2004 January 25 Sunday
Madrassah Schools In Pakistan Remain Entirely Unreformed

The Pakistani government is making no progress reforming the curricula at private Islamic fundamentalist madrassah schools in Pakistan.

Declaring that no institutions in Pakistan would be above the law, Musharraf's government promised that it would register all madrasas to obtain a clear idea of which groups were running which schools, insist that all madrasas adopt a government curriculum by the end of 2002, and stop madrasas and mosques from being used as centers for the spread of politically and religiously inflammatory statements and publications.

Two years later, no presidential ordinance to regulate madrasas has been promulgated, and the government openly assures the clergy that it will not interfere in madrasas' internal affairs. Most madrasas in Pakistan remain unregistered.

Top officials in the Bush Administration see the madrassa school in Pakistan as a serious problem. See previous posts Rumsfeld Sees Madrassah Schools As A Problem To Work On and US, Pakistani Officials Meet Over Madrassah Schools Issue. But it is obvious that Pervez Musharraf doesn't have either the power or the resources or the motivation to reform curricula in Madrassahs.

Given that Saudi Arabia is stuck in an internal power struggle between reformists and Islamists it is also unlikely Saudi Arabia's school curriculum is improving. So over 2 years post 9/11 there are no signs that one basic contributing factor to Islamic terrorism is changing for the better. Also keep in mind that the Saudis are spending more per year to spread Wahhabism than the Soviets spent per year to spread communism. Some of that money goes to fund Madrassah schools that teach a Wahhabist curriculum.

Part of the US response to this state of affairs should be to make visas much harder to get for people from countries with large numbers of students attending schools that teach Islamic fundamental school curricula which teach hostility toward non-believers.

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muhamed said at March 17, 2006 10:07 AM:

i am muhamed Ali by name am a muslim from Cameroon in Africa, please i will like to enrole with any of the islamic madrassa shcool in saudi Arabia please get in contact with me as soon as posibel through my mail address.
best regard
muhamed ali

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