2004 September 01 Wednesday
Fred Reed Offers Solutions

In his latest Fred On Everything column Fred Reed offers solutions in place of his normal ration of politically incorrect complaints.

Education: Get big cement trucks, fill them with linoleum cement mixed with potassium cyanide and maybe thumb tacks. Dump this salutary porridge into the faculty lounges of the teachers colleges, being sure that the scoundrels are still inside. Put up signs all around saying "Mutant Radioactive Cholera Site. Go Away."

Fred also suggests declaring deer hunting season on employees of the Department of Education. Certainly the "professionalization" of education has been a disaster and the teachers unions and teachers credentials should be banned. But as with so many of the other solution Fred offers they are solutions that are opposed by too large a portion of the population. We can't get government that is any better than the fools deserve.

On immigration Fred suggests using the Army to close the border with Mexico and offering financial incentives for turning in illegals.

Immigration: Bring the military back from Iraq, where it doesn't belong, and put it along the Mexican border, where it does. According to taste, decide to keep the illegals already in the US, or put a ten thousand dollar fine on hiring an illegal, half of it to go to the person reporting the hiring. Restrict welfare and public services to citizens and legal residents.

The use of financial rewards for turning in illegals is something I've argued for in the past. I do not think it would take even $5000 to get a lot of illegals turned in. A lot of people could earn high incomes turning in illegals for $500 a pop. In Los Angeles one could earn a 6 or 7 figure yearly income turning in illegals at $50 a pop. Since the Border Patrol and like agencies are not big enough to process all the illegals that would be caught we could use the military to serve as jailers and to do transport for deportation.

Fred offers many other solutions that would be quite beneficial. The whole column is pretty entertaining. The underlying (and I think correct) point of the column is that we have a lot of solvable problems that we simply won't solve.

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John S Bolton said at September 1, 2004 11:30 PM:

At the outset, if there were a reward for locating illegals, someone could advertise in foreign-language papers, using dummy companies seeking employees. Then when they show their fake ID, they get the address and tell them they will start work in a few days. You'd ask them if they had relatives who needed a job, and before long, all the group housing of illegals would be emptied out. If there were only illegal aliens who lived alone and stuck to the same position year after year, they would be the last say 5% who were hardest to root out. You're right that quite a lot of serious problems with easy solutions, are allowed to grow and develop. This is because the officials want power, and power means the ability to do damage to people, not to force them to do what they already want to do. Power means sacrificing people's interests and values, officials are power-seekers, and they will do as much damage as they can get away with. It is not that our people are so much better, but that our officials have had more difficulty in doing away with the limitations on their power. Public education is close to the point of giving us a population which will not notice or care, as officials escape the constraints on their capabilities to commit acts of aggression.

gc said at September 2, 2004 10:46 AM:

A lot of people could earn high incomes turning in illegals for $500 a pop.

Hahahahaha. If this was the bounty, I could make $20000 in about 10 minutes with a few of my friends. Just go down to the corner where a bunch of obviously illegal aliens loiter around, tell them we've got an off the books job, and drop them off at the INS.

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