2003 December 21 Sunday
Human Smugglers And Kidnappers Engage In Gunfights

The US government's unwillingness to properly police and enforce immigration laws on American borders is leading to increasing crime and a wave of murder and rape.

PHOENIX -- Moving with the cunning and cruelty of modern-day pirates, gangs of kidnappers are swooping down on Arizona highways, attacking smugglers transporting undocumented immigrants and stealing their human cargo.

The kidnappers stash the immigrants in hundreds of drop houses scattered around the city, using violence and threats to extort money from their relatives.

Now smugglers are fighting back, shooting it out with kidnappers on sidewalks and freeways in broad daylight.


The new wave of violence has made this the deadliest year in Phoenix history with 247 homicides, edging out the previous high of 245 in 2001. Police say 60 percent of the city's crime is related to smuggling and kidnapping. "It's impacted the whole quality of life here," said police spokesman Sgt. Randy Force.

The kidnappers rape kidnapped girls while their families listen over the phone. These kidnappers are beasts.

In the face of an obvious need to stop the inflow of illegal immigrants and to deport the illegal aliens that are already here what does the US government's Department of Homeland Security propose to do about it? Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge proposes an amnesty for illegal aliens.

In what may be a break from the status quo since Sept. 11, 2001, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said last week he favored granting legal status to millions of illegal immigrants, a move immigrant advocates welcomed and critics said would undermine the law and national security.

"The bottom line is, as a country, we have to come to grips with the presence of 8 to 12 million illegals, afford them some kind of legal status some way," Ridge said at a town hall meeting in Miami last week.

We can come to grips with the presence of illegal aliens by deporting them. It is not impossible to round up the bulk of the illegal aliens and deport them. But the politicians in Washington DC are putting business interests, ethinc group activists, and other interests ahead of those of the bulk of American citizens. If the United States government would only make a serious effort to deport illegal aliens then most illegal aliens would deport themselves in advance of being forcefully deported. Also, a fence barrier along the border with Mexico is a feasible solution for greatly reducing the flow of illegal aliens into the United States. See my previous post: One Year Of Illegal Alien Health Care Costs Would Pay For Border Barrier

Update: John Jay Ray points to a column by Michelle Malkin where Malkin reports on continued efforts by the US federal government to sabotage immigration law enforcement.

From homeland security personnel, I continue to hear open-borders horror stories. A Border Patrol agent who works along the northern border reports that federal immigration judges in his area are subverting the deportation process by refusing to issue arrest warrants for illegal alien absconders (fugitives who have been ordered deported but never showed up for their hearings). A special agent notes that San Diego supervisors continue to discourage interior immigration enforcement near the southern border. And countless rank-and-file immigration enforcement officers have written to express disgust at Washington's bipartisan talk of "amnesty" for millions of immigration law-breakers whose presence makes a mockery of homeland defense.

Why can't anything be done to put a stop to the flow of millions of illegal aliens into the United States? Is it because it is impossible to stop illegal immigration? No! Again, the problem is that the top politicians in Washington DC want the current high level of immigration, both legal and illegal.

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