2005 April 17 Sunday
ACLU Claimed To Be Helping Illegals Cross Border From Mexico

Volunteer border patrol Minuteman Project spokesman Grey Deacon says that American Civil Liberties Union members who are watching the Minutemen are actively helping the illegal aliens crossing from Mexico to avoid detection by the Minutemen.

Grey Deacon told Joseph Farah's nationally syndicated "WorldNetDaily RadioActive" audience yesterday that ACLU monitors sent to the border to watch Minuteman activity and report civil-liberties abuses to authorities have begun flashing lights, sounding horns and warning off illegals and their "coyote" human smugglers from entering territory patrolled by the volunteers.

"They are actively engaging in criminal activity," said Deacon.

Deacon said the ACLU activists are resorting to new tactics because of the success the Minuteman Project is having in assisting the Border Patrol in spotting illegal aliens and in generating publicity about the insecure U.S.-Mexico border.

If the ACLU members are doing this then they are breaking the law by aiding and abetting the violation of immigration laws. This is not surprising. The ACLU consistently takes a position against the enforcement of immigration laws. See my post "ACLU Wants To Delegitimize Immigration Law Enforcement" for another example of their attempts to subvert immigration law enforcement.

I view the ACLU as an enemy of liberty, not its defender.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2005 April 17 11:06 AM  Immigration Law Enforcement

John S Bolton said at April 17, 2005 3:17 PM:

You're quite right; they want freedom for aggression. If they were friends of liberty, they would be capable of caring about the net taxpayers' freedom from aggression.

crush41 said at April 17, 2005 4:25 PM:

The ACLU stands for the freedom of the most vile, destructive forces in America by (not at all exhaustive): Encouraging child rape, allowing carriers of AIDS to sleep around w/o disclosing that they have the disease, promoting satanism, rewriting history, opposing every proactive measure against terrorism, and supporting drug legalization even for children.

The fiercely atheist and communist ACLU perspicaciously restricts constructive freedoms while openly denying the freedom of innocents from the aggression of violent felons. Randall, you should expound on your last sentence more often. The ACLU has enormous financial resources but an open PR war is one they can never win. The more people are aware of the ACLU's activities, the less they will tolerate such a dangerous organization.

amazed said at April 19, 2005 11:25 PM:

Dear crush41,

Your sources are truly impeccable.

I never knew there was so much truth on the internet.

Derek Fagan-McHenry said at May 8, 2005 3:18 AM:

Sat, 7 May 2005 00:20:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: "derek mchenry"
Subject: Jose Ouinonez on Lou Dobbs Tonight 6 May 2005
To: contact@bluelatinos.org
CC: "Sondra Chavis" , "Lisa Fandel" , "Harold Johnson" , "Charlie Jones" , "derrick payne" , "sam putney" , "Brenda Session" , "Stephanie Spann" , "Stephanie Spann" , "Public Information"

7 May 2005

Jose Ouinonez
Blue Latinos

I was quite offended by your comments on the
Friday 6 May 2005 broadcast of the CNN network's
Dobbs Tonight program. I am especially offended,
make that pissed off, by your having a petition
your web site trying to get him fired. That will
First off, Lou Dobbs tells the "American" people
truth about illegal immigration. It is you blue
latinos, whatever the hell that is, that lie to
These vermin are polluting our land as they cross
the border of our sovereign nation. Thousands of
pounds of refuge are left every month by these
breaking and entering into my nation. Some more

1. 30%, 1/3, of the prisoners in the federal
penitentiary are ILLEGAL ALIENS. That makes them
criminals TWICE. It is illegal to enter this
without authorization in the first place and then
commit crimes like murder, rape, etc., you know
harmless shit. As if this were not enough, the
jails all over the southwest are spending
millions of
dollars housing ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS at the expense
their hard working, American taxpayers and are
being reimbursed by Presidunce Bush-Fox or the
in Washington, D.C. The state penitentiaries are
running at about 40% of inmates that are ILLEGAL

2. Parkland Hospital, in Dallas, Texas delivers
babies than any other hospital in this nation.
PERIOD!!! Over 60%, 2/3, of the babies delivered
Parkland are born to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. These so
called "anchor babies" are draining the counties
ability to give health care to the citizens of
County because so many of their resources are
spent on caring for people that will never pay a
single dime for these deliveries and don't belong
in the first damn place. This same scenario is
played out in hospitals across the nation. The
hospital in Bisbee, Arizona has to close because
ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS taking healthcare without
paying a
single penny for it.

3. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS like MS-13 gang members are
killing our citizens here in Texas, North
and all over the eastern seaboard. This
group of thugs are from El Salvador. BLUE
problem is so bad that the U.S. Justice
department has
formed a task force to hunt down and hopefully
these miscreants, much as it has had to do with
Mafia. MS-13 has also made threats against the
Border Patrol.

4. There is a rising rate of TB in the U.S. in
border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico,
Texas because ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are entering
nation without proper immunizations and are
this disease.
5. Over 42% of African AMERICANS are in direct
competition with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS for jobs in
nation. You can thank God that the Congressional
Caucus is only a social club with no real power
political agenda for this. We built this nation,
literally, clearing the trees and a black man
laid out
the plans for our nations capitol. Not Mexicans,
Salvadorians or any other BLUE LATINOS. Black
and their descendants did.
6. Our school districts are going broke because
are too many ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS entering the
The Cedar Hill ISD, where I live, had planned for
districts growth based on AMERICAN children and
schools to accommodate them. However, the flood
"anchor babies" born to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS has
outstripped our budget and my property taxes have
up 37% and we are having to build more schools
Mexicans in this state as a whole and in Cedar
and Dallas County in particular are overwhelming
schools. I see this Mexican woman every morning
walking her 4 children to Highlands Elementary in
Cedar Hill. Those are 4 children that DO NOT
Cedar Hill schools. To add insult to injury, she
now about 7 months PREGNANT with yet another
that will drain our budget. That child will be
born at
Parkland which will absorb the cost and pass it
on to
me and all but one person this is being sent to
lives in North Carolina. The child will go to
Hill schools which will absorb the cost and pass
it on
to ME!!! Another ESL- English as a Second
teacher will have to be brought in to teach this
how to speak English, which they don't want to
Then this child will more than likely be in a
gang and have to be feed and housed in the Texas
Department of Corrections for years. The cost is

7. We are not anti-Mexican, as you asserted. We
anti-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.However, I am personally
beginning to become anti-Mexican. When I call an
AMERICAN company and have to "push 1 for
English", it
irritates me to no end. When the ILLEGAL MEXICAN
IMMIGRANT ran into my daughter back in February
hurt her it began. When he got out of his car and
he "speakee no english" it got worse. When the
bill of the damage to her came in at over
$3,700.00, I
became anti-Mexican. Mexicans, at least in Texas,
don't carry insurance on their low riders or
8. I can not go to Minyards grocery store in
Hill, Texas, on a Friday afternoon to cash a
check. Why? Because every ILLEGAL MEXICAN
the area is there using Western Union to send
money to
Mexico. The line is just too long. So I go Friday
mornings. The amount of money being sent to
Mexico by
the amount of money that they oil fields in
produce. Mexico has one of the largest oil
reserves in
the WORLD and yet money sucked out of the U.S.
is the number one or two source of revenue in
What is wrong with this picture?

I could go on for days. Long story short. Don't
get on
AMERICAN television and tell your lies. Telemundo
available to you for your propaganda. Stop the
campaign to get a great AMERICAN, Mr. Lou Dobbs,
from an AMERICAN television network for telling
unvarnished truth about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. We
will be
going to your web site, bluelatinos.org, and
just the opposite message to CNN using YOUR WEB
SITE!!! Now, get the hell out of MY NATION!!!!

Derek P. Fagan-McHenry
AMERICAN CITIZEN, Veteran, Patriot
Cedar Hill, Texas

larry said at September 21, 2005 12:45 PM:

Get a fucking life people. Take all that penned up energy ...and DO SOMETHING! Plant a tree. Help an old lady cross the street. Talk sports. Have a long intimate conversation with....YOUR WIFE! Hug a hobo. Save a squirrel.Pay your bills. Go to the library. Join a gym. Go on a walk with your grand kids.Hug yourself! Wake and and remember you live in America-where freedom is not a four letter word-but a first amendment right.Oh by the way while youre at it help the disadvantaged.Drive a chair bound person to the market.Smile at the homosexual-he/she just might be Jesus himself.RememebEe he was a LIBERAL!Not the fucked up no lifer that you are!And when all is said and done-report to the next life cause youre just taking up space here.PEACE.

Michael Joseph said at September 29, 2005 12:49 PM:

The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act was by itself, enough to permanently change America for the worse. Why was it messed with in the first place? What was wrong with the current national origin quota on immigration? It worked perfectly well for many, many years, and there was no such thing as illegal immigration. It was based on immigrating people mostly from Northern and Western Europe, which represented the 88% majority of the current ASSIMILATED ENGLISH SPEAKING population. Other countries were allowed visas on a limited scale, and it was for reasons that brought value and skills to Americaís workforce. There was a 300,000 person total yearly limit on immigrants. Do you think America would have turned out the same as it did pre 1965 with our current policy? (Can I call it that, a policy?} A Nation divided among itself, will stand divided. Was this immigration act the beginning of the naive political correctness that has let every group and ethnicity with an agenda, and for any reason, walk all over us? Why do you think America became the most powerful Nation in the History of the World? Not because of its geographically blessed Third World Neighbors, or the Eastern worlds impoverished. Every statement that came out of both Teddy and Robert Kennedy's mouths concerning this bill in 1965, have proved to be assumptions and miscalculations of Epic Proportions. But the real deathblow to the American way of life was from our Great Communicator Ronald Reagan, in 1986. He signed the Immigration and Reform Act to legalize 2.7 Million ILLEGAL aliens in this country. He didn't want to deal with this problem, or understand its ramifications, and it turned out to be the greatest blunder towards destroying the American way of life in history. Its main purpose was to penalize employers from any FUTURE hiring of Illegals with STIFF penalties. When was the last time you heard of INS doing raids on Companies hiring Illegals? Within a couple of years, the illegal population doubled because of all the new job openings created from legalizing the previous illegals. Why didn't they just round up those 2.7 Million illegals, boot them out and fine the violators THEN. (Could it possibly be greed and cheap labor ?} The extended family clause in this bill is what turned both legal and illegal immigration into Hyper-drive. So let me see, you legalize 2.7 million ILLEGALS, and allow them to bring their entire extended family here, and pop babies out like candy out of a Pez dispenser. That doesn't include the 20 million Illegals that are currently here, pretty much spawned by the home base created by the 1986 bill, and the ones currently crossing and having their babies, with free medical, free schooling, welfare etc. compliments of the generous American taxpayers. And an even more unbelievable example is when these Illegals American-Born ďcitizenĒ children grow up; they can sponsor their illegal parents for permanent residency. A never-ending immigration cycle. And the response from the most powerful nation on earth? Do absolutely nothing of course. {But give the impression that you are} This will be the first time in World history that a country has LET another country take over its majority population without firing a shot. {And we couldnít ask for a better, more American loving landlord} Bush, because of his total unwillingness to do what he was elected to do and protect the American People {Oh thatís right, weíre SAFER because were protecting IRAQís borders} has allowed this last 5 year wave to multiply out of control, and does nothing but continue to suck up to the North American Emperor Vicente Fox. Remember Bush's famous campaign line to his La Raza brothers ďThe search for a better life doesn't end at the Rio Grande" If he signs a future Immigration bill allowing Amnesty for these 20 Million, with them allowed to bring their extended families, we will become a Third World Cesspool {Been to L.A. lately?} so fast it will make your head spin off its axis. Our previously conquered neighbors will realize the once impossible dream of Aztlan and the reconquista. The ILLEGAL immigrant population in the U.S. will be the MAJORITY population in 20 years My only question is why? Why has administration after administration {Including Clinton, who helped speed up citizenship for 1 Million mostly Illegals, to supposedly gain their vote in 1996} continue to go against the overwhelming majority of Americans on this issue. Oh yeah, that's the Bush 41 New World Order thing. Sorry America, but the fun is just starting, and unless drastic measures are put in place NOW, this is exactly the future our children will be inheriting. In the future, middle class America will be no more. It will be the elite, the broke, and the hopeless. Hell, how many Poor underdeveloped nations are there in the World for us to import? Bring 'em over... We have room for a few billion of ya. Welfare for All! Thereís a lot of Jobs Us Americans just won't do, Huh Jorge... Ah, I mean George.

Mary Steele Yorktown VA said at March 22, 2009 10:58 PM:

It is really disgusting to even have to deal with the blatant disregard for our sovereignty by illegal employers, our state and federal so-called reps, and others who want illegals to have amnesty. What about the legal applicants waiting their turn and the ones that are in worse shape than the ones south of our border? Should we just let everybody in that wants to? Of course not, because we will continue to become a third-world country if we don't get law and order back. Our immigration laws were set to prevent us from becoming financially responsible for immigrants. If we give amnesty to the ones here, it will completely deplete our already limited resources.

Obama also lied his way into office about holding employers accountable on behalf of the American people, their jobs and getting our country back on track.

It's obvious that we can't trust him or others to follow through on E-Verify and border security so we have to do it ourselves.


Letís get our jobs back!!!!!!

As much as I don't like having to do this, a large portion of our unemployed could be working, but these jobs are taken by foreign workers, illegal and legal. Displacing our workers have created or contributed to many of the problems our economy faces today, including losing their homes, which have a significant impact on others in that neighborhood, across the state and country. Unfair contracting competition also causes significant losses that impact their vendors as well.

Our unemployed, underemployed and businesses deserve true and fair opportunities which grow our economy!

We CAN combat illegal alien workers and their employers with little effort!

When possible use video cameras/cameras or audio recording devices for proof. Hide them when applying for jobs or asking questions so you can dispute any false claims.

Action Plans if you suspect or know of illegals working for a company, individual and so on.

1-Talk with the owner or manager and let them know you suspect or know their workers may be here illegally. Some illegals will tell you, many will leave if they hear you talk to the owner or manager about contacting ICE.

2-Hand all employees notes or flyers, on other than white paper if possible, which says immigration may be coming. If they are illegal, they are not likely to stick around.

3-Apply for all jobs you are qualified for. Keep your resume, job opening information and other info with you at all times so you can challenge any claims/lies.

4-Picket the company and place of work and contact all TV, radio stations and other media, as always, have all vital info with you at all times, even for manual labor.

5-Upload photos, videos and audios to ALL local media, CNN, You Tube, My Space, my website below, etc., and to www.wehirealiens.com. Our government cannot handle all locations so we have to be a lot more active and let the government take care of what they can.

6-For visa worker employers-when you know of a company requesting visas, apply for the jobs you are interested in and qualified for, notify us of the job and post them everywhere you can. There are free job postings. Iíll post those jobs on my site. Call if it is not posted within 48 hours or if there is short notice and needs immediate posting! Free employment ad postings are available. Here are 2, possibly 3 to start with, mine is first-
www.officesupportservicesyorktown.com, www.wvec.om, and www.walmart.com. If you know of other free posting sites, forward them to me at mary@officesupportservicesyorktown.com.

Employers shouldnít get away with posting jobs in very small papers because the majority of qualified, interested applicants never hear about them, and the disgusting fact is that H-1B visas do not require any search for legal citizens unless the most recent action by Congress forbids it.

This should not be tolerated with 11 Million unemployed/underemployed and growing, costing Billions in unemployment benefits and subsequent services, including much needed state and federal revenue. Letís get our jobs back and get our economy back on track!!

Stay within the law so it is on our side!!!

If business owners or managers are trying to do the right thing, they can sign up for the easy to use E-Verify program for recent hires, and the IMAGE program for longer-term employees so they can weed out those who have used fake documents.

False rumors, accusations and the bonus factor. You cannot fire a worker who chooses to protest an official rejection, legitimate papers can clear up errors while still on the job. You also only use it after the employee accepts the job, to assure authorization to work here. E-Verify users must post the use of the program in plain site which is another deterrent for illegals. For IMAGE or the link to E-Verify, go to http://www.ice.gov/partners/opaimage/ or type in www.ice.gov, not just ice.gov in Google and Yahoo browsers and look at the partnerís program title to get details on the IMAGE program or go there to get the E-Verify link. I don't know about the other browsers.

Letís get our jobs back and our country back on track!!! Call if you have any questions or comments. 757-887-6629 or if you TRULY canít afford the long distance charge use my toll free number 866-887-6629, but only if you canít afford the long distance charges.

Mary Steele
Office Support Services
Yorktown VA

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