2004 July 08 Thursday
Budget Limits Force Release Of Illegal Aliens Charged With Lesser Crimes

The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is releasing illegal aliens because of insufficient budget to pay to keep them in jail.

"Currently we are exceeding the level our resources can support nationwide," wrote Victor Cerda, ICE's acting director of detention and removals, in a June 10 memorandum to regional detention officials.

People charged with crimes are being released. Simple assault is not reason enough to hold an illegal alien for deportation. Illegals have to commit aggravated felonies to get deported.

Because certain illegal aliens must be detained by law - including those charged with aggravated felonies - Cerda's directive affects how ICE treats aliens charged with lesser offenses, such as simple assault. These aliens are detained at ICE's discretion; generally, about 15 percent of all aliens in the detention system are "nonmandatory" detainees, according to Anthony Tangeman, a former director of detention and removals at ICE.

On a more optimistic note sheriff Lee Baca of Los Angeles county wants county workers to take over from ICE workers to more thoroughly screen prisoners to identify illegals for deportation.

Sheriff's officials estimate about a quarter of the 170,000 inmates who cycle through the jail system each year are illegal immigrants. If all those inmates were properly screened, officials estimate they could recommend the deportation of up to 40,000 of them.

"Our best estimate is we are only touching 10-12 percent of that population," Jeffery said.

The 3 federal ICE employees who are currently responsible for this job are missing about 9 out of 10 criminal illegals who ought to be deported. The illegal criminals who are released go out into the public to again rape, rob, murder, and commit all manner of other crimes.

Also see my previous post Heather Mac Donald On The Illegal Alien Crime Wave.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2004 July 08 02:03 PM  Immigration Societal Decay

John S Bolton said at July 8, 2004 11:03 PM:

What if the crime wave that surged in the 80's, and peaked in the early 90's, was caused to a large extent, by immigration? Other theories don't predict an up-and-down cycle with that exact timing, but the volume of immigration has varied in that pattern. To explain the correlation; suppose that the new gang on the drug-dealing block has to prove itself, and by means of spectacular ruthless violence. Once the new gangs are established, and the volume of immigration declines significantly (e.g. post'92), there is room for crime rates to decline. Also, on the observation of racial and ethnic differences in violent crime rates, if immigrants push blacks out of high population-density areas, and into suburban and rural districts, won't the black crime rates decline, for that reason alone? A third factor, implicating immigration, might be that we started to deport illegal aliens far out of the country in the mid-90's (I recall a figure of 50,000 deported in that way, for one year during the 90's). Likewise, if the proportion of foreign-born in the prisons has been swiftly rising, this would implicate immigration for a rise in crime, which was pushed back down mainly by doubling and redoubling the numbers incarcerated.

John Doe said at July 12, 2004 11:36 PM:

Clearly we should deport people _after_ they serve their sentences. We could find an underpopulated section of South America to send them to, or send them some where else from which returning would be difficult. We could also strip the citizenship of first-generation Americans and deport them as we do immigrants. Finally we could refuse citizenship or even admission to people who score poorly on intelligence tests.

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