2004 April 28 Wednesday
Illegal Aliens Often Held For Ransom By Ruthless Smugglers

A house in Watts Los Angeles had 1 illegal alien per 10 square feet of floor space and all were being held captive pending ransom payments by their families.

Smugglers imprisoned more than 110 illegal immigrants for days in an 1,100-square-foot bungalow in Watts, securing the doors with chains and demanding ransom from family members until a tip led to a police raid, authorities said Wednesday.

The captives including some children were smuggled into the United States from Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador and were apparently bound for the East Coast.

The house had been used in this manner for at least 2 years. If you were living next door to a house with over 100 people chained into it would you call the police? Or would you consider that a normal state of affairs? Do you want to live in a society where people will call the police when they are faced with a house with in their neighborhood which is being used to hold people against their will?

The Los Angeles Times editorial on this raid notes the callousness of their neighbors.

Commenting on the raid, local law enforcement officials said that, other than the large number of people in the house, there was nothing unusual except that most such houses and human smuggling rings go without federal notice. The neighbors who saw what was happening saw no reason to turn them in.

Perversely, the Los Angeles Times editorializes against allowing local police to enforce immgration laws. We have at least one neighborhood (and probably many more) in Los Angeles where the neighbors think it is a routine and normal thing for smugglers to turn into kidnappers who hold people for ransom. The culture of lower class immigrant LA has deterioriated to the point where the people living there think this is normal and morally acceptable. Yet the LA Times doesn't see why the local police should be involved.

As I've previously argued, the "Broken Windows" argument for law enforcement applies to immigration law as well. Failure to treat violations of immigration law on a par with violations of other types of laws has created a culture of lawlessness that leads to kidnapping. Kidnapping is a very serious crime. Americans should want to see it remain rare and not to become as common as it is in some Latin American countries.

The LAPD does not enforce immigration law at all.

When the LAPD handles a smuggling case on its own, the immigrants are usually released. When the bureau is involved, it's much more likely that the immigrants will be deported.

Los Angeles police have a long-standing policy, called Special Order 40, that bars officers from informing federal immigration officials about undocumented immigrants they discover during the normal course of their duties. The purpose of the order, which was adopted by the Police Department in 1979, is to assuage illegal immigrants' fears that they may be detained or deported if they seek assistance from local law enforcement.

Note that in spite of Special Order 40 the neighbors of the Watts house would still not call the police to let those people escape. Nor did the neighbors take it upon themselves to act vigilante style to help the illegals to escape. Do you want to live in a society in which people do not see that they have any responsibility to enforce the law aganst holding people against their will? Do you want to live in a corrupt Latin American culture with a completely different sensibility about government and the law?

The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement doesn't even have enough funding to hold all captured illegals for deportation and so it sometimes releases illegal immigrants it rescues from smugglers who are holding them for ransom.

Drug smugglers have moved into the human smuggling business.

"When the narco elements started moving human beings, they brought their propensity for violence with them," Ahr said. Hundreds of home invasions related to the illegal-immigrant trade were reported in Phoenix every year, he said.

The activities of the more ruthless and brutal smugglers have gotten bad enough that in some cases even Hispanic immigrants have begun reporting some of the smugglers.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is joining the growing list of states that have decided to more actively enforce immigration law.

WASHINGTON -- The federal government will soon grant a group of Virginia State Police officers the power to enforce immigration law, making the state the third in the country to adopt the practice since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, local officials said.

The tentative agreement between the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Virginia State Police, permissible under a 1996 law, is part of a movement across the country to grant local law enforcement officials more authority to detain illegal immigrants.

I've previously posted about this trend toward state and lower level enforcement of immigration law in the post State Governments Move To Enforce Immigration Laws.

Arlington County Virginia officials are opposing the move toward local enforcement of immigration laws.

A new Virginia law targeting illegal aliens has been embraced as a powerful weapon to combat gangs and terrorism by local police departments, but Arlington County officials plan to ignore it.

The law, which takes effect July 1, permits local police to arrest any illegal immigrant who previously had been convicted of a felony and deported. Under current state law, police investigating a crime are not authorized to forcibly hold an illegal immigrant pending the arrival of a Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent.

Arlington County is a classic example of a government entity that becomes captured by the forces that see government's purposes to serve welfare clients. Arlington County also insists upon providing rent subsidies to illegal aliens.

Arlington also is the only jurisdiction in the Northern Virginia suburbs that does not check the immigration status of residents receiving tax-funded county rent subsidies -- a breach that an ICE official said opens the door to terrorists.

Illegal immigration and immigration of people from cultures that have less respect for the law are corrupting the nation. It is possible to enforce immigration law. This source of decay of the health of the body politic and quality of life in America can be greatly reduced.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2004 April 28 07:49 PM  Immigration Law Enforcement

john s bolton said at April 29, 2004 9:24 PM:

You are right to find serious moral failings in the responses to these slavers. The politics of compassion for evil would seem to be implicated. Why the sympathy for the aggressors, though? Are we up a against a psychology like the stockholm effect, where victims identified with, and cooperated with the attackers? It is the abyss of cynicism to regard kidnapping as the way of the world, and our immigration policy is all but deliberately selecting for such cynical fatalists. It would be easy to clear out so many of the illegals if rewards were offered for information on the locations of concentrations of them in particular residences. Why not fund the rewards by levying fines on the property owners who harbor them, and give a percentage of these to the agents who arrest the illegals? It is hard to believe that only racial prejudice is opposed to kidnapping and the slave trade. This is a case of pro-diversity valuing a diversity of customs that includes tolerance of kidnapping, and even the perpetration of it. The real reason would be that officials need this sort of diversity to increase the likelihood of ethnic warfare, which is then made into a pretext for establishing a despotism for the duration of the induced emergency. There is no way our society can benefit from having standards fall through the floor like this.

Robert Montgomery said at August 16, 2007 10:45 PM:

I lived in Manassas Va. and worked in Arlington until 2003.I had to get my family out.I'm sorry to have to say the truth,but these people are pigs.And that's putting it nicely.They are everywhere and the cops don't like them either.They threatened my children and me.I stood up to them several times and they didn't like it.Once when I called the cops on them the hispanic officer talked to my neighbor about the loud mexican music driving me insane and told me to get a warrant on old cross eye Pablino.Arlington is the pits.The whole northern va. area is now a third world country.I moved my family to the country to get away before someone got killed.They are just as bad here.It's an absolute travesty that this is happening in my country.They live in townhomes with 30 or more in each house.There's no way to know who even owns it,let alone what they're up to.it's like watching ants going in and out.If they only tortured themselves I would'nt give a damn.Atleast they would'nt be torturing me.They are scumbags.

Rubicon said at January 18, 2008 2:52 PM:

It would be a comical situation that illegal alien neighbors of a criminal illegal alien human trafficking operation which is keeping other illegal aliens captive until ransom is paid for their release into our society, "if" such crimes & those who enable them, were not so despicable, and the harm done to the victims was not so disgusting!
The excuse used to justify municipal friendly sanctuary policies that restrict the ability of police to question the citizenship of an individual stopped for a traffic violation, or who has been detained or arrested as a suspect in a crime of any sort, is that if we permit officers to ask about citizenship, supposedly the illegal alien community will not report crimes to police for fear of deportation. This is pure bunk that cannot be proven! There are absolutely no peer reviewed, documented, justified, verifiable facts or statistics, to support this fairy tale. If there were such data, the pro-illegal alien crowd would have trotted out those figures years ago & shoved them down everyone's throats!
How many police departments can tell us they have taken reports of crimes being committed where an illegal alien is reporting the crime? The answer, NONE. The reason why they cannot tell you? Police are not allowed to ask those reporting a crime if they are here legally. The police in sanctuary municipalities also cannot ask the criminal if they are here legally! The sanctuary policy is a perfect system that permits illegal aliens to gain entry to America, illegally, or to overstay a legal permit to be here, & then nothing can be done to deport them. Why? Because no official in a sanctuary environment is permitted to ask anyone they stop, detain, or arrest, if they are legal citizens, residents, or have legal permission to be here.
Conveniently, this sham policy assures no statistics on legal residency or citizenship can be kept on who is reporting a crime, because no one can be asked any of those questions. Therefore the sanctuary lovers can always say crimes "are" reported by illegal aliens because they do not fear deportation in a sanctuary municipality. And no one can challenge those false assertions because, no one can ask any questions & there are no statistics to refer to. Its perfect cover. Its a perfect scam.
Its a deliberately designed vicious circle meant to create legal policies & loopholes allowing the circumvention of the justice & immigration systems!
The sin here is illegal aliens are being criminally exploited. Not only by human traffickers who are the scum of the earth, but also by those supposedly sympathetic citizens who just want illegal aliens to be able to earn a decent living. Those advocating no enforcement of immigration laws are the primary enablers of the scum criminal human traffickers, because no one can ask anyone who they are! Its perfect & its an abysmal failure as a policy that supposedly helps illegal aliens gain legal status here. In fact, for many aliens, those policies help them gain almost nothing since without legal documentation, they remain illegal. And in many cases those policies also place the illegal aliens in mortal danger!
I contend that if an actual accurate study was done on crime reports, we would find that most illegal aliens do not report ANY crimes, or significantly FEW crime reports are made by them. Because the illegal aliens fear the criminal drug cartels & criminal street gangs much, much more than they fear the police or immigration authorities! However, such a study would never be permitted to prove this. Because the sanctuary policy enablers of the criminal elements who are exploiting the illegal aliens, would immediately scream racism, bigotry, civil rights violations, fascists, & discrimination against those doing the studies & even any who would advocate such studies. Even if the studies could not be used to have illegal aliens arrested & deported. The studies would not be acceptable to the sanctuary policy lovers because, it would reveal the whole sanctuary setup is a pathetic evasion of our justice & immigration legal system! In short, the policies are a fraud perpetrated to circumvent our justice system, because open borders advocates use our own legal system & protections to protect those who commit crimes. The whole scam sanctuary policy system is designed to destroy our systems from within!
Sooner or later Americans will wise up & force laws to be enacted that prohibit such obfuscations & conspiracies to break our laws and evade the justice of our legal system.

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