2004 April 06 Tuesday
Bush Angers Republican Donors On Immigration

Phil Kent, executive director of the American Immigration Control Foundation (AIC Foundation), found that after Bush proposed his immigration amnesty/work program fund-raising for the Bush reelection campaign suddenly became much harder.

The telephone rang and an old wealthy conservative friend answered. After the usual pleasantries, I told him I was a co-host for the upcoming Jan. 15 Bush-Cheney event at Atlanta’s World Congress Center and pitched him for $2,000 to attend and see the president on a rope-line. For $20,000, I explained, he could have a personal audience and photograph with the commander-in-chief. Before I could even finish my last sentence, though, I was cut off. “You should know I wouldn’t be writing a check after his crazy amnesty proposal.”

I was not surprised, replied that I was as disgusted as he was, and pressed on with my next call. Same response—but angrier. “Why are you even helping Bush?” was the question from the third conservative donor on my list. The fourth rejection was emphatic—“I’m not giving him a dime because of that immigration announcement.” The fifth person got right to the point: the president “is pandering to the open borders crowd.” No check. My sixth target, who said he was “maxed out” to the campaign, was the only one to “support” the president: “Bush has given up on immigration, but I’m not concerned. Let’s deal with the Democrats on other issues.”

Bush's immigration amnesty and work program has sparked a rush for the border. If passed it will accelerate the growth of a permanent underclass and will generate many other kinds of costs aside from welfare costs.

My guess is that the negative reaction of so many big Republican Party donors is not enough to dissuade Bush from trying to pursue this incredible folly. Bush has made up his mind and lacks sufficient curiosity to try to understand why so many people oppose it. If you want to read a single post on why I think Bush's proposal is incredibly stupid read my economic analysis: Thinking About Bush's Less Than Half-Baked Worker Permit Proposal

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