2004 July 15 Thursday
Bush Pandering To Hispanics On Immigration Backfires

Bush's big attempt to cater to the Hispanics at the expense of the interest of Americans as a whole is not working for him.

The decline in Hispanic support for the president can be seen in the trend on Bush approval. In June 2001, Hispanics and whites expressed the same level of approval for Bush's performance. In the next two years as well, there was little difference between the two groups in their support for Bush. But the most recent survey finds a 27-point drop in Hispanic approval compared with June 2003, from 67% to 40%, at the same time that approval among whites declined only 8 points (69% to 61%).

Leading beltway neoconservatives take note: If you want to continue to elect hawkish Republican Presidents who will eagerly attack your favorite targets you are going to have to switch your positions on immigration. Either the Hispanics see less interest in seeing their kids fighting in the Middle East than white folks do or Hispanics also have been thinking about the consequences to them from Bush's less than half-baked worker permit proposal.

Update: A poll shows Hispanics favor John Kerry to George W. Bush 2 to 1 (PDF format). The national Republican Party's attempt to move less to bid for Hispanic and old folks votes is backfiring. It is angering and alienating the nationalists and fiscal conservatives. This move is also doing serious damage to the health of the republic. Bush deserves to lose. The Republicans would do less damage if they were the opposition party in charge of part or all of Congress.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2004 July 15 07:50 PM  Immigration Politics

John S Bolton said at July 20, 2004 2:11 AM:

These reportedly competent political operatives are undeterred even by a precipitous decline in support from the group that was targeted for the immigration proposal.

John S Bolton said at July 20, 2004 2:26 AM:

No consideration of practical politics could explain this. It has to be malice without interest or reasonable motivation. These people are professional sacrificers; to them, power means sacrificing other people's interests to the extent that they would consider a restraint on their ability to do damage to the majority, to be the same as being put out of power.

Leonidas said at July 20, 2004 5:54 AM:

The great unreported story is that Hispanics as a whole may be less receptive to immigration than is commonly believed. I read an article in the Boston Globe (of all places) talking about Hispanics in Kansas who resent recent immigrants because it cheapens their citizenship and lowers wages. They also didn't like the fact that they didn't make an effort to lose the Spanish the way they did. A friend of mine from California, who is not Hispanic, also says he's noticed the same. Politicians in general don't have the guts to propose any sort of legislative immigration reform. The solution may be to hold a nationwide referendum on the issue. Any presidential candidate who makes a proposal like that will quickly get my vote. I suspect that a very high percentage of Americans would agree.

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