2005 February 27 Sunday
Europe Divided On Muslim Immigration

The New York Times has an awfully politically incorrect headline on an article about Dutch who are fleeing their country: "More Dutch Plan to Emigrate as Muslim Influx Tips Scales" (same article here)

This small nation is a magnet for immigrants, but statistics suggest there is a quickening flight of the white middle class. Dutch people pulling up roots said they felt a general pessimism about their small and crowded country and about the social tensions that had grown along with the waves of newcomers, most of them Muslims. "The Dutch are living in a kind of pressure cooker atmosphere," Mr. Hiltemann said.

Foreign born are 10% of the population of the Netherlands. Immigrants commit an outsized proportion of crimes.

Immigrant youths now make up half the prison population. More than 40 percent of immigrants receive some form of government assistance, a source of resentment among native Dutch. Immigrants say, though, that they are widely discriminated against.

If the second and later generation descendants of immigrants were included in the crime figures the picture would no doubt be even bleaker. Of coursethe immigrants are reproducing much miore rapidly than the Dutch. The Dutch should stop committing national suicide. They should put an end to all immigration.

Muslims are threatening and intimidating people who criticise Islam in Holland.

A screening of Theo van Gogh's film 'Submission', scheduled for the Rotterdam film festival was cancelled by the producer of his film company, Gijs van Westerlaken, for 'security reasons. Ironically, the far left Groen Links and Socialist party joined forces with the Christian Democrats to petition the Justice Minister to insist the film be shown in order not to hand a victory to the terrorists.The decision not to show the film was widely criticised both in Holland and abroad, and seen as a victory for the terrorists,who are trying to impose Islamic law on Dutch society.

The Sunday Times of London has a great and rather long article about immigration in Europe which I highly recommend you read in full. Polls of Muslims in Holland about the 9/11 attacks helped catalyze the shift of Dutch positions away from tolerance of immigrants and this shift allowed Pim Fortuyn to launch his political career.

The consensus has shifted across the board. In a country that can still seem a parody of itself — a magistrate ruled recently that an armed robber was entitled to a tax rebate on the cost of his gun as a tool of his trade — even the leader of the Green party has called for it to be illegal for Muslims to import spouses through arranged marriages. Integrated teams, drawn from the police, social welfare and housing offices, are used to locate and arrest illegals. Social welfare knows who is drawing benefit, housing offices have addresses, and police check for criminal records. The number of asylum seekers has been slashed from 43,000 to 10,000 a year, nine-tenths of whom have their applications rejected.

Multiculturalism is damned. A recent poll found 80% in favour of stronger measures to get immigrants to integrate — and 40% said they "hoped" Muslims "no longer feel at home here".

How did this happen? The first open shift came in 2001, with 9/11. Frits Bolkestein, the leader of the VVD Conservative Liberals, had struck a chord in the 1990s with his insistence that immigrants conform to western culture, but immigration issues were largely the preserve of "racists" and "crypto-Nazis" on the political margins. Then came reports that the atrocities in New York and Washington had been greeted with cheers in parts of Rotterdam. Forum, the Dutch institute for multicultural development, commissioned an opinion poll of Dutch Muslims. It showed that 48% had "complete understanding" and 27% "some understanding" of the attacks. Overall, only 62% disapproved. Wim Kok, the then prime minister, expressed his shock. The poll was said to be "unbalanced".

Another was held. This found that, although only a small number of Turkish and Surinamese Muslims supported the attacks, 26% of ethnic Moroccans approved of them.

Facts about the Muslim Moroccan immigrant assassin of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh call into question the argument for assimilation as the solution. Van Gogh's assassin could write excellent Dutch and even had adopted some Dutch cultural practices.

The murder forced another highly sensitive issue — religion — into the mix. The Dutch were brought face to face with the disturbing fact that a full-blown jihadist group had grown up in their midst, and that it was locally born and recruited. It was, they say, their own 9/11. Van Gogh's alleged assassin, Mohammed B, a 26-year-old Dutch Moroccan, spoke and wrote excellent Dutch. The farewell letter found on him when he was arrested was written in rhyming couplets, in the style that Dutch families send to one another each Sinterklaas (Santa Claus) Day, December 5. He had studied at a well-regarded lyceum before dropping out of a technical institute.

He then started spending time at the Al-Tawhid mosque in Amsterdam. At some stage he joined a militant Islamic group, the Hofstad group, named after the Hague, where it was based. It was led by Redouan al-Issa, alias Abu Khaled, a Syrian-born geologist turned spiritual leader. Mohammed B's friends included Samir Azzouz, an 18-year-old radical later arrested for plotting to bomb Schiphol airport and the Dutch parliament.

Slums and poverty played no part in Mohammed B's background. He grew up in pleasant, low-rise housing in west Amsterdam, graffiti-free, with open spaces and playgrounds. When arrested, he was living in good council housing. The street has small, modern houses, with well-tended gardens, the hedges trimmed, and a heron often standing on a rooftop. Lace curtains mark the Dutch houses; satellite dishes are the ubiquitous indicator of immigrants.

Well, Muslim kids will be Muslim kids. Playing around at blowing up Parliaments and airports, killing documentary filmmakers, all the regular stuff associated with growing up as a Muslim boy around non-Muslim populations. This is to be expected. Why do people make such a big deal of it? Oh right, the whole thing about the non-Muslims expecting more respect. But they are non-Muslims. How can they be expected to be treated as equals by Muslims? Of course many young Muslim hotheads will outgrow this youthful stage and develop greater ambitions like becoming a middle manager of terrorist cells or even a chief executive of a terrorist organization or, for those who want a more publically visible role as a pillar of the community, becoming a firebrand preacher rallying the next generation to Jihad at the local mosque. Some of the technically more adept may get into administering Islamist jihad websites. Even those caught committing crimes against non-believers can serve the constructive purpose of recruiting more Muslims to Jihad in the prisons.

In Holland, unlike in the mainstream media in America, higher rates of use of government entitlements is seen as a sign that immigrants just may not be vital to the economy.

The debate can be highly sensitive. Ethnic minorities account for 40% of social-security recipients, with a rate six times higher than for the native Dutch. They have a high unemployment rate, and they make up a large majority of the prison population. This is seen as undermining the accepted wisdom that immigrants are vital to the economy.

How could such a thing be true if a reigning national mythology of America is that immigration made America great and immigration is always a boon for existing Americans? Could it be that the people peddling this mythology are intellectual con artists peddling an agenda for their own economic or political or ethnic group interests? Could the mythology about immigration be a bright shining lie?

Well, here's an obviously anti-family policy: By letting Dutch Muslims to bring in spouses to marry they are encouraging a policy that causes marriages to end in divorce.

It includes marriage patterns. Three-quarters of young Muslims, including those who are Dutch born, marry a partner from their country of origin. "It's often a cash transaction," Wilders claims. "Two-thirds of them divorce after three years — the minimum period for the spouse to get the right of residence."

So the asylum root into Holland has been pretty much cut off. But the marriage route is alive and thriving. I bet a Moroccan Muslim in the Netherlands could marry a series of foreign partners to bring in many people. Oh, and they allow family reunification immigrants. So bring in the brother or son or mother. This allows chain immigration just as happens in the United States. Chain immigration should be brought to an end.

While Holland is cracking down Spain is being supremely stupid about immigration.

And what of the EU? "Migration has to be managed at a European level," Aboutaleb says. "But there is no common sense on asylum or illegals," he adds. Because EU passports are recognised throughout the union, the action of one country in accepting — or refusing — migrants affects others.

Aboutaleb cites Spain as an example. In 2000, it had an amnesty of 250,000 sin papeles (illegals). This month, at a time of increasing controls elsewhere, it announced another amnesty. "Spain has perhaps a million illegals, in agriculture and construction," Aboutaleb says. "The moment they get an EU passport, they can move all over Europe.

Predictably lots of people are flowing into Spain from within and outside of Europe with false papers trying to get in on the Spanish amnesty.

The mandarins in Brussels and some of the national governments are still intent on collective cultural suicide. The recent decision in Brussels to begin accession talks to make Muslim Turkey a member of the EU is folly on an enormous scale. But populations (and even some politicians) in some of the member states (most notably Holland and Denmark) are turning hard against immigration and against Muslim immigration in particular.

German publisher Mathias Dúpfner says that Europe is pursuing the same policy of appeasement toward Muslims that Europe pursued toward Hitler: appeasement.

Is Europe giving way to blackmail? The question was raised in Germany last month by an article in Die Welt, the country's most heavyweight paper, by Mathias Dúpfner, head of the big Axel Springer publishing group. He titled it Europe — Thy Name Is Cowardice. He said that a crusade is under way "by fanatic Muslims, focused on civilians, directed against our free, open western societies" that is set upon the "utter destruction" of western civilisation. This enemy, he said, was spurred on by "tolerance" and "accommodation", which were taken as signs of weakness. Europe's supine response, he said, was on a par with the appeasement of Hitler.

Can "The Death Of The West" be prevented? As demonstrated by the Theo Van Gogh murder it depends in part on the tactics adopted by the most extreme Muslims. Barring big shocks that wake people up to the damage that immigration is doing to Europe there is a tendency to slowly acclimate to gradually worsening conditions. Leftists who hate their own societies have been only too willing to rationalize and excuse the behavior of immigrants. Business interests that are interested in cheap labor provide another pillar of support for immigration that is a net harm to societies. To repeat a quote from James Q. Wilson which Steve Sailer has recently posted on his site:

The great achievement of Western culture since the Enlightenment is to make many of us peer over the wall and grant some respect to people outside it; the great failure of Western culture is to deny that walls are inevitable or important.

Update: Jews in Europe are joining immigration restrictionist parties over fears of Muslim immigrants.

A curious thing is happening in Belgium these days: a small but vocal number of Jews are supporting a far-right party whose founders were Nazi collaborators. The xenophobic party, Vlaams Belang, plays on fears of Arab immigrants and, unlike the prewar parties from which it is descended, courts Jewish votes. Perhaps 5 percent of the city of Antwerp's Jews gave it their votes in the last election.

The Belgian example is extreme, but it represents the sharpest edge of a much broader political shift by European Jews - away from the left, particularly the far left, and toward the center and right, in the face of rising displays of anti-Semitism and the European left's embrace of the Palestinian cause.

Vlaams Belang is the reborn Vlaams Blok party which the leftists in power in Belgium banned. Political freedom in Belgium is pretty limited if you are not left-wing.

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observation said at February 27, 2005 2:08 PM:

it is amazing isn't it, that the "left wing" media has become "right wing" on some select issues after 9/11.

enlightenment may be gained by investigating the etymology of the name "Simons", and applying that filter to further
NYT articles that seem surprisingly realistic about Muslims and Muslim terrorism.

observation said at February 27, 2005 2:12 PM:

to clarify, I am not saying that the media is not generally left wing. It is. I am saying that exceptions to this trend should be looked at with a critical eye, for the explanation is (usually) along the lines outlined in my previous comment.

do said at February 27, 2005 3:47 PM:

you realize, don't you, that it's impossible to trackback to your blog...?

Randall Parker said at February 27, 2005 4:35 PM:

Yes, I know about the trackback problem..

I have major problems with MT-Blacklist (the tool I use to block spam) where it blocks everything. If I turn it off on Trackbacks then I'll get thousands of Trackback spams. A few trackbacks get thru. Most do not.

I also have other major problems with MT-Blacklist with it hitting some sort of upper limit on how many patterns it can handle. It has other bugs as well. I can't give up on it because if I did I'd have to turn off all Trackback and all Comments due to tens of thousands of spam attempts I get hit with per month.

I need to find the time to debug the Perl that runs the MT-Blacklist and see what the bugs are. I'm a C++ programmer and so I have the chops to do this sort of thing. But it will take a fair amount of time to do the debugging and I'm extremely busy. Also, I don't have the right sort of access to my host's Linux box to do optimal debugging. I need to put diags in the Perl code to figure out what is going on.

This is more than you wanted to know. Bottom line: I spend several hours a week keeping spam off my blogs. My tools are inadequate for the job. So Trackback is flaky. Sorry.

do said at February 27, 2005 4:49 PM:

No worry, just thought you should know. Apparently, you already did.

Kenelm Digby said at February 28, 2005 2:27 AM:

There are small, positive signs that commonsense has actually made some headway regarding Europe's non-White immigration disaster.
But if you think that sensible policies will be introduced, then you are profoundly mistaken.The pervesity and stupidity of Europe's political elite with regards to the immigration disaster is a fact that is not to be doubted.

eh said at February 28, 2005 5:40 AM:

It seems "perversity" and "stupidity" knows no borders; google up the population projections provided by the US Census Bureau -- they're helpfully broken down by race/ethnicity.

What a shame people feel they have to flee their own country.

Of course, the same (sort of) is happening in America: the last census showed that 10% of Whites living in California in 1990 had left by 2000. Luckily for them the US is big enough that they can still find places to go.

It is, as has been said, a form of national suicide.

Ned said at February 28, 2005 11:50 AM:

How interesting thet the US strongly supported Turkey's admission to the EU. While this at the time may have seemed enlightened and progressive, it now looks like a dagger aimed right at Europe's heart. I must admire the sheer cynicism of this move. US immigration problems will seem like a day at the beach compared to millions of unemployed Turkish Muslims heading for Berlin, Paris or Amsterdam. Say what you like about Bush, the man is much smarter than his adversaries in the Democratic party or the EU have believed. He knows how to play hardball with his foes, and he seems to be winning.

John S Bolton said at February 28, 2005 10:25 PM:

The people are very much against the importation of hostiles in all of these countries. It is the officials and their professoriate who enthuse over the effective attacks on civilization that these migrations amount to. Governments need to make propaganda for the legitimization of aggression, so long as they wish to get away with such, and this results in an anticulture which lusts after the destruction of civilization. Then they find that, although bureaucrats and professors may be timid and hesitant to strike the lethal blow on peacable citizens, Moslems are less likely to be that way. The Moslem faith is subhumanizing, and this is precisely what is needed to damage civilization, and not coincidentally, increase the power of officials.

Rick Darby said at March 2, 2005 9:54 AM:

Arnold Toynbee, who devoted his life to the study of history, famously wrote that civilizations are not murdered; they commit suicide. Greece did so with the Pelopponesian War; Rome, more gradually, by coming to rely on inhabitants of the fringes of the Empire for the army and the government. Since the time of Charlemagne, there has been something identifiable as European civilization that has continued thorugh all sorts of evolutionary, and some revolutionary, changes. It looks like European civilization is now committing suicide.

I don't believe it's an accident, that the people responsible don't know what they are doing. It should not take a genius to understand that when you subject every nation in the European Union to a constitution, bureaucracy and judiciary that trumps laws of individual nations that derive from the citizens of those nations, you are undoing hundreds of years' worth of evolution toward representative government. It is obvious that when you try to fold a populous Muslim nation (Turkey) into the European Union, thereby allowing any Muslim to emigrate to any country in Europe after a token stop in Turkey, that you are utterly changing the demographics of Europe. And ditto when you invite "asylum seekers" and "migrants" to settle in any European country, legally or illegally.

No, I don't think those reponsible are ignorant of what they are doing. They are the product of 50 years of so-called transnational progressivism, which sees the nation state as obsolete and particular cultures and traditions as irrelevant or barriers to One World in which decisions are made by an internationalist elite of lawyers and bureaucrats. I don't imagine that most ordinary citizens are particularly happy to see their own countries becoming mere regions of the EU and Islamicized before their eyes, but what can they do? They are no longer in charge. It's all decided for them, for their own good of course, by their unelected overlords in Brussels who hate Europe's history and civilization.

I can't blame Europeans who see clearly where things are headed for wanting to get out while the getting's good. I just hope that in another 50 years there will be someplace they can go to.

Ned said at March 5, 2005 7:55 AM:

There is no doubt that this cultural invasion is the major threat to Europe's long-term survival. The trend seems to be driven by elitist Eurocrats in Brussels and their allies in the national governments. How will Europeans respond? One possibility is the emergence of right-wing nationalist parties, which has already started in France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and elsewhere. Since WW II, the predominant European spirit seems to have been a leftist quasi-socialist democracy. This has produced prosperity (although not doing so well lately) but has dealt poorly with terrorist threats. But do not forget that many European countries have traditions of strong authoritarian leadership, nationalist, xenophobic, often anti-Semitic. Hitler is the prime example, but many others exist. Will the witches' brew of terrorism, massive Muslim immigration and economic stagnation (such as 12% German unemployment, much worse in the Eastern provinces) cause some Europeean governments to swerve to the right?

Barry Cotter said at March 7, 2005 7:29 AM:

People, get a grip. Europe is changing, a great deal and very fast, and in 50 yeats it will be very different from what it is today, but the prospect of "Eurabia" is as fallacious as "Jew York City"

Europe is experiencing it's first massive immigration, as a whole in the modern era, and it will cahnge, and be changed by it, just as America was changed massively by the immigrants in the second Great Migration from a primarily Angl-Saxon nation to a merely "white" one, with Germans and Scandinavians, and in the Third, when Eastern European, Poles, Czechs, and Southern, Italian, Yugoslav, came to America.

There will, no doubt, be gigantic changes, but Europer has two Muslim states within it's borders already, Albania and Bosnia, and the eventual membership of Turkey in the E.U. will only accelerate the secularisation of the Turks. The descesndants of Turkish gastarbeiters in Germany are, in the main, more conservative than any modern Turks, from the large cities, or even from Anatolia, and even the most zealous Turks, are insipid compared to their Arab co-religionists, who will not be joining the E.U. in the next half century

So, Europe will undergo gigantic change. So what? Any of the Founding Fathers of the USA would find the modern state repellent. It is a democracy, when they intended it to be merely representative, it holds racial and sexual equality in high estemm, it is, in their eyes, morally degenerate, and it is full of the racially inferior, non whites, like the Italians, and Spanish, even, gasp! Indians, like the peasant Mexicans They have changed American culture, and you will find few today to argue it has been for the worse. Besides their cuisine, their art and their labour, I can see little of value being brought to the table by the Islamic world, but those joining Europe will be far more changed than changing.

Ned said at March 8, 2005 6:47 AM:

Most major European cultures have always had a certain insular quality. They are not nearly as assimilative as American culture, for better or worse. Take Germany, for example. Turks were welcomed as Gastarbeiter starting in the 1950's, when the economy was booming and there was a labor shortage. They stayed and raised families so that now there are millions of ethnic Turks in Germany whose families have lived there for generations, who speak perfect German but who can never become German citizens. The German government is extremely restrictive about granting citizenship to foreigners. With rare exceptions, you have to be of German descent, and even then it's not easy. For example, when the Soviet Union collapsed, lots of "Germans" left to come to Germany. These people spoke little or no German but were allowed to live in Germany and eventually become citizens. Not so for the Turks. With Turkish entry in the EU, the citizenship issue becomes irrelevant with regard to living and working there. A few years ago, I was visiting a friend at her office in Berlin. It was early evening, and the cleaning crew was there. I noticed that they weren't speaking German, so I asked her where they were from. She told me, "Rumania - the Germans won't take those jobs." This in Berlin-Brandenburg, where the unemployment rate is around 28%! The Germans don't want those jobs! Now Germany is reaping the fruit of its SPD social-welfare folly - economic stagnation and permanent double-digit unemployment. The influx of millions of Turkish workers will only worsen unemployment and exert downward pressure on wages. I don't want to sound too dire about this - in truth, it may work out just fine. But it is also true that the economic crisis of the Depression was a major factor in Hitler's rise to power.

Randall Parker said at March 8, 2005 8:59 AM:

Barry Cotter,

The Muslim immigrants to Europe are being changed? Then why did a recent poll of Turkish women in Berlin find that half of them had been physically beaten by their husbands? Also, why in some European countries are the bulk of marriages by Muslims to Muslims who they import to marry? Why are they committing crime at much higher levels than natives? Europe is being changed by Muslim immigration and for the worse.

You lump together a lot of groups that have changed American culture. Some have improved it. Others, yes, really have made it worse. The Hispanic immigrants specifically create a number of problems for Americans. Hispanics are very poorly educated when they arrive, do not rise scholastically to American average levels over successive generations (and, generally speaking, immigrants quickly reach the level of scholastic achievement that their group will stay at in later generations, earn lower incomes (and hence pay less in taxes than they receive in benefits), have kids illegitimately at higher rates, and commit crimes at higher rates (and also see here).

Randall Parker said at March 8, 2005 9:02 AM:


The Rumanians are cleaning offices in Berlin because they are cheaper than Germans. If the Rumanians were not available then the German companies would offer higher salaries for janitorial work and Germans would be working in those jobs.

However, yes, I agree that the social welfare state makes the problem far worse. It isn't so much that the Germans refuse to do the work as it is that the work doesn't pay much more (or even as much) as welfare payments.

Ned said at March 9, 2005 7:26 AM:


Yes, you are entirely correct. I suspect that the Rumanians do not really wish to be cleaning offices in Berlin any more than the Germans do. If they had a free choice, they would rather not be cleaning office at all, or if they had to, they would prefer to do it in Bucharest and not have to travel all the way to Berlin, where prices are much higher and they don't speak the language very well. They do it because the wages are much higher than in Rumania. The German government could stop this, of course, by banning or limiting foreign workers. Then the building owners would have to pay higher wages to attract Germans to these jobs (and, with 28% unemployment in Berlin-Brandenburg, there are plenty to attract), because the Germans consider this type of work beneath them and would need a lot more Euros to do it. But it could happen. Of course, if the German government reduced social welfare benefits, then the Germans would have to take such jobs or starve (well, maybe not starve, but certainly the six week vacations, twelve official holidays, 35 hour work weeks and two weeks at the spa would be at risk). This would be a bitter pill indeed, but it illustrates the dilemma that Gerhard Schröder and his SPD buddies face. To improve the stagnant economy, benefits (and the taxes that pay for them ) have to be cut, but doing so will make lots of Germans unhappy, and they vote. My Berlin friend told me that European socialists can be divided into two categories - those who know socialism doesn't work but who cynically support it for their own personal gain, and those who think that with a little more tinkering they will finally get it right.

Misteri said at March 10, 2005 8:24 PM:

The Dutch are the cowards of Europe. First they ran from the Germans, then the Indonesians, now they're running from themselves.

Misteri said at March 10, 2005 8:30 PM:

Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Britain and now Ireland are being ruined by US, EU and UN forced multi-culturalism.

Misteri said at March 10, 2005 8:41 PM:

Your term "Chain immigration" is interesting. The indigenous caste system in India has been replaced by a "foreign passport caste". The classifieds in the Sunday Times of India advertise potential brides & groomes citing their skin colouration, level of education and of course, which western nations passport they hold (US, Australian or UK usually)! Thank you liberals multi-culturalists!

Misteri said at March 11, 2005 12:57 AM:

Irelands newly arrived Africans distinguish themselves in crime
20 March 2004
Twenty per cent of prison population are non-nationals
According to prison statistics (March 2004), almost one in five people sent to jail are non-nationals.
Prison service director general, Sean Aylward, says that the shift in demographics has given rise to new demands in areas such as translation, education and racial equality. Of the 9,539 people in jail in 2001, 638 were Europeans (other than British or Irish), 131 Asians, 448 Africans, and 40 Central-South Americans. The nationality of 168 people was not recorded.

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Europower said at August 1, 2005 2:55 PM:

Kick the muslims out of Europe. They are a fifth-column movement; they have no intention of 'integrating' or becoming citizens of a civilized society. The only reason for their presence in Europe is to rot it from the inside in order to put an end to Christianity. Because don't harbor any illusions as to the fate of the true Christian Europeans when the muslims become a majority - they will just disappear, as the Christians in Turkey, Syria, North Africa did, and the Christians in Egypt are disappearing just as I write this.
MUSLIMS OUT OF EUROPE NOW! Let them return to their desert hell-holes.

Albania and Bosnia are vestiges of Ottoman collaborators and are more fanatical muslims than the Turks and the Arabs. They should have allowed the Serbs to weed them out in the 90s, but hey, thanks for bombing them so the world would forget about your blow jobs Clinton!!

Alrich Von Dachenworst said at January 20, 2007 8:37 PM:

Why? Is it always Easterners Moving West. And Why Do they let immigrants come into their country and cause trouble.

I mean am not being racist but I took a recent Vacation to Ireland and London and I was surprised by the large amount of foreigners. There was Graffti Everywhere in Islamic. And People always stared at me. Kinda've ruins the Europe Ambience Experience. They Should stop immigration. My Dear Beloved Ireland Which I took many freqeunt trips was begining to change. Because of Immigration more cheap houses had to be built and Hospitals were more crowded. It was even worse in the Captol Dublin I coulnd'nt even drive.

So Why do People Immigrate Ruining a Culture?

Mike said at June 22, 2008 12:32 AM:

Don't people understand that Europe's homelands will be gone FOREVER? We are DYING for god's sake!
Africa, the middle east, Asia, South America, Mexico...they will ALL have there homelands, a root, a base where their people will come from, we are NOT allowed to colonize their continents or they'd say we were taking them over, being Imperialistic! But Europeans, no no, they have to give away their homelands and break their bloodlines until we are bred out of existence. There is an old saying in war...if you can't bleed them out (war) then BREED them out!

1914 Europeans made up 35% of the worlds population, today it is less than 10. In CANADA, my daughter is the ONLY "white girl" in her classroom, EVERY single other kid is a MUSLIM! Do the math on that please, she may have 2 kids in her life time, if the other 23 muslim children all have 2 kids, that will be 46 to my daughters 2. Imagine in 50 years? 100 years? 150 years? Oh sure, you won't be alive then, right? But what about our kids? Who will MY daughter date and breed with if se is the ONLY "european"? That's right, she will have to breed with those muslims.
Based on this, European ethnicity will fall to less than 4% by 2050.

Let's see here, the middle east has all the oil in the world...the USA and Britain are Allied with Saudi Arabia...and Israel, whom want control of Iraq and Iran. So, common sense tells me that the USA/EU are selling it's soul to the middle east based on oil.

At the same time destroying one of the strongest civilisations to have existed...Europe.

Think...what does the government care about? Economic growth, stock share holdings, and profit margins. Why do we bring in immmigrants? CHEAP LABOR! Why do corporations export our jobs CHEAP LABOR!

The average European wants 20-30 bucks an hour, paid days off, medical and dental benefits, Unemployment insurance, disability insurance, the list goes on. Immigrants (god bless there souls) will work 3 part time jobs with no benefits, 7 days a wekk, 12 hours a day...they will GLADY pay 50% interest on their home, 50 % taxes, land tax, municipal taxes, , goods and services taxes, credit card interest...why? Because they have never tasted the sweetnees of greedy Capitalist american democracy.


EUROPE WILL BE GONE and everyone else will still have there homelands, WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!
If a white person stands up for his people, they call him a NAZI? What is with this guilt trip? Why can ALL other cultures maintain themselves with pride, but Europeans are racist when they do the same thing?

Why? Because the USA brainwashes us with multicultural/immigration/anti-semetic BULLSHIT! STAND UP FOR YOURSELF BEFORE IT"S TOO LATE FOR YOUR GRAND KIDS!

Stephen Harrison said at November 14, 2009 2:21 PM:

1st Floor
Oaklands House
Washway Road
M33 6FS

Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to enter a Formal Complaint concerning the inaction of the West Midlands Police Force/Authority and West Mercia Police/Authority to this reported serious crime. A police force must be free from political restraint and impartial when investigating crimes of this nature committed frankly by their paymasters politicians who are in power as the Government of the United Kingdom. If the Police are not able or unwilling to investigate and prosecute serious crimes of this nature then who can exactly protect a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I am genetically English; I have also been displaced by being deprived of my right to my individuality and culture. The Geneva Convention clearly states that displacement by immigration is a crime against humanity. This can be carried out by language, cultural change which is unacceptable to the indigenous person. The selling of a Christian Church would fall under this “crime”, if it were sold to become a place of worship for an alien ethnic culture or religion. Therefore turning Christian churches into Muslim mosques would be an act of ethnocide as its soul intention would be to deprive the indigenous genetic people of their cultural heritage. Further allowing call to prayer would also cause understandable displacement of an indigenous people as it is a direct assault on their right to a cultural identity and to be able to enjoy their right to individuality. Thus any displacement would be Ethnocide.

The crimes I reported to these Police forces were Ethnocide and Gerrymandering, both are serious criminal acts. If the Chief Constables and The Police generally are to dismiss my claims without care, thought or attention then they are guilty of gross negligence. Statistical Factual Evidence and Also Anecdotal and Video Evidence is Available as are Witnesses to the crime of ethnocide, over 80% of The capital cities population is now made up of people other than those of a genetic indigenous race, this is clear evidence of displacement and this displacement is being carried out in many major cities and towns throughout Great Britain, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Luton and so the list goes on and on. The fact that politicians who have openly encouraged mass immigration are not investigated for criminal acts suggest that we live within a totalitarian and police state, where law be it international or local are being flouted with the full cooperation of the chief constables

The crimes I am alleging are Ethnocide against the genetic peoples of Great Britain namely the White English, Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh indigenous peoples of this our homeland.

These examples are not those of a raving lunatic or a racist but of a victim of a criminal act under both the Geneva Convention and The United Nations acts to protect indigenous people from ethnic cleansing.

The fact that No mandate was sort from the people is irrelevant as no mandate can be given for a crime against humanity.

I now wish to move on to my reported crime of gerrymandering again statistical evidence is available to support my allegation that mass immigration is being used to make a significant difference to the voting pattern of an area, by allowing mass immigration the labour government is gaining a substantial sympathetic vote in areas of displacement this is a new form of gerrymandering but is gerrymandering none the less. I understood this to be a crime.

Following is the crime as reported to the Police Forces of The West Midlands and which to date has been ignored.

I wish to report to you a case of the most serious crime in the world.

The United Nations acts/edicts on Human Rights; concerning the; Rights of Indigenous people,
to individuality, culture, including cultural heritage.

Under The Geneva Convention; Genocide and Ethnocide.

I also wish to complain that countless people in the Police Force/ Government and Other Agencies, SOCA, Human Rights and equalities commission have conspired to Commit Crimes against Humanity and Ethnocide.

Please investigate this FORMAL COMPLAINT FULLY!

This is a case of Ethnocide and it is happening here and now in the United Kingdom.
Gerrymandering; by the movement of population. Example London is now 80% Ethnic Minorities this is clear evidence of both Ethnocide and Gerrymandering.

Labours plan of uncontrolled immigration policy has come to light and this can be proven in the statistics.

Wikipedia lists and briefly explains exactly the Crime of Ethnocide.

Attacks on Culture, Individuality and Displacement. Positive discrimination could also be seen to be negative to the indigenous peoples so would also be against their human rights. Whilst employment generally has gone up employment among indigenous people has fallen by 62,000 such is the way we the White English are discriminated against.

Put simply it is the cleansing or minoritising of an indigenous population by methods other than mass extermination.

It is a fact that by 2070 the immigrant population will be ahead of the indigenous peoples of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. That year will be the year that the planned for ethnocide is complete.

This is a Crime against humanity according to the Geneva Convention it is an equivalent crime to Genocide and is a form of Ethnic Cleansing. Phillip Dunne MP who is my MP is ignorant as he thinks ethnocide involves being murdered, is doesn’t it involves being made to feel emotion that causes displacement so best you all understand what ethnocide is.

I am reporting this crime to every agency in the UK to expose this crime to the indigenous British People. I am also complaining that the Metropolitan Police and West Midlands Police have ignored this reported crime.

This is the basis of my complaint, which will reveal if our political masters have created a police totalitarian state within a democracy or not if indeed crimes against humanity as alleged exists then legal action against the conspirators should be taken. These crimes are criminal and not civil.

Yours faithfully

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