2003 November 07 Friday
Munich Jewish Leader Confused About Religion And Totalitarianism

Charlotte Knobloch is very confused.

In Germany, the number of Jewish immigrants, mainly from Eastern Europe, has tripled in the last 10 years, corresponding to a backlash against anti-Semitism, Charlotte Knobloch, leader of Munich's Jewish community, told the gathering.

Referring to the debate over Europe's new constitution, Knobloch called reference to God ``essential to avoid the rebirth of totalitarian regimes.''

Ms. Knobloch is looking backward toward the 20th century when totalitarian regimes were almost all atheistic and hostile toward religions. The totalitarian impulse of today flows mostly from religious fundamentalists who see God as their source of legitimacy to justify harsh totalitarian rule. Did reference to God inspire the Taliban to make Afghanistan a tolerant free place? No, of course not. The opposite is the case.

Secular ideologies have no monopoly on causing repressive political systems.

Ms. Knobloch would do better to pay attention to Mark Steyn and worry less about constitutions and more about demographics.

Given the rate of Islamic immigration to Europe, those anti-Israeli numbers are heading in only one direction. At present demographic rates, by 2020 the majority of children in Holland ó i.e., the population under 18 ó will be Muslim. What do you figure that 74 per cent will be up to by then? Eighty-five per cent? Ninety-six per cent? If Americans think itís difficult getting the Continentals on side now, wait another decade. In that sense, the Israelis are the canaries in the coalmine.

Oh come on Mark, tell us what you really think:

Europe is dying. As Iíve pointed out here before, it canít square rising welfare costs, a collapsed birthrate and a manpower dependent on the worldís least skilled, least assimilable immigrants.

Suggestion to Dutch Jews: Time to move.

Suggestion to Mark Steyn and to all Americans: Start paying attention to our own dismal demographics of massive unskilled immigration and plunging reproduction of the most sharp and educated. Austin Minnesota is our future.

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