2005 March 04 Friday
The Rise Of Hispanic Neo-Nazis

Black high school student Kenny Turner was attacked by an ice pick wielding neo-Nazi.

When a teen lifted his baggy shorts and flashed a swastika and German army tattoos at Kenny Turner outside his high school last June, the popular black Lake Elsinore senior just kept walking.

"It was the second-to-last day of the school year," recalled Turner, now 19. "I didn't want to be in trouble with one day left."

But Turner and two witnesses said the young man, armed with an ice pick, ran after him and stabbed him while screaming a racial slur. It's an incident that, although rare, is emblematic of a growing problem in the Inland Empire, authorities say.

The number of reported hate crimes in Riverside and San Bernardino counties has risen sharply in recent years, fueled in part by dramatic demographic changes that experts say are bringing more minorities into a region that has long been home to pockets of white supremacists.

What would be those dramatic demographic changes? Hispanics, of course.

So are you expecting the guy's name to be Smith or Clarke or Jones? Nope:

Last month, Armando Perez, 19, pleaded guilty to a felony hate crime assault for stabbing Turner. Perez could not be reached for comment.

Perez identified himself as white to the police. Well, this is not implausible. Some people from Mexico are pure Spanish. Spain is as European as, say, Italy or Serbia. Perez is expected to be out of jail in 6 months. So why, under America's system of racial preferences for the supposedly oppressed non-whites, should Perez be eligible for racial preferences as a Hispanic if he applies to college or to get a government job? Should DNA testing be instituted for Hispanics to separate out the pure Europeans and make them ineligible for preferences?

Update: Because of racial intermarriage the question about DNA testing strikes me as something that may be taken seriously at some point in public policy discussions. Suppose Bob Smith marries Maria Gonzales and they have a kid named Bill Smith. Then suppose Bob's sister Betty Smith marries Maria's brother Juan and they have a child named Pedro Gonzalez. Do you think the admissions officials at, say, Harvard are going to treat Bill Smith and Pedro Gonzalez equally? Of course not. Who will get to define what race you are in the future?

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Rick Darby said at March 4, 2005 10:55 AM:

There is no end of news articles about the absurdities that stem from assigning Certified Victim Group status to everyone in the country except males of European or Jewish ancestry. It is part of what Heather Mac Donald called "the burden of bad ideas." And although I may be overoptimistic, I do think that most people who aren't federal judges or government drones would agree that scrutinizing everyone's ethnic makeup, like the content labels on food packages, serves no function except to allow those with some kind of "minority" status to claim their rights to queue-jumping and set-asides.

So why do we put up with this? Because in reality we have little to no power over policies that matter in a country dominated by judges and administrators who make the real decisions. We the People are limited to expressing our will via largely symbolic and irrelevant elections, plus TV and Internet polls. Our situation is very much like the first century in Rome: Augustus and successive emperors were careful to keep the outward institutions and rituals of the republic alive, while draining them of actual power to set policies.

What to do?

What to do?

mariana said at March 4, 2005 12:18 PM:

Constitutional amendment?

incidently said at March 4, 2005 1:22 PM:

nobody cares. lol

Stephen said at March 4, 2005 8:45 PM:

Perez sounds like a skinhead, and he did what skinheads do - attack someone who is not part of their own gang and then claim the attack was justified for some reactionary racist reason, thereby hoping to encourage reprisals. His motives are not political, just violent.

Skinheads live for violence and they know that inflaming racial and ethnic divisions encourages that violence - for them, racism is merely a means to an end. Indeed, while skinheads are predominantly anglo saxon, there are black, hispanic, muslim and jewish skinheads, and the gangs don't divide along ethnic lines (ie there are mixed race gangs). If a skinhead gang can't create violent confrontations with the broader community, they will happily attack neighbouring skinhead gangs (I once watched a documentary where the skinhead group phoned ahead to make sure that the neighbouring gang would be home when they dropped in).

Also, as a general principal, I think its unsafe to use the actions of teenagers to draw an inference applying to the broader adult population. Teenagers are reservoirs of hormones, angst, peer pressure etc, and by their mid-20s the vast majority will cringe when they recall their former actions and beliefs. Note that skinheads, just like most gang members, grow out of it as they mature.

Brenda said at March 5, 2005 1:32 PM:

Predictably, la Times is the source of this rather opaque article which Randall has kindly translated for us. Even though the perp is a Hispanic, most of the piece is about white supremecists.

I had to smirk when I read this quote from Mark Potok: "Any kind of major demographic change has the potential to spark racial turbulence and hate crimes." He is a flack for the Southern Poverty Law Center, a major race hustling organization that has gotten rich stirring up racial animus and then peddling "tolerance."

Stephen said at March 5, 2005 7:26 PM:

The article also says that there's actually been a decrease in 'hate' crime. Its interesting to note that arresting a handful of key people can result in a significant drop in hate crime, which indicates that *active* racism isn't endemic in the area.

Stuka said at March 6, 2005 8:59 AM:

Whether Perez is a--take a deep breath--"skinhead" is not the point. The fact that he is a white "Hispanic" who assaulted a black, is. Incidents like this put the lie to the much-touted "alliance" between blacks & Latinos. Ain't gonna happen, folks.

I'm not suprised that Perez self-identifies as "white," as I know many so-called "Hispanics" from Mexico & South America who do the same. The problem is, the multi-cult encourages them to think of themselves as "non-white," partly I suspect in order to bolster the ranks of the non-white vanguard. As a white nationalist I would have no problem reaching out to these folks.

crush41 said at March 6, 2005 10:55 AM:

Incidents like this put the lie to the much-touted "alliance" between blacks & Latinos.

The idea of that sort of alliance is risible. Blacks, being on average less educated and earning lower wages than whites or Asians, stand to be hurt the most by the continuing influx of immigrants from Mexico. The pool of lower-skilled labor is growing, depressing the wages and job opportunities for the lower classes in the US. The Democratic Party should be beating the drum on tightening up the border, assuming they actually care about the working class of America. But then again, they have the black vote in the bag, so why actually do something to help them if you risk alienating someone else?

Proborders said at March 8, 2005 11:05 AM:

Rick, two Jewish applicants, when applying to the University of Chicago Law School, classified themselves as Hispanic. One of the two has a Mexican American mother, and the other was born in Panama. See http://www.discriminations.us/storage/002100.html

Hispanic Americans are underrepresented as lawyers; however, Jewish Americans are overrepresented as lawyers.

C41, many Democrats and many union leaders think that more Hispanics equals more Democrats and more union members, respectively. Many black leaders think that more Hispanics equals more support for affirmative action. See http://www.vdare.com/sailer/harvard_quotas.htm

I think that more black voters would favor the current immigration situation with the continuation of affirmative action preferences for blacks rather than an immigration time-out and no affirmative action.

Misteri said at March 10, 2005 7:29 PM:

Africans seem to always dwell on the bottom rung in all the worlds societies where they reside.

kc-crip said at March 23, 2005 9:50 PM:

im tired of all of yall white crackers trying to say that blacks are on the bottom of everything, but most of them white people try to be black. I mean, if you dont like black people, dont watch the NFL, or the NBA, because thats mostly black. RIGHT?
We got fuckin people in JAPAN trying to be black, cause of hip hop is so large in nations across the world. I know one thing, if a skinhead comes in my hood, that cracker would get is head blown off. We aint taking no shit from you white bitches nomore. And all this hispanics are the most minorities in AMERICA, half of'em are fuckin illegal. So there are more blacks than these fuckin cock roach hispanics. thats what there like, fuckin roaches, they have sex for the fun of it. Thats all mexicans do is have sex and babies. If you mexicans love mexico so much, then go back.

mariana said at April 6, 2005 2:05 PM:

if i'm southamerican but white looking how would people decribe me?
also a roach like kc-crip says???
all the black girls in your hood spend money buying jennifer lopez shit!!!
and wetting their panties for ricky martin and marc anthony!!!
but one thing that he says is true some hispanics specially mexicans reproduce like bunnies.

kc-crip said at April 7, 2005 3:43 PM:

Black girls dont like them mexican muthafucka's, they like poeple like nelly, bow-wow, and other rappers and singers, and black girls dont be buying that jlo bullshit here in the midwest or the south, thats probably in new york or something. Im getting tired of all types of people dissin black people, because SOME of us may be drug dealers and hustlers, but there are many smart blacks out here. We make up most of the entertainment world and music world, sports world, we are in the white house, we have our on colleges, we are doing our thing, and its just the begining.

BIG BLACK said at April 26, 2005 2:50 PM:


Reality said at June 15, 2005 10:30 PM:

i dont understand whats wrong with you guys the world as a whole needs to find God and if you dont you'll never understand why you sound so ignorant please when it all comes down to it we are all the same with diffrent shades of skin come on people are peolpe i think you all have been misguided and need to get a religion ..... i just thought i would tell you im African american my dad believ it or not comes from a country between sout america and he is an illegal immigrant and he is now in the navy and i think you all shouldn't hold prejudice because before you actually try to judge you should to try to find out the diffrences in your culture ..... thats my 2 cents i hope i saved someones soul ....... no one is better in gods eyes and he is the one we have to prove ourself to.

Anton said at September 22, 2005 10:32 PM:

HISPANICS ARE NOT A RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Contrary to what the PC white liberal elitists would have you believe.Hispanics are a cultural group with one thing in common: they speak spanish.There are many white hispanics in latin america, there are also however plenty of 'mestizos' who are dark haired and dark skinned. Mestizos are considered to be a mixture of european and native stock. Mexico is very different than many other latin american countries considering the fact that the Majority of mexicans have more than %50 and up to %100 native stock. They DO NOT consider themselves descendants of the spanish conquistadors!!!![except the wealthy whiter ones]-they consider themselves descendants of the Aztecs.Also, people in latin america of european descent dont like to be referred to as Latino's-that term applies more to mestizos.

danzig said at October 4, 2005 11:36 AM:

fuck spics

danzig said at October 4, 2005 11:37 AM:


DANZIG said at October 4, 2005 11:43 AM:


ZION said at October 4, 2005 11:57 AM:

nazi lowridaz are gonna show that wetback perez wats the deal, in jail. We dont say you have to look kind of white,some arizona indians look white, jews look really white but there not! That little spic perez is confused, and is gonna have a rude awakening once he meets some real hammerskins, REAL AMERICANS.

ZION said at October 4, 2005 12:00 PM:

HISPANICS ARE A RACE OF MUD PEOPLE!!! Even THE lighter shades of mud!!!!!

OKKI said at October 4, 2005 12:12 PM:

there is a rise in skinheas since the immigration problem. just in california the is over 125,000. Skinheads want to join gangs like blacks and hispanics but the only one that will accept them is natzi movement.they want to sale drugs and kill people like the crips in compton and all they have to do is join local AB. Others get into it through punk rock. Most punks are not that far from being natzis. Kind of like taggers arent that far from geting into gangs.I think that a civil war is gonna break out. Come to san diego youll see groups of natzis walking down the streets on your average day.They wont do anything to you there generally not violent, the crips on the other hand are the doing all the killing and trafficing. The crips kill more crips in one weekend than skinheads kill blacks in a lifetime.

Anarcho-Punk said at June 3, 2006 6:19 AM:

That's quite idiotic, also Punk is far from right-winged nazi ideologly as you can get. Maybe you're referring to Oi!, with bands like Skrewdriver. (and some bands who bitch about being working class yet take pride in it!) We punks are liberal, the skinz are conservative, there's a difference. I'm black, I don't live on welfare, I live in a small town, we're all working class/lower class people. Sure, your wannabe 'gangsta' (white or black) types will try to be all 'hardcore' and sell drugs, and speak all that lame 'gangsta' lingo. But, you have people like that everywhere. There's a difference between being lazy and being unemployed. Most lazy people are the ones selling the drugs, unemployed people just can't acquire jobs. Also National Socialism and all that racist b/s is a flawed philosophy. Then again racism is a flawed philosophy whether you are black, white, hispanic, asian, etc,... You can't judge a majority of a group or race of people based on a few negative encounters you've had, because there are always going to be people who don't fit that criteria.

pharaoh dragon said at April 4, 2007 10:06 AM:

i'm getting fed up with all this talk of killing black people, just want to let you know that there is a black man out here that's really fed up!(as in malcolm x, and black panther party fed up). there is nonthing being done because it's what everyone wants, (whites, hispanics, and also asians). and as far as jackson, and sharpton, uncle tom sell outs. and of course we all know how the government feels. conspiracy as always, nonthing's changed, except it's with hispanics now. but it wont last, trust me, it wont last "baby". "pharaoh dragon".

LATIN said at April 30, 2007 11:23 AM:

All you suckers, the real LATIN culture is that of Rome, No American (as a continent) country is latin in heritage except maybe Argentina and Uruguay. And we, real latins (no hispanics), are the ones that should be honored, for all the present culture, philosophy, even the alphabet and numbers you are using come from US. All WASP were just bavarian tribes as we conquered them. And for negros??? Don't even let me start...

The only cultures and races worthy are those of southern Europe, rest of you... Really made me laugh that negro saying they have their things started... What? It took you 200 years to learn the language, and you don't even speak it correctly??

Nuevo Espana said at November 29, 2007 3:18 PM:

America is a new exploration, north and south compaired to the rest of the world.Look at history and Europe, Spain,Italy,France,ETC.There are natives and Europeans of north and south America and most of them stay with their own kind.And people from Spain have many shades of hair and skin.Some are nationalistic,anti Zionist,anti commie.Fascism was in Europe way before The rise of the Nazi Empire.And for my Brothers stuck on the blond hair and Blue eyes.Take a good look at Hitler,Mussolini,Jose Antonio who are all good Fascist. 828

Nuevo Espana said at November 29, 2007 3:22 PM:

Oh yea the word Hispanic comes from Hispanic which was a part of Rome S.P.Q.R. Read your History my friends. 828

geo said at February 24, 2008 12:44 AM:

hey ZION Ever heard of the Nazi lowriders? Some of the members have Hispanic Sur names meaning they were half-white half-latino. La Mirada Punks are a racist white gang from LA. 40% of the members have some Latino blood. one of the gang leaders is half-white half-latino. The point to this? I guess it seems Latinos are more likely to do the dirty work. Dont believe me? Look it up for yourself.

spickiller said at June 24, 2008 8:10 AM:

I have zero respect for dirty ass mexicans simply because they talk so much about mexican pride and nationalism yet they sneak over here everday by the hundreds and have the nerve to demand the same freedoms and privlages that we (blacks) fought and died for..that shit may fly over in the west and mid west states but over here in NY/NJ area yall are just the help..the worst part is yall think ur better than blacks why?? Cuz u work 80 hours a week for 4$ an hour or is it the fact that u reproduce at an obscene rate u spics truley make my stomach turn thats the very reason i used to pistol whip and rob you dirty motherfuckers not that i needed the money it just used to piss me off that they were taking money out of a real americans pocket so I'd take there money..they were only gonna spend it on beer and glue anyway..I swear b4 my time is up I'm gonna kill one you nasty midgets motherfuckers..DEATH to ALL MEXICANS!!!

Los Angeles said at July 11, 2008 12:12 PM:

Just because this man, who committed the stabbing, has some Mestizo ancestry does not mean that he is sealed out from supporting or understanding the Nazi philosophy.. If a philosophy rings true to someone, it is irrelevant what their background is.. I've known people who were raised in one religion, but later in life adopt another, because their new, adopted religion speaks truth to them.. a Mexican man can look at the world and surmise that Blacks and Jews are destructive to a society, no?

Allisio Rex said at August 1, 2008 4:43 PM:

The Italians are the only Latins. Every Italian man is a Latino and every Italian woman is a Latina. Italy is the birthplace of the Latins and during the Roman Empire all Italians became Latins and adopted the Latin Language.
Latin and Latino is the same word and any twisting of it is out of place. Italians don't need to go around and claim to be "Latins". We just are,period.
All the Spanish-speaking people of the so-called "Latin-America" cannot claim any Latin identity. They only speak a language,Spanish, which derives from the old Latin Language of Italy which in turn was imposed upon the Spaniards when the ancient Italians,the Romans, colonized Spain,France,Portugal,England,Germany Northern Africa and the Middle East.
Furthermore, 99% of the Spanish names; Maria, Francisco (Francesco, in Italian) just to mention two are Italian names. As a matter of the fact most the Western European First names of people are of Italian/Roman/Latin origin.
There is no "Latin" America. There is is Latin America,as a nostalgic idea, inhabited by Ibero-Indians with nothing to do with the Latin culture of the real Patria latina: Italia.

dobol said at November 26, 2008 12:23 AM:

fuck all u mothafuckas u are all goona die
and go to hell were no one is gonna treat u different

kingsley said at December 23, 2008 2:00 PM:

..Gosh! i've always thought latinos are idiots, but after reading all these shits i've finally made up my mind! Who is that fucking Italian mafian spaghetti pizza talking?? listen to me, every year in London there's a riot against Italians and Polish in which i partecipate.. i'm a black-Nazi, i ignore whites from anglo-saxon countries like uk, canada and Australia coz they are wortheless, but white Europeans from italy and eastern Europe always suffer from my black demonide hands, i rejoice gazing at their blood mixing up with soil beneath.. i've been to usa but i left it after 2 weeks, it was disgusting to be surrounded by fucking latinos and those messy mexicans.. at last me and my black panther dudes almost killed 3 latinos in los Angeles.. i don't consider Asians or yellow shapeless head coz they are only mistake of this mankind, just like Mexicans or other fucking latinos.. well, i'm back in Europe supporting that half blood Obama.. at last he won! i've changed my mind coz i have no problem with white girls but i still and normally beat up men from Italy and their brothers from Spain and Romania.. Hitler?? hahaha he was only a gay screaming like a harlot, a true nazi is Carmichael, not even Malcom x.. This world is sick because of people like you and me.. mexicans go back home, latinos stop coming to usa.. where are the wasp? why can't they kick these idiots out usa? or they prefer stealing money and hiding their white fat ass? well greetings from UK.. i act not only talking, and may the black soul guide you all, leading some to death or life. BLACK PANTHER

Danny5 said at February 9, 2009 8:34 PM:

Look out you brain washed, purple lipped, big booty negroid. Mexicans suck but nappy headed fools like you suck harder. Mabe Obama will donate a few billions to stopt the HIV your deseased brothas are spreading.

Diablo Blanco said at February 28, 2009 9:32 AM:

The real problem is the idea that the White people of all nationalities are being displaced from a nation that was historically 90% White by mass Non-White immigrationand a media that teaches White children to hate themselves and their heritage and goes out of its way to encourage genocidal racemixing

Nerdicists among both the fake wNs and the Antis need to realize that more and more Whites are seeing through this genocidal divide and conquor game. Whiy should'nt Spanish people np matter where they come from be able to express pride in being White as there are plenty of Whites among so called Hispanics?
AS for the young Black dude that was stabbed, the story is BS. Im sure him and his did a great deal to provoke it and it was likely an act of self defense.They were probably scum pimp slavers trying to sexually enslave and turn out White females Otherwise that brave young White Spanish kid would have been put away for way longer than 6 months
Had enough? Check this site out!


Callum said at April 25, 2009 11:31 PM:

This is sad... to see many racist people out there. I used to be racist but in college I met many people from different ethnic groups. Irealized that human features have no quality "less or more" you would never understand the others persons view if you prejudice before knowing their background. We are all humans made either by God or Natures evolution. Racism is just hate and hate leads to crime. If you are racist and think bad about another ethnic person you are only putting your people down "what would others think? Your peple are worthless" this is how hate evolves leading to catastrophy such as Hitler and the Kkk. Get to know other people, I'm sure there is something you`ll like about them. I'm a mix of Spaniard Sweedish from my mom's side; Italian with Mexican from my dad's side and look white.

I hope some of you people get educated and qualify your judgements.

andy said at July 18, 2009 5:04 PM:

hispanic is not a race !!

this author is stupid,

there are white, indian, European/Indian, black, asian hispanics !!!!!!!

stop being ignorant
if your name is john smith and you have blue eyes and blonde hair
you could identify as a hispanic if you wanted to
if you spoke spanish and had connections to a spanish speaking country

really stop and think

the indians , the non- whites that you think are hispanics
would not even be hispanic if they never mixed with spanish culture
600 years ago
hispanic people were only white

the u.s census only tracks hispanics ( of any race) !!
to see how many people come from spanish speaking countries
not to put people into races
black , white, asian are different races
not hispanic

Grey Wolf14 said at September 7, 2009 6:19 AM:

The whole "Hispanic" catagory is a fraud invented by the Johnson Administration to trick Spanish speaking Whites into abandoning their racial heritage and hence hastening the glefully anticipated day in which the elites will be able to dispossess Whites of the nation in which they always formed the great majority of the population

When a nations territory is invaded by another people it has always been a normal response to eject the invaders and prevent them from coming in. The fact that the elites in this country have not only abandoned this duty, facilitated the invassion, protected it under the color of law and criminalized any physical resistance to it does not make it normal or moral. Nor does it mean that it is not an act of genocide

If this were done to any nation but a White nation this would never be tolerated. Ritualistically condemming those who raise these points as "racist" reminds me of the Inquisition and its burning of "heritics"

Actssuch as the ones these White Hispanic men undertook are simply acts of resistance to this process. THe means they have been forced to employ may not be ideal, but when the law becomes an instrument which sanctions and protects the dis[placement and elimination of a people who have traditionally been a 90% majority in our nation, only a blind stadolterer would pretend that the "law' still commands any allegiance

True, the Blacks were brought here against their will, and that was terrible. But our nation fought a war that nearly destroyed it and lost hundreds of thousands of men to rectify this situation. Any debt owed to the Blacks was paid in oceans of blood and tears to secure their liberty and thereby cancelled.

THat being the case, what can they expect when they demand our women as breeding partners,our neighborhoods, our schools, our jobsand our very lives?

Sampson said at February 8, 2010 9:32 PM:

When the end of the world comes all you you racists will burn in hell for you hatred. Satan is recruiting for his army and the only 'vanguard' you will be in is his. You will have the privilege of being the first to fall to the sword of Christ in the final battle, his face matted in the red blood (all blood is red regardless of race) of his demonic/human enemies. You all need to sit down and pray really hard and hope God will bless you with the insight to change your ways before it is too late. Otherwise you will burn in hell with Satan sticking a baseball bat thick pitchfork up your master race asses.

Anonymous said at March 10, 2010 9:02 PM:

BEFORE ANY OF YOU RETARDS POST SOMETHING STUPID. JUST KNOW THAT LATINO/HISPANIC/MEXICAN IS NOT A RACE. I SAY THIS BECAUSE I'VE SEEN IDIOTS WRITING "HALF-WHIE/HALFLATINO" NO!!!!!!!! My parents are Mexican and I have white skin and blue eyes. There are white Mexicans, black Mexicans, even Arab Mexicans (Carlos Slim is of Arab descent), and East Asian Mexicans (like Luis Nishizawa). White Mexicans form a large part of Mexico's population. But most white Mexicans are Spaniards so don't expect blonde hair and very very pale skin. We mediterranean like Italians.

LP90 said at November 3, 2010 6:53 AM:

Fuck all you racist motherfuckers...the world has enough problems already...
Stop bitching about mexicans, blacks, and jews doing this and that.. We are all equal and should unite together instead of putting one another down and determining which race is more superior than the other, and most importantly resorting to violence rooted in racist motives. We live in a country where we are one nation under God and are supposed to be united, whether were white, black, asian, hispanic, jewish, italian, etc.
i'm of spanish and german descent and im proud of my heritage. every american, even the so called purest white person, has had immigrant ancestors in the past... so don't try and act like mexicans are the only immigrants in the US...there are a mixture of immigrants coming from allover the world to america. middle eastern, european, asian, russian, african are among those that at times arrive illegally in the united states..so think before you say most mexicans are illegal cause there are way more immigrants of different races besides hispanic that are coming into the US illegally too...america is ultimately a land of immigrants and was founded by immigrants and made into what it is today.
Bottomline is we need to erase all the bullshit racism in this hell we call earth and try to make it a better place..
We don't have time for hatred in times like these..help each other out and respect one another..It's that fuckin simple.

LP90 said at November 3, 2010 6:56 AM:

Fuck all you racist motherfuckers...the world has enough problems already...
Stop bitching about mexicans, blacks, and jews doing this and that.. We are all equal and should unite together instead of putting one another down and determining which race is more superior than the other, and most importantly resorting to violence rooted in racist motives. We live in a country where we are one nation under God and are supposed to be united, whether were white, black, asian, hispanic, jewish, italian, etc.
i'm of spanish and german descent and im proud of my heritage. every american, even the so called purest white person, has had immigrant ancestors in the past... so don't try and act like mexicans are the only immigrants in the US...there are a mixture of immigrants coming from allover the world to america. middle eastern, european, asian, russian, african are among those that at times arrive illegally in the united states..so think before you say most mexicans are illegal cause there are way more immigrants of different races besides hispanic that are coming into the US illegally too...america is ultimately a land of immigrants and was founded by immigrants and made into what it is today.
Bottomline is we need to erase all the bullshit racism in this hell we call earth and try to make it a better place..
We don't have time for hatred in times like these..help each other out and respect one another..It's that fuckin simple.

Werewolf said at November 23, 2010 1:23 PM:

A few years ago I could care less about race or politics. Times have changed though. In the comments section here the VERY FIRST racist comment was spewed by a black gang member (or at least playing one on the net). In 2010 we have over 10 million ILLEGAL mexican and central american scum here ILLEGALLY yet those on the left cannot grasp the difference between illegal and legal. Then from 9-12-2001 to today we have had over 16,000 ISLAMIC terrorist attacks carried out in the name of islam yet those on the left blame American Troops & Veterans. In 2010 blacks have openly embraced a victim mentality and at the same time aspire to be rappers, gangsters and whores.

The only solution for we proud American white men politically is Nationalism and the Right. The farther right the better.
As an Atheist I have no need for, nor have any respect for, nor even have any tolerance for ANYTHING ISLAMIC. While as an Atheist I have no religious texts the muslims have the koran surras and hadiths which are crammed full of violence and hate twords me. So in turn I hate islam and muslims.

As an American my country is invaded by hispanic criminals. 10 million illegals is nothing short of staggering. And it is enough for me to look at any hispanic as a possible illegal. It is for the individual hispanic to prove their legal right to be here .

As a white American all I need to do is look at the city of detroit near me and see that it is 90% black, filled with criminals, homkeless, drugs, and scum.

All the while all the left has to offer is to blame whites and blame traditional America for the problems caused by blacks hispanics and muslims. Only the far right can see the truth.

Lastly as a Iraq & Afghanistan veteran all I have to do is look back how leftist antiwar protesters openly defend jihadists, burned military troops (which would be burning me) in effigy and openly lie about the war to favor Americans enemies. Why as a veteran would I support any leftist?

So it is 2010 and not long ago I was a guy who cared more about cars than politics or race. Due to events including crimes against my freedom I now proudly proclaim that I am part of the far right. Perhaps it was me who vandalized the local mosque, perhaps it was me who has done things to let blacks and hispanics know they are not welcome where I reside. Perhaps but perhaps not, but to tell either way would be for me to show my hand.

ralphss said at February 2, 2011 5:58 PM:

that's true what many people say Hispanic are supposed to be both but that is bs if u are hispanic u can have three races: white, black,native of american. to tell all ignorant people, hispanic can look really white with blonde and colored eyes so don't insult us. guys i'm a neo-nazi from ecuador which is in south america... ohh wow that's what many people say and well d'ah i'm white and not native of american and so are many people through out latin america with that said I say Sieg Heil!!!!!!!let's rise

Hispanic34 said at June 16, 2011 4:29 PM:

I am Hispanic, and I am realistic. I am not a Nazi and Neo-Nazi. I am pure Hispanic. I do no drugs, no gang members, no alcohol, no prostitution, do not believe in racism, and why do people think different than me. People who do not do drugs, alcohol, not in gang members, prostitution, or marijuana are not Hispanics. There are a few percentage of Hispanics who have a good record and good rate are 2 percent in the world. Any guy who is Hispanic and are doing these things is not a Hispanic. True Hispanic will not do these things.

LROCK said at November 10, 2011 6:51 AM:

Werewolf, you are a fuckin' joke. And I'll be damned if you think you are some kind of war hero just because you went to Iraq. What you are my friend is ignorant, racist scum.
And this is coming from a pure white guy (me). Probably more pure than you.

WASP said at December 26, 2011 1:54 PM:

Los Angeles County (1 of 58 counties in California) has over 10 million people and is today 29.7% non-Hispanic white now (down from over 80% in 1960). Only 9% (and dropping) of the LAUSD public education system is non-Hispanic white.

Two things:

1. Democrats instituted the ability for Hispanics to declare themself white as a way to keep social services (welfare, food stamps, WIC, etc...) flowing to Hispanics in areas they became the majority rac in.

2. Whites are rapidly leaving Los Angeles County.

Chupitos said at December 28, 2011 1:14 PM:

The idiotic idea of becoming neonazis runs in blacks, spanish, whites, orientals. It has nothing to do with race it has to do with lack of culture and education.

Chupitos said at December 28, 2011 1:27 PM:

The basic races are only 4


From those four many mixes come like meztizo, mulato, semitic, aborigen, latinos, etc.

"Hispanic" is not a race nor any mix. The term Hispanic only means having Spanish culture, language or background.

And stupid DANZIG believes that one country can have one race 100%. He believes that there are no blacks or white in Mexico. He believes that there are no Mestizos and Indians in Argentina at all. He's so stupid that he thinks the majority -or all- Mexicans are Indians, because he doesn't even know the word Mestizo. He doesn't know that there are perfectly white Latinos, with blue eyes and all, like the French and many Spanish (or Hispanic). (Well he doesn't know that France is a Latin country)

mr. Armijo said at January 17, 2012 8:25 PM:

Zion is a Dumbass nlr are fucking race traitors and HSN has chapters in Spain! agreed "latinos" are usually mestizos the most non white Hispanic countries are Mexico Hondurus Nicaragua El Salvador and Puerto Rico 50% of people from those countries are mestizo the other 50% are mulato. Even more whiter "Hispanic" countries hate these bi-racial countries. Argentina had stoped sending planes to Mexico to not support there country.
SPAIN for longest time was a Nationalist country and even aided Hitler in Ww2. Dont belive me look up the Spanish Blue Division. and some like me being 100% Spanish are very far right. Its rare to find this in California but they do exist. Ive even lived in A prodominetly hispanic neighborhood and have been harrassed for being a "Cracker" but have been acused of being a mexican by fellow whites. its the negitive impact that mexico has on the rest of the Hispanic ethincity. they should just be more correct with the cenus' catagories.

By the way there are only 3 races white(Nordic, Celt, and Roman) black(african and aboriginal) and yellow (oriental, pacific islander, and amerindian). Everything else is in between turk (white majority and black yellow) india indians (yellow majority and black) ameraindians (black majority and yellow).

505WhitePride88 said at January 17, 2012 8:39 PM:

You can tell if a hispanic is of jewish origin if there last name ends in EZ.



Debunker said at January 17, 2013 8:42 AM:

@505WhitePride88: No, that's actually an absurd myth spread by the Jews themselves. The EZ ending surnames are authentically Spanish, not Jewish. The EZ at the end just means "son of", in other words:

Ramirez = Son of Ramiro

Perez = Son of Pedro (Pere/Pero in older times; English "Peter", from Latin "Petrus")

Martinez = Son of Martin

Sanchez = Son of Sancho

And so forth. They are extremely common all over the Spanish-speaking world. Some Jews adopted them, though, just like they have adopted English, French, German, etc. surnames. Saying that such surnames are "Jewish" because of this is about as ridiculous as claiming that they must be Amerindian/Mestizo due to the huge numbers of them who have such surnames. But that was because the Spanish conquerors baptized the Amerindians they conquered with their own surnames (similar to Anglos giving English surnames to black slaves in the United States.)

blah82 said at July 31, 2013 11:56 AM:

All of this bs for one report on what happens in public schools all across America?... it was just two boys trying to prove each other's "manhood " as usual!!!

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