2004 June 15 Tuesday
Christian Science Monitor Opposes Immigrant Stealth Amnesty

The Christian Science Monitor has editorially come out in opposition to Bush's and the Democratic Party's proposals for stealth amnesties that are mislabelled in order to avoid voter opposition.

Democrats last month proposed something shy of full amnesty for the estimated 8 million to 10 million illegal aliens in the US. They call it "earned legalization." Migrants who can prove they've lived in the country for five years and have paid taxes for two years would win a green card, or permanent legal status.


Immigration is certainly a worthy issue for campaign debate. But proposals that are simply a backdoor approach to amnesty and designed mainly to woo a small percentage of votes are a stealthy way to a bad solution for a serious problem.

The elite-populace gap on immigration continues to widen. There are now 62 US Senators sponsoring the AgJobs amnesty bill while a majority public continues to support a reduction in immigration and is unhappy with illegal immigration.

The United States needs a third party analogous to the UK Independence Party that will take a strong position in favor of nationalism, border control, and opposition to large scale immigration.

What should be the animating philosophy of a new political party? Steve Sailer's "citizenist" approach to public policy is the answer to the question of what America needs in a new political party.

Personally, I am a citizenist. That is not a word you see often (here are all twelve uses of the word known to Google) which is not surprising because few pundits seem to think like this.

My starting point in analyzing policies is: "What is in the best overall interests of the current citizens of the United States?"

In contrast, so many others think in terms of: "What is in the best interest of my: identity group / race / ethnicity / religion / bank account / class / ideology / clique / gender / sexual orientation / party / and/or personal feelings of moral superiority?"

Precisely because basing loyalties upon a legal category defined by our elected representatives is so unnatural, it's the least destructive and most uplifting form of allegiance humanly possible on an effective scale.

Sign me up for the Citizenist Party.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2004 June 15 04:39 PM  Immigration Policy

Rick LaBonte said at June 17, 2004 2:32 PM:

Refuse to check any of the boxes. Refuse the government's orders to force every political question into a form of identity politics. Refuse the racist urge to frame every question as a matter of race or ethnicity.

Larry said at September 21, 2005 7:23 PM:

"Citizenism" sounds neoconservative. In any case, since Sailer is not a scientist, but rather a third-rate pundit.

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