2003 October 14 Tuesday
US Gains Ground In UN Iraq Negotiations

There has been considerable commentary that the Bush Administration has gone to the UN for help with Iraq as a sign that the US occupation is in trouble and that the US must now go grovelling for help. But the Bushies have continued to stick by their position that they are not going to give the UN a significant governing role in Iraq and the commentary by both worried supporters and gleeful opponents of US occupation in Iraq is looking pretty unjustified by the course of negotiations at the United Nations Security Council

France, Russia and Germany on Tuesday dropped their demands that the United States grant the United Nations a central role in Iraq's reconstruction and yield power to a provisional Iraqi government in the coming months.

The move constituted a major retreat by the Security Council's chief antiwar advocates, and signaled their renewed willingness to consider the merits of a U.S. resolution aimed at conferring greater international legitimacy of its military occupation of Iraq.

Difficulties with Baathist and Islamist resistance fighters have not caused Bush Administration officials who have a deep visceral distrust of the United Nations to suddenly decide that the UN holds the key to get them out of a bind. More likely, the Administration hawks think they have a tough problem on their hands and therefore all the more reason to keep the UN involvement minimal and symbolic. Better to only ask the UN to get involved in situations where the stakes are much lower.

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