2004 March 19 Friday
John Kerry Favors Illegal Alien Amnesty

But since most voters are opposed to amnesty for illegals Kerrys says he is for "earned legalization".

Despite amnesty's nettlesome connotation as being synonymous with "rewarding persons who have engaged in illegal activity," Kerry told the world at the Albuquerque, N.M., Democratic Primary debate:

"I supported and was prepared to vote for amnesty from 1986. And it is essential to have immigration reform. Anyone who has been in this country for five or six years, who's paid their taxes, who has stayed out of trouble, ought to be able to translate into an American citizenship immediately, not waiting."

After a period of time, however, the dreaded "amnesty" word worked its way out of the Kerry lexicon on the subject. In its place: the more refined and neater "earned legalization":

There is no good Presidential choice for those who think current US immigration policy is a disaster. George W. Bush of course favors amnesty while calling it something else as well. Bush's half-baked foreign worker permit program will most likely increase the influx of illegal aliens rather than decrease it. The elite-populace gap on immigration issues is huge. With so many elected officials taking oppositions that oppose the popular will on immigration it is time to take the immigration battle to the state-level ballot initiatives in those states which support state-level initiatives.

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muyi said at May 31, 2004 8:42 AM:



Chris said at July 7, 2004 12:45 PM:

Amnesty for illegal immigration is the most wrong thing America had ever done. For 200+ years now we have fought to maintain our country and its moral backround. Now the Mexican population has reached an all time high(the most populous minority) Our founding fathers would be ashamed that we are letting our country slip through our hands. Every immigrant coming to this country should be given numerous test. Speak the language, love the country, do all you can do for your community, respect the laws of the land and the Christian heritage and you are welcome to the United States of America. Our country is no more. Like the Roman Empire in many ways. To the top we have reached, now there is only one place we can go.

Jason said at July 7, 2004 1:42 PM:

There are many "aliens" that know more about this country then I do, just by studying ot become a citizen. There are "aliens" that speak better english than many citizens. When I say "better" english, i mean proper english. There are many "aliens" that show more respect and more hard worker than many citizens. This does not mean i agree with amnesty for illegal immigrants, i dont. but there are many that would make MUCH better Americans than those taking advantage of this country they were born into.

Michael ZUMMO said at August 11, 2004 7:35 PM:

I know too many illegal aliens in my neighbor. They work hard and they do what Americans don't.The only reason of their existence in this country is to make a better life for themselves and for their families. I wonder if why some Americans look at these people with prejudice,why some Americans see these people as terrorists? Why don't we think that some of these people deserve the American citizenship more than many Americans?

Shannon said at August 21, 2004 10:43 PM:

All they say is " they want to make a better life for themselves." Don't forget they are doing this at others expense. Illegal immigartion is NOTHING BUT a problem! Not all want to make a better life for themselves, yet instead the want to reap the free benefits that should not even be given to them as non-citizens. Let's go over a few of the countless problems.

1. Our schools are over crowded( here in CA) and any other border state.

2. Our hospitals are over crowded, and many of them are going banktrupt because of illegals.

3. They bring most of are drugs via the southern border

4. They do NOT respect our laws because if they did, we would't have this problem today. Our laws need to be ENFORCED! It is a FELON to cross the border illegally! Watch who you elect they are RESPONSIBLE!

5. SO, so, so much, to much money WE ( taxpayers) AKA citizens, spend for public education, welfare, medical care, incarceration, oh don't forget more money on BILANGUAL education that WE pay!

Not to mention other things like all the TRASH they leave on the border, trespassing over private property AFTER thet crosssed illegally. They demand right and they HAVE NONE considering they are not citizens. Many of them send thir money BACK TO MEXICO to support thre rest of their NEVER ending family members. They threaten saying they " TAKING OVER THE SOUTHWEST WITHOUT FIRING A SINGLE SHOT" IF WE DON'T LIKE IT WE CAN LEAVE" " THIS IS GOING TO BE A SPANIsh SPEAKING NATION ITS OWN HEAR IN CALIFORNIA" And this " shove it in their face attitude, and threats" go on, and on, and on, and on! They need to get out, and off of, MY land. Hmm I wonder if therewill be a civil war because of these INVADERS! The people need to stand up, and protect America! Or it's going to be another all Mexican culture. We are silently losing everything!

Mark said at August 27, 2004 11:41 PM:

These migrants are the number 1 threat to this country, the greatest country in the history of the world. They are undermining the language, culture, and race of America. If they are so bright, why is their country a Third World hellhole. We, the European-derived people, built this into the greatest nation on God's earth. We need mines on the border. If they don't break our laws, no one will get hurt. If these Third World vermin succeed in destroying this nation, who will be around to bail out the Brownies the next time they come into a financial crisis? the point is the Whitie always bails out brownie and blackie every time they mess up their counries. If brownie succeeds at destorying whitie, as looks likely, who will bail them out in the future?

JR said at September 27, 2004 10:28 AM:

Illegal immigration is a silent problem that is only going to come to the forefront more over the next few years. The only way to correct the course of our nation is to cut off all benefits to illegals, immediately. No schooling, health care, employment, or government social programs for them. Heavy tax penalties for businesses that employ illegals must be imposed, with a chain of accountability all the way up to The President. Americans will work those jobs, because employers will pay more with no illegals to give work to. Plus, if the welfare to work program were working correctly, Americans that don't want to work would have to be working these jobs, and work on improving their lives from there.
Dangerous Islamist terrorists are passing through our borders every day. We need to employ more border agents, and count the securing of our borders as a matter of national secuity. Border agents should be allowed to shoot first and ask questions later, if illegal immigrants won't surrender to them. Those that surrender should be transported directly back to the country from which they came.
There should be no incentive and great danger for those that want to come here, then illegal immigrants may think twice about coming here. Most of those that still brave the risks to come here will most likely be those that intend to harm us. We can then weed them out. We also need to dismantle the ACLU for what it is, an enemy of American security. They will fight a plan like this, making our job that much more difficult.

Daniella said at October 8, 2004 8:08 PM:

I am all for allowing illegal immigrants who have worked hard in this country, lived here for quite some time, and have not been in any trouble allowed to become legal. I know some people that have grown up in America and their parents brought them over here when they were young children and the only thing stopping them is their legal status. I agree that it would make the roads safer because people would be trained to take a DMV test and driving test as well, and idenification is a plus. A lot of Americans take advantage of what they have and a lot of these people leave their country come here just to raise their family in a "better place" with more opportunity for their lives. And to all the people who oppose immigrants, just remember how America came about with your ansestors "Immigration" from European countries. How do you think America came about?

Janelle said at October 15, 2004 7:13 AM:

I am against immigrants being able to live in the U.S. I feel that they are being helped more than what we should be helped. I am a student at the University of Pan-American in Texas, and I was denied any help from the Texas Dept. of Human Services. I am a full-time student and haven't been able to find a job. The state law requires that if you are a full time student in order to recieve food stamps, you must be working at least twenty hours a week, and if not must apply for work study at the university. I felt that the state let me down. It is hard trying to look for a job, and driving from one city to another everyday, just so that I can go to school. It isn't fair that we pay taxes and that we are not able to qualify for any benefits such as medicaid or food stamps. In addition, I belive that it also isn't fair that immigrants move into the U.S. and they haven't done anything here, but have babies and they end up taking all the benefits that we should be recieving. If they decide to immigrate to the U.S. they should already be naturalized and have some sort of way to already have a living.

yes! amnesty said at October 21, 2004 11:13 AM:

illegal aliens are the same american citizen people !!! some are lazy alien and not educated like mexican alien. not like the filipino alien all filipino alien are educated they study the english language the right and wrong, the way life goes on ,the power of honesty and respectfullness to others ,filipino aliens are very much different to others chinese alien are the worst alien in this country the worst!!! the dirtiest the drugs connection ,the middle eastern alien there all aware ,people are afraid of them and they are also aware of the people, so they are not that to be afraid of...beacause people look at them as if there citizen or not their the same. there one legs is in the grave thats why we should not be afraid of them all the citizen are watching their every step.american that are lazy drug addict ect.they just waste there dream and there citizenship ? im a alien an im proud to be alien! i paid my tax and i dont have a problem to the country and im a filipino!!!!!! thank you people of america

Ivonne said at October 21, 2004 2:18 PM:

What are people thinking saying that illigal immigrants are costing money for hard working americans?
First of all its not the illigal immigrants are bringing wages down, it is the fat cats of this country who are bringing down the wages. They don't care wether they pay illigal immigrants pennys or if they go to a poor country and pay them pennies, what they care is that they pay as little as they can and keep all the surplus to themselves. Stop blaming illigal immigrants for the countries economic problems, they do not recieve any government funded programs. They work for low wages but still get charged the same amount of money for things we take for granted like; food, home, ecucation, and everyday items. They get charged taxes on everything they buy, they do not get a break. If anything we should give them an amnesty and try to make this country what it used to be "the land of the free." After all this country was built on immigrants.

Randall Parker said at October 21, 2004 3:31 PM:


The price of labor is a product of supply and demand. Increase supply and the price will drop. That has happened with low skilled jobs as a result of low skilled worker immigration.

Yes, illegal immigrants do get government funding. The kids get schooling. They get free medical care at hospital emergency wards. In some states they get in-state tuition to colleges. We have to pay for police to protect and investigate them. They commit crime at higher rates than natives.

Read my Immigration Economics archive for information on the costs of illegal immigrants.

poopuertos said at October 24, 2004 8:21 PM:

kerry rocks bottom and tommarow i've got a dabate @ school, a polotics debate that is, and kerry is so going to win b/c kerry rocks, I've studied, and I have an awsome team of me, poopuertos,a guy I might like, and a really funny hypo democrat go kerry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth said at November 2, 2004 2:24 AM:

I am a 19 year old mexican female. I was brought to the United States when I was 4 by my parents. As I was reading these comments I couldn't help but feel a bit sad because many people think that immigrants shouldn't be given amnesty. I just graduated high school with good grades, I was involved in extracurricular activities, I did my share of community service, I am drug free, I kept out of trouble and still do. As a young adult it is very hurting when I am not able to continue my education because of ineligiblities. My parents can't pay for my college nor can I receive financial aid. I tried applying for scholarships but was denied because I am not a legal resident. I honestly think that if given the opportunity to do so, I can contribute alot to this country which I love and is all I know. I haven't been to Mexico in 15 years and it hurts so bad that I don't remember my grandmother, grandfather and most of my other relatives that live there. I can't hug them or see them or personally talk to them. I only know them through photos and letters :(
It has been very heartbreaking when I see my friends going off to universites and such and I'm stuck at home. I can't get a job, I can't get an ID card or drivers license because in Texas you are required to have a SSN. When I go out with friends it's so embarrasing that I am denied entrance to places because I have a mexican ID and not a Texas ID. Stuff like that really brings my spirits down, and I feel like I don't deserve the things I have to go through because I haven't done anything wrong. I feel hopeless and discouraged that things are how they are, but then I try and shake those feelings off and hope that very soon I, and others in my situation can be given an opportunity to excel because I truely feel I can if given the chance.

Randy said at November 3, 2004 9:51 PM:

What really pisses me off are people who say "Well, these people come here and work and pay taxes so why shouldn't they be eligible to partake in services?" It really upsets me when people say that illegal immigrants pay taxes as a grand statement like this. The media likes to talk about this in glorious terms... about how the useage of IRS ITIN numbers is allowing illegal immigrants to pay taxes. Here is an example of one such article: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/04/14/politics/main549153.shtml Well, it seems like a nice and fair and balanced story from the Associated Press. But wait a minute, let's look at this more closely... First they say that there are 9 million illegals in the US, well, most experts agree that this official figure is probably way too low. So let's say that there are 11 million illegals, a conservative estimate. Now, they say there that in 2002 there were 366,000 ITIN returns, however, what they don't report is that some of those are tax returns and the $7 billion are bone fide tax return for legal nonresident alient tax purposes e.g. a British citizen who owns a factory in the US for example. It is actually estimated that out of those, 340,000 are self-documented illegals (I don't know the dollar figure though). Okay then, now let's say that out of the 11 million illegals that are 3 million childern who would not fill out a tax return anyway. Now lets say that out of the remaining 9 million, 4 million are married thus if they were legal they would have filed let's say 2.3 million tax returns. Let's also say that if the remaining 5 million single taxpayers would have filed tax returns, they would have filed maybe 4.5 million returns. Okay, now let's do the math 2.3+4.5=8.8 million returns. However, ONLY 366,000 ITIN RETURNS ARE FILED EACH YEAR! That's what, 4.5% or so? So ONLY 4.5% of illegal aliens pay taxes, therefore, I think it is totally irresponsible of the media and some politicians to use that "well, but they pay taxes" excuse. Yes, some do pay taxes but the point is that the VAST VAST majority do not! I wish someone would start dispelling this myth about illegal aliens paying taxes.

Moreover, even what they do pay is not enough to cover the services they receive from the govt. http://www.cis.org/articles/2004/fiscalrelease.html (and the article only talks about Federal costs, not state costs which are also considerable). So yes, maybe they are "helping" the economy by taking jobs no one else would take but on the other hand they are also costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars at the same time.

I have absolutely positively no problem whatsoever with immigrants from Mexico, Guatamala, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, you name it, wherever. But if you want to come here, you need to do it legally! Through H1B's, family relationships or whatever. My problem with illegals is simply that they are breaking the law each and every day they are in this country, period. I don't care whether they are productive, not productive, utilizing public funds, not utilizing public funds, whatever... The core fabric of a society is its laws and I just can't accept the fact that so many people are breaking the law to such an extent each and every day and all over this country.

america america said at November 4, 2004 1:06 PM:

to mr bush ,now u elect for new term open ur heart a lot of people waiting to have a chance to live freely in america some people working for 12 years as working authourization give them a chance to be legal and taste the american dream..open ur heart president pls....

.....Sad said at March 29, 2005 9:17 PM:

alright... me and my family have been living here for 10 years, we came from mexico. i recently found out that we can file our taxes so i went to a person that does that for you, i payed her quite a bit of money saying it's perfectly safe and she encourages it....she said that me and my family could apply for ssn's and we have recieved those within 3 weeks....and for the taxes since we've been here 10 eyars and stayed out of trouble we recieved quite a bit of money not gonna say it...you may get angry with your government but i dont know what you guys are talking about we dont pay taxes...because most of the people that i know even illegals pay them some get returns some don't, now i pay taxes and everything i'm not naturalized yet, or have my alien card or anything but am pretty much considered legal we dont get medicare i pay for our medical expenses so dont say we get healthcare because we dont and if you want illegals to be deported i wonder how your plan of creating more jobs would come about, when alot of jobs are taken by illegal aliens, and i've never heard mexicans saying they are going to take over the southwest or any type of threats, and you americans that sit on your butt all day, you gota job? an educated job? not mcdonalds or some factory job because if you do thats sad...you are legal have so many oppurtunities and you dont take advantage of that instead you get obese. obese people are what are bringing this country down not immigrants, i believe they bring the country up creating more jobs and cheaper prices, and those jobs that require education seem to have alot of openings,why aren't you americans taking those jobs when you have all the resources to... if you didnt sit around and eat you could be athletic, get a scholarship but no just sit there and criticize immigrants

thanks folks thats all i got to say

Randall Parker said at March 29, 2005 10:04 PM:

What is sad is to see an argument misrepresented with a strawman.

Illegal aliens pay less in taxes than they receive in benefits. Yes, they still end up paying some taxes. After all, there are sales taxes and some get money deducted from their pay. But illegals earn much lower salaries on average that they pay very little in taxes total.

THANK YOU GOD !!! said at June 6, 2005 11:21 PM:

America tries to make peace in this world and bring every nation to democracy. Well done Mr. President !!! But before that, or in the same time, isn't the same America suppose to make some order in his/her "yard" ??? There are millions of illegal immigrants out there...and here comes my question: What are the benefits of America keeping these millions of illegal immigrants illegal ??? and the second question that comes with the teritory is this:
What are the benefits of America if something is done about it? I say that if some illegal alien is here for a while (few years) and he is able to make a living, pays taxes(if he has a ss #), not having trouble with the law (except the fact that he is here), starting to build his credit, improving credit score, maybe having his own bussiness (self-employed...who one day, if "THEY" give him a chance, he can hire people), drives a car for a few years not having any accidents or any kind of other problems with the law, ...in fact does everything like any AMERICAN MODEL CITIZEN should do,... I don't see any reason not to give him a chance to get towards a legal status which in time will lead to citizenship. Mr. President George W. Bush said that he opposes amnesty, and also said that it's not fair to give that green cards as a reward for being here illegaly, while others are waiting in line for years maybe to get their legal status. Now the thing is...I agree....but MR. President...when u say that is not fair for one to get a green card right now, while others are waiting for a long time for the same thing, (I agree)...and you also say that everybody should wait in line...(I agree again)...but there is no line to wait at...no option. So only with a good thinking and smart action from the President, this issue can be solved very good. Every single one of the illegal immigrants should be call for an interview to get his way to legal status....and that interview must be a severe screening and everything that can be done to figure out who is the government giving "legal ststus" to. And if everything is ok...let him be a legal one...but if there are problems (terorists, drug dealers, wheapons, etc)...put them in jail or send them back to their countries. Simple as that. Once this is done...increase border patrol agents, make the law more severe against illegals, and you now have order in your "yard"... I am not a pro in politics and laws....I just shared my oppinion about this subject and I hope one day very soon our beloved President will do something about this issue. I am thanking him from now for his future actions and I know his heart leads him to have mercy towards these poeple (towards the ones who deserve it) and very soon he's gonna make one of the biggest gifts ever done by someone to these people. Thank you Mr. President !!! God bless you and this beautiful country !!! ....(by the way...I am one of these people and preety much most of the words above describe my situation)...

Think about it said at June 15, 2005 8:46 AM:

Before I start I would like to say that every race has people in it that make their race look bad! Yes even white people! And to all of you that are complaining about hispanics ....go in your own corner and cry! Its people like you that give us a bad name! I thought America was the land of the FREE and us trying to help out other countires... well what is your problam.... Yah sometimes it is alittle irrating when your at work and you have a costumer come in that can't speak english but oh well.. does it really matter that much. At least there trying. Dont you think their probably embarresd. And for some of you that are thinking well then why dont they just go learn... Have you ever tried to learn a diff. lanuage? well.. have you? ITS HARD! And for the rest of you that are saying well then dont come into a country where you dont know there lanuage... Cant you see that they are trying to make life better for them selves... There risking so much to come to America. I think its really sad if someone has to risk everything to come to America because there country is so bad. If that be the cause dont you want to try and help them.. or are you to stuck up to go out of your way to make someone else have a good life? And aonther thing is it really effecting you all the much anyways... really think about it.. I live in a city that houses tonz! of hispanics what does it matter.. your getting enough food right? water.. sleep.. you have a job.. your going to pay taxes no matter what... you have a car... house?? soooo.... whats the problabam .. oh thats right the probablem is that they don't have a green card.. really your getting all upset about a card??

Randall Parker said at June 15, 2005 8:59 AM:

To "Think about it": You are the one who seems to have a problem with thinking. We have described the problems caused by Hispanic immigration. You are ignoring them and simply stating there is no problem.

We are paying more taxes due to Hispanc immigration and getting less in return.

Hispanic performance will not improve in the long run.

Plus, we have enough people in America as things stand. In many parts of the country property for housing is getting unaffordably expensive. Why do this to ourselves? It makes no sense. We have enough people. Stop letting in more and deport all the illegal aliens.

WishToLearn said at August 11, 2005 1:17 PM:

Im 18 years old russian male. I came to america 3 years ago. i cant go to college or get my driver licens. We came here becouse people didnt have jobs their the price on food are the same as here but the problem is if you go to work you will get $10 a week. you cant live with this money. I came to this country becusei want to survive want to learn and become somebody.people dont understand that. i thought americans have hart but they just hate us becouse we want to live like people !

AlexaSally said at September 21, 2005 8:58 AM:

I am all for the illegal model citizens being allowed to live in the US legally.If you look at most of these peoples backgrounds most are running away from poverty in their countries.Is it so wrong for somebody to want to create a better life for themselves and their families.Look at the way people were affected by hurricane Katarina.Thats just a taste of what poverty does to people.Now think of somebody in a country that is so much more worse than that and constantly have to live with that kind of trauma on a daily basis .They leave their country in search of a better life and then they move here live for several years with fear all the time because the law too is not making life easy for them.Just put yourself in that person's shoes constantly stressed and worried and depressed on top of the problems that you already have and have to face to just lead a normal life .I am from a third world country that is suffering from dicatatorship.The economy is soo bad and the leader there is attacking his own peoiple so many people have been killed and now he has further gone in and is demolishing peoples homes so now i dont have a home to go to my family has tried to move to different places and i dont know if i will ever see them again.I cant even visit them in fear that i will not be able to return .The minute one returns after being deported they are being sent to jail and females are being raped by prison guards and generally tortured on return.So being in the United Statres for most of us is like a tase of heaven compared to where we are coming from .Most of the people i know are not trying to get into trouble they just lead a normal life but they feel trapped becasue as much as they want to go back home they are fearing persecution when they get there .Nobody can really prove this becasue this is happening at a high scale that everybody is just suffering .Basic commodities are no longer available ..in short descibing this little country its like hell.

The laws here are trying to kick us out of the only place we have managed to find peace of mind and lead a normal life.Now you tell me how is a person supposed to live .Its sad that people dont really look into the plight of these illegals before they pass nasty comments and decisions.If you think about it being from any country like america would you ever think of leaving if your country was good and everything was fine.We all want to be home.Do people ever stop to think that its not out of choice that these people migrate .Yes it is not right for everybody to be allowed to stay here but if they are paying their taxes and not getting into any sort of trouble with the law why then are they considered to be a burden on the americans.Most people that are paying their taxes have regular jobs and benefits hence they are paying their taxes ,paying their own medical expenses etc ....I urge all Americans to please just give them a chance.Just try to picture wlalking a mile in these peoples shoes maybe then you will understand that its really a painful thing having to deal with being an illegal alien.

cry me a river alexasally said at September 24, 2005 9:58 PM:

newsflash alexasally,we have our own problems to worry about in this country,and to try to impose your problems on us is flat out selfish and inconsiderate on your part,as well as people who think like you.maybe your country has problem,but one thing's for sure problems don't get solved by running away from them.they get solved by people working to make things better.maybe things would be better in your country if people like you decided to stand up for yourselves and put up a fight.and what do you consider searching for a betterlife???? 1/3 of the u.s. prison population is comprised of illegal immigrants....did they come here searching for a better life as well??what about jobs?? in 2003 illegal immigrants displaced U.S.workers at a cost of $133,000,000,.and it has only gotten worse,so the cost has gotten higher more than likely.people and teens in this country can't get jobs in landscaping,fast food,and service jobs because they have been given to illegals who will work them for a 1/3 of the wage and more than likely they are getting paid under the table as well.and because a vast majority of illegals get paid under the table guess what that means????THEY ARE PAYING ABSOLUTELY NO TAXES!!!!
all the while pregnant illegal immigrant women and children are getting free food stamps,free medical coverage,free schooling,and in a lot of cases cheap housing...and who do you think has to pay for that???the legal U.S. citizen,AKA...THE TAXPAYER!!!!!and as a taxpayer,i don't appreciate what your people are doing to this country one bit.75% of this countries drugs comes from mexico to to the tune of $120,000,000,000 that leaves this country every year.and that's money we'll will never ever ever get back.plus illegal immigrants send another $56,000,000,000 of our money back to their countries as well every year.which is also money this country will never get back.

you say it's a painful thing to have to deal with being an illegal alien,well it's pretty damn painfulfor taxpayer having to subsidize
illegal aliens as well...

Born in the US said at March 21, 2006 11:11 PM:

You people are all stupid to say you do not support immigrant coming to this country. You all would not be here if it weren't for immigrants. I defiantly support immigration. I do not support the people though who have tried to sneak over the boarders, the people who have come to take advantage of our country or to cause harm to others.
I do support those immigrants who have come in legally and I do support those who have come legally, who have come with good intentions, with the desire to work, pay taxes, support themselves and their families, become educated and make a difference in our community. Even those immigrants that are now illegal because they overstayed their visas, or just didn't go back to adjust their status. I certainly agree that as long as they have do not have any criminal convictions, they should be treated fairly. Yes, they should be fined, but not banned from our country; they shouldn't have to leave their family, their jobs, and their lives. I am grateful for being born and raised here in America, and I would like to raise my family regardless of where my husband is from and without all this immigration nonsense getting in my way. I also do not think that anyone has a right to speak for the legal immigrants that have been trying to become citizens unless you yourself have had to go through the process. You all are just simple minded people, not thinking of what this country is made of. I know that more than half of you have friends from other countries, neighbors, maybe even relatives that just may not have had a big problem with the INS as some others, would you want them to be banned?
I think a lot of times when people hear the word immigrant, they think of someone jumping the boarder, trying to get a free ride, trying to take advantage of the US, walfare, etc.... but that is not the case for all imigrtants.

Patrick said at March 26, 2006 12:41 PM:

Everyone tends to forget that this country originally belong to the Native American. These people are the real American and each one of us with family at one point in time are immigrant in this land. Albeit that you may be third or fourth generation American but what is really your heritage from? The real problem lies with the American that use our tax dollar on welfare and are not really looking to work. Everyone should look back and see how each of you got here in America. If not for immigrant in the early 1900, America wouldn't be what it is today.

dex said at March 28, 2006 8:18 AM:

Hello/// I am 24 years old man from Russia. I came to USA 3 years ago legally...I came here because my father was
killed in Russia, maybe by the
russian government, i am not sure about it, but the case was closed, nobody was investigating a murder.
He was killed on the street. Just a bullet in the head from the gun. I was never thinking about leaving my
country, before that happened. I was a student in South Ural university, I has complete 4 years and i have
bachelor degree as a rocket scientist.
The problem is after my father died I has to make money to complete 2 more years and help my mom to live....
It is just impossible in russia. My mom make 100$ per month and this is normal for Russia - she is working in the
rocket center as an engineer.
When I came to USA i was working 4 jobs more than a year. Every day 2 jobs. No day off for
about 16 months. Just work every day. It was 2 days off after 16 months, because transmission on my car
was broken. All this time i was paying taxes.
I never use medicare. I just send money to my mom every month. All my life, all my family,
all my friends in russia. I have no traffic tickets here...only one...week ago...because of my muffler
(broken) already install a new one.
I was trying to make a documents here, I am already spend 5000$ to paying lawyers, and nothing....still trying....this is
just not easy....I am not stupid and I am not a criminal, and never want to be...This is just the only way I can
help my mom. In russia you can be killed one day and no one, only friends and family, will care about it.
Nobody will never investigate the murder in any way. Stupid country.
I wish I can live here with no fear that some day somebody will come and will send me back to Russia in handcuffs,
like a criminal. If you want I will pay double taxes. I can even work one day a week for free. I just want to live
normal life. And I want a normal life for my future children.

Razor said at March 29, 2006 8:26 AM:

I am legal immigrant in the US originally from Eastern Europe. I have my own business and I came here because my country is in deep economic crisis after the cold war ended. I think America only benefits from immigrants and is made from them at first place. Not from people that are overweight, donít do sports, donít like to travel, eat in Mc Donaldís and believe everything on TV like the average American. It would be interesting if somebody makes a survey what percentage of the US intellectuals are not born here. I think a lot of them, especially in the universities and the research areas. This keeps US number 1 for now. I know a lot of young people from my country that stayed here after their status expired and although they came legally now are "illegal". They are all hard working and know what they want in life. It is ridiculous to formulate them like criminals. Off course they are going to take someoneís job, this is called natural selection. A lot of these people will stay here for good anyway. Keeping them out of status does not benefit the country or anybody. I think itís not a bad idea to make them pay taxes and give them confidence and equal rights.

Razor said at March 29, 2006 9:14 AM:

Don't you think this company is ridiculous and would make a good post on Parapundit?
I think itís dishonorable, to make profit from someoneís miseryÖ legally and be advertised on CNN for doing that. Anybody sharing my opinion can reach tem at:


Fax (360) 272-5623

Mailing Address

Jumpin' Jupiter, Inc.
PO Box 668682
Pompano Beach, FL 33066-8682

Randall Parker said at March 29, 2006 4:29 PM:


We benefit from smarter immigrants. We are hurt by dumber immigrants. Most of our immigrants today are not too bright. Therein lies the problem.

Larry The Cable Guy said at May 7, 2006 10:20 PM:

Git R Done!~Larry The Cable Guy

Yancarlo Rodriguez said at November 20, 2006 7:22 AM:

Well to start out If it wasn't for immigrations working there ass off in the hot and in fields in california and stuff like that america wouldn't be what it is right now.................the goverment knows that this so called "free country" was progessed by illigal immigrents.......the goverment knows it.......Immigrents give the american nation so much money in taxes every year that it's not even funny......the goverment knows it....and he also know that he wouldn't want to lose all the GOOD MONEY HU?..............if it wasn't for the immigrents accepting the lowest paying job in this county then who would..............not the americans......they were born here if they really tried to make something in there life then they themself would of already have applyed in that job with a 90% better chance of winning the jog than the immigrent would...i say this because u don't even have an idea of how it feels to be an immigrent working every day just to get some bread on the table..............because i know deep down inside under every american citizen heart that if they were poor and had to eat in order to live they would dam sure push them self to the limit ..........they would give there family what they want there were dam sure try to reach the "American Dream"...............i mean that if u love your family(remember family is all you got)i don't think that making a wall is a good idea either because one of these day the white man is going to want 2 go on a vacation to mexico and the mexican it gooing to see it as...if american don't let us go to there country then why should we let them come to ours. THAT THERE IS CALLED ."FORIGEN AFFAIR PROBLEMS"...........so think twice before you start to critizising the immigrents......because my dad was an illigal immigrant but now has become a U.S.A Citizen over hard years of work...........now that is dedication from his heart to the united states of america sayin that he the "immigrent" is just here to help.....and i gurentee every one that some day americans of the united states would relize what they lost if this critizinsim keeps going on......we are all of gods sons/daughters

Randall Parker said at November 20, 2006 5:08 PM:

Yancarlo Rodriguez,

Yes, if the illegals weren't working in the fields America would not be like it is right now. Instead it would be more automated.

In countries in Europe where the illegals aren't available to pick fruit in orchards they use automated picking machines. US progress in automating agriculture has been slowed by illegal alien labor driving down labor prices. Take away the labor and the engineers will have incentives to develop more automated farm equipment.

Cila said at March 21, 2007 6:43 AM:

Immigrants are only seeking a better life for them and for their family. Any human being would do the same thing if they were in that place. Immigrants are not taking away jobs from anybody, they're just doing the jobs that americans aren't willing to do. Illigal immigrants pay taxes just like any other citizen, but yet they don't receive money bak from Uncle Sam. Where's all that money? It goes to the lazy americans that aren't willing to work in the dirty jobs.

Nero said at September 27, 2007 12:57 PM:

I'd like to talk to someone who's on the extreme-right and thinks every "illegal" should be deported.
it's SICK how twisted and hate-filled and fact-slanting they are here? How much financial damage does immigration actually cause? And how many legal Americans really suffer from the crisis of applying for a job in the fields, and going home in tears because an immigrant took the job? They act as if it's the most urgent crisis in American history for us to have more residents than the U.S asked for. Immigrants are branded as "illegals" and criminals in every sense of the word.
If you really want to commit a crime, you'd go to Mexico anyway, because most crime is unpunished and un-investigated. Why hypothesize that Latino criminals would want to come here?
Most importantly: the waiting list to get into America is 10-13 years long. If you live anywhere in Latin America and want to move here legally, it takes that long. A simple solution would be to let more of them in legally. Have a registration booth at the border instead of a minuteman with a sniper rifle slung under his arm.
They'll keep trying to get in no matter how many millions we pour into "guarding' the border. Why do they want to get in? Because in most of Latin America-- not just Mexico-- the majority of the country is below our poverty line. A homeless person from America would be considered middle-class or wealthy if they moved there. If they come to America and earn $5 an hour, they can feed their entire family back home. If you haven't seen the documentary "Chasing El Norte," and have any doubts about the reasons that many "illegal immigrants" come here, see it. And don't shut it off because it sounds like a 'sob story." This is a real story.

If we don't invite them to the U.S, it's at least our moral duty to help our neighbors. If letting them move to America is truly what we dread most, then give him a job with an American company, but set up in his own country, with American wages. It's even better than giving to the poor-- we benefit from their labor, and we keep them alive, giving them no reason to enter the country illegally. Problem solved. Someone notify Bush; he'll want to put this in as part of his next Immigration bill.

Claudia Leyva said at September 23, 2009 9:17 AM:

Well I didn't find your fucking website useful. You people are all just hating. The fact is that immigrants are hardwrking people who all they want is food and money for their families. Your so arrogant creating a web site like this. All you need to include now is the KKK. haha All these hate crimes are so awfull I mean why can't people have the "balls" big enough to fight the right way. Oh and by the way fuck you CNN and this website. You know when I drive downtown you know what I see. I see fucking lazy ass people asking for money and they are only in their late 20's or 40's most of them are AMERICANS. I call that being ignorant it's just disgusting like people like you who started this stupid site.

CLAUDIA said at September 23, 2009 9:44 AM:

Randall Parker and Mark and JR shut the fuck up

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