2003 November 04 Tuesday
Mugabe Hero To Upper Middle Class African Blacks

The Spectator has a chilling article entitled Mugabe is their darling: Aidan Hartley finds that the Zimbabwean president is regarded as a hero by Africa’s upper middle classes.

In Johannesburg recently I hooked up with Mojo, an old drinking chum from Dar es Salaam, where in the 1980s I was an FT stringer covering the ‘frontline states’ and he was an officer in the ANC’s armed wing, Mkhonto we Sizwe. These days I’m a settler on the land in Kenya, while Mojo has risen to become Lieutenant-General Mojo Matau, South Africa’s chief of military intelligence. At our reunion the beers flowed freely into the night as we remembered the old days. Mojo and I slapped each other on the back and held hands for a bit. Then I asked my friend, this man in the kitchen cabinet of ANC power in the new South Africa, what he thought of Robert Mugabe. At his reply my heart sank. He described Zimbabwe’s President as a hero for what he’s done to white farmers, and a leader who illuminated the path ahead for South Africa. I remonstrated, as I always do, and ended by telling Mojo that I saw myself as an African first, a white second, and that it was my ardent wish to stay on the continent. ‘Your only home,’ countered Mojo, gently taking my hand again, ‘is England.

The persecution of whites in South African will gradually increase and whites will continue to flee when they are able. Eventually the Indians will probably follow them once there are not enough white targets and the black racists turn their attention toward other non-black groups.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 November 04 11:37 AM  Civilizations Decay

vinod said at November 4, 2003 1:19 PM:

what do you think is the end game once the black racists have no more scapegoats? Turn on each other? (Congo scenario) Export their anger (Somalia / Afghanistan)?

Randall Parker said at November 4, 2003 1:36 PM:

Vinod, Zimbabwe is South Africa's future. The clique in power sticks it to everyone else. The economy deteriorates.

razib said at November 4, 2003 4:43 PM:

social entropy will work slower in south africa.

1) more whites, and also more of an asian entrepenurial class
2) the blacks are divided more evenly as far as tribes go (zimbabwe is mostly shona with a small matabele [zulu] minority)-so divide & conquer is easier
3) more natural resources (diversified economy)
4) less history of political violence (mugabe was a military leader)

original man said at October 10, 2005 4:06 PM:

The greatest living african that is popularly recognized is unquestionable Mugabe...my review points to the following as TOP FIVE REASONS WHY MUGABE IS THE GREATEST WIDELY KNOWN LIVING:

1. this genius, using hardly more than AK47's defeated Ian Smiths military machine & ended 100yrs of Ndebele/Shona servitude...established democracy in an undemocratic apartheid serf society...established universal rule of law...(don't forget democracy & rule of law did not exist for millions of Ndebeles & Shonas until Mugabe brought it in 1980! -we don't hear the bigots or so-called liberals talking about this statistic & denouncing Ian Smith for it)

2. raised the literacy rate of the population from 28% (in 1980) to 84% (in 2003 - the highest in Africa today!)(we don't hear the bigots or so-called liberals talking about this statistic & denouncing Ian Smith for it)

3. Mugabe made zim the FIRST nation planet-wide to comprehensively address the stolen-land imbalance that exist WORLDWIDE...and such theft NOT COMPETENCE is a key pillar in the perpetuation of white economic dominance/supremacy & poverty indigenous poverty in the so-called 'third world' (if a theif is forced to return the things it stoled it is understandable they will be unhappy they were unable to permanently get away with the theft...most theives behave this way!)

4. 10 of 13 financial institutions in Zim are now indigenously owned under Mugabes leadership (how many of you Mugabe bashers knew this?)

5. in 1980 almost Zero business were owned by indigenous peoples...today over 100 businesses are indigenously owned (this however is depressing statistic, as 600 of the roughly 700 businesses in Dzim are white controlled, hence why bigots were able to retaliate against the zim economy when they started having to return stolen land....however the process of indigenization is expanding...the emerging black economy is booming & this boom will expand as indigenization expands...the doom & gloom stories of economic collapse only "define" 'the economy' as businesses "owned by whites"...the black businesses are doing just fine from my review & this is a good thing...keep up the good work Mugabe!).

PRINCIPLE: whatever is good for Africans is bad for bigots...i call this the LAW OF BIGOTRY...so if you wanna know when things are going well, listen for their complaints...the louder they complain, the better life is getting...keep complaining bigots!...it is the above TOP FIVE successes of Mugabe & more why they hate him, no other reason!...keep up the good work Mugabe - a modern David taking on a neo-colonial resource/money-thirsty thick myopic capitalist Goliath. When all other dickless leaders cow/bow to the west & their heartless metabolic threats, Mugabe says "fuck off, you can do whatever you want to me, but i am doing whats right" (God bless him & when he passes may his indomnitable spirit join the in the Afterlife the greatest of greats, starting w/ mummfication at DZim's National Hereos Park...blazer's physical manifestation may one day be rested at this Park as well as he completes his tour of this realm & journeys into the next: mark my words).

Castro is another of the truly greats...he is de facto & honourary African anyways (so no need to create separte category for him)...he stands shoulder to shoulder w/ Mugabe (PREDICTION: the bigots will continue to demonize Mugabe, the way they have unjustly demonized Castro for the past 5+decades...the LAW OF BIGOTRY SAYS SO!)

viva Mugabe!
Viva Economic Democracy!

Lluís Andarín said at May 12, 2006 1:26 PM:

I'd like to trade all our (American) blacks for all the SA and Zim whites. The African whites might well be rednecks, but they are an obviously productive people. And, I've seen too much black governance at first hand (in the Caribbean, in US cities) to have any illusions about SA's prospects. Things seems OK now, but in 30 years?

Wake up, white people! Stop feeding (with your "aid") people who are so pathetic that they choose to live in squalor. Let the blacks stew in their own barbarism. And you all should emigrate to Oz, NZ, Holland, or any other civilized land!

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