2004 June 11 Friday
Muslim Gypsy Immigrants Sell Daughter To Be Raped, Married

James Fulford relays news reports on how some Gypsies in New York state treat their teenage girls.

“At the house, though, the girl said a man raped her in an upstairs bedroom.

“Moments later, the girl said her mother stormed into the room and demanded to know what happened. The girl said she was still bleeding when her mother took her home and beat her ‘like it was my fault.’

“The next weekend, the girl said her mother took her back to the house. When she arrived, the girl said, the mother of the man who had raped her ‘welcomed me to the family.’

“That night, she said, she was forced to sleep in the man’s bed, where she was raped again.

“‘I asked him why he was making me have sex with him and he told me he had to pay my mom $3,000 for me to be his bride.”

The girl is 15 years old. James reports that the Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church sponsored the entry of the family into the United States. Good intentions are not an excuse for irresponsible actions. The asylum-promoting Protestant churches that engage in helping people come to the United States are harming this country.

James also notes that many of the news reports on this story leave out the ethnicity and religion of the responsible parties. Can't let the readers see patterns that demonstrate that different immigrant groups behave differently on average in important ways. The readers might reach conclusions that the liberals in the media don't want the readers to reach and so the readers have to be protected from forming opinions justified by the facts. Can't have that.

To learn about the "in group morality" of Gypsy culture and why we should want to keep it out of the United States see Steve Sailer's essay A Gypsy is haunting Europe… for the scoop.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2004 June 11 04:15 PM  Immigration Culture Clash

gcochran said at June 11, 2004 7:25 PM:

I am beginning to suspect that Gypsies may be an interesting genetic story. Average gene influx appears to have been around 1% a generation, maybe a little less - low enough, for long enough, to allow selection for whatever traits make a successful Gypsy.

Curious Citizen from Sweden said at June 12, 2004 6:37 AM:

Karl-Olov Arnstberg, a professor of ethnology with a long time interest (20 years) in gypsy culture has written an ethnological study of the interplay across a cultural border, published in June 1998, called "Svenskar och zigenare" - "The Swedes and the Gypsies".

Arnstberg suggests that criminality, drug problems, welfare dependency and conflicts with neighbours and authorities are typical of Roma.

"They have been offered housing, education, economic security, work training and employment of different kinds and through various programmes. The desire to help the Gypsies has been very strong – it is possible to talk about positive discrimination from the social authorities. However, attempts to integrate Gypsies as self-supporting citizens, loyal to the state, have been unsuccessful. Today a majority among the Gypsies in Sweden are dependent on social welfare. Crimes and escalating drug abuse are problematic traits. Nevertheless, the various Gypsy groups in Sweden are ethnically strong and successful in defending their ethnic identity. (p.168)"

For those who can read swedish i recomend the book. Gypsy culture seems hard on women, children and those gypsies that are turning into traitors by assimilating into mainstream society.

Arnstberg, Karl-Olov (1998) Svenskar och zigenare En etnologisk studie av samspelet över en
kulturell gräns, Stockholm: Carlsson Bokförlag.

fgfdg said at January 5, 2005 11:15 AM:

Here in Portugal the Gypsies are just the same!!

i ehat u said at July 29, 2005 1:18 AM:

u speak of lawless terms recrouted by only the untempermented youth of a nieeve nation of triamps and non-idiosycrasising people with no sence for the toher generations what so ever!

ph said at September 27, 2011 11:49 AM:

wow, none of you see how racist and ethnocentric your comments or this news report is.

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