2004 December 17 Friday
Australia Deports One Woman "Human Crime Wave" To New Zealand

A New Zealand citizen who has spent the vast bulk of her life in Australia is being deported to New Zealand as a way for the Australians to stop being victimized by her criminal activities.

A New Zealand-born woman described by her own lawyer as a "human crime wave" with criminal convictions stretching to 30 pages is to be deported to this country despite having lived in Australia since she was one.

She is only 26 years old but has a 30 page long rap sheet.

Patricia Carol Toia, 26, is being held at Sydney's Villawood detention centre for deportation after an immigration tribunal opted to send her back New Zealand, which she last saw as a baby in 1979, the Post reported.

Toia has been sentenced to more than 30 jail terms in Australia for such crimes as robbery, assault and trafficking drugs. She has committed a further 42 offences while in jail.

How can a woman who is only 26 year old manage to be sentenced to 30 jail terms in Australia? You have to be out of jail to commit crimes that are committed on the outside. Also, if this woman was still serving time for crimes committed in Australia would the Australians deport her before her jail term was up?

Also, if an inmate is committing many crimes in prison shouldn't she be placed in solitary confinement?

The Kiwis are angry at Australia for sending them this threat to public safety.

GILLIAN BRADFORD: It was a perfect summer headline for a New Zealand newspaper: "Aussies send us human crime wave".

Carol Toia is for all intents and purposes an Australian. She has no close relatives or friends across in New Zealand and her whole life of crime has been spent in Australia. But the one thing she never did was take out Australian citizenship, so that's given an immigration tribunal power to order her out of the country.

A decision that's angered New Zealand's Foreign Minister Phil Goff.

PHIL GOFF: She is being deported back by the Tribunal on the basis that legally she is a New Zealander, but actually back to a country that she has no knowledge of, no recollection of and no network of friends.

I don't blame the Kiwis. Now they are going to have to wait for this woman to commit some crimes and then proven she did them so that she can be removed from New Zealand's streets.

There is something seriously wrong with an Australian legal system that it wasn't able to find a reason to lock up this woman for a longer period of time years ago.

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TangoMan said at December 17, 2004 12:21 PM:

Actually, I think that the deportation solution is more elegant. Locking her up means using Australian resources. Better to wash your hands of her.

States like to exert a lot of influence over their citizens, (the US will hound you for taxes even if you renouce your citizenship) so NZ gov't officials don't really have a leg to stand on. Of course, the poor NZ citizens who have to suffer the crimes and pay the taxes to incarcerate the criminal have legitimate complaints. But, by the way the rules of the game are set, the problem is legally theirs.

As to your larger point, of why this human crime wave was walking the street and not incarcerated, point taken. Who knows, maybe most of her crimes were concurrent rather than consecutive. Maybe the bulk were minor in nature and the latter crimes involved the assault and drug crimes. There's not enough detail to form a complete picture.

In the end, I wish the US would more rapidly deport alien criminals and insure that they didn't reenter the country. Further, I'd rather see the US pay a stiped to a foreign gov't to incarcerate that criminal than pay for higher maintenance in the US.

Eric said at December 17, 2004 11:45 PM:

TangoMan: In the end, I wish the US would more rapidly deport alien criminals and insure that they didn't reenter the country. Further, I'd rather see the US pay a stiped to a foreign gov't to incarcerate that criminal than pay for higher maintenance in the US.
Could be a solution for a lot more things than just foreign criminals. For example, imagine if we'd resettled Cambodian and Hmong refugees in Thailand. For far less than the same amount we're spending on government services in shitty neighbourhoods for them now (welfare, health, jail, public school), the US government easily could have paid the whole bill for decent housing in a good neighborhood, language classes and job placement services for the parents, and as much education as the kids could handle, even through university, with enough left over to bribe the respective national and municipal governments into letting them stay in the first place. The adjustment would have been far easier on them, both culturally and economically, meaning fewer of their kids would have gone bad.

Instead we herded them and their kids into the ghettos of a post-industrial society which every day has fewer and fewer uses for unskilled/uneducated labour, and band-aid over the worst failures by deporting them back to Cambodia (even some who can't speak Khmer).

Sean said at December 20, 2004 3:54 PM:

I'm a Kiwi and support Australia in this. They have a duty to protect their citizens and will do just that by getting rid of this piece of trash. Pity we don't do the same in NZ. Here, we have a wife beating overstayer doing a revolving door dance with our 'justice' system because we lack a judge with the sense to deport him!

MC said at May 5, 2005 7:25 AM:

With these crimes that patricia has done it is bad ,but what i have seen on the news lately even the aussie's are doing the same thing but add the killings and the rapes going on right now and then has not change and still continuing specially happens with children .So who we should say that she is the worst person in aussie when other people are doing them too at least she didn't kill anyone or rape anyone.And feeling sorry for the New Zealander's it's happening there too and really it is happening around the World.

charlene said at November 18, 2007 11:38 AM:

hi I'm the niece of patricia carol toia my mother is the older sister off her. I live in new zealand and I've been reading everything what you's had to say. I was brought up with her all my life my aunty would go out of her way just to do something for her family my aunty just got mixed up with the wrong people over there all i want is to see her. My aunty has always been a great aunty and she was always their for me now since this happen i haven't seen my aunty since i was 11 years old and now iam 20 years of age please my aunty means the world to me like some poeple said why you treat some like that knowing she hadn't killed anyone or raped anyone. Please if you now where she is now please contact me on 0064272123688

Sarah Hall said at March 19, 2008 12:32 AM:

Hello Charlene, I have been trying to contact you regarding your Aunty but you number must have changed. Can you please email me at sarahhall@clear.net.nz
Thanks Sarah

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