2004 October 18 Monday
Republicans Have Better Sex Lives Than Democrats

The full detailed breakdown of this ABC News "Primetime Lives" poll will not be available until released on a TV news broadcast on Oct. 21, 2004. So one obvious question is arises: given that more males than females are Republicans does this gap represent a greater level of sexual satisfaction among males than females? Or are Democrats just plain less happy with sex and even less happy with life in general? (or do Democrats manage to be happier with life by avoiding sex?)

Of those involved in a committed relationship, who is very satisfied with their relationship?
Republicans 87 percent; Democrats 76 percent

Who is very satisfied with their sex life?
Republicans 56 percent; Democrats 47 percent

It would be interesting to see these results placed in a larger context. Are Republicans or Democrats more satisfied in general? It is worth noting that Republicans and Democrats have different patterns of reproduction.

Do people who have more children also typically have more satisfying sex lives?

No matter what happens this November, in the very long run, the fate of the two parties will depend on the "battle of the cradle" and on immigration policy. In 2000, Bush carried the 19 states with the highest white birthrates, so the Republican Party will remain heavily white.

The fertility of white Democrats is low: of the 10 states with the lowest white birth rate, all except Florida voted for Gore. The Mexican-American birthrate, however, is quite high, so the Democratic Party, which already received 31 percent of its votes from minorities in 2002, is likely to become nonwhite dominated if immigration continues full speed ahead.

When the Democrats become the Hispanic and Black party will their average level of sexual satisfaction improve? How does sexual satisfaction in America break down by race and sex? Anyone found any polling data on this question?

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anon said at October 18, 2004 1:59 PM:

Republicans are less likely to know what they are missing.

Luke Lea said at October 18, 2004 3:32 PM:

Then why do Democrats more often become ensnarled in sex scandals, while with Republicans it is usually over money?

Jody said at October 18, 2004 9:26 PM:

I wonder how much of the difference is a function of the other demographic factors. I vaguely recall a study where people who lived in urban areas (which would be Dems) had less satisfying sex lives than those living in suburban or rural areas (which would be Reps). Root cause being the difficulty in maintaining a long relationship in urban environments - most people in relationships have more sex and thus have more enjoyable sex lives (you can't enjoy what you're not having).

Also as to the question whether or not couples who had more children enjoyed sex more, I think the question answers itself though probably not as a singular factor (for instance, a greater affinity towards children more would also lead to more chilren).

Daveg said at October 19, 2004 6:44 AM:

Democratic sex scandals typically involve Jewish chicks (e.q. Monica Lewinsky and Sandra Levy) or Jewish gay (bi?) men (Golen Cipel). Republican sex scandals involve women like Jeri Lynn.

That latter sounds much more satisfying than the former.


Noah Millman said at October 19, 2004 3:15 PM:

This is just the marriage gap. Marrieds - men and even more so women - skew Republican. And there have been lots of studies demonstrating that marrieds have more satisfying sex lives on average than non-marrieds. You don't have to believe that marriage is a romantic paradise to understand why this would be the case. A tiny fraction of people overall have the kind of sex lives you see on TV or in the movies, so even if these people skew Democrat they barely budge the numbers. Meanwhile, I suspect there are far larger numbers of singles suffering from profound dissatisfaction in the sexual sphere than there are among marrieds. Even people in lackluster marriages have sex at least occasionally. *Lots* of singles, by contrast, are effectively celibate. Marrieds don't have to deal with the dating "scene" and so are not continually confronted with their own sexual and romantic inadequacies. Those anxieties don't contribute to sexual satisfaction. Single moms - divorced or never married - skew Democrat. These gals don't tend to have a lot of free time to develop a sex life. There are probably more reasons why marrieds on average report higher sexual satisfaction than unmarrieds that I'm not thinking of off the top of my head. Anyhow, I strongly suspect the marriage gap explains more than 100% of the GOP/DEM gap - that is to say, once you control for marrital status, I wouldn't be surprised to see a mild Democrat bias in the satisfaction numbers. THAT in turn would probably be a consequence of *married* Democrats being wealthier (on average) than *married* Republicans (which I'm pretty sure is the case), and wealth correlates mildly with all kinds of indices of satisfaction, including sexual.

Randall Parker said at October 19, 2004 3:32 PM:

Noah, Your argument makes a lot of sense. However, also consider the idea that divorce turns a lot of women into Democrats. Well, if you are sexually satisfied in marriage you are probably less likely to get divorced. So a woman happy in bed stays married and keeps voting Republican. The sexually dissatisfied woman gets divorced, her interests change, and she votes Democrat.

Libertine said at October 30, 2004 11:13 AM:

We also have to think about the confidentiality factor. In previous sex studies, it's been shown that women are less reticent about talking about their sex lives when total anonymity is assured; they report more partners, more adventurousness in general, when doing so will not publicly contradict their "good girl" images.

gordo goody said at August 5, 2005 11:35 AM:

Christian Conservatives are overwhelmingly Republican- and Chrisitian Conservatives regard open discussions of sex as taboo and innapropriate. A response of unsatisfactory is more revealing than the generic "satisfactory". Hence, Democrats are simply being honest, and Republicans skew the results to avoid feeling (more) uncomfortable.

ValiMac said at December 17, 2012 10:07 PM:

Gordo, I disagree with your assessment that the "Christian Conservatives" are skewing the numbers by giving a generic answer. I used to sell adult novelties and such in home shopping parties. Many of my clients were very conservative and/or had high-profile positions in their community that kept them from feeling like they could shop in one of "those" stores. I did these parties for 5 years and averaged 40 parties a year with an average of 25 women in attendance at each party. I think I have met a fair sampling of the population. All orders were taken privately after the product demo and I learned a LOT about my customers while they placed their orders. I found that the more a woman talked about her great sex life during the demo, the more likely she was to tell me in the ordering room that she really didn't care about sex. If she bought anything it was usually body spray or some other bath product or lingerie- especially the teddies that could be worn as a sexy lace bodysuit with a pair of jeans. The plain, conservative (and usually married) women said the least publicly, but were the most enthusiastic about trying something new - not to fix a problem, but because they were already enjoying a pretty darned good sex life and just wanted to add a twist to what they were already doing. In general, younger, single women tended to report enjoying their sex life a LOT less than older married women. And in the places where politics was evident, happy sex lives again skewed conservative.

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