2004 February 28 Saturday
On The Hypocrisy Of The Mexican Matricula Consular ID

The Mexican government continues to busily lobby American local, state and federal government officials for acceptance of the matricula consular ID card granted by Mexican consulates to Mexican illegal aliens (and even to some Guatemalan illegals) in the US. At the very same time that the Mexican government wants US government agencies to treat illegal aliens more like legal aliens in Mexico 5 million people are ineligble to vote, get a bank account, or go to school because they have no birth certificate.

Isabel Lopez Torres, a shy-eyed 11-year-old, can't write her own name because she's never been to school. Like thousands of other children in Mexico, she's been barred from public schools because of a bureaucratic barrier: She has no birth certificate.


The government estimates that more than 5 million Mexicans lack birth certificates. For poor people in rural areas, getting a birth certificate can mean walking hours or even days to the nearest municipal office. For many, especially in the poorest indigenous communities, the $5 or $10 processing fee represents the family's food budget for a week.

Effectively these Mexicans who do not have birth certificates are not even being treated as full citizens in their own country. This is happening even while the hypocritical Mexican government is pushing to have US government agencies to treat Mexican illegal immigrants as de facto US citizens.

Mexico is broken and needs to be fixed. But the ease with which Mexicans can cross over the border into the United States reduces the internal pressure in Mexico to make substantial reforms. In fact, as Allan Wall reports from Mexico, many illegal alien men who travel from Mexico to live and work in the United States abandon their families in the process of doing so.

Sara and her five children were abandoned by her husband in 1985.

This deadbeat dad is believed to live in Texas. Since his emigration, he has not sent one cent to his family!

Señora Garcia related to the reporter, Angel Amador Sanchez, that many other women were in her situation. In a town like Jerez, where emigration is a part of the culture, that’s not surprising, and as Sara puts it, “...these men abandon their wives and children as if it were nothing.”

The United States can not fix Mexico by letting tens of millions of Mexicans come to the United States.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2004 February 28 12:36 AM  Immigration Border Control

unkown name said at February 28, 2005 5:57 AM:

I think that the United States has the wrong idea about all Mexicans. Some are not worth a shit just like alot of the men here in the Unites States are not worth a shit. You talk about the men that abandon their families and never send money or anything. Well what about those thousands that do send money every week to take care of their families and what about the dead beat dads over here in the Unites States that live right down the road from their children and still will not support their children and the United States government want do a thing to make them. You make everything so exspensive that you can't get legal help and wihout it you can't get anything done.
So maybe ya'll should try worring about correcting issues like that here in the U.S. and leave these other men alone. So far we have never had any problems with the Mexican people in wanting to run our country. They just want the opportunity to have a fair life too and I feal like we are wrong for how we treat them. After all we did take this country from the Indians.

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