2003 December 17 Wednesday
US Homeland Security Dept Wants To Include Illegal Aliens In FBI Database

United State Department of Homeland Security officials want to include 140,000 deported illegal aliens in an FBI database for criminals.

Homeland security officials want to add tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and foreign students to an FBI database designed primarily to help police apprehend wanted criminals, allowing them to instantly identify foreign nationals who have been deported or have violated student visas.

The proposal -- part of a broad push by the Bush administration to more closely monitor foreign nationals since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks -- is raising concerns among some civil liberties advocates and law enforcement groups that fear it will bring police heavily into the business of apprehending immigration violators who have committed no serious crimes. In some cases, they said, that could violate state rules that prohibit police from enforcing federal immigration laws.

Being in the United States illegally is against the law. Immigration law is not some special category of the law that is not meant to be enforced. It is a proper function of the federal government to enforce immigration law and it is a proper function of local and state governments to enforce federal laws as well.

The state level is a political battlefield where immigration reduction and reform advocates could make some serious headway. At the national level the politicians are a hopeless case and most are opposed to the majority's desire to see more vigorous enforcement of immigration law and a reduction of immigration. But the state ballot initiative process is available in nearly half the states. Immigration reform groups ought to come up with ballot language to change state laws to require local and state police to detain illegal aliens for deportation. A ballot initiative that combined that proposal with other legal changes (e.g. outlaw the acceptance of the matricula consular as identification and the outlawing of driver's licenses for illegal aliens) would probably pass in many states.

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Reptoid said at December 18, 2003 9:45 PM:

Even though I would definately vote 'yes' on such a ballot initiative, I don't think it would stand much of a chance in California. This state is too far gone in political correctness fairytale land to pass such a thing. Already my stomach is turning at all of the seething demagogues we'll see in the media pounding the podium in righteous indignation at how the initiative is an obvious attempt by the evil rightwing cabal to oppress the powerless.

Grant Yen said at December 31, 2003 10:34 AM:

Iam using this medium to inform you of an illegal immigrant from Ghana in Carbondal Illinois
She is:
cOUNTRY OF Origin: Ghana
Recidence: Saluki Hall Carbondale
Phone Number: 618-549 5901
This lady is a graduate of Thearter Arts from Southern Illinois University Carbondale .Wher she graduate last May.
Eversince, her graduation, she has been working illiegally in a grocery shop in Carbondale. His J-I sTUDENT VISA HAS EXPIRED months ago, but she refused to leave.
From realiable source, she went to her country Ghana some years ago and was teasted as HIV positives. She later came to conclusion that she might have contacted this dieases from a white man she was dating months ago in Carbondale.
The pathetic aspect of it now and why iam informing your office is that she has decided to be dispersing the dieases through her prositution relationships with men here in U.s.A.
I have earlier on written to your office to complain about the inherent danger of this situation , but up till now nothing happen.
Iam now writing you again to take quick action so as to help save lives here in carbondale.
Looking forward to see your action.
A chinnesse Lady
Grant Yen

richard parker said at February 18, 2004 4:31 AM:

I am using this medium to inform you of an illegal immigrant from morrocco
he is
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cOUNTRY OF Origin:Morrocco
Recidence:1912 av H apartment 4e bookyln new york
Car license plate: BXJ8668 chevy astro
He was marryed to a US citizen and she was from Haiti for aout a year and a half and when she wanted to have a baby he refused because he just wanted the green card and so he left her now he marry a woman in Virginia and he made a deal with her that he gives her 6000 dollars for her to marry him and for for to help him get the green card which she excepted and this money that he gave her was from stolen credit cards which he got when he was working in a petrol station(SHELL)the theifs would come to him with the credit cards and then sell him the credit cards which he had a machine to check to see if it was working or not and with these credit cards he bought many item electronic stuff computers cameras and then e would sell them at half price and at this present time he has two icecream trucks in upstate new york Monrow town
how can this man who is still a illegal alien that only got 250 dollar a week afford all this stuff and 2 icecream trucks just goto he house and just see what he has inside
the reason why i am telling you this information is that he is hurting and stealing from people and he dosenot deserve to stay in the USA this is not a joke please take this information and check him out
thank you very much

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