2003 October 21 Tuesday
Derb: Third Party Anti-Illegal Immigration Candidate In 2004?

John Derbyshire says that if a well-funded third party candidate runs in 2004 for the Presidency on a strong platform to control the borders and enforce immigration law he would get at least 20 million votes.

Here is my prediction. Should a candidate come up saying these things, or anything close to them, and should that candidate's campaign not be derailed by the machinations of his opponents or the media, or by some gross blunder of his own, he will get at least 20 million votes next November more than Ross Perot got in 1992.

Such a candidate would probably take more votes from the Republicans than from the Democrats. But that is by no means a certainty. Many lower income people who don't like competing against lots of low skilled immigrants. The lower income people are experiencing declining wages due to immigrant competition and therefore the low income citizens who might otherwise vote for the Democrats would be tempted to vote for such a candidate.

It is a myth that it is impossible to enforce immigration laws. A large barrier on the border with Mexico would probably cut illegal immigration by about half. Instead of enforcing immigration law our elites want another amnesty. Derb is quite right in pointing out that on the issue of immigration the elites are ignoring the will of the people. Therefore a populist voting booth revolt is possible given a suitable third party candidate. If that revolt cost the Republicans the White House it would be a lesson that would be well worth it for the national Republican leaders to learn the hard way.

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TR Fowler said at July 4, 2006 6:27 AM:

I want to run in Maryland elctions as a candidate to secure the borders. How do I proceed?

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