2004 June 11 Friday
Postal Vote In Britain Mired By Fraud Charges In Muslim Communities

A move toward voting by mail in Britain has created the possibility for intimidation to rig election outcomes.

The claims being investigated by police in Lancashire and Manchester are that some voters have been intimidated into handing over their blank ballot papers.


One man told BBC Radio 4's PM: "They are knocking on doors and saying give us your forms, we'll fill them in for you and we'll post them for you...they are trying to fiddle the elections."

Who exactly are these people who are knocking on doors demanding blank postal ballots? What religion do they profess to follow? You won't learn that from the BBC. Luckily there are still some somewhat right-wing newspapers left in Britain and so we can learn from the Daily Telegraph that Muslim community figures are intimidating other Muslims into allowing the more powerful figures to control their votes.

Ann Cryer, Labour MP for Keighley, West Yorks, feared that the majority of the ballot frauds were part of "a cultural problem" that faced Asians in the North.

She said Muslims were coming under pressure from community elders to surrender their votes.

"People are going to homes, demanding that the voters give up their ballot papers - and that is what they are doing." She said the Asian community "tends to stick together" and, if one of its leaders knocked at the door and asked people to do something, "they by and large do it".

Where is the individual belief in one's own right to decide for oneself who one will vote for? Isn't that sort of belief necessary in order for a democracy (at least a liberal democracy) to work? Aren't cultures and religions that do not embrace this belief incompatible with liberal democracy? Do not expect to hear that question discussed by the BBC.

The Labour Party and a Muslim party are fighting for the votes.

Coun Hemming (Acocks Green) put the spotlight on the Muslim-led People's Justice Party and the Labour Party, who he accuses of manipulating postal votes.

Bordersley Green, the centre of a bitter three-way battle between the Liberal Democrats, the PJP and Labour, has 19,500 registered electors. One third have applied for postal votes.

In South Yardley, the ward which Coun Hemming is contesting, applications for postal votes are concentrated on a small, tight-knit Asian community.

While many leftist intellectuals in the US, Britain, and Europe openly and loudly profess to despise the Christian religious conservatives that make up a substantial fraction of the Republican base I can't say I recall any of these same intellectuals taking on the "Muslim-led" People's Justice Party at the same time. Why is that? Is it okay for non-white people to be reactionary, religious, and illiberal?

It sounds like the Iraq invasion has turned Muslims against Labour in Britain.

Coun Ali Khan said: "The Labour Party is getting desperate for the Muslim vote after community leaders rallied Muslims not to vote Labour. The Labour vote is collapsing."

Expect larger doses of ethnic and Islamic religious politics in Britain's future. Demography is destiny unfortunately.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2004 June 11 05:34 PM  Immigration Culture Clash

noone said at June 12, 2004 4:37 AM:

"Divide and Conquer" is the oldest trick in the political book and that's what western elites have been doing in the name of multiculturalism and diversity,increasing the number of groups that can be played off against each other.

It's amusingly ironic,in a bitter way,that all the elites have really accomplished is to make their countries largly ungovernable and undermine their own monopoly on power.
In California,the new latino majority is preparing to boot out,to use Amy Chua's terminology,the dominant minority,upscale white leftists who have used enviromental,economic and so called social justice regulations and laws to red line much of the state,especially NoCal.Open border types are about to squeal loudly when DC tries to buy the states 55 electoral votes by gang taxing martini drinking,yuppie libertarians in,say,Colorado.

Europe's elites now have to contend with increasingly aliented(and violence prone) immigrant groups and angry natives now voting for the likes of List Fortuyn in the Netherlands and the rapid growth of parties like the UKIP and BNP in the UK.
List Fortuyn is gone but lives on the new policies the Dutch political class have adopted now.

It is also impossible to be both Politicaly Correct and Multicultural because so many cultures are so politicaly incorrect in their treatment of women,gays and even the enviroment.

Michael Kelemen said at June 12, 2004 12:46 PM:

I sometimes hear demands for new methods of voting. Your article made all of them seem senseless to me. The secret ballot cannot be meaningful unless we assure the voter the total secrecy of the voting booth. No internet voting or voting for mail for me. But I have a fear that they will be coming our way soon. (Not that long ago, the former Progressive Conservative party allowed internet voting for its leader).

Michael Kelemen said at June 12, 2004 12:53 PM:

The articles you link to reveal complaints that the election forms are not in Urdu and Punjabi. Potential voters, it is claimed, do not understand the ballots. Well then, should they be voting? If they can't understand the voting forms how can they understand the issues. Here in Canada, Shiela Copps, a well-known MP, recently bragged that her nomination campaign was being conducted in 19 languages. It immediately struck me that the people she wass signing up to join the party and vote for her didn't know a thing about Canadian politics aside from what her interpreter/agent told them. I had to wonder: is this democracy or the the manipulation of democracy. The two always go hand in hand, don't they?

Alex said at October 6, 2004 11:04 PM:

Postal voting sucks. But this issue has nothing to do with "multiculturalism", as vote-rigging occurs in all cultural contexts (ie you can't single out one particular group for it). The BNP also uses it. Most Northern Irish political parties rig votes. Vote-rigging by Muslims and vote-rigging by anyone else amount to the same thing, and for all rigging of postal ballots, the solution is the same, and is culture-neutral (ie it has nothing whatsoever to do with the multiculturalism debate): use the ballot box.

Incidentally, the "People's Justice Party" is a very minor party which only has any strength in Birmingham.

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