2004 July 31 Saturday
Locking A Car With A Short Horn Blast Is Rude And Obnoxious

Some cars come with key rings that have electronic transmitters that can lock and unlock the car. One option that can be used this technique is for the horn to beep briefly to tell the driver he has successsfully hit the button to lock the doors. In residential neighborhoods literally dozens of people may be subjected to a horn beep every time someone shows up and locks their door. Beeping a horn every time one locks one's car door is inexcusably rude.

I have managed to talk one friend out of doing this. But someone just parked across the street and beeped their horn twice as they walked away from the car. They didn't even bother to pay attention to the first beep and did it a second time. What an obnoxious jerk.

Modern life is already too noisy and distracting. We don't need to invent new ways for people to distract and interrupt the lives of each other.

Update: And while I'm on unnecessary horn blasts: Some cars have alarms that go off when improperly accessed where the horn starts blowing to warn of an attempted theft. Well, I've probably heard car horn alarms go off hundreds of times without one of those times being a real theft. Car horn alarms are also inexcusably rude and obnoxious. These alarms are worthless. When you hear one what is the first thought in your mind? It is probably something along the lines of "Oh god, does the owner hear it or will we have to listen to it until the battery runs down?"

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r said at July 31, 2004 1:56 PM:

I bought my car with keyless entry. I had no control over what type of sound would be produced when I utilized this function to lock my car. Blaming people like me for having a car that produces a horn sound when locking is absurd and suggests you are too sensitive about the matter. Most people you find with cars like this don't know you, and you don't know them. How are they supposed to know you think they are rude for using their keyless entry device?

BTW, I'll keep using my keyless entry because once you've gotten used to it, it is too hard to switch to manual entry- and, no, I'm not going to spend the money to retro- fit my car with another expensive keyless entry device that suits your taste. Keyless entries can easily run into the $1,000+ range.

Fly said at July 31, 2004 3:31 PM:

Re: Social order.

A friend lives in a secure complex with 400 units. Her apartment is right above a temporary parking area. Day and night, people park and blow their horn to let their friends know theyíve arrived. The alternative is to leave their car, punch in their friendís phone number, and talk through an intercom. Faced with that not many worry about all the tenants who donít want to hear that horn.

I donít think there is a good solution. The horn blower pays no penalty for disturbing others and not blowing the horn is much more inconvenient for the horn blower and his friend.

Iíve suggested to my friend that she could keep a water balloon filled with mud for those occasions when she feels she must respond (3am horn blower). At this level we live in a jungle and proper behavior is enforced by a willingness to confront others.

In the example Randall provides, I think a person's response may depend on where the person grew up. Some neighborhoods have strict ďpublic nuisanceĒ laws that prohibit horn blowing, leaf blowers, or lawn mowing in the morning or evening. In others pretty much anything goes.

john d. said at July 31, 2004 6:39 PM:

Thank you for writing this! This isn't such a problem for people living in suburbia so there they don't realize what a nuisance it is. But for anyone living like you said in a large apartment or for me near a small college with on-street parking with high parking turnover, the constant random beeping is a serious problem.

Without over dramatizing on my part what you said, it does bring to mind the stuff I've read of Martin Seligman ("Learned Optimism", "Learned Helplessness") of the serious negative psychological consequences of being put at the mercy of uncontrollable environmental forces. And the constant barrage of random beeps, honks, alarm bells qualifies.

For anyone who hasn't read his books, in one experiment Seligman had German Shepherd dogs in kennel sized boxes submitted to mild electrical shocks. In no time the demeanor, behavior (and personality if you can go that far) of the dogs completely collapsed till they were nothing but shivering wrecks. The simple expedient of letting them jump out of the box occasionally was enough to restore their mental equilibrium even after they were returned to the hostile environment. The experiments demonstrated the soul destroying effects of a bad environmental coupled with limited or no personal control.

In my case I was at the liberty to move. So the landlord was paying the price ultimately in a weak rental market.

But the phenomenon is not only rude but dangerous. On streets where autos park perpendicular to and facing the sidewalk you as a pedestrian can be walking with your earhole almost right next to the front grille of an SUV and catch the full blast of the horn as you walk by, with the owner conveniently 5 paces behind the horn out of harms way. That experience counts as a physical assault in my book.

One thing I found is the default key option for new cars is the horn. At least in (my) GM you can program as I have done to have the keyless system to flick the lights on momentarily, which admittedly works better at night. If this was the default setting then most people would accept this as a given. Problem solved.

Perhaps in due course the keyless transmitters will get a receiver too, so the all-locked signal can be received and audibly signalled as with a cell phone, without alerting the entire neighborhood.

TangoMan said at July 31, 2004 7:42 PM:

I don't understood why the car manufacturers don't put a little speaker in the keypad. That would serve as the confirmation noise. Unless of course, the car horn is meant to help the idiots who lose their cars in parking lots.

Engineer-Poet said at August 1, 2004 6:47 AM:

r indignantly writes:

I bought my car with keyless entry. I had no control over what type of sound would be produced when I utilized this function to lock my car.
You have full control over whether you use the keyless system or lock the car with the button on the door.  Claiming that you have no control over the obnoxious effects of your vehicle is disingenuous, like the motorcyclists who claim necessity to keep motorists and deer "aware" of them as an excuse for going without mufflers.

In a Libertarian world of frictionless tort suits, each intrusive honk from your car would wind up presenting you with a bill for damages.  In this world, I hope that noise regulations prohibit the sale and installation of such systems; your noise is no more welcome than the phone ringing with telemarketers, and should be outlawed.  People have the right to quiet enjoyment of their dwellings, and taking their quiet is damage no matter how you slice it.

Engineer-Poet said at August 1, 2004 7:24 AM:

TangoMan:  The Nissan Quest / Mercury Villager keyless system had a piezo unit in the transmitter as of the 1995 model year.

Such systems did not become popular, and it's not hard to see why; it doesn't matter what the transmitter is doing if the vehicle does not receive the message, so confirmation from the vehicle is all that matters.

Walker said at August 1, 2004 10:03 PM:

Well, as a libertarian, I hate resorting to legislation of any sort to prohibit anyone from anything that doesn't really hurt me. An obnoxious horn-toot (indicating that keyless locking has been successful) is a tough call, because the detrimental effects of the horn toot are hard to quantify. For instance, perhaps I am trying to get a goodnight sleep before I take the LSAT, and the horn wakes me up and really irritates me, causing me to lose half an hour of sleep. That would be a real harm. On the other hand, perhaps I am just brushing my teeth, and am only vaguely aware of the horn. Not a big deal. Certainly the user of the horn-lock cannot predict when it will be harmful to others, and like one poster mentioned above, they suffer no penalty either way. What answer is there other than legislation banning the horn-lock?

Well, I think the best answer is to write/petition auto makers. I am certain that a car could be equipped with any number of signals that could indicate that the car was locked properly-- a light pulse, or a quieter (or at least less offensive) noise come to mind. If people in general are not offended enough by the horn-lock to confront auto makers and to leverage their buying power to get the free market working to end the production of the horn-lock product, then I guess the answer for people like Randall is, unfortunately, tough luck.

Engineer-Poet said at August 2, 2004 9:02 AM:

It is exactly because the vehicle owner can't know what damage they'll cause with their noise that they should not make noise without necessity.  Firing bullets into the air is very unlikely to cause harm, but hitting the wrong thing is a definite possibility.

The manufacturers won't stop making noisy alarms on their own.  The problem is that the individual interest is worst for all; everyone (or at least a large number of people) wants audible notice to deter thieves as much as possible or just for reassurance, but nobody wants to listen to everyone else's noise.  People can only control what their own car does, so if even a minority wants loud behavior the manufacturers will have to respond or lose sales to other manufacturers or the aftermarket.  Unfortunately, legislation is the only fix.

If we had legislation, maybe we'd get cars which automatically called your cell phone if their alarm was triggered.  This would help to bother the right people and not the wrong ones!

Lgude said at August 2, 2004 2:09 PM:

I hadn't encountered them until I visited my son who has one car that does not sound the horn and one that does. The one that does is a VW and it gives a descreet little toot compared to the honk that emerges when I mess up with the buttons on the key and set the alarm off. I do notice that the horn beep is a more positive indicator than squinting at the tailights for a flash. I have never particularly noticed anoyone else's indicator beep so I don't know if they are louder than my son't VW or not. I can see that they would be more intrusive in a high density parking/dwelling area than in the suburbs where I was. Having had to reporgram the VW computer, but not for the locking beep, I doubt that all systems have easily accessable options to turn off the beep. The VW was tricky enough to discourage abyone not comfortable around programming electronic devices...its like the VCR light still blinking..the default will probably stay on most cars.

Chris B said at February 15, 2005 5:45 AM:

Keyless door entry beeps having been bugging me for a long time and I just thought it was me. I travel a lot and stay at Residence inn hotels which surround the hotel with a parking so if you have a room facing the car park all you hear all night is beeps and horn blowing. I also has a neighbour how does this everynight when he returns home. It drives me nuts that the government does not do anythign about this. If one person has this system it is a small problem. When every car has this then the problem will be out of control.

B Art said at August 8, 2005 12:05 AM:

Um, it's just quick horn chirp. What's the big deal? But hey, let's think a little more realistically... it's just a quick horn chirp. What's the big deal? Seriously though... My car, by default, had a quick horn chirp AND my headlights would flash. Wow... now I'm pissing off vampires! Well, I didn't like the horn chirping so I looked in my nifty little manual and found out how to change the settings. Now I just listen for my door lock actuators to make their noise. I didn't change it for the sake of others, though... I just didn't like the idea of someone knowing which car was being left alone. Nothing like advertising "Hey, I'm leaving my car for a while... go ahead and wait for me to turn the corner so you can break into it!". After all, it's just a quick horn chirp. What's the big deal?

Randall Parker said at August 8, 2005 8:49 AM:

B Art,

If the beeping horns are not a big deal then why are so many people annoyed by them?

Don said at August 15, 2005 7:28 PM:

I could not agree more. I live in a new condo, above the parking garages and this one idiot insists on parking his car outside his garage since his garage contains boxes and other stuff, so I am subjected to the loud horn blast every time he comes home around 11 PM, and I go to bed around 9:30 for work - it wakes me up each night. I never relaized before how obnoxious that sound is and yet I hear it all the time with people blissfully unaware. I asked him nicely when he comes home late to use the keypad inside the car so it does not make that horn sound and he acted offended and is now doing it twice at night to keep me up. Ugh!

J Han said at August 31, 2005 8:04 AM:

We need more help.
I'd like to think that a majority of people do care about others.
Let's not forget about the use of a horn for purposes other than emergencies. Most places have laws stating so. Perhaps I live in an urban area and have become immune to the honking of horns because of the horn answer back. How would you like it if I ran your child over in my Ford Excursion because I ignored the horn signal that someone else gave me when I was backing up? Just think about it? Then whose responsible? Some car makers like BMW use a seperate "digital" sounding indicator that does not sound like a warning signal. I like the idea of the car answering the remote when it's locked much better though!

pghee@hotmail.com said at September 16, 2005 10:54 AM:


For the past few years I have been trying to warn, or in the least, get America to reflect on the new trend of socially unacceptable behavior which is cursing our shores and reeks right out of the very root of racism; racial actions that are done subliminally and that are never addressed. Sadly to say, not only have my hark and cry of this cruel and insensitive epidemic of rude behavior not be taken up by the forces which may affect change (media, academia and, both religious and humanist secular concerns); the epidemic continues to grow unabated and has taken on such unnecessary and preposterous levels that the ethnos rising up against ethnos spoken of by Jesus in the bible, will most certainly not escape these shores. Let us pray that New Orleans has become will of those crucial sparks that will ignite such. My major focus in on those little sparks, the ones that surface each and every day in the life of a person of color (or should I say certain colors or degrees thereof).

Along with a reprint of an article I wrote several years ago I will attempt to get the audience to take up observation of whatís happening out there in society in general and inspire them to reflect on their own actions as it relates to such material that I will present.

Currently I live in a city in which the black population is 3% of the whole. The next few sentences is by no means an attempt to shift focus or blame on another racial group, it is merely presented as a fact for the particular city where I live; I would have not put forth such had I been writing this from Atlanta or Baltimore or any other city where blacks (especially if there is a established underclass population present) represent a significant proportion of the population.

. The overwhelming majority of car thefts in this city are perpetrated by those of Hispanic origin

. The overwhelming majority (if not all) the chop shops are operated by those of Hispanic origin

. Because of the close proximity of the Mexican border, the major of the cars stolen for resale end up in Mexican territory, commandeered by those of Hispanic origin.

YET, IT ONLY TAKES THE GLIMPSE OF A BLACK AND THERE GOES THE SYMPHONY OF CAR ALARMS AND HORNS (P.S Folks most of us own vehicles too! We do know that you can lock the door without notifying the whole neighborhood)

RARELY have I seen such musical tribute being played on behalf of a Hispanic, odd isnít considering the aforementioned FACTS. In fact the only time I have seen it done was if the Hispanic happened to be so threatening in dress and manner or if he happened to be of such of dark complexion that he is mistaken for black, in such a case the reluctant vehicle owner might have to do the rude thing.

There is a game that I like to play. I like to sit out at an outdoor cafť or any other outdoors venue where arriving cars are being parked. I pick a spot where I am pretty much concealed from the arrives view. Funny! Unless another one of my dark brethren or aforementioned dark Hispanic passes by, there is no symphony. Imagine that, people get out of their cars without making mechanical noises. The symphony hall is quiet. Later I will change places and sit where I am visible. And guess what, ďWhenever you are near, I hear a symphonyĒ.

Earlier I spoke of this as a game but that is not entirely true. This is a personal assault on my dignity on my perceived worth as a human being, if ever there was one. How this new century behavior supposedly and more justified, genteel or warranted than the blatant verbal insults which whites had the permission to inflict on blacks all the the last century and right up until the civil rights movement?

Behavior such as this is unacceptable and every black who has to experience these insults to his presence, day in and day out is registering it; even if on a subconscious level.

And one day the levees of tolerance and dismissal will undoubtedly break?

This wake up call presented by Phillip Ghee 9/9/05

What Is Racism?

By Phillip Ghee

I can't believe how many people, including intellectuals, who when attempting to define and lend solutions to the problem of race-relations, continuously miss the mark when attempting to document racism. It is either some overt racist act that will ignite their passion or the dissatisfying groans echoing from the daily struggle of inner-city life, to which their focus is drawn.

The subtle forms of racism are everywhere. You don't need studies and degrees to figure it out, all you need to do is use your common sense and open your eyes, leave your book learned castles of dogma and experience common day life. Perhaps they should follow me around for a day with a hidden camera and I will show them things, subtle things, intricate things which, if viewed in proper context, should make their consciousness growl.

I am an African American male, although in my forties, I have been blessed by heredity to look far younger than my actual age. I am a conservative dresser and, in my oval framed glasses, collegian and studious in appearance. I have lived the bulk of my existence in the midst of white dominated society and culture. I have lived in predominately white neigborhoods and as a result have had more Caucasian friends and acquaintances than those who are black or of other minorities. I articulate will and am shy of conducting my business nor my social outings in a predominate white culture. I live on the trendier side of town in a major city, Los Angeles.

I have never been a victim of the racial profiling of any Police Department. I do not feel that I have ever been turned down a job, promotion or lodgings simply on the bases of my race. In short I should be the prime example of a black who, like a Larry Elder tries to rationalize, or suppresses their anger caused by the type of racial profiling which I am going to discuss. I feel sorry for a person like Mr. Elders who chooses to rationalize his way to a harmonious acceptance of the substandard characterization of his being, based solely on his color. I for one, will neither suppress nor rationalize my reaction to treatment generating such anger and, I am calling on blacks, especially those who have maintained a limited acceptance in the white community to do the same.

I am a victim, yes a true victim because the crime perpetrated against me I have not elicited nor do I have any control or means of averting the crime. I am a victim of racial profiling. No, not of the controversial type of profiling which is so prominent in our modern News lexicon. I am, and millions of others like me, victim of racial profiling although subtle, is much more sinister in its implications. Every time I leave my house, every time I shop, every time I pass a white women on the street, every time a white person gets out of their car and notes my presence I fall victim to this type of profiling.

Sadly, in the case of black Americans our lives are viewed by a different set parameters than any other group (and I will not attempt to justify it as being understandable). For instance, I am a hospital employee. Although, a technician I am required to wear the same white lab coat and expected to present myself in the same manner as the physicians. A visitor can only ascertain that I am not a physician by close inspection: a review of my identification badge. It never ceases to amaze me, how at first contact, a visitor or potential patient will employ all those same subliminal safeguards I call The Flinch: (jacket drawn with great urgency to cover their bosom, skirt adjusted down) , if white female is in the seated position. Upon sighting my presence causes hands drawn close to ( a reflex motion to shield the body), wallet pocket patted, purse clutched, car alarm checked thrice or even four times, children and even dogs pulled close to safety. And this is everyday. It's even worse than the old adage spoken by Malcolm X, What do you call a black man with a Ph.D. ? -- answer -- a nigg__. In fact I have seen pit bulls reacted to with far less fear and anxiety than a black, walking down the street, just trying to go about his business. How does one rationalize this behavior?

I believe situations like those aforementioned, are never put into check, No one ever challenges the dangers of these subtile yet damaging forms of racism and, as a consequence this behavior by whites towards blacks is growing at an unprecedented and alarming rate. Whites are beginning to accept this reaction as normal social behavior. Hey it is okay to get off my car walk ten feet then upon seeing a black man, work my car alarm like crazy. White women are beginning to accept as normal that when approaching a black man you must cover up completely or these animals might see your white flesh and attack you. It is OK for the shop attendant to ignore offering to black man the same courtesy questions such as : how are you today? Although these questions are extended to everyone else in line. I can't even remember the last time I was able to present a credit card without showing ID.

Are any of the intellectuals and social scientist ask the question what are we doing to the dignity of people who are constantly the recipient of such demeaning behavior? An adult overweight person can unchallengingly express the permanent damages done to them by being teased as a kid about their weight and, we are all able to sympathize and say how terrible that is. Yet imagine living a life where the things I have spoken about are happening non-stop and everyday to that young black male. What is he suppose to do when we talk about the greatness and freedom of this country, when we talk about the melting pot of cultures? When we through out taunts such as United We Stand?

The humiliation I am trying to express will still seem a small matter to most. I guess I will never be able to express the magnitude of dehumanization one feels from such aforementioned behavior. Perhaps it can not be conveyed unless someone has walked in the proverbial shoes ( each and everyday).

We are a diverse nation and being naive about another's plight is not a crime although refusing to relinquish naiveness may be.

The Roots of the problem

Racial Subliminal Programing leads to Racial Social Engineering: This is the root of the problem. This is an area which most of us fail to identify or, we ignore when we are confronting the subject of racism. This is subtle form of racism. It generates no hype nor you are able to attach sensational footage to it thus making it a poor choice for News at 10 or an Investigative Report. These factors are the most crucial ingredients in forming the platform of ignorance which racism will undoubtedly grow from. You can not pass it to your child unless someone is constantly feeding it to you.

The media is the primary feeding grounds for subliminal messages. Anyone with half a brain knows that subjects like black crime is viewed much differently than white crime. Everything from word choice to camera time is used to either deflect or enforce the subliminal image desired. The term: a senseless crime always denotes it has been committed by a minority whereas terms like tragic hints that it was committed by a white and thus deflecting the emphasis from the criminal (the being) to the crime (the act) . If there is a car chase that involves a minority, especially a black, you better believe that the cameras are going to remain on the scene to get that close up of the suspect being handcuffed and led away. When it is a white carjacker, after the chase ends the break away shot is that from the helicopter from a considerable distance and the close up is shown on the late night newscast, if at all. We all know this, this is not the important issue, the important yet unasked question is to publicly ask the media, the editors, the news directors, the question why are things reported in this way?

A Los Angeles Councilman once accused the Los Angeles Times of using the term "South Central" to refer to crimes that was being committed in areas way outside the boundaries of his South Central district. Surprisingly, the LA Times did conduct a review of its coverage of crime stories. They found that the Councilman's accusations were indeed true. They issued him an apology and promised to take greater steps in accuracy. The Councilman accepted the apology and the matter was closed. What the Councilman failed to do was to go one step further and ask the crucial question. Why do you editors believe the reporting was being done in this fashion? We will never properly address the issue of racism until questions like these, that tell us about ourselves and our programming, are asked and answered.

You see, by showing blacks as criminals, and by painting them as even more predatory than a white criminal engaged in similar crimes, you reinforce in the minds of mainstream American that these are people to be feared and not trusted.

By citing code words that have come to be associated with blacks, like South Central, you can still inplant that subliminal racist messages without coming out and saying what you really believe. Another example: If a black is shot and there is no way of indicating he or she was a black, you use a code phrase like "It was not thought to have been gang related"

Because of the constant bombardment of subliminal messages and racially motivated programing, this condition of racism can exist within the individual unbeknown to the individual himself. A person can be full of racist ideals and never set about or commit a serious racially motivated act, yet the mind set is still there. He or she still believes they are superior.

And he or she will more than likely institute all those talked about safeguards even in situations not deserving of such behavior.

Prejudice, Bigotry, Discrimination, Hate Crimes, etc. These are the outward _expression of the aforementioned mind set. It is where our attention is most often directed towards. For example, people tend to focus on the incidents of racism rather than the programming which allowed the individual to commit a racist act in the first place.

Grayson Byrely said at December 31, 2005 2:25 PM:

I also am tired of the the horn beep alarm set thing. I walk in our down town area daily and it used to be that a horn beep meant a car was close by and you should be careful or move out of the way. The horn was used as a safety thing. Now when I hear a beep, I pay no attention, it just means to me that someone is locking their car.

Mike Knuds said at January 6, 2006 5:05 AM:

To Philip Ghee in terms of car racism: Perhaps what you say is true. I am white, 6'2" and 205 pounds. I get people doing their honking, doorlocking thing by me all the time. White, black, or whatever, it's obnoxious. I'm thinking of going to my car and honking back at them. Mike

Dee said at January 21, 2006 7:11 PM:

If you don't like the sound of horns where you live - MOVE. In my wife's car (2005), the lights flash once to confirm that the doors are locked and then the horn blasts for 1/2 a second to confirm that the alarm is armed. On my car, I have 2 external alarms and 2 internal 120db piezo alarms if my shock sensor detects anything. At night, it is loud enough to wake everyone up (including me) within 500ft. My vehicle security comes first, and I don't care if people get pissed off by it. There are worse things in the world going on like war, murders, rapes, childabuse, etc. Another car's horn is not something I would worry about. For all the people who do - GET A LIFE!

Randall Parker said at January 21, 2006 9:18 PM:


Why don't you move out into the wilderness so we don't have to hear your car horn?

Car horns are noise pollution. We shouldn't have to suffer from your pollution every time you lock your car. That's rude. That's obnoxious. That is unnecessary and inconsiderate.

Rocco said at May 3, 2006 11:06 AM:

It is absolutely obnoxious, unnecessary noise pollution. It's unbelievable that people defend it, but those who do contort in childish, defensive anger about it ("It's MY car and I'll do whatever I want!") to weasel out of responsibilty for how their actions affect other people. It's not that those who are annoyed by it are "too sensitive," it's that we cannot see any good reason for totally useless car horn noise, every single day, all day long and into the night (where I live). I have a car alarm system that flashes the lights when it's armed--no sound. On several days I kept a rough count of how many times I heard it from my back deck, which is nowhere near the street--one particularly busy day in Chicago, I lost count past 50 separate incidents. It was probably more like 80-100. In one summer day, and that was just during daylight hours. As for the idiotic suggestion that anyone who doesn't want to hear it should move: I was in Yosemite National Park last fall and along a road where people got out to check out a waterfall, it became a symphony of beeps and honks not unlike my street in Chicago. It is now unavoidable no matter where you go. What the hell are the car manufacturers thinking? People who use these devices, clue in: you are destroying what little peace your neighbors still have in this world, for no good reason. Have a little respect for someone other than yourself, for a change.

BoSephus said at May 15, 2006 2:46 PM:

Wow. An entire webpage dedicated to being bitter and small. Makes me feel superior to you because I can handle chirps and beeps in my downtown office. Thanks for the ego boost!

David said at May 15, 2006 6:59 PM:

Somehow we lived for millions of years without the necessity of a battery operated remote device to allow us to lock automobiles from a distance of one to fifty feet AND make a loud noise to underscore what we had accomplished....it being far to much work to turn around and LOOK AT the vehicle to see if the door lock buttons had depressed, or if lights flashed!

Wow..what lazy and inconsiderate slobs who have no concern about anyone but themselves and their soft indulgent consumerist lives.

Horns were added to cars to warn people and animals of the danger we pose. Later horns were used by people too lazy to drag their sorry asses out of the car to go ring a doorbell.

If you have a car which can 'honk' when you lock the door....look in the Owners Manual...there's an option to disable that 'feature'. If you don't have the common courtesy to do that...then don't be surprised when a brick lands on your windshield.

You're just taking up space!

Jack Irons said at May 18, 2006 5:03 PM:

Oooh, your big downtown office--congratulations, Bocephus! That's great you can feel superior to a bunch of comments on a webpage. You're welcome to the ego boost--sounds like you needed it. Douchebag.

Stephen P. Phelps said at October 27, 2006 10:02 AM:

It's been a while since the last post on the subject of annoying horn beep's (during car door locking) by the ignoramuses who do not posess the intelligence of a can of baked beans. I'm not going to waste a lot of time on this post because those of you that lack consideration for others are not worth it. I just want to tell you that you all are a bunch of F...ing A..holes. Period!

Chris D. said at November 24, 2006 5:23 PM:

I stay in motels for extended stays and yes the horn honk issue is VERY RUDE in of itself much less all day/night long. I'm usually in my room trying to work and it startles me like as if someone snuck up behind me and yelled BOO!!! (makes ya about jump out of your skin) Summer time (tourist season) is the worst when they let all the cityots out of the ghettos. Usually when folks come in late at night they slam all their doors and trunk getting their things and kids in their room and by that time YES I am now awake but then they need to top it off with the horn honk. VERY RUDE. I used to think that the horn honkers must come from some rough urban hood but now it seems everyone has this annoying behavior. I don't need a trip to jail is about the only reason many have not been thumped. Cease your annoying behavior NOW.

Mike North said at November 26, 2006 4:50 PM:

I am glad to see that there are others who find car lock horns to be a disturbing and needless act. We have noticed that over the past two years at our condo complex of about 100 units that more and more morons have taken to the mindless act of honking a horn for the simple purpose of locking a car door. I thought that we were the only ones that were pissed about idiots and horns, but after talking to others, we discovered that the large majority of people couldnít stand the needless, perverse, inconsiderate, clueless act of honking horns to lock a lousy car door. I have confronted a number of the horn imbeciles in our complex and have had some positive results. Confronting these cretins shouldn't be necessary, since you would think that they would know that horns illicit a stress response, but confrontation seems to be the only thing these Neanderthals understand. I wrote the following and placed it on each door of the complex:

Noise: A sound that is loud, unpleasant, unexpected, or undesired.

Honk, honk! Are you awake? Have I bothered you? Is that what you are thinking when you honk the horn to lock or unlock your car door.

Please try and show a little consideration, a tiny bit of common sense and common courtesy with blowing your horn to lock or unlock your car doors. Most condos have their sleeping and relaxation rooms on the parking lot side, so when you needlessly blow your horn you are in some way disturbing most people; either by waking them up or ruining their relaxation.

Here are some simple options that can be used instead of a horn; push down on the door lock button when you exit the vehicle (you have to push the lock button to make the horn noise, donít you?), have your lock programmed so it doesnít honk the horn, or even, God forbid, use a key!

A 2004 article states that noise is the number one quality-of-life complaint for Americans.

Isnít there enough noise in this area without adding more unnecessary, useless noise? Try to think of others, not just yourself; show a little consideration, show that you are aware that horn noise travels further than your own ear. This is a community, after all.

If you donít use a horn to unlock or lock your car door, thank you for being considerate.

If you would like to discuss this further or if you need other tips on how to quietly lock or unlock your car door, please contact Mike.

Here is a tip for Subaru owners:

This information is in the owner's manual for every new Subaru vehicle.

With our keyless entry remotes, the sound feature can be disabled. It is the decision of the owner of the vehicle whether they want the sound notification or not. If not, they can disable the sound wherein they will only have a visible signal when using the keyless entry remote to unlock and lock the doors.

I am sure that other vehicles offer a similar way to disable the horn.

Thanks for having a spot where people can express their disgust with idiots and horns. Keep pushing to have horn clowns pay for their mindless actions.

edward said at November 27, 2006 9:14 PM:

I was never bothered or noticed the horn/lock device until recently and now after being woken on 2 straight days after 3 hours sleep each
day, I am at my wit's end. It's affecting my work and my well being, I don't even look forward to going home anymore, as I don't know when I'll be jolted next by a car honk.

How on earth is this invention allowed to exist? We need to pass laws or have the noise and public nuisance laws enforced and the car manufacturesers fined until they remove this device or let the owner know they may be liable.

The initial fault lies with the manufacturer, you can't force people to do the right thing, so the laws need to be enforced.

A potential big problem, is that the average insensitive moron gets used to this convenience...now some creep can get up at 3am or 4am and if he's not sure if his car is locked...he clicks the key remote and honks the horn.

I have new neighbors, and asked them the first week about their cars...they said one did have it..so i waitied...it is now a problem. I confronted them politley, and the 18-20 year old told me to wear ear plugs.

Should I go to a motel to sleep too?

What I don't understand, is that I keep quiet, why can't others? There is a function to turn the horn off, and if you can't do that, lock it by hand. I had a very nice neighbor in back demonstrate his, he clicks the remote and all you hear is the click of the lock...I've heard some horns that are very quiet.

To me the loud ones are very disturbing and embarrasing and I would never use such a thing and when i buy a new car I'll be looking for one that can disable this illegal function. It's fine if you are in the country but at a motel and especially a residential area it is ridiculous.

In most cities it IS ILLEGAL to honk a car horn unless it's traffic related..certainly not in your driveway even it's just once.
In residential areas it can be a violation in decibels and distance. If I hear a horn inside my place with doors and windows closed it has to be illegal. Any lawyers out there?

I hear it now 5 times a day, and it's not just when sleeping or trying to sleep, it's watching tv, reading etc...it' s very disturbing....and a form of abuse.

This is like a twlight zone episode on how to torture and torment modern man. It's inconceivable how car manufacturers can install something like this and i do believe it's a noise violiation in most areas and maybe we can sue them retroactively....I suggest documentating everything with video/audio and times of disturbance.

In some states like Virgina, it's a class 4 misdeameanor.

Whoever invented this or supports this noise should have their eardrums shattered. I'm looking for the first person to commit murder over this...I think it will be justifiable homicide...and I will applaud.

Please somebody help.....

TRM said at March 13, 2007 10:34 AM:

Ban the lock-beep!

fuchsia said at March 18, 2007 6:49 AM:

Horn-locks have been driving me batty for quite some time. Recently I started fighting back -- I have an old-fashioned bicycle horn, the kind with a rubber ball on the end that you squeeze to honk. I removed the ball so I can blow into the end (it's louder that way). When the people in the condos next door honk their horns to lock their doors, I blow my horn out the window at them. I mimic them exactly -- some people honk their horns three times in a row, so I respond with three blasts on my little horn. When I go out for a walk in the neighborhood I take my horn with me -- anyone who honks gets an immediate answer.

I have no idea if this will have the effect of making idiots read the fucking manual to change their settings, but the idea is to mock and shame them. The biggest benefit of doing this is for me -- it makes me feel less helpless (re. German Shepherd experiment cited above) and it is fucking fun! a real blast, you might say.

Before I came up with this idea, I looked up the vehicle noise laws in the city code (I live in St. Louis). The laws already ban unneccessary honking, but of course they're not enforced. I printed up cards on brightly colored heavy stock, citing the law and adding my comments, and left them on car windshields. This is what they said:

"St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 17.78
Vehicle Noise
The following acts or the causing thereof are declared to be in violation of this chapter:

A. The sounding of any horn, or other auditory signaling device on or in any motor vehicle or motorcycle on a any public right-of-way or public space, except as a warning of danger.

You have received this card because you were observed honking your horn when locking your door -- it's obnoxious and it's illegal."

This is harder to do because I'm afraid of the car owner seeing me touch their precious car so I've only done it a few times.

These are a couple ideas people can use to fight back. These people need to be made aware that their behavior is anti-social, and the best way to do that is to make them face some kind of unpleasant consequence to their actions.

And to the person who wrote "I'll keep using my keyless entry because once you've gotten used to it, it is too hard to switch to manual entry" -- it is "too hard"?! Fuck you you lazy SOB. Driving is a privilege not a right. I ride a bicycle to get around, so don't whine about it being too hard to take 20 minutes to figure out how to use your car properly.

Cali said at May 29, 2007 6:45 AM:

I have a car with keyless entry, and though I myself am annoyed by the beeping noise it makes, but it is flat out pathetic for someone to claim they should be "outlawed". I have tried locking my car from the interior lock button, but when I close the door, the horn noise is still made, and like other keyless entry car drivers, the convience is worth the annoying beeping noise, and is not meant to offend and angry someone, especially since half of us don't like the feature. To complain about it in such an obsessive way though shows a certain imbalance in a person. When the littlest beeping noises build up to this big of an issue in your life, you need some help. And I understand why it can get annoying, but if you're living in Urban areas...the car alarms are the least of your noise problems, so suck it up and deal with the fact that it comes with city-living. If you don't like it, move to the country and commute.

Randall Parker said at May 29, 2007 8:13 PM:


I just bought a car. The horn beeped when I locked the door. So I read the instruction manual and found a section on configuring the door locking behavior. I turned off the horn beep. It took me 10 minutes to figure it out.

As for car alarms: They are worse than worthless. Cars should send cellular warnings to their owners rather than blast everyone in a neighborhood.

Edie said at September 7, 2007 12:36 AM:

I strongly feel that remote locking mechanisms that honk should be outlawed. Itís moronic to need one. Isnít it enough to know you hit the button? Are you so incapable of hitting a button that you need a confirmation noise, especially one that other people can hear, too? I was mortified when I drove home my car 9 years ago and it honked when locking it. How inconsiderate (especially to my elderly neighbor, but also to everybody - a mother with a new baby, a student sleeping before an important exam, a bride before her wedding day, a person with a sick loved one, even just a normal person on a normal day trying to enjoy uninterrupted peace.) I immediately went to the manual and learned that a 3-second press on one of the remote buttons disables that ďfeatureĒ. Most people donít realize Now I simply (and peacefully) listen for the sound of the locks retracting and/or the lights flashing. Not so hard, eh? And it's not that we're too sensitive; it's that you're too insensitive and/or lazy and/or unintelligent.

Wasnít it enough to have electronic door locks so you donít have to reach around to every single lock in the car? Then wasnít it enough to have a remote perform the function? Why is that not sufficient for the lazy/dumb, so that loud, disruptive noises must become a part of the process?
Besides quality of life and mental health, itís confusing, and sometimes dangerous, if you hear honks while youíre driving, because you think itís something important and prepare to respond, yet itís merely somebody getting in or out of their car. Or, worse, you donít take heed because you think itís just a car-locker, but itís actually a dangerous situation.

Also safety-wise, I was just reading another blog where an elderly woman stated her concern that, besides a rude neighbor who uses one in her mobile park home, she feels as if her heart jumps every time she hears it. This is dangerous for her and more important than the ďconvenienceĒ for another selfish person. And Iím only 40, yet also feel that same heart-skipping-a-beat when walking along a street enjoying my day, perhaps in deep thought, and am startled by somebody locking or unlocking their vehicle so it honks.

It seems to mostly be uneducated, ignorant, insecure people who somehow feel they can assert themselves through their vehicle honk. My neighbor is dumb as a box of rocks, and when I politely asked him to consider disabling his truckís honk, he became defensive, saying he ďhad the rightĒ. Of course he has the right; thatís not the point. Itís a basic matter of courtesy and social responsibility to keep your own peace. Anybody who doesnít respect and appreciate that canít be that smart.

For a while, this neighbor moved out, and I was so elated, but heís since moved back (living with the inlaws). I was so dismayed. I figure the best I can do is to buy heavy curtain material, and Iím even contemplating putting up a fence between us. Our building code allows a 6-foot-high side fence. Iíll be kind to them about it, donít want hard feelings or heíll honk it more than necessary, as he sometimes seems to do.

Why should I be notified on a daily basis with sudden reverberations throughout my entire home when you leave in the morning and return at night? Or when you pull into or leave a parking space? I really donít want or need to be aware of your schedule. I have enough to try to concentrate on.
Does anybody know if thereís an official campaign to get those things banned for safety (and sanity) reasons? I would love to get a simple bill board erected in my city that simply states: ďDonít be obnoxious. You can disable your honking remote lock in 3 seconds.Ē Iíve also thought about putting flyers on the windshields of those who are either oblivious or just donít care about others.

I easily convinced my parents to disable their lock-honk because they have a cabin in the woods near another cabin, and it would disrupt the serenity for their neighbors. They are so glad they did for that and many reasons. I also convinced my paranoid mother-in-law, who liked it because people then knew her car was locked. I countered by saying that EVERYbody locks their cars these days, so itís obvious and you donít need one. Also, the locking noise just lets people know youíve left the vehicle anyway, so itís a sitting target. And we all know that subsequent car alarms are worthless.

I must admit that I find myself judging people's intelligence, courtesy, and class (not money class, but old-fashioned class) based on whether they do or do not use the lock-honk feature. I mentioned it to a friend who uses it, and she said she ďlikes itĒ. It just confirmed to me that sheís not the brightest , so I didnít even bother trying to convince her. If I was in the dating world, I would be seriously turned off by an oblivious, rude guy who had the feature turned on. People may jump on this, but it reveals a lot about you if you donít have basic consideration for those around you or are too idiotic to not think to check your userís manual.

Those cursed things really disturb what is supposed to be the peaceful sanctity within oneís home, especially if parked right outside, especially at night when the honk(s) wake you up. Peace is rare enough these days with cell phones and rude cellphoners. Why donít we hold it more sacred? People who abhor this feature (the smart, considerate ones) finally need to get organized momentum going on this. These things are proliferating like crazy. And for those who say to move, thatís a sad joke, because theyíre all over the damn place.

I can only hope those who use and defend their pointless lock-honk feature will themselves be awoken and disturbed or, heaven forbid, suffer a heart attack or be in an accident because another driver doesnít take a real honk seriously. Sad that I feel that way, but true. You (the oblivious or rude ones) have pushed us (the considerate ones) THAT far.

Denmark said at September 21, 2007 9:32 AM:

It's small comfort to know how many other people are a bit stressed out by those damned horn honking remote locks. I think some of the guilty drivers must fantasize being Batman, where he walks several yards from the Batmobile, then says "Shields", and his vehicle wraps itself in armor. There is no justification for the damn horn honk- just selfish or thoughtless behavior on the part of the "perpetrators". Read your owner's manuals for God's sake!

worksfromhome said at September 29, 2007 4:36 PM:

Obviously, I am a victim of this abuse as I Googled this page. I have contacted our Condo board who has sent a letter to the guy with the Cadillac who has to beep every time he comes and goes all day long...he doesn't have a job what does he do and how does he afford a Caddy? Another question for another blog. When I asked his twitty girlfriend nicely if they could possibly not honk every time they come and go she said "I don't think so." Every time they honk it interrupts my train of thought and makes me tense and angry. I have started to shouting "Welcome Home" every time one of my neighbors uses their horn honking locking system in front of our building. At first I was shouting expletives, but children live nearby. How do the car manufactururs get away with this? Why do people think they are saving money on their insurance by having this feature? Won't their rates go up when we do start throwing bricks at their cars? I've actually thought of keying this punks car, and I've never thought of doing anything like that before...not even to ex boyfriends. I had two Jeep Libertys and managed to disarm the honk within minutes of buying the car, I didn't want to honk all the time and I could hear my car lock and see the lights flash when I locked my car--how are these rude bastards justifying this? The little chirp isn't so bad, but the loud chirp chirp chirp and the dual honk is just rude. It disturbs the peace.

Thanks for letting me vent...wish I knew a way to get the message to the Caddy owner, maybe when the girlfriend has his third baby they won't honk as not to wake the baby. Or maybe they will tell their child "I don't think so".

Peter Myers said at October 13, 2007 7:40 PM:

I am another, so annoyed and frazzled by the #$%!-ing horn-blowers, that I stopped work and googled this page. Before I read through these comments, I really thought I must be the only person sick-unto-death of the noise, and of the mindless twerps that insist on making it. It did me a WORLD of good just to know there are so many others that feel the same way as I do.

Edie's comments, in particular ("I must admit that I find myself judging people's intelligence, courtesy, and class..."), almost made me break my neck, I was nodding so vigorously. The psychological analysis someone proposed, to the effect that these bimbos somehow feel better about themselves by being able to control something, had occurred to me too.

Is it too much to link various behaviors (born of the it's-all-about-me, the-hell-with-everyone-else attitude) of certain modern Americans? The horn-honking as we lock/unlock our cars; the cell-phone yabbing in the library and the theater; the deliberate blaring and booming of bass-noise from tank-like cars; and - yes - the point-blank refusal to put the 35-pound dumbbells back where they actually go? What is fundamentally (or some kind of "mentally") wrong with these mental midgets? Is it really something in the food or the water? Who taught entire generations of modern Americans that there is no society, no community, just their own immediate desires?

Lightscapes said at October 23, 2007 5:35 PM:

I'm so glad to have found this page and really enjoyed reading what others have written here. For the longest time I thought I was alone in this battle.

I'm happy to say I still drive a 1998 Avalon XLS that came standard with a peaceful remote keyless entry. When I'd bought it, it was one of the most advanced cars in the entire neighbourhood, and at the time I doubt few if any other cars here had the engine immobilizer, keyless entry, etc. I'm happy to say this car, being of a refined & high-class origin, never emits any beeps when locking or unlocking; I've never once felt the need for honks either since I'd either hear the door locks engaging, or see the lights flash. It doesn't take any extra effort to observe these either, when walking away or coming from a distance.

Since the past 4 or 5 years as cheaper cars with keyless entry started flooding the market, the noise in my area has gotten progressively worse. Sure, most of the high-end luxury cars did it properly from the get go, not relying on the horn but rather a dedicated soft chirp speaker, or other subtle cues (ie. door locks, lights flashing); the cheaper cars with their horn-enabled keyless entry seem to scream out "Look at me! I'm cool! I've got keyless entry too!!". No doubt the cheaper cars could have easily been fitted with a $25 separate and softer chirp, but of course these are cheap cars and the $25 would have cut into profits. Mostly I've been hearing the noise from domestic cars, but now I'm even seeing it creep into imports (such as Honda Accord, but thankfully not Toyota).

Now, whenever I hear a car horn blast from someone locking or unlocking their car, the word "disposable" comes to mind. Such cars are a waste or resources, not to mention the people who drive them and blast their horns ignorantly whenever they approach or walk away, thinking they their car's shields are now up. Batman they sure ain't.

In some 3rd world countries (ie. India), they honk the horn as they drive to signify to others that they're there; they don't even bother with side-view mirrors (which are mostly folded inwards and thus rendered useless). As such, noise pollution is perhaps 100X more prevalent, and it's annoying as heck if you're not used to it. Thankfully, their cars generally don't honk when they lock or unlock their doors (not that it would make much difference with all the other noise around). One thing I did notice as a result of the excessive noise is people are quite hard of hearing. I actually asked a friend of mine if all the noise is causing people to go half-deaf. "What?" is all he could say. I rested my case!

As Walker had asked, is there some way we can express our strong displeasure to the auto manufacturers or policy makers--via petition perhaps? It's not going to get any better until people realize en masse how big a problem it's become. In fact, as people continue to buy more and more "disposable" cars, it's going to get far worse. But by then it might be too late. :-(

- Pradeep (from Canada)


Now, coming to some of what others have written, here are some comments I particularly liked:

Learned Helplessness can arise from the constant barrage of random beeps, honks, alarm bells
- john d.

...it used to be that a horn beep meant a car was close by and you should be careful or move out of the way.
The horn was used as a safety thing. Now when I hear a beep, I pay no attention, it just means to me that someone is locking their car.
- Grayson Byrely

It is absolutely obnoxious, unnecessary noise pollution. There's no "good reason for totally useless car horn noise, every single day, all day long and into the night"
- Rocco

Why should I be notified on a daily basis with sudden reverberations throughout my entire home when you leave in the morning and return at night?
Or when you pull into or leave a parking space? I really donít want or need to be aware of your schedule. I have enough to try to concentrate on.
- Edie

Canucklehead said at December 18, 2007 5:01 PM:

these horn beeps are a totally unnecessary assault on my person. The car manufacturers should ban them before the governments legislate to.

Scott said at January 5, 2008 1:25 PM:

I have a new Jeep (2008) and could not find any way to disable the horn honk in the owner's manual. I've done a little online research and so far it looks like the only way to stop the honk on new Jeeps is to have the system reprogrammed by a dealer. I assume other Chrysler vehicles have the same problem.

Dan said at January 17, 2008 3:53 PM:

I am bothered by the horn-lock feature as well. However, I don't think we should try legislation, nor should we try to persuade other people to be considerate. I think Hollywood should be used to portray horn-lockers as uncool and pretentious. Societal pressure and public opinion are very powerful tools of persuasion. These two powers often dictate how people cut their hair and how well they dress. I hope I don't offend too many people, but you wouldn't be caught dead sporting a mullet - would you? Yeah, I didn't think so. Anyway, most people receive their social cues from the movies they watch; Hollywood is very instrumental in shaping public opinion. There would only have to be a handful of movies where a minor character is portrayed as a jerk, (for arming his car at midnight, etc...), for this idea to catch on. It wouldn't have to be a very good movie either. In fact, if it were box-office drivel, I'm sure it would reach the correct audience - the inconsiderate, uneducated, low-class and inbred horn-lockers.

Justice70 said at February 13, 2008 3:02 AM:

Well, I was looking for a web site that would tell me how to turn the alarm chirp on! and ended up here?
Anyway, Now I am not sure Its a great Idea? Geez- I would hate to be stoned to death for a chirp!
Holy crap, I feel sorry for any birds that live near you folks. I am not a rude person at all, And would feel bad If I woke someone up
That really needs sleep. But, I live In an area that Is loud anyway. Kids racing around with loud exaust tips and such.
So, I will for sure turn on my lil-chirp feature! The reason Is because "I can" The nice thing about living In the U.S. Is "freedom"
And, To hate someone for a "chirp" Is very disturbing! How about If someone coughs or sneezes? I guess we should beat them with a club to shut them up also! Hey, god bless you all but Its a big, loud, busy, new tech world. So, be happy and get earplugs! :)

C.D. said at February 14, 2008 7:19 AM:

Justice70: cityot, at least get some manners if you ever leave the ghetto or stay in a motel and park near someones room, your obnoxiousness is avoidable unlike a sneeze and how many times a day will anybody put up with that nearby. A low chirp is tolerable it's honk, HONK, HONK that may get that brick in your windshield.

Farina said at February 24, 2008 12:51 AM:

Justice70 you clearly don't know what others are really annoyed about. It's not the "chirp", it's that huge HONK. Trust me, they are 2 completely different things. I live in a large residential area and work from home. It used to be really peaceful here until my neighbor got himself a car with a keyless transmitter. Honestly i dont even know why he needs it as this compound has a security guard, additional gate at the entrance etc. The sound is literally worse than firecrackers going off. It's more of a startling, piercing sound that makes your heart jump, no matter what you're doing. Comparing that hugeassed HONK with birds, a sneeze or cough is just another lame excuse. It doesn't "hurt" to simply disable that alarm now does it?

dj said at February 26, 2008 5:37 PM:

Like others, I found this discussion from an internet search, so I'm coming to it late. Nevertheless, a few observations:

- In many municipalities, it is illegal to honk your horn unless you are warning another driver about an emergency. So wouldn't honking your horn every time you lock your car be illegal? I know this is rarely enforced, but one poster said that the dealer had to "reprogram the computer" to turn off the honk, and maybe this could be used as leverage to get them to do it without charge.

- Have you ever noticed that people with the loudest horns walk 20 or 30 yards away from their cars before setting the lock? Hint: If the noise is loud enough to hurt your ears when you are standing next to your car, it is loud enough to wake your neighbors.

- Disabling this "feature" was the first thing I did when I got my new car. If I'm standing near the car I can hear the locks click and see the red light on the dashboard, and if I'm further away I can see the lights flash.

As a former engineer, I'm amazed (though I shouldn't be) that car companies decided to honk the horn instead of spending another $2 in parts to have a separate beeper. They really didn't see a problem with this?

Oblagon said at May 22, 2008 10:55 PM:

I'm a white guy but I recently got a dark tan and it's been happening a lot to me lately. I sympathize with the poster above who posted on racism. This is a sick society, white people need to stop that behavior or be looked down upon by the rest of the world.

AJ said at July 23, 2008 10:08 PM:

I don't know how else to put it, except to say that when this invention of the chrip and honking car alarm came to be, it seemingly changed my life forever. It started gradually, and I probably never even noticed it at first: the occasional chirp here, or honk there. But after a while it would become almost omnipresent.

Probably the first and most indelible memory was around 1996 at a company I used to work for. I had come back from lunch, parked my car in the parking lot and was walking around to the entrance near the front of the building. As I got closer I saw a man walking towards me along the sidewalk. I looked nonchalantly ahead and saw him, I was probably smiling or had a pleasant expression on my face (I was almost always a positive, happy-go-lucky person in those days, in my 20s) but then as he looked towards me, and as he saw my face, he had an almost immediate and (then) peculiar reaction: he raised his right arm and clicked his car's chirp alarm, and the car made an arming sound behind him. And then as he watched me, he did it again. The message was loud and clear.

I looked down at the ground and just tried to make my way into the building as quickly as I could. I really didn't try to think much about it, or dwell on it, but on a certain level I was thinking: this guy is probably one of our clients; I've probably helped him over the phone before; I'm dressed professionally and tidily; I belong here more than he does and yet he looks at me and does something so clearly hostile and insulting. And I tried to put it out of my mind.
Overreaction? Not really, because in that year I didn't dwell on it longer than maybe 45 seconds max -- and I soon, thankfully, put it out of my head. It was only later that it would come back to me.

That first and strongest mental picture would only come back after the event would eventually became a near daily occurrence: Imagine every day of your life, the moment you step outside to throw out some trash, you get beeped; you stop to get gas, you get beeped; you go outside of your apartment to pick up the newspaper, you get beeped; you go to the supermarket, and you look around before you step out of your car, thinking that the coast is probably clear. But no sooner do you make three or four steps than someone sees you and you're immediately beeped or honked. And imagine this goes on nearly every day for over a decade.

Oh, it's not so much the noise, but it's what it represents. Knowing that every time they look at you, they're seeing a threat, an enemy, maybe a devil? Imagine what it does to you, what it's done to me, it's almost unfathomable. At work I play it off, I try to be friendly, at least as much as I can manage. A coworker says: "let's go to Rubio's for lunch." And you immediately think: where is it located? Oh my God, it's in the mall.
And you know that malls are not your friend. Malls mean big giant parking lots, with lots and lots of cars; lots of people to stare at you and immediately honk the moment they see your brown face. But since you can't come up with a legitimate excuse for why you can't go along, you decide to bite the bullet and just do it. This happened only last week, so it's fresh in my mind.

My friend and I made it to the mall parking lot and found a parking space that was just okay. Better would have been a spot right next to the mall entrance (less distance to cover, and less cars and people to pass). But all in all it's okay, if we can just walk quickly enough from the car into the mall I think I can be alright.
So far, so good. We get into the mall, into Rubio's and order some tacos, etc., and then we're heading back to the car. We are mere yards from the car and then I see it: a white female has just exited her car and is walking in our direction but across from us.

Meanwhile, I'm still talking to my office friend however I'm mentally thinking "oh my God. Oh my god. Please. Please. Please don't do it." And then I turn my head so that even as I'm walking forward I'm facing my friend as we just talk casually and pleasantly to each other, and mentally I'm probably thinking "look, I'm not watching you, I'm just having a pleasant conversation with a friend as we walk back to our cars. Look, it's a girl I'm with. I'm walking with a girl. Surely that will convey to you that I'm not here to be a threat or steal your car (not that I would even know how). Please, please just let me walk back to our car in peace."

And then she does it.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see her. She looks over and sees my face, and she stops. She Stops DEAD IN HER TRACKS. And then she turns and points to her car and clicks the buzzer. But it doesn't make any noise. She clicks again. She looks back and sees me. Then she clicks her buzzer again. She walks back, closer to her car and clicks again, making sure it's working. If I was to make a guess here, I would imagine it was probably her parents car (the girl was in her late teens or early 20s) and while her own car probably makes an audible beep or honk, this car probably does not, but she probably didn't know that because she's probably never had to vigorously try and arm it before.

By this time, I'm mentally shaken. If you've had to endure this same thing pretty much every day of your life for the past 10 to 15 years it's real wearying. I'm mumbling something to my friend, and she's asking me, "what's the matter? What's wrong?" I just try to mumble something else trying to change the subject or come up with some light topic. Meanwhile the girl walks by us. I stare her into the face, trying to show her my contempt. She seems upset and shaken herself.

Alan Deane said at September 6, 2008 7:11 PM:

I can't stand it. And the Glendale CA police won't help. I asked a neighbor to stop, so he cussed me out, honked several times again, and then tried to beat down my door. He, and others, honk loudly at my window, always multiple times, intentionally, and I don't know what to do.

cd said at September 19, 2008 10:34 AM:

AD- I wouldn't recommend using your full name. I see that Glendale is pretty much LA to me. Big City. ya cityots should stay away from me, do what ya can. Does your community have a noise ordinance? Call State Police or County if the city boys won't help. Charge them with DISTURBANCE OF THE PEACE. Do you know their phone #'s? Call (with privacy, get a Trac-Fone if necessary) when they "are asleep". Maybe whitepages.com (reverse or reverse address) will help. Good Luck. Nobody needs that aggravation much less when it come as a WAKE UP CALL!!!!

Keith Cassinger said at November 14, 2008 4:09 AM:

OH my freaking God! This post is amazingly stupid. I am looking for a way to hook up the beep to my wifes Rav4 and found this in a search. The frickin reason for the beep is to allow you to make sure the doors are locked morons. Yes, I could waste my time to walk over and check it, but this defeats the purpose of the remote entry. The beep allows us to confirm it from a distance. Some of us have lives where we actually DO things and walk away from the car (the WHOLE point of a keyless entry system) and want to know it's locked. I do manually lock the doors if it is late but I will continue to use the horn beep sound and am looking for it on another car. Not only that but this post has prompted me to use my horn beep even when it is late now wherever I go. Hopefully one of you complaining assholes will be in earshot and then I can kick your ever loving ass when you come out to complain. But you won't...because you are too wimpy to do that, you will complain on here and gripe till the sun goes down, but you are too cowardly to confront someone on the spot (unless it's a little lady)...try coming to my 6' self and saying shit, I will put you down like you deserve. You whining jerkoffs.

Keith Cassinger said at November 14, 2008 4:13 AM:

By the way, AJ, you made some very good points, and the only reason for me to reconsider using the beep. It is true that much is going on psychologically when someone locks the car, it is saying we do not trust each other and I believe that is what people here are truly griping at. Thank you.

Peter Scriabin said at November 23, 2008 6:53 PM:

This is to the selfish low-life, Keith Cassinger. Yes, pint-size IQ, your post is amazingly stupid, you were certainly right about that, and not much else. You really "think" (I am using the word in a charitable way) that someone who has just got out of the car needs a SOUND (let alone a loud honk) to verify that the doors got locked?? Lights flash on some models, on others there is a small, inoffensive click, quite audible even to a pint-sized IQ. Even an ear-shattering blast does not mean, with 100% certainty, that all the doors actually locked.

Perhaps you'd be well advised to turn the beep on yours and your wife's cars off, before someone 6'1" tall comes out and tests your digestive system for its capacity to deal with your own teeth.

j said at January 30, 2009 7:13 PM:

personally i agree. I even mentioned it to my girlfriend who comes to my condo. I simply told her it bothered me her honking her horn when she came to visit late at night and no one is coming to take her car. would she mind using her key or just leaving it alone while in my driveway. It's perfectly safe if that is what she prefers and i never lock my car away when here, a mercedes.

I even suggested disabling the horn. you press and hold the lock button, and then press and hold the unlock button. Hold both buttons until the hazards flash. That's how you switch between silent/horn mode for locking the car on most models.

she got rather upset over me asking and went on and on about her safety until i dropped it. For some odd reason she thinks the horn enhances her safety.

Moral of the story; enjoy parking on the street rather in front of my house announcing your arrival to everyone in he complex like you live in a trailer park. It's going to suck in the snow walking through it to get to the house. Hey, her car is safe though...yeah.

Alan Deane said at February 15, 2009 7:25 AM:

As for the title of this thread, they know it, that's why they do it. We (not so) simply have to make it illegal.

cd said at May 16, 2009 7:45 AM:

Come on aren't there others out there that are just as annoyed by the honk behavior? Has anyone been walking by someones vehicle heading into a store and had that horn blast from 3 feet away? Good thing we live in a so called civilized society or else heads would roll for such rudeness.

DJ said at May 17, 2009 12:55 PM:

After reading this tread, there are two things I have trouble comprehending:
- People who, after being told the honk is bothersome, go out of their way to continue doing it.
- People who think that honking their horn when they lock their car somehow magically makes them safer.

Annoyed said at July 9, 2009 11:15 AM:

I'm so glad I found this page! I recently moved into a new apartment and there is a car that has one of those loud chirping alarms. Not only does it chirp when the owner arms it, but it also chirps every few minutes until he leaves. I don't know if the alarm sensitivity is messed up or what, but it is driving me insane! I can tell by the car that it was not a factory installed alarm (it's one of those souped up, ugly old Caprice Classics). This is a very safe area and there is rarely vehicle theft. I'm torn between wondering why he thinks anyone would steal the ugly thing and hoping that someone will.

I've contacted the management of the complex, but they say there is little that can be done. I don't understand that since it's a noise complaint the same as any other. You give him a warning, then a fine if he doesn't get the alarm repaired or turn it off.

I thought about confronting him directly about it, but after reading about some of the douches that purposely made more noise after confrontation, I'm hesitant. I don't know if this is something the police would bother with. I just know that I'm three months into an 18 month lease. I don't know if I can deal with 15 more months of that! I don't understand why people are so friggin rude and inconsiderate. If you want to make noise (be it with your car, your stereo, whatever), buy a house out in the country so you don't bother others with your pollution.

Ron Kaage said at July 18, 2009 7:54 PM:

what asshats. NO ONE will steal your rust bucket car. STOP fucking with other people and STOP playing tiddley winks with your fucking alarm AND CAR HORN. only a foot on your ass will actually work to convince you inconsiderate jagoffs.

Groucho But Righto said at July 24, 2009 3:16 PM:

I, like many others who have chimed in here, am horrified that our culture has deteriorated to the point that it is acceptable for a person to blast his/her car horn when locking the car. I lived in California when this 'improvement' in car 'security' appeared. I was walking down my quiet street in San Francisco one early evening, peripherally noticing some young guy was getting out of his car, and proceeded to step off the curb to cross the street. Then "it" happened -- the guy's car horn blasted just as I stepped into the street causing me to jump back fearfully in natural reaction to the warning a car horn at close range is SUPPOSED to mean. It took me a while to figure out what had happened. I caught up to the honking guy and calmly and politely asked him if he would consider not blasting his horn when locking his car because it startled me -- as a car horn is intended to do. He said nothing and stared at my like I was asking him for one of his kidneys. Then I said that it actually was a form of pollution as well -- sound pollution. (Blasting noise into the air is no different from throwing garbage into the air.) He then said, it pure San Francisco pseudo-hipster-ese, "You're so retarded." I then said that my mental ability isn't the issue but his excesssive noise is. End of encounter, of course.

It then occurred to me that I remembered that the California Drivers Handbook states that it is AGAINST THE LAW to honk your car horn EXCEPT TO AVOID AN ACCIDENT. I repeat, AGAINST THE LAW. So the honking condo visitors are breaking the law (if they live in Calif.) and the car-locking honkers are, too. How are car dealers allowed to sell cars that are designed to BREAK THE LAW every time the owner locks the car?!?!

I moved to Texas last year. Texas is a car-dependent and car-addicated territory. Lots of 'em. Everywhere. Huge parking lots. It is IMPOSSIBLE to go about your business in any large Texan city without being CONSTANTLY baraged by car horns.

One day I took my 85-yr-old fragile Mom to a doctor's appointment. We stopped at a medical supply store to get an orthopedic appliance for her. With all modesty, I am a very good, very safe, very defensive drive. And when I drive with my Mom in the car I am even more careful. We finished in the store and as I was CAREFULLY and SLOWLY backing out of the parking space (in a small strip-center), I saw no other cars so proceeded to pull out of my space. Suddenly a very loud car horn blasted very close so I slammed the brakes, assuming a car had come 'out of nowhere' that I hadn't seen. No -- no moving car -- just some sappy happy lady with a bubble-do locking her SUV, which was parked next to me before she went in for her manicure or some other security-requiring activity.

So, all you who defend the 'right' to blast your car horns when locking: Please defend how your 'convenient' way of locking your stupid car at the expense of others' hearing (those horns are LOUD), safety (see preceeding paragraph), and sanity (Stop The Car Horn Madness!) is warranted?

I have a neighbor who honk/locks his car as soon as he gets out of it in his driveway. Then, as he walks down his sidewalk to his house, he honk/locks it again (to 'be sure,' I guess). Finally, just before he goes in his front door, he honk/locks it FOR THE THIRD TIME! His car's honk/lock is a double-blast so that means we neighbors are serenaded by 6 blasts of his SUV horn everytime this idiot comes home.

Now, work with me here...if it is 'convenient' to have a car that honks when you lock it (as some of you claim), why doesn't someone invent devices that honk at other times convenience is needed? How about a ear-shattering blast every time you have a bit of spinach stuck to a front tooth? Wouldn't it be 'convenient' to know that? Or, fellas, how about a device that blasts loudly when you exit a restroom if you've forgotten to pull up your zipper? Wouldn't that be 'convenient'? Why stop at car locking? We could arm our lives with a host of honking devices to make our lives one convenient -- yet deafening -- breeze!

Folks, there are waaaaaay too many of us in the world. We are all literally 'in each other's faces' as well as in earshot of each other. I contend that anything a person does out of CONVENIENCE for him/herself will ultimately cause INCONVENIENCE to those around him/her. Too much 'convenience' has gotten us into the global mess we are in on many fronts. The honking car lock is a pefect example of how a slight bit of convenience for the car-owner causes grave (annoying, dangerous, potentially damaging) inconvenience to anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby.

Someone on this thread said that he is used to hearing car horns all the time and assumes they are merely signals that someone's car is locked. Let me see if I understand this -- in order to survive in our car-honking society, we have to reprogram our nervous systems to recognize a car honk as "car is locked" rather than "imminent danger" and in so doing we are INSULATING ourselves from our environment. Think about that -- insulating ourselves from our environment in order to survive. Just what we need: less concern for each other, increased fear, no compunction for contributing unnecessary noise.

Early in this thread, someone suggested that a popular movie that ridicules car honk/locking behavior would be the only deterrent. People respond to popular culture stuff, no matter how idiotic. I agree and have a suggestion for the title of such a movie: "Death to Honkies."

Clairese Lippincott said at July 26, 2009 7:31 AM:

The horn beep or the alarm chirp provides NO ASSURANCE that the car lock is engaged, or that the alarm is on.

In the case of the locking system, all that you are confirming is that the horn beeps. If the one or more of the locking solenoids fail to engage, you (and all of your neighbors) will still hear that obnoxious, beep! If you reconfigure your car fr silent entry, you will quickly learn to hear those solenoids engage; even to the extent of noticing a different sound when one fails to engage.

As for those utterly worthless car alarms that chirp, squeek and howl upon entry and exit, those noises only confirm that there is power to the noise-maker. The noise does not confirm that the alarm is functioning or that it will perform as it should. The whole chirping upon activation thing is worthless and disruptive.

I have never encounters a vehicle where this system cannot be set for silent entry/exit. Check the owners manual for the procedure and if you are too techno-challenged, go to the dealer and ask them to set your system for silent entry/exit. Most dealers will do this for no charge, so you have no excuses left not to rectify this problem.

When your car beeps and/or chirps every time you lock and unlock, it is as if you hopped onto the hood of your car and announced to the neighborhood through a bull-horn, "Hey everyone, I am an idiot!" So, why would anyone continue to have their car beep/chirp unless they really wanted everyone to know that they are a moron?

tao1 said at January 17, 2010 12:13 AM:

I was starting to think that I was becoming the "crazy neighborhood lady" when my next-door neighbors' new roomate wakes me up at 7am or earlier every day with the car horn and I startle awake and want to go outside and batter their car! At first I thought it was someone tooting to say"I'm here and too lazy to come to your door", but no :it's my inconsiderate neighbor who can't seem to take the time to manually lock the car, or use the flashing light feature. At midnight,then twice more until 3:00 am (just a few minutes ago, when I came online & found this site)I am blasted with this horn when he goes to and from his car(lots of late night trips -none of my business).
And to those of you who are determined to use this mindless,intrusive tool- well, actually there really is nothing that could enlighten you .You're part of the unevolved -just taking up space .

Groucho but Righto said at January 18, 2010 8:35 AM:

Does anyone know of a national 'movement' or action group involved in the honk-lock problem? I'm tired of hearing myself complain about it and would like to do something constructive. I am not sure what would be the effective jumpin-in point: car manufacturers? State Depts. of Motor Vehicles? OSHA? I wonder if any US cities have enacted a ban on honk-locks?

Frank F. said at March 12, 2010 12:02 PM:

I have a 2004 Saab 93 which DOES NOT come with a horn-lock option. The key fob simply allows the courtesy lights to flash and one can hear the "swoosh" of the locks engaging. Of course, the car comes from a sensible country like Sweden.

gwow said at April 4, 2010 7:29 PM:

You guys are freaking crazy. People like you inspire me to randomly turn my alarm on and flash my lights at all hours of the night as I approach my car. I love making the noise.

Groucho said at May 23, 2010 10:57 AM:

Response to "gwow": First, I am so thankful that you are not my neighbor. Secondly, I am thankful that you posted, for you are exactly what is wrong with modern humans and precisely the type of person who needs to be hit over the head and waken up. You are totally self-centered and apparently lacking in imagination and devoid of interests other than annoying people. Let me take a wild guess here: You are an American, right? If you are brave enough to provide your address, I will happily drive by your home at various hours of day/night, pull in your driveway, and honk my horn in solidarity with your enjoyment of "making the noise." I'd even be willing to buy an airhorn, jam the button so it is blasting constantly, and leave it outside your bedroom window to raise the bar in stupid human behavior. Dude, you rock...I mean, you must have rocks in your head.

Anonymous said at June 15, 2010 1:44 PM:

I owned Hondas for 22 or 23 years, before the start of the keyless era. It pisses me off that Honda decided the horn sound is a good one for keyless locking. I would have thought they would have gone the route of other makers who use a quieter tone to signal the locking of the doors.

I will never buy another Honda if I have to keep that annoying feature.

For the folks who like to honk the horn (such as 'gwow'), I suspect they are also the ones who don't mute annoying sounds of electronics in public areas and yell into their cell phones so that all can hear.

Talk about 'evolution' of the species, we're in a period of 'de-evolution' of our species.

Really with Seth and Amy said at July 14, 2010 7:44 PM:

Fly - you are a fing idiot. people like gwow but who actually do it intentionally are fing idiots too. on the last night in my complex... if the neighbor who currently lives in the apartment that has a 747 engine on his truck and leaves at 600am waking everyone up AND honks his horn because he is too lazy to lock his car regular... look out. i will park in front of his window that night and have my locator horn go off hourly for all his rude wake up calls. sorry other neighbors, but most of them honk too.

Matt said at August 28, 2010 7:41 AM:

Wow, don't you people have better things to do besides complaining about half second car horn beeping? This thread made me laugh because of how stupid it is. Well I guess if you don't like a half second beep you really wouldn't like it when I drive by your apartment with your smart car parked out front in my truck and blow my TRAIN HORN at 2 am in the morning. If you don't like it, too bad, get a life and start worrying about more important things, lol

Johnny said at September 10, 2010 7:10 PM:

If a car horn beeping wakes you up, it's academic whether it's a half second or ten seconds.......it still wakes you up.

Letting people know,reasonably, that what they're doing disturbs many other people (and unnecessarily)is the first step to stopping the behavior.

Anonymous said at September 19, 2010 1:01 AM:

"Dee said at January 21, 2006 7:11 PM:

If you don't like the sound of horns where you live - MOVE. In my wife's car (2005), the lights flash once to confirm that the doors are locked and then the horn blasts for 1/2 a second to confirm that the alarm is armed. On my car, I have 2 external alarms and 2 internal 120db piezo alarms if my shock sensor detects anything. At night, it is loud enough to wake everyone up (including me) within 500ft. My vehicle security comes first, and I don't care if people get pissed off by it. There are worse things in the world going on like war, murders, rapes, childabuse, etc. Another car's horn is not something I would worry about. For all the people who do - GET A LIFE!"

Dee.... you are an idiot.

Engineer-Poet said at September 22, 2010 12:59 PM:

It's quite a surprise to return to this thread after 6 years and find it's still active.

gwow and his ilk need to get a clue:  the people who are telling you you're doing wrong to other folks are the tip of an iceberg.  Think about that for a moment.  You're making lots of people who don't like you and know exactly what your car looks like and where you park it.  It only takes ONE person with some creativity to pay you back with a lot of expense and aggravation.

Product Installer said at September 29, 2010 10:13 AM:

I was made aware of this thread by a major client of mine (auto dealership) and wanted to chime in.

For the last 8 years, I have worked as an installer of car alarms and remote lock handling systems and must say that business is way up. Business has picked up enough that I am now training two-dozen mechanics to act as primaries in the chain of stores we are about to open. We are opening locations in Seattle, NYC (2), LA (3), SF (2), Boston, Chicago, Miami and surrounding area (6), DC, Columbus, Philly, Pittsburgh, and Atlantic City (3). If you hate your factory-installed car alarm or keyless system, consider installing a custom system more to your tastes.

The trend has been toward louder and longer honks, with the newest craze being "horn-tones" that play all sorts of fancy jingles when you lock, unlock, remotely start, or remotely light your car. This morning, I just installed a comprehensive system in a young man's SUV, where these operations not only activate the horn to belt out a chosen melody, but also feed into a subwoofer system for accompanying bass strong enough to rattle nearby windows.

Look (or listen!) for our $149.99 special on the Foghorn Deluxe over the month of November. We can even install the Benny Hill theme song to play when you lock your doors.

NNJ said at October 2, 2010 7:12 AM:

Product Installer, The loud honking is annoying and illegal in most states; the purpose of sounding car horns is to avoid a collision. In addition, people have a right to quiet enjoyment of their home, so you could be liable in nuisance action. As for anonymous' comment stating his vehicle security is more important than people's health is really shocking.

Monty said at November 21, 2010 1:11 PM:

Cars are equipped with horns as a warning device. How auto manufacturers were ever allowed to make horns into a device to assure the doubting that their cars are REALLY locked is unclear and quite amazing. Power door lock assured us of this for many years with an assuring "clunk". We are being dulled to the purpose of the auto horn by hearing it arbitrarily used day and night. It IS a warning device by design. I was backing out of a tight parking space when I heard a honk. I hit my brakes thinking I was about to hit someone and it was the guy next to me making SURE his car was locked. This is an annoyance and a misused feature on a car, using it for a locking device. In our community we can be inside with windows closed, TV on and A/C blowing full tilt and hear honks from cars a hundred feet away as people lock and unlock their vehicles. Children will not consider the car horn a warning but just part of the audio landscape if we continue to blow our horns just to lock our cars. It is a consideration issue, a safety issue as well as a privacy issue. How about people of conviction on this issue spend a few dollars and place signs that say " Please be considerate of our (residents,customers etc) and refrain from using your horn when locking and unlocking your vehicle" ? Have the sign guy make up maybe 10 of them and put them around your neighborhood where the problem is at it's worst. How about a window or bumper sticker campaign ? We recently were dining on a lovely outdoor restaurant patio and a big SUV pulled in and the owner did a double test to make SURE it was REALLY locked, honking a total of four loud honks approx 8 feet from several parties of diners. This can't be right. It just can't be. Take action by making up small and tactful signs and placing them around town. Print some bumper stickers. Tactfully comment when you are startled by someones locking ceremony. Start a movement. Write auto makers and whoever else could help with this problem. Monty

NoiseNatzi said at December 4, 2010 6:20 AM:

People today are too stupid, too lazy or too rude to consider the effect of their short horn blast on other people in ear shot. They refuse to take responsibility for disturbing others even when they wake you up at night. If you ask them to change their actions they will then go out of their way to make sure they disturb you just to show you that they think they have a right to do it. They will say itís my car and itís not any of your business.

The car horn is an emergency device and should only be used in a true emergency. The stupid or cheap automobile manufacturers have used the short horn blast to indicate the doors are locked or the security system is armed because it is easier and cheaper than a adding a separate soft tone that doesnít disturb others.

We need to send a message to manufactures by not buying the brand of car causing this noise pollution. Hereís just a few of the ones that I am forced to hear every day and I will not buy: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and Nissan. I canít believe that these large automobile companies gave no thought to this issue! The design engineers and companies should be ashamed of themselves because of this stupid feature. If you have one of these cars you should complain to the dealer and get the feature reprogrammed if you have neighbors.

I believe all these disturbing cars should be recalled and fixed!

NNJ said at December 12, 2010 1:47 PM:

Monty you are on the right track, but I think in addition to community involvement, peer pressure and dealing with manufacturers, we need to try and enforce existing law on sounding horns. Health departments and Police will take seriously complaints of exceedingly loud and/or repetitive honks, and these motorists can be forced to stop. I have taken on the worst offenders in my community, many have stopped it or at least changed their decibel level. Our legislators need to know this is a public health issue, and allowing these actions to continue will create other problems.

Clevetown said at April 5, 2011 9:22 PM:

Today I was walking through a parking lot on my way into a store and was passing right next to the hood of a large suv when a very loud and startling HONK assaulted me. When I reacted out loud to this, the woman who had locked her car (amazingly just for the 5 seconds it was going to take her to roll her cart back to the store), looked at me in amazement. Annoyed, I explained to her that her horn had gone off right next to my ear. She responded by saying that she couldn't possibly have known I was walking next to her hood! Clearly, she had missed the point so I told her she could turn the horn off on her keyless entry, and she still responded with a retort like I was asking her to change her religion. I am absolutely amazed that more people do not figure out how to disable or change this feature. I cannot believe that the majority of people either never notice it or actually like it.

Silence Is Golden said at May 22, 2011 1:51 PM:

Lot's of good ideas here. Here is another one: Civilly sue all offending auto manufacturers. A fair judgment would reimburse each person $100 for each obnoxious horn beep endured. A city dweller may on average hear 100 honks each day. The $10,000 per day would help a person to either move to Wyoming or buy some really good hearing protection. The auto manufacturers would immediately recall all offending vehicles in order to permanently silence them.

NoiseNatzi said at May 29, 2011 10:11 AM:

The basic question here is does one person have a right to disturb another person with their car horn anytime they want to? The common sense answer is NO! Without civil laws if one person disturbed the sleep of another with a loud noise the person sleeping would probably beat the crap of the person who woke them up and it wouldnít happen again.

I blame the car manufacturers for a stupid design. Now I am convinced that there is a car buyer in America that actually think it is a status symbol that they can sound their car horn remotely. What is even more amazing is that they over pay for these stupid products. Is the average car consumer in America so brain-washed by media commercials that they have lost the ability to use common sense in spending thousands of Dollars for transportation?

This non-sense has to stop at some point but if the person with their finger on the remote button suffers absolutely no consequences for disturbing others then they will not change what they are doing just as the car producers will not change the design.

Please vote with your feet and your money. Do not buy these disturbing products and if you have one take it back to the dealer and tell them to fix it!

Hereís just a few of the ones that I am forced to hear every day and I will not buy: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and Nissan.

boc said at July 12, 2011 3:09 PM:

People who post things like "just a little chirp" are INSANE! These keyless entry horns are anything but just a little "chirp" but are LOUD. WHY would it ever be necessary to hear a horn honk so loud when one locks it to be heard a block away, even further than the transmitter/receiver can reach? No, this is a serious modern cultural problem and I support and sympathize with every single person who is greatly or even mildly disturbed by this, and those who are not obviously have something mentally or emotionally wrong with them to not see how disgusting this noise pollution is.

What can we do to stop it?? That's my question.

CK said at August 4, 2011 1:12 AM:

Getting mad about a horn beep is like getting mad about sand getting on you at the beach, it's something that happens so deal with it. Are you going to get mad about emergency vehicles driving by at night with their sirens next? I'd say those are a lot more obnoxious then a car beeping when it locks, but I'm not going to go ask the fire department, hospital, police department, etc to keep the noise down. Heck, starting up and driving my car(an old 73 VW Beetle) makes more noise then most locking cars. And I work nights so I'm leaving later at night and returning early in the morning. I honestly could care less if my car wakes somebody up with the noise of the engine, and it's not because I'm rude or inconsiderate, that just happens to be my form of transportation and I happen to love my car. Sure there are people that are inconsiderate about having the lock-beep in certain situations, but that's on an individual basis, not a generalization covering every single lock-beep car. I mean sure, if you know you're going to be locking you car in the middle of the night constantly(like if you get home at 1-3am on a daily basis) then go to the extra effort and turn off the beep, but other then that I see no problem with it. There really are millions of worse things in the world then a lock-beep from a car and if this is the one that bothers you enough to really complain about it then that's your problem, not the person with a lock-beeping car.

NoiseNatzi said at August 7, 2011 9:04 AM:

ďCKĒ is a good example of the people that donít get it.
We are talking about unnecessary sounding of a car horn caused by unthinking or uncaring people.
We are not talking about noise that we have no control over.

People who are safe drivers and have driven cars for more years than these remote keyless entry devices have existed do get it.
For safety they have programmed themselves to become very alert when they hear a car horn.
This is almost an instinctive self preservation response to take immediate action to either get out of the path of an on-coming
vehicle or if you are driving, take evasive action to brake or steer out of trouble.

These horn-lockers are startling other people in car parks, disturbing other people in their homes, and even worse, waking people
from needed sleep.
I think there are laws that have a statement that a person should have quiet enjoyment in their home without unnecessary disturbing noise.

I know there is a law against noisy cars and if ďCKĒ has a bad muffler and neighbors then I am sure that all his neighbors know him very well.

Oh! I got woke up last night by some sand at the beach!

DC said at August 15, 2011 7:53 PM:

Some of these car alarm horns are quite loud, and sometimes seem to beep twice.
I am an old person, and many times I have been passing in front of a car in a parking lot and the horn sounds very loudly, nearly giving me a heart attack !!

I have driven many cars, but never had one that made that annoying noise - I had assumed these were after-market alarm systems, but it seems reading above that car makers (maybe only from the U.S. ?) are using this system.

I know for sure that BMW, Mercedes, Porsche do not sound the horn. If I recall correctly, the default operation is to make a beep only if something is not closed correctly. My present car is a Toyota, and it makes a very tiny beep (from a separate piezo beeper - not the horn) when the door is locked.
You cannot hear it from more than a few feet away.

Article 256 of the Quebec Highway Code states "No person may sound the horn of a road vehicle, except in case of necessity."
However, when I asked about car horns being sounded when locking the car I received the following answer:
"Currently, there are no provisions in the Highway Safety Code prohibiting the use of a vehicle's horn in combination with the alarm system or the door lock/unlock system because such systems are not covered by road safety rules."

So I guess we're fighting a loosing battle.

CK said at August 17, 2011 10:51 PM:

I get exactly what you're saying NoiseNatzi, there's still no point in complaining about it. The horn beeps are another thing you don't have control over, so you ARE talking about noise you don't have control over, otherwise there would be no thread post to begin with because you would just go out and stop all the horn beeps magically. And as for people that have been driving since before remote keyless entry, times change, safety measures change, and it's not up to today's culture to cater to your needs just because you got used to something. Everything changes eventually, you adapt and move on with life. If the noise wakes you up at night, sleep with ear plugs in. And as for my car, the muffler is brand new on it and not bad, it just happens to be a loud old car and is only made to seem louder by the fact that my street(not even neighborhood, I just live on a cut through street) isn't a big city kind of street with other noises even though it's technically the suburbs of Atlanta. I can hear those horn beeps from houses half way down the street if I'm listening for it. I've learned to tune out the lock beep when I'm at home, there's nothing to worried about taking immediate action against as far as cars go inside you home, is there? And most of my neighbors do know me and love my car as well, they love hearing it go down the street and have told me so numerous times and they don't care even if I'm up at 2am working on my car and revving the engine trying to set the timing and idle because none of them are pricks that sit around and complain about things that really don't matter in the long run. They think it's awesome that I have the know how to fix my own car and keep it up. And I'm sure when I start revving the engine it's a good bit louder then a horn beep and they still don't mind.

NNJ said at August 24, 2011 5:17 PM:

CK you are so wrong, there is a point in complaining AND one CAN have control over it, especially when honking is done near one's residence. We all have a right to quiet enjoyment of premises, and we all have a right to request that State laws and local ordinances re: motor vehicles are enforced. In fact, a recent WA court decision held that car horn honking is not protected under first amendment. Obviously, in big cities the standards of enforcement are going to be different. But in the overwhelming majority of communities, MV horn laws can and will be enforced, if it is by peer pressure, civil suits, health depts or police agencies.

willy wonka said at September 1, 2011 10:07 AM:

People whining about car alarms, noise and honking can go phuck themselves, that's right, need me to say it to your faces biyoatches ? Nobody gives a flying phuck about your panzyass sense of entitlement. You want a noise free world go live in a sound proof box dickhead.

Jeanine said at September 1, 2011 8:10 PM:

Iíve been researching this topic for almost a year, and there is no organized campaign opposing the technology other than individual communities banning its use within certain boundaries. Itís up to us to change this on a broader scale. I've started a very preliminary campaign and would love it if some of the authors from this forum would consider joining forces. Get in touch with me, find out what I've done and what I want to do, and see if you think you'd like to get involved. I've found that since deciding to work on this effort and getting started, it's helped a little in dealing with the situation.

The Adviser said at October 29, 2011 7:10 PM:

If you'd like a noise free, "no beep - environment", then go live in the cemetery or in the middle of a golf course, or better yet on top of a remote mountain, on-your-own! You critical 'noise watchers' are as insensitive and insensible as those carefree & careless noise makers! You are both extremists!

I hope your dogs don't bark; your smoke alarms don't blip; you & your partner or kids don't yell/scream at each other; you don't party at home or at the bar; you don't turn up your TV sets during sports season; you never sounded your car horn ever. And I hope you'll never lose your voice, or lose your car, or be helped by an ambulance or assisted by patrol cars and fire trucks! Don't be hypocrites!

Before you write anything, please use your brain more than your fingers or your mouth. Accidents can happen anytime, and a subsequent noise is mostly apparent. It could be your relative's car (thief alarm), your neighbors' life (burglar alarm, smoke alarm), your parents' health are at stake (ambulance) - be sensible and empathetic. Learn to accept that our technology has evolved tremendously, for everyone's safety. If still you find this difficult to accept, or just too obstinate to break your crooked belief and imprudent principle, please see a doctor. Or better yet refer and conform to the first paragraph of this comment.

MarkNJ said at November 10, 2011 8:29 AM:

'Adviser' Yes, there are many inconveniences of noise in life but ones you list are not as frequent as remote honks. The fact is an automobile is likely used 300+ days a year, and the constant exposure to remote honks loud enough to be heard 200 feet away is a public health nuisance. It is troubling that the remote honk is unnecessary, that alarms can be armed, doors locked WITHOUT honking.

NoiseNatzi said at November 14, 2011 11:41 AM:

ďAdviserĒ: I have no clue as to how you got on the subject of public safety. Have you read the other comments on this site? We are NOT talking about fire trucks, ambulances and patrol cars.

I do have a few questions for you.
Have you been awakened at 3:00am by an automobile horn?
Have you walked in front of a Ford, GM, Nissan, Honda or Jeep in a closed parking garage and the owner pressed the button on their remote keyless entry and sounded their car horn a few meters from your ears?

If the answer is NO then I say the answer is NOT YET.
When it happens you will understand what this site is all about.

Thanks for reading and please do not purchase these disturbing horn-locking cars until they fix this stupid feature.

Danny said at January 1, 2012 12:11 PM:

I recently bought a car alarm
It was gonna chirp upon activation
I asked that they set it to flash only since i often come home at 3am
I park inside my building so i knew itd for sure wake people up
I didnt need a forum it was common curtesy
Also i had it set to least sensitive and i tested it
Wont go off unless you open a door or when i set it and stay in the car it goes off also when taken out of neutral
Im willing to bed money that if u buy a new car with these features you can have it set up so it wont drive people crazy
I dont need to hear it
My lights flash when i lock and the lil blue light tells me the alarms on
If u need to confirm it still works just use panic mode or trigger it yourself during the day when noone will care
We check our smoke detectors once every 6 months or year
So i doubt we need to check our sirens very much
Just my opinion

Groucho But Righto said at January 10, 2012 3:28 PM:

I initially posted here on July 24, 2009 (see above) and thought I'd check out what's happened in past couple years. The struggle against unnecessary loud noise in our society continues. To those of you who posted annoying remarks that those of us who feel unnecessary noise, such as car honking when locking, is a "right" or that we should "get over it"....I have a suggestion. Since so many people need a deafening blast or three of their horns to assure them that their Pontiac is locked, I propopse the following essential modern inventions: (1) a eardrum-damaging horn that sounds whenever a person has a piece of spinach stuck to one of his/her front teeth and (2) a deafening alarm that goes off whenever a guy walks out of a public restroom forgetting to pull up his zipper. Wouldn't our lives be vastly improved with such inventions. If we can monitor our teeth and zippers without honking, why can't we monitor our car locks? Seriously, why must EVERYONE within earshot know that your car is now locked?
And I have a new mantra: In the 21st century, anything a person does for convenience usually results in inconvenience and annoyance to a good number of people "downwind." How convenient to hear your car honk when you've locked your car. How annoying and inconvenient to everyone else.
And as for barking dogs....I love dogs. I have one. He barks and if I'm home and he starts barking -- in the house or in the yard -- I DO SOMETHING so he'll stop. He's learned to stop barking when I tell him to. Unless there is a marauding band of thugs in your yard or a murderer trying to break in, there is no point for a dog to continue barking at "NOTHING." But a responsible dog-owner will attempt to stop the dog's unnecessary pointless barking. I have a neighbor with three dogs and he'll let 'em bark like crazy, even when he's in the backyard with them. They are big dogs with very loud, ear-shattering loud barks. So the dogowner has the right to disturb my peace at any time of the day or night just because he is too stupid, inconsiderate or just incapable of controlling his pets? I know, I know...dogs bark...but irresponsible owners let them bark and bark and bark (which isn't good for the dog).

Melissa said at January 27, 2012 4:23 PM:

If you live in a crowded neighborhood as I do and travel to hotels as I do, you can appreciate this post: honking your horn to lock your door is obnoxious and lazy. I was parked outside a thrift store unloading a donation and a gentleman and his family parked right behind me on the curb. Very close, but legitimate parking. Just as I lifted a heavy box of dishes out of my trunk, he decided to honk his horn. His car was about 18 inches behind me. As the dishes crashed to the ground and I yelled "mother f**ker," he wanted me to apologize to his wife and kids for being so inconsiderate! What a jerk. Don't be so lazy that you can't use the key to lock your car and don't be in such a hurry that you can't check to see that it is locked before you walk away. What has our society come to?

NoiseNatzi said at February 17, 2012 7:58 AM:

There is no individual right to convenience in America or any other country on Earth.

If this problem is allowed to continue it will lead to friction between people instead of friendship.

I do not understand how people can think that convenience is more important that common sense. Should everyone in American be allowed to play loud music anytime they want to?

My first post on this site was on 12/04/2010 and I can report, in my opinion that the horn-locking car problem is worse today than it was then. I stayed in a motel last night and a new Ford parked in front of my room and woke me up.

Please send a message to car manufactures by not buying the brand of car causing this noise pollution. If you have one of these cars you should complain to the dealer and get the feature reprogrammed.

DO NOT BUY these cars! Vote with your feet and your money and we can make a better and quieter world for everyone.

The brands in order of the disturbing me in 2012:
1. Ford
2. Honda
3. Nissan
4. GM (Government motor)
5. Chrysler-Jeep (Fiat)
I believe all these disturbing cars should be recalled and fixed!

Thanks for reading

Mike said at March 25, 2012 3:19 PM:

QUOTE: B Art said at August 8, 2005 12:05 AM:

Um, it's just quick horn chirp. What's the big deal? But hey, let's think a little more realistically... it's just a quick horn chirp. What's the big deal? Seriously though... My car, by default, had a quick horn chirp AND my headlights would flash. Wow... now I'm pissing off vampires! Well, I didn't like the horn chirping so I looked in my nifty little manual and found out how to change the settings. Now I just listen for my door lock actuators to make their noise. I didn't change it for the sake of others, though... I just didn't like the idea of someone knowing which car was being left alone. Nothing like advertising "Hey, I'm leaving my car for a while... go ahead and wait for me to turn the corner so you can break into it!". After all, it's just a quick horn chirp. What's the big deal?


Bobby said at March 25, 2012 3:24 PM:

These are horrible. What can we do about it???

Johnny said at April 1, 2012 6:43 PM:

This is the note that I leave on cars if I am unable to chat with the owner :

Kind Neighbor,

Please consider dis-abling the loud noise your car makes when you lock the doors. This disturbing (and unneccessary ) feature, on some vehicles, is called the "remote-locking answer-back". It's a very simple fix but all cars are slightly different. Your mechanic or car sales-person will know.

Thank you for your consideration,

Johnny at # 101

The important point here is that INFORMING people that what they are doing is a disturbance, is a vital first step. If nobody actually SAYS anything then unconscious logic kicks in with the message to the offender that if nobody is complaining, then it must not be bothersome.

Ditto, by the way, for car sales people and Manufacturers. Inform them pleasantly.....don't shout at them. Quite effective.

Sonja said at July 5, 2012 7:59 PM:

Our neighbors, a family of 5 drivers with 4 cars are constantly coming and going. They all hit the button twice to lock the car which then beeps the horn. They also sit in the driveway and beep the horn for someone to come out of the house, as well as beeping to have the garage door opened or closed. It starts about 6AM and goes until 1AM. We decided to approach them thinking maybe they didn't realize how loud the horns are since the noise ricochets off the house. Bad decision. The wife denied ever using the horn and said they knew better and would NEVER beep their horn. Needless to say the beeping has gotten worse with their family members and friends doing it. We thought approaching them was a good idea but we should have realized that people who do this have no class and would not be able to be civil human beings. When the time is right to sell we will be forced to move to have peace and quiet. The idiot car manufacturers who invented this feature should be tortured by the beeping of car horns.

NoiseNatzi said at July 13, 2012 9:18 AM:

NoiseNatzi Horn-locking Update

Disturbing other people with a vehicle horn for your convenience is WRONG and most people know it.
This stupid horn-locking feature is just another form of noise pollution and it takes away our freedom.
A vehicle horn is a safety device and should not be used after parking unless there is a real emergency.

We have the power to change this and make the world a better and more peaceful place!
More laws wonít work but freedom of choice will. When you purchase your next vehicle vote with your
money and your feet and do not buy these disturbing brands.
Only then will the auto industry correct this bad design!

Here is a list of vehicle brands listed in order of disturbance to me in 2012:

1. Honda
2. Ford
3. Nissan
4. GM (Government motors)
5. Chrysler-Jeep (Fiat)
6. Mazda
7. Hyundai

If you are one of the people disturbing others please check your ownerís manual for re-programming
instructions or call your dealer for help.

Thanks for reading.

whatdidijustreadOMG said at February 17, 2013 5:48 AM:

Wow. I don't even know where to start. There are seriously some crazy posters here. I'm not downing anyone for having their opinion because I have mine as well. I respect that each of you have your own. BUT!! Some of these comments where, well....A proper verb doesn't come to mind without being rude.... so ill keep that to myself. I can't leave without saying this.... The lady early on in this thread.... The one who said she carries a bicycle horn around and blows it back at those who blow their car horn. jeeezzzzz. crazy much?? Wow, just WOW.

ctb said at June 16, 2013 1:42 PM:

Mr. whatdidijustread ....

Um, nobody is "crazy" for pointing out and commenting on the sad reality that a large group of Americans are mentally unable to get in or out of their cars without honking their horns loudly.

EVERY American neighborhood is now a Walmart parking lot. The narcissists, the zombie/machine people, the idiots who can't fathom how to operate machinery, all these folks are honking merrily away all day and all night in our midst ... but you think anyone who blasts a horn back at them to wake them up from their stupor is crazy?

Wow, just WOW.

ali said at July 20, 2013 1:53 AM:

A vehicle's horn should not be sounded when a vehicle is stationary anyway so all you bleeper's GO BACK AND LEARN YOUR HIGHWAY CODE! if you dont know your highway code, you shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car IMHO.

James said at July 23, 2013 11:32 AM:

Beeping a horn when locking a car is just another indicator at how much more selfish and less considerate of others persons are becoming. I'm not even convinced it is necessary. I had a 2006 Honda Pilot. Pressing the remote lock button once would flash the lights, lock the car, and set the alarm without a honk of the horn. Pressing it a second time would honk the horn for a short blast.

Anonymous said at December 14, 2013 6:45 AM:

I used to enjoy going to sleep with my window open during the warmer seasons. Last year someone moved in next door (who is actually a guest of the owner) who has a keyless lock horn on her car. She drives in and out at all hours of the night and when she returns, blows the horn to lock the doors, waking me up. I now have to sleep with the windows locked, and with earplugs to avoid being awakened in my own home for which I pay taxes. She refuses to turn off the lock-horn feature and the town government has no interest in helping me.

To those who have defended the horn-lock feature; do you think this is fair?

Todd said at January 4, 2014 7:15 PM:

Honda's are as far as I can tell the loudest honk lockers around and women are the worst offenders.
I've confronted several of them recently and they are actually too stupid to understand that it's the
second button push that causes the horn to sound.

Jane said at January 13, 2014 4:33 AM:

I sit here writing this in desperation as I was woken up again at 5:10 am by a Chevy Tahoe right outside my bedroom window. these people do this every weekday morning from about 5-5:30. The vehicle blasts two quick honks, but they are so piercing and intense. It's about twice as loud as the other horn locks I've heard. I have bought three different types of earplugs, but they don't block this noise. Once I'm awake at 5am I can't get back to sleep. I asked the guy in the parking lot if he could not do it in the early morning hours and he smirked at me. I am getting an hour of sleep robbed from me every morning and am my wit's end. Where's the common courtesy? I never did anything to them! I'm so frustrated!

NoiseNatzi said at January 24, 2014 11:37 AM:

The New World of Noise Void of Common Sense

Jane, I feel your pain. You are ďpreaching to the choirĒ.
I have been bothered by several GM family trucks that sound the horn twice when the doors are UNLOCTED remotely. The first time I heard and saw this I didnít believe it could be true! The largest auto company in the world had mass produced this crazy disturbing feature!

I blame the auto industry for this stupid design but the people with their finger on the remote button are compounding this audio invasion into our freedom preventing us from enjoying our personal lives. You may have read my previous 5 comments on this site starting in 2011.

I have been disturbed by these horn-locking vehicles for over 9 years now. This problem has become a lot worse since 2009. I think this is because using the horn for these convenience features saves money on the unit cost of production and increases company profits. Using the horn is much cheaper and easier than designing and adding a separate low volume electronic beep as Toyota and other smarter car companies have done.

The horn-honking vehicle problem will get worse as more auto-start vehicles hit the streets. This is the ultimate in convenience but also the ultimate in disturbance. These unoccupied vehicles are started from the comfort of the ownerís home so they can be warm and ready. You know that these big work trucks have to leave early in the morning to get on the job so sleeping late for neighbors and motel guest will be a thing of the past.
The 2 short horn blast are a warning signal in case the vehicle is parked inside an attached garage and started by accident. If this happens there is a possibility that all the people in the home could be killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. This has already happed all over the country. I suppose the horn honks save the auto company from expensive wrong full death law suites.

I would like to make a suggestion that you do not try to talk to anyone that is waking you up. Also do not try to pull a hurt dog out of the road that has been hit by a car. You will be bitten by the dog just as you will be verbally abused by the people you are trying to reason with. I think most of these horn-lockers today know they are disturbing other people. Some are mad because their dealers want them to pay money to change this feature from the honking the horn to flashing the lights. Some are mad because of buyerís remorse wishing they had never bought their vehicle. Some love loud noise, love this feature and think you should mind your own business.

Thank you for reading and thank you Parrapundit.com for maintaining this archive since 2004.


EggThrower said at May 12, 2014 9:12 PM:

My guess is since politicians are some of the most lazy narcissistic people on the planet, auto manufacturers will be allowed to continue offering tthisnnonsensical feature.

I live in a condo that faces the parking lot. For every door lock horn, I have an egg in my fridge to answer back with. No harm in that right horn honkers? Just a little annoyance. They're my eggs, I have the right don't I? ;)

Carl said at July 31, 2014 3:50 PM:

Horns are meant as a 'watch out' or 'danger'. Not, 'I just pulled up to the outdoor cafe so I'll bother everyone who's dining outside with a good blast of my horn.' Inconsiderate self-centered jerks. My car's lights blink when the car is locked/unlocked. What is the problem with that? Silent but pretty hard to miss. If you're not sure it took, hit the little lock button again!

ABCD said at August 7, 2014 12:18 AM:

I deal with 3 neighbors who make noisy beeps (It used to be 4). I wear a set of ear plugs and head plugs at the same time to cover up the noise from reaching my ears. It's uncomfortable but I have no choice. I just wish that someday the government will finally recognize this issue. I dont think it's necessary for a car to make a sound to let the owner know that the car is locked. Plus, a generated sound itself does not guarantee that the car is 100% locked. The best way to know if your car is being locked is to try to pull the door handle and see if it works. if you're in a rush, you can just see the flashing light made by the car when it's being locked/unlocked. One of my neighbor's car beep is not too noisy and it doesn't bother me, but the rest of my neighbors do. I think the government should give somekind of restriction for the car alarm sound to a certain amount of decibel (dB). That way, it can still make a sound for the owner to know but not disturbing other people.

Merceritis said at October 9, 2014 5:52 PM:

I had a great idea about this. If there is a spot where there is consistently annoying horn behavior, there is one thing that will really grab the attention of the people who often don't care about horns at all. That is, to make it louder.

I know it seems counter-intuitive, but here is how this could work: You grab 1-to-4 cheap air horns and maybe even rig them with a cheap arduino or something similar, so that if it hears a noise over X decibels, it would activate the air horns milliseconds after the original horn. This will increase the volume of the original horn. The effects of this could be,

1) The owner of the intrusive horn suddenly realizes how much noise they are causing(even if it isn't their horn, it is still being caused by them) and stop, or at least think about it.
2) The owner of said horn is an asshole and wants to honk their horn even more to cause irritation in the public sphere. This will lead to the discovery of the device, and hopefully the discovery of the asshole who consistently honks their horn at this spot. Officers in my area are lax about weekend party noises and such, but something like this would get the attention of many callers and possibly a confrontation by officers. Especially if it happens frequently.

I'll be honest when I say I actually don't become bothered by most horns. Most owners are at least trying not to cause disturbance, and this is totally fine. But when someone just sits on their hood and locks their car 50 times because they like the sound of it, they can go eat some of MY decibels. I've never done this, but it was just an idea for people who have frustrating neighbors. Who knows, maybe they simply don't know the extent of their ear-piercing adventures and they actually aren't assholes. Maybe they are. Sometimes you just have to feel clever.

Anonymous said at October 14, 2014 2:08 PM:

I have long since given up being polite with these beep locking idiots.

So I recently purchased a 120 db air horn and I will blast it at the repeat offenders in our apartment complex. It is so loud that on one occasion I even got some idiot to drop their groceries, smashing newly purchased glass bottles everywhere. Just to give an idea, 120 dbs is louder than thunder.

However, I did want to apologize to everyone for this.... as you now have to hear TWO beeps, but I will say its working! Overall far less beeps and most of these people are really getting the message:


Cookie said at October 17, 2014 3:14 AM:

Happened on this site while looking for a louder horn for my motorcycle and curiosity got me reading all the comments... The obnoxiously loud horn for my motorcycle(which will most likely be 120+db) I will be getting for safety since most drivers don't pay any attention on the road nowadays. I've already been in one accident(and got really lucky with only minor injuries and damage) and narrowly avoided countless others, all of which were caused by carelessness and someone not paying attention(the accident by someone failing to yield and making a left turn in front of me while I was going straight through a green light). But the car I drive does have the "dreaded lock beep" discussed here, and I know exactly how to disable it and don't plan to. Call me ignorant or cruel or whatever, but as someone who works nightshift and has to sleep during the day, there are hundreds of noises far worse than a lock beep that nobody here would even think about simply because they are only common when you're already awake. And it really doesn't help that I live on a side road of the main highway that's used for all sorts of traffic, not a neighborhood where the only cars driving by your house are people that live next to you. You know the thing that has woken me up the most over the past few years? Lawn mowers. Neighbors starting up lawn mowers and mowing the lawn is far more likely to keep me from sleep than a lock beep, and steals a lot more sleep too since it's not a simple beep and done, but a constant noise until they finish the entire lawn, so once awake it's much harder to fall back asleep. But do you see me complaining and asking them to keep their lawn mower noise down, to buy a quieter lawn mower, mow at a more convenient hour for me, or go to manufacturers and request a muffler on all lawn mowers? The next most likely thing to keep me awake is a certain neighbor that plays the drums and rides dirt bikes. I'm sure y'all would have a field day with him. His drumset is in his detached garage, and he keeps the doors closed when playing, but I can still hear it two houses down. And him and his friends ride dirtbikes and four wheelers through his back yard all the time. Of course, if I was on a dayshift job then it wouldn't be keeping me awake, but being on nightshift it does. Yet I still have no complaints, he's having fun and I don't see any reason why he shouldn't. A bird outside my window can be louder and more obnoxious than a horn beep. In all seriousness, try working a nightshift job for awhile, and you'll realize how noisy things are during the day, a horn beep from a car easily gets drowned out among the normal day to day noises. To me, the only issue y'all have is that there's not as much ambient noise at night, and that makes the horn beep seem louder and more apparent, because everything seems louder when there's less ambient noise around it.

Windshieldsmasher said at November 28, 2014 7:07 AM:

Thanks for responding Cookie. You clearly do not live in a large apartment complex or cannot fathom how it could be a serious problem. So let me enlighten you.

Anyone ONE of these lock beeps in and of itself is not an issue, but when you have about 100 of these going off throughout the entire night it becomes a serious serious problem. Also, there are several different types of these horns, ranging from low level, all the way up to siren-piercing. It is the loudest of these horns that I have the most issues with lately.

Personally, Im fine with your lack etiquette. Just be prepared to have your windshield smashed the following morning.

I HATE HONDAS said at December 11, 2014 8:05 PM:

A big FU to the all the inconsiderate Honda-driving horn-lockers! Hey you inconsiderate morons, the *first* press of the button that flashes your lights completely secures (locks and alarm) your vehicle. Every obnoxious press after that just tells the world what an inconsiderate, selfish human being you are.

NoiseNatzi said at December 22, 2014 5:36 AM:

Happy holidays to everyone except me.
Here is my update on the horn-locking car problem.
I suspect that my 10 year campaign to stop horn-locking cars has resulted in me losing my apartment again.
Thank you Parapundit.com for maintaining this archive so I will have an outline for my frustration.
Here's what's going on in my life now and I am sorry it is so wordy.


There's no right to quiet enjoyment of your home in America today.

I am now being evicted from another apartment complex. I just received a legal notice from a lawyer. It reads "NOTICE OF TERMINATION OF TENANCY, YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that your tenancy will NOT be renewed and is therefore terminated effective at midnight on December 31, 2014. You are to quit and deliver possession of the property to the landlord on or before that termination date.

Wow! What could I have done to deserve this?

I ask the apartment manager to talk to 2 tenants that were waking me up. They honked every time they parked at all hours of day and night. Their horns echoed between 2 buildings and bounced off my bedroom window and woke me up every time.

I suggested that she could show these 2 ladies a document that shows how simple it is to change their Nissan's to "silent mode". It even contains a YouTube video link showing the step by step procedure. "Silent mode" will just flash the lights and not sound the horn and not wake me up. Just hold down the lock and unlock buttons together on their remote for 3 seconds and presto. If this is too complicated I called the dealer and he told me he would be happy to change this feature for them. The dealer does not want the product they are selling to disturb people.

The apartment manager refused to do anything and also said if I put this document on theirs cars it would be "harassment" and she would call the police. I said "call the police right now because I am going to do it if you do nothing." Well she didn't call anyone but responded via email that she would be taking NO action in response to my noise complaint and that I should get ear plugs. I sent her a letter asking her to send me a letter stating that car horns greater than 60 decibels is not considered a violation of the "disturbing noise" clause in the lease that I signed. She ignored my letter and refused to talk to me anymore so now she is in "silent mode" and not the disturbing cars! The next time I called the office I was informed by another lady that any more communication must go through their lawyer from now on.

Before she stopped talking I ask for her bosses contact information and she said her boss would be contacting me via phone or email. Nothing but empty promises! I called the home office of the apartment management corporation and got nothing but a "run around". Their lawyer and the apartment manager's boss is now ignoring all my calls and messages!

Now I have only 11 days to find a new place to live, sign a new lease, change my address, find a mover and pack up all my stuff. They are kicking me out during the holiday season and interrupting all my travel plans. I think I have been a good tenant, obeyed all the rules and paid my rent promptly for over 3 years. I had no plan to leave at this time and no one wants to move during the holidays. I feel sort of like a whistle blower that is being punished and fired for pointing out extremely bad customer service. I suppose their thinking is if he can't sleep it's his problem. Kick the bum out! Problem solved.

This issue is dividing America and causing friction instead of friendship between neighbors, apartment managers and tenants. I think the auto companies are trying to control the media and keep their disturbing products out of the news. They also may be putting pressure on the apartment management corporations to "hush" tenant's noise complaints about this issue.

Have you noticed in the movies and on TV when cars are locked they just chirp nicely and never honk? The local managers may have been coached to ignore complaints caused by these horn-locking cars. But I signed the lease at this complex because it has a statement that reads "the lessee shall not make or permit any disturbing noises on the premises" so why is my noise complaint ignored as if it is unreasonable?

I guess TRUTH takes a back seat when "bad vehicle design" and self-centered horn-lockers are driving right over the rights of other people to quiet enjoyment of their life. There is no civil right to disturb others for you convenience. Horn-lockers can't handle the truth so they want to shoot the messenger so they don't have to hear it. When they get home at 3:00 am they want to push their remote button without any guilt or compassion for others . Some day they will realize that the world has to be shared with other people.

I went to war and put my life on the line to protect this country's freedom and now my freedom to live where I want to live has been taken away!

This is the new America where the meaning of truth depends on which side of the issue you are on. I am just trying to make the world a more peaceful, quieter and friendlier place for everyone. I am not trying to take anyone's personal freedom away.

I know this rant is too long. If you are still reading I will add updates to this "reality show" unless I am blocked, stopped or killed by the automobile or apartment management industry.

Thank you for reading


NoiseNatzi (Homeless Again)?

idiocracy said at December 23, 2014 7:54 AM:

It's not the actual noise that pisses me off. It's the fact that its totally unnecessary, and a lack of respect for the people around you. Are we becoming so lazy that we cant turn around and look to see if the lights flash when we hit the button?
I think some people do it cause they think its cool...... Or it makes them feel superior to those who have a lesser car. If only it were legal to beat the crap out of these people.

Had a wife that would honk the horn twice every time she locked the new truck i bought her. I asked her to stop, and she said "why does it matter"... We are no longer together.

I think we are devolving.

Rocky said at January 24, 2015 3:14 AM:

It would be much better if these generated sounds are limited by a certain amount of decibel. Mercedes-Benz has a brilliant locking chirp sound where it has a very low decibel and the sound comes out slowly and gently, which is a good thing. I really hope someday the government would start to get a notice about this. Science has proven that certain amount of decibel can causes negative impact on a person's mental. We just need to give scientific evidence to the government.

Tim said at February 4, 2015 12:47 PM:

One 'chirp' is called 'Answer back' to let you know your car is locked and not noise pollution. I once worked in an oil-change joint and people, usually teenagers and always men, "accidentally" set their alarm off to show how cool it is, and that make me want to throw a oil filter at him.

Jay R. said at February 12, 2015 9:41 PM:

Just found this page today, after listening to my neighour honking her horn, twice, on coming home at 10:30PM. Sometimes she honks it four times, or twice in the parking pad and twice from inside the house. Sometimes the 11 year old daughter plays with the honker and it is 5 or more times. ENOUGH.

I disabled my keyless remote chirp on day one - that was 8 years ago when I bought my first vehicle to have the device. I have good hearing and can hear the "clunk." I don't believe in inconveniencing others. I wish everyone else felt the same...

Matt said at March 2, 2015 2:07 PM:

Remote keyless entry horn honking creates unnecessary noise, which disturbs babies, children, students, retirees, and nighttime workers. Many pedestrians in parking lots are regularly jolted by this constant, aggressive noise. Many car owners seem to be saying, ĎLook at me! Look at how much noise my car horn makes! Iím so cool!Ē

Enough is enough! said at March 24, 2015 7:51 PM:

I can't find anything on this topic of rendering your neighbors key fob useless by somehow jamming the frequency with a HAM radio or a device to prevent my neighbor who is parked 4' feet away from my dwelling from using her keyless fob. Here's my situation....

Gets home at 12:45AM hits lock on fob = 1 horn beep (She doesn't bother to hear the lock solenoid or see the headlights flashing)
5 seconds later...= 2nd horn beep. -I can't figure out why she hits it a second time?

5 seconds later as walking up the stairs to her apartment = 3rd horn beep!

WTF: Do you not remember you locked your doors 2x's before(and woke up the condo complex), plus it's 12:45 in the morning!

It is a 2012 Jeep...can anyone tell me the frequency I can load the frequency this operates at...would love to hear from a clever electronic tech person....I don't want to break in or do something like steal a persons car or possessions like I've read... ...but can I just load-up the frequency and modulation to prevent the keyless from working and hopefully or eventually she can manually lock her jeep?

Several neighbors have had a history and concluded that this person is simply rude And obnoxious and clueless. Talking to her to change her keyless code so the horn would not beep would be a waste of time as she is not receptive..period!

NoiseNatzi said at May 1, 2015 9:13 AM:

Dear ĎEnough is enoughí, you are not alone!

I understand your frustration probably better than anyone and I have been commenting publicly for over 10 years about this absolutely stupid design. Itís all about money and the unit cost of making a car. The horn is required by law so it is cheaper and easier just to use the horn and not design a low volume electronic beeper as Toyota and luxury cars have. I coined the expression ďhorn-locking carsĒ years ago.

I know the keyless remote frequencies used but jamming requires a relatively high power transmitter and it would be against the law to do this.

There was a news article from Hollywood, FL. where many people with different brands were being locked out of their cars. Once the cars were towed to the dealer, the problem miraculously disappeared. This was caused by an illegal pirate radio broadcast station.

In my opinion the person disturbing you with the Jeep is breaking the law (disturbing the peace) but unfortunately that does not give you the right to break the law in response. The companies producing these stupid horn-locking vehicles do not want this issue in the news because they know they caused this problem.

If you Google my nickname you will find lots of post on this issue.

Thank you for reading.

Bob Foster said at October 6, 2015 11:06 AM:

90% of my horn blasts are intended to avoid a collision, i.e. Ė a collision is imminent without intervention from myself and/or the offending driver and my intent is to alert the other driver.

10% of my horn blasts are directed at people who arenít going to cause a collision, but are driving in a reckless, stupid, clueless, dangerous manner. These may or may not be supplemented by hand gestures and verbal suggestions.

That said, 99% of the time Iím behind the wheel my horn is silent.

Dave said at October 26, 2015 5:44 PM:

They are pretty evil making their car alarm horns loud as hell.

They purposely do this.

It's not a soft little beep.

It's hell loud you can hear from 3 blocks away.

They like waking up the neighbors.

They know they are waking up some of the neighbors.

Pretty evil.

Anonymous said at October 31, 2015 10:43 PM:

Don't tell anyone living near you that horns bother you. They will blow the horn on purpose, unnecessarily, because they knows it bothers you -- just read several comments on this page saying exactly that. Just like the climate is becoming hotter, so is our social culture. People (especially extroverts) like having an affect on others -- it doesn't matter if it is positive or negative. Those that don't have the intelligence to be constructive will go out of their way to affect people in the easiest way possible -- with destructive annoyance.

I have suffered frequent noise pollution since 2001 -- honking, engine revving, tire squealing, yelling out the window of a car, loud mufflers. I want to say to those that believe I should just move -- I've lived here more than a decade. I live in semi-rural town close to the city. I moved here to get away from an abusive relationship. I stalked out the place for a year before I decided it was the right place. I chose it because it was relatively quiet. It didn't get loud until after I graduated college in 2011. These last 4 years have been severely difficult. I contemplated suicide and mass murder. I know that isn't going to solve the problem -- I'M NOT the problem. I don't even know the people doing it. I don't have friends or family because I choose not to -- I want to be left alone. I have done nothing to deserve domestic terrorism. Frequent harassment IS terrorism.

Someone needs to figure out a way to enforce consequences on people who set out to harass others. Germany has laws against annoying neighbor behavior -- and it is ENFORCED. The country that is known for their mass murder of Jews is now a country that has better living conditions than "free" Americans -- yeah, free to be annoying asshats.

Yes, before anyone says that I should just go live there -- I am making plans to move. I shouldn't have to, because I am a kind, considerate, quiet, law-abiding citizen. However, if the American conglomerate won't do anything to protect the civil peace of decent people, allowing asshats to have their freedom to annoy, then I don't have much choice but to leave. Laws don't infringe on anyone's freedom -- they allow recourse against people who set out to harass, annoy, and deteriorate quality of life.

Anonymous said at October 31, 2015 10:50 PM:

2001 = 2011 sorry

Tony Gordon said at November 1, 2015 6:55 PM:

I had the chance to read many of the comments within this page related to the uncivilized actions on part of selfish and very rude
characters blowing their stupid car alarm horns; last day I witnessed this with an old lady who was walking slowly towards her home
when suddenly somebody had fun blowing their car horn alarm system (with the remote control because there was nobody in the stupid
vehicle, big and stupid as their own ugly vehicle) right smacked on her; the blast was very strong, and she fell fealing suddenly
sick: I ran out to help her and called also the police and the ambulance; the idiot came out of their "hole" and wanted to engage in
a fight because of the fact they noticed I was calling via cell - phone imagining who I was calling; then the evil doer ran away scared
while the police arrived; the Lady had a sudden fall in blood pressure; a relative came out to help her but of the bastard, no trace of
him; the police got the tag number and info.; during that same week, others blowed their stupid horns (but not their head - horns
unfortunately) and later saveral neighbours started doing -private policing- trying to catch whoever was responsible of this outbursts
of bulling, hoaxes and pranks; one night, a big fight arised with two neighbours for the same reason; one was pist off to hell and punched
the bully/punk with a lot of "money" (big shiny trucks with alarm systems) to the point that the police was called and ended up with
a few arrests; it was truly an ugly disgusting scenary that could had very well being avoided bu all of this started because just of
some trivial and miscevious human rushing the neighbourhood, practically a no brain being having fun blowing his "horn" on an older
person for fun, also because it was done on purpose because the lady walked initially back from where she came from because she got
scared and then came back trying to reach her nearby home, but the foolish punk blasted again the horn while she passed by the front
of the same vehicle for the second time; these sort of beings doing this deserve a serious 15 minute blast on them with a headset and
then a big blast that they will never forget;

MHMHMH said at December 14, 2015 4:25 PM:

MH said: someone above mentioned a list of those effected by these unnecesary noises in different places and circumstances--I would like to add a forgotten group--those with sound/noise related PTSD. I can be happy walking to a store, sitting in a park, enjoying outside a coffeeshop, etc. to be rudely forced out of such peaceful state by an unnecessary, extremely inconsiderate door-locking sudden noise which for me is alarming and stressful and by the time I realize it's just a door-locking my nervous/survival system is already dramatically effected and it doesn't matter if it's a very short alarming noise or long one as it doesn't matter if one slips into a puddle for 1/100 of a second or for 100 seconds.

MiHa said at December 14, 2015 4:37 PM:

Someone above wrote a list of those effected by these unnecessary, rude noises -- I would like to add a forgotten group which I'm part of--those with sound/noise related PTSD. I can be happy walking to a store, sitting in a park, enjoying outside a coffeeshop, etc. to be rudely forced out of such peaceful state by an unnecessary, extremely inconsiderate door-locking sudden loud noise. For me and for many others such a loud, sudden noise is alarming and trigger for a stressful response. And by the time I realize it's just a door-locking noise my nervous/survival system is already effected and it doesn't matter if it's a very short alarming sound or long one as it doesn't matter if one steps into a puddle for 1/100 of a second or for 100 seconds.

Painter said at January 22, 2016 7:59 AM:

I just happened to google this topic and am surprised at all the responses. I have always thought it rude and inconsiderate for someone to not care who is in front of their vehicle when they beep, but last nights incident made me furious. The woman seen me gathering my stuff by the drivers' door, which put me directly in front of her big SUV. She still set her alarm anyway. I yelled out, WTF? She just looked at me with a what's your problem look on her face. I decided that a long key stroke was not appropriate, but "accidently" spit on her window.
It makes me wonder if they would care if someone fell dead in front of their car from a heart attack.
I live in an apartment complex where I hear the horns occasionally, but can usually ignore them, except the fool who does it right in front of my apartment, even at 2 a.m. All I can say is that it's lucky I quit alcohol a couple years ago, cause back then who knows what I'd have done

Max said at May 28, 2016 12:52 PM:

Noise pollution is negatively affecting wildlife (ability to communicate, feed, and reproduce because of noise distractions and frequencies being filled up), human health (lack of sleep, and increase in disease incidence), and the economy (worker productivity).

It is a social justice issue since it affects home prices and the poor, and an environmental one since it affects health and wildlife.

Please take a moment to consider signing a petition against noise pollution and share with others. Speak out about it. Let your voice be heard that you don't want these ridiculous noises in your life. Thank You.

short url: https://wh.gov/iooac

honkwtf said at June 27, 2016 10:56 AM:

Tried to sign the petition, but now closed -

Closed Petition

This petition has been archived because it did not meet the signature requirements. It can no longer be signed.

Mel Holden said at October 27, 2016 11:57 AM:

I'm starting to go crazy whenever I hear someone setting their car. I walk through a large parking lot and at least one, if not two or three, people set their car alarms. It's shocking. It's meant to be shocking - it's purpose is to alert people. Why don't people get it? Are they just not noise sensitive like some of us? I know you can silence them.

I was parked somewhere, and a guy parked next to me, and set his car alarm and the loud horn blasted to let him know, he probably barely heard it, as he was expecting it. I wasn't. So as he walked past my car, I blew my horn. He laughed out loud and said 'Guess I don't need my coffee now!' and I also laughed and yelled at him he was a noisy jerk.

I'm sitting here shaking my head, as the number of vehicles that have horns that will make an audible screech or beep or honk or whatever, is going to keep growing.

I'm thinking of moving to Mackinaw Island, they have no cars there!

Shari Ann said at March 14, 2017 2:29 PM:

It is March, 2017 and horn honking is still annoying. I wrote this cute poem to help me feel better :)

My BEAUTIFUL Facebook family & friends,
I love you until this krazy world ends.

Having a pint-sized problem today...
...Rather perplexing and painful to say...

My eversion to honkers,
...well, it drives me bonkers.

Where ever I go...
...happens more than you know...

You know, I know... You know who you are,
Unnerving like Kiss's electric guitar.

One push of a button, the one on my door,
Muted, muffled, need I say more?

Excuse me for saying, I say this with love,
I'm pleading with you and the stars above...

The next time you vacate your Chevrolet;
When you honk, I jump, a man holds his toupee...

It's loud, it's obnoxious, it hurts my ears
Stop honking, horn lockers... and Happy New Year!

Shari Ann said at March 14, 2017 2:33 PM:

It's March 2017 and horn honking is still annoying. I wrote this poem to express my pain, lol.

My BEAUTIFUL Facebook family & friends,
I love you until this krazy world ends.

Having a pint-sized problem today...
...Rather perplexing and painful to say...

My eversion to honkers,
...well, it drives me bonkers.

Where ever I go...
...happens more than you know...

You know, I know... You know who you are,
Unnerving like Kiss's electric guitar.

One push of a button, the one on my door,
Muted, muffled, need I say more?

Excuse me for saying, I say this with love,
I'm pleading with you and the stars above...

The next time you vacate your Chevrolet;
When you honk, I jump, a man holds his toupee...

It's loud, it's obnoxious, it hurts my ears
Stop honking, horn lockers... and Happy New Year!

Kyle Liu said at May 10, 2017 4:20 PM:

Honk while locking a door is simply a result of ignorance and social proof.
When I bought my first car,it's a Hyundai. The sales guy showed me how to lock the car. He pressed the lock on the remote twice and the car honk once to indicate the car is locked. I didn't think about it and do the same thing for 3 years.. I thought I saw people honk all the time while locking their car so it must be necessary.

Until one time, I parked my car at night and I locked my car with a honk. A lady just walked by my car and was startled and stared at me for few seconds wondering what she did wrong that I honked at her. I thought there must be another way. I looked up the car manual and it says pressed lock once, the 4 lights will flash once and the alarm is armed. Press lock second time within 4 seconds, the car will honk just to indicate:Yeah. It's already locked! I tested it by locking myself inside the car with one press. indeed, the alarm was armed. From then on, I lock my car with one press and lights just flash once and NO HONK. I just feel so peaceful that I am not disturbing others and myself.

After this realization, I found people are so stupid lock their car with 1 honk or 2 honks or sometimes 3,4,5, honks! and some people go back and forth between car and house couple times and honk couple times as a result. Some people use this feature deliberately as a expression of dissatisfaction toward their neighbors.e.g. I was replacing the windows blinds and made some natural and unavoidable noise. My neighbor immediately pressed lock button and honk twice. How childish!

Eastside said at July 17, 2017 10:35 PM:

Fascinating thread, including some genuine psychopaths like Dee with "My vehicle security comes first, and I don't care if people get pissed off by it". Dee, sorry to tell you, but a car alarm does nothing for your vehicle security. If a pro wants your car, it's gone. Keith Cassinger is another entitled jerk who is so dead certain that he has a right to disturb everyone with his alarm honk that he threatens violence "I will put you down like you deserve". Yeah, right. Obviously it's wrong to disturb everyone's peace and quiet for something that is completely useless and unnecessary. How is that complicated?

NoiseNatzi NotNazi said at September 17, 2017 9:35 AM:

The New World of Noise Void of Common Sense

I stayed overnight at a friendís house in a very nice and quiet neighborhood. I was awakened Sunday morning at 5:20 by a honking car horn using the convenience technology that I have been publicly complaining about for over 10 years. The stupid and profit-over-quality auto-manufactures have changed America and NOT in a good way. The horn-locking vehicle problem is getting better only because this message is getting out, but the damage done to our lives and our freedom is uncorrectable and unforgiveable.

The remote-start feature is gaining popularity so most of the bad vehicles will sound the horn once or TWICE when the engine starts. The manufactures think this disturbing noise will prevent them from wrongful deaths law suits. If one of these vehicles is started by accident in an attached garage then carbon monoxide could kill everyone in the house. This is happening now but doesn't make the news.

I think remote-start is a bad idea from a safety point of view. With no driver present to hear, smell or see something wrong there is no one to turn off the engine. No one to run for a fire extinguisher or call for help. A smart driver inside the vehicle suspecting something may be wrong would open the hood and check the engine BEFORE starting and/or turn it off quickly if something is wrong.

These horn-locking and horn-starting vehicles are making friction instead of friendship between people and also making America less friendly and less free.
If you would like to read my other 10 comments on this site starting in 2010 just search for ďNOISENĒ. Click next or ďF3Ē on a Windows device and you probably know what to do on a smart phone.

Thank you for reading.
NoiseNatzi NotNazi

FRANK JOHN said at March 30, 2018 1:31 PM:




Earle said at April 6, 2018 12:37 AM:

Search: "how to make my door lock louder". People are conditioned they do no wrong if the state not only allows them, but protects their offensive property from my response. "I'm the bad guy?" -DeFens

Mark said at August 22, 2018 5:12 PM:

I simply do not understand, nor see any reason whatsoever for the noise of car horns when simply locking a vehicle. There have been numerous times where these have startled me when peacefully walking in a parking lot, street, or a number of otherwise peaceful environments, including at a rustic retreat cabin known for its tranquility!

What began my detestation of these was being woken up numerous times by a late working neighbor in a nearby house. It's not as if I was trying to sleep in his garage or something, but in a sturdy, well built house with thick glass windows far enough away there is no reason I needed to hear him lock his car, and certainly not be woken up by it. I could cite many more examples of why keyless entry horns not only disturb the peace, but are the most obnoxious noise pollution which assaults the public daily.

I would also be very interested to simply understand the reason why anyone would design something this torturing to innocent humanity.

Mark said at August 22, 2018 5:14 PM:

I simply do not understand, nor see any reason whatsoever for the noise of car horns when simply locking a vehicle. There have been numerous times where these have startled me when peacefully walking in a parking lot, street, or a number of otherwise peaceful environments, including at a rustic retreat cabin known for its tranquility!

What began my detestation of these was being woken up numerous times by a late working neighbor in a nearby house. It's not as if I was trying to sleep in his garage or something, but in a sturdy, well built house with thick glass windows far enough away there is no reason I needed to hear him lock his car, and certainly not be woken up by it. I could cite many more examples of why keyless entry horns not only disturb the peace, but are the most obnoxious noise pollution which assaults the public daily.

I would also be very interested to simply understand the reason why anyone would design something this torturing to innocent humanity.

WantPeace said at October 10, 2018 6:20 PM:

Thank you for this blog. My apartment faces a parking lot & the majority of people double honk. The bigger& more expensive the car, the more honks. To me this depicts the extent of how numb in the brain & senses they are. I am constantly terrotized by their crass arrogance. I am disabled and also have anxiety & panic disorder.

To the person who was evicted. I am sorry & I feel you were justified yet unfortunately "freedom" trumps peace & respect for others. Between the 6-9hr landscaping job that goes on here 2-3◊ week...weed blowers..whackers...to the beeping security gate that that emits a inexcusable noise every time someone presses the remote to enter the property...to the lazy assholes that have barking dogs cause they are too lazy to properly walk train and play with them...to every person who has to crash as loud & hard up & down the stairs and slam every damn entry & cupboard door---- ITS A CRIME TO MY HUMANITY AND WILDLIFE AND UPSETS MY PETS!!!! You are a blob taking up space on the planet and you are a RAPIST OF MY PEACE!!!

I am thinking of buying a home yet unfortunately there is no way to escape the moronic mostly rudde out of touch human race. I have an air purifier that I turn on to serve as a sound conditioner which helps a bit. How I have managed to not confront these beeping brats is a miracle. To do so simply would fuel their arrogance and I dont want more mother beepers!!

Its also amazing how when you google this subject the only thing that pops up is how to be less sensitive. WTF???? How about how to get in touch with your senses???

WantPeace said at October 10, 2018 6:24 PM:

Thank you for this blog. My apartment faces a parking lot & the majority of people double honk. The bigger& more expensive the car, the more honks. To me this depicts the extent of how numb in the brain & senses they are. I am constantly terrotized by their crass arrogance. I am disabled and also have anxiety & panic disorder.

To the person who was evicted. I am sorry & I feel you were justified yet unfortunately "freedom" trumps peace & respect for others. Between the 6-9hr landscaping job that goes on here 2-3◊ week...weed blowers..whackers...to the beeping security gate that that emits a inexcusable noise every time someone presses the remote to enter the property...to the lazy assholes that have barking dogs cause they are too lazy to properly walk train and play with them...to every person who has to crash as loud & hard up & down the stairs and slam every damn entry & cupboard door---- ITS A CRIME TO MY HUMANITY AND WILDLIFE AND UPSETS MY PETS!!!! You are a blob taking up space on the planet and you are a RAPIST OF MY PEACE!!!

I am thinking of buying a home yet unfortunately there is no way to escape the moronic mostly rudde out of touch human race. I have an air purifier that I turn on to serve as a sound conditioner which helps a bit. How I have managed to not confront these beeping brats is a miracle. To do so simply would fuel their arrogance and I dont want more mother beepers!!

Its also amazing how when you google this subject the only thing that pops up is how to be less sensitive. WTF???? How about how to get in touch with your senses???

WantPeace said at October 10, 2018 6:26 PM:

Thank you for this blog. My apartment faces a parking lot & the majority of people double honk. The bigger& more expensive the car, the more honks. To me this depicts the extent of how numb in the brain & senses they are. I am constantly terrotized by their crass arrogance. I am disabled and also have anxiety & panic disorder.

To the person who was evicted. I am sorry & I feel you were justified yet unfortunately "freedom" trumps peace & respect for others. Between the 6-9hr landscaping job that goes on here 2-3◊ week...weed blowers..whackers...to the beeping security gate that that emits a inexcusable noise every time someone presses the remote to enter the property...to the lazy assholes that have barking dogs cause they are too lazy to properly walk train and play with them...to every person who has to crash as loud & hard up & down the stairs and slam every damn entry & cupboard door---- ITS A CRIME TO MY HUMANITY AND WILDLIFE AND UPSETS MY PETS!!!! You are a blob taking up space on the planet and you are a RAPIST OF MY PEACE!!!

I am thinking of buying a home yet unfortunately there is no way to escape the moronic mostly rudde out of touch human race. I have an air purifier that I turn on to serve as a sound conditioner which helps a bit. How I have managed to not confront these beeping brats is a miracle. To do so simply would fuel their arrogance and I dont want more mother beepers!!

Its also amazing how when you google this subject the only thing that pops up is how to be less sensitive. WTF???? How about how to get in touch with your senses???

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