2004 August 29 Sunday
Schwarzenegger Faced With Almost 800 Bills To Pass Or Veto

The California state legislature is out of control.

Schwarzenegger and his staff have said nearly 800 bills are pending his signature. Margita Thompson, the governorís spokeswoman, said last week that as the governor goes through the process he will look closely at the economic impacts. "The prism under which legislation is going to be looked at is going to be on job-creating and the economy," she said.

This say something extremely damming about California's legislators. How can a Governor be expected in a relatively short period of time to evaluate the merits of 800 different pieces of legislation? The same holds for the those elected threats to the commonwealth who voted for all these pieces of legislation. How could each of the state legislators of the state of California have possibly read, understood, and considered the implications of the almost 800 bills that the majority of both houses of the legislature sent to the Governor?

Plus, it must be even worse in terms of what the legislators had to read and understand because they were also voting on bills that didn't pass in their house or that didn't pass in the other house of the legislature. These people are committing legislative malpractice.

Arnie wants to cut back the work time of the California state legislators to half time so they do not have as much time to do harm.

California is one of only four states that have a full-time legislature, and Schwarzenegger contends that its members are too likely to create legislative mischief when they spend too much time in Sacramento.

Schwarzenegger won't sign a bill for illegal alien drivers licenses unless the licenses will be marked that they are illegals.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would scuttle the bill because it did not require a notation on the license identifying the holder as an illegal immigrant. "This legislation does not address his security concerns," said spokeswoman Margita Thompson.

Why not just deport all the illegal aliens so that there are no illegals here to try to get drivers licenses in the first place?

One proposal made for visitors here in the United States in visas is that their drivers licenses should expire on the same day their visas expire. Then any foreigners with drivers licenses that are marked as tied to a visa who overstay their visa could be caught by police any time they have to show their license for a traffic violation or other purpose. Police could be empowered to take them into custody and hold them for deportation. Had that practice been implemented then 2 of the 9/11 attackers who had overstayed their visas and who were pulled over by the police for speeding could have been deported before they could hijack airplanes. Some lives might have been saved.

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lindenen said at September 1, 2004 10:20 AM:

I would reject all 799 of them and sign the one giving work breaks to maids and clerks in hotels.

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