loose group of Muslim extremists from graduating to terrorist activities.

ASIO, along with state and federal police, raided premises in Melbourne and Sydney yesterday after individuals in the group were monitored by state and federal counter-terrorism experts for more than 12 months.

Police say some of the suspects had shown the intent but lacked the expertise to carry out terrorist attacks in Australia.

If the average terrorist was smarter we'd be in a lot more trouble. On the other hand, smarter people are less likely to believe religions. It would be interesting to see how belief rates drop off as a function of IQ for different religions. Is the drop-off rate faster for Islam than for Christianity? My guess is the drop-off rate is faster for Christianity than for Judaism.

The Australians ought to start revoking residency and even citizenship against these kinds of people and then deport them.

Some cell members are friends with a known Australian Muslim terrorist Saleh Jamal.

Sources said a senior member of the cell is an associate of jailed Australian terrorist Saleh Jamal.

Jamal, 29, fled Australia after the 1998 drive-by shooting of Lakemba police station. He was convicted this year in a Lebanese military court of possessing weapons, forging an Australian passport, and planning acts that endangered security.

An intelligence source said: "The Australian group has talked about following Jamal's lead and doing the same thing here."

Melbourne cell members were heard discussing where they might find an explosives expert.

Pakistani born Sydney Australia resident Faheem Khalid Lodhi is charged with planning to commit terrorist attacks in Australia and directing a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.

Fellow Sydney man Faheem Khalid Lodhi, 35, formerly an architect, faces nine charges of planning to commit terrorist acts, including the bombing of Sydney's electricity grid and various defence sites.

In Lodhi's case, the Crown alleged that in October 2001 the accused acted "in an apparent official capacity" at a training camp in Lahore, Pakistan, operated by banned terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba.

In 2003, after returning to Australia, Lodhi allegedly helped set up French terrorist suspect Willie Brigitte in a Sydney home, with a mobile phone registered, like his own, in a false name, the Crown said.

Lodhia and Brigitte are suspected of plotting a terrorist attack.

The prosecution claims Lodhi met Brigitte at the airport, having written his flight number and physical description in his diary.

The two remained in touch for five months, according to police evidence, and by October Lodhi had allegedly obtained images of the electricity grid and inquired about ordering large quantities of chemicals that could be used in bombs.

Lebanese born former Qantas baggage handler Bilal Khazal is to stand trial in Sydney for writing a manual for terrorists.

Yesterday the bizarre and often violent text was handed over to Sydney Central Local Court, where its 35-year-old editor, Bilal Khazal, faced a charge of making documents likely to facilitate terrorist acts.

Dressed in a long navy dish-dasha dress shirt, white prayer cap, socks and sandals, the portly Khazal sat impassively as prosecutor Geoffrey Bellew told the court that almost a third of the offending book was directed to the topic of assassination, including a list of attributes needed to be part of an assassination team - "wit and a quick mind", "a terrorist psychology" and "high physical fitness".

The book concluded with praise for al-Qaeda's "impressive success of the conquest of New York" on September 11, 2001.

At least 5 Muslims in Australia have to be watched 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.

THEY call them 24/7s. In police and intelligence terms they are the kingpins, men whose every movement is watched, recorded and analysed all day, every day.

At least five Sydney residents have received this round-the-clock attention since just before the 2000 Olympics. They are thought to be pressure points in the internecine world of Australian radical Islam: devotees who can rally followers to rise up in the name of jihad or keep a lid on those at odds with the ways of the West.

Of course such surveillance for years on end is incredibly expensive. Why should Western countries inflict such costs on ourselves by letting in Muslim immigrants? The Western countries are not underpopulated. If we let in only the top 1% in intelligence we'd get the benefits of more rapid advances in science and technology and more companies founded to develop innovative new products and services. We don't need to let in dim bulb religious fanatics who hate our civilization and who hate us.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2005 June 30 01:03 PM  Immigration Terrorism

John S Bolton said at June 30, 2005 2:33 PM:

Openness to immigration and tourism from moslem countries is a grave security threat, and one of the worst longterm menaces to the furtherance of civilization. The opportunity cost of someone on the 1 in 10,000 level, in a country where that level starts at around the same point as the top 1% of a country at the European norm, is almost negligible. The moslem countries would have to be 100x as populous as Europe, to generate equal numbers at that level of conceptual ability, but they're only on the order of the same numbers. Fencing out the moslem through immigration control should have zero, or even negative opportunity cost at this level, since barring ten moslem immigrants may make room for one from a population which is even 100x as likely to be in the top 1% of European norms.

FriendlyFire said at June 30, 2005 2:58 PM:

Australia has only small specified immigration qouta (which have failed to be flled recently)
Intelligence and skills testing are requirements. But immigration to UN refugees are also allowed to immigate, these people are allowed in because of the country they were fleeing from.

Stephen said at June 30, 2005 5:09 PM:

Oh yeah, this guy's a real risk (extracted from the newspaper article):

Among the assassination techniques used by Western intelligence, the book says, are letter bombs, snipers, car bombs and "cake throwing", which it adds, "is well known in the West".

I'm terrified, we'll all be cream sponged to death in our beds.

Also, he's just stapling together stuff printed out from the internet. It seems to me that copyright infringement would be the better charge...

But lets be serious and think about the crime this guy's being charged with: "charge of making documents likely to facilitate terrorist acts". Like how broad is that? I'm pretty sure that I could put together a few of the discussions on ParaPundit and charge half the posters here with 'making documents likely to **facilitate** a terrorist act'. Hell, I don't even need to prove any intent, so simply saying something like "moslums have low IQ" could be said to facilitate a terrorist act simply because its likely to tip some looney over the edge.

Stephen said at June 30, 2005 5:16 PM:

Oh and another thing that illustrates how moronic that law is: the newspaper happily printed extracts from the documents, but do you think it will be charged with "making documents (ie distributing a newspaper article with juicy quotes from a "terrorist" manual) likely to facilitate terrorist acts"? Does anyone think they should be?

John S Bolton said at June 30, 2005 7:11 PM:

Whatever the law may permit, there is no statute or academic authority which can just pretend that it is impossible for an immigrant to be hostile, and cause it to come true, just because some authorities found it convenient to say so. Look who gains by this process of degrading freedom from aggression; is it not the officials who want vastly more power, and who pay the salaries of authorities in the governments' own propaganda outlets?

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