2003 October 13 Monday
Stalin Chose Kim Il-sung To Lead North Korea

As this article in the Washington Post explains, North Korea's first communist leader Kim Il-sung spent World War II in a Soviet training camp and his son Kim Jong-il was born in that camp.

Kim Il-sung was one of the more talented students and was soon put in charge of a battalion of Korean partisans, he said. "But we were not specifically grooming him for leadership then. Stalin decided that much later," said Popov. Another former KGB officer, Park Il Peter Alexandrovich, was assigned to give Kim Il-sung ideological training after his return to Pyongyang in 1945. "Kim was a common man. He did not fight against the Japanese. He simply escaped from the Japanese," Park has said. Moscow was originally grooming another man, Kim Du-bong, as a potential leader, but he failed to meet expectations, he said.

The official story is that Kim Jong-il was born on North Korea's Mount Paekdu while assorted seemingly supernatural things happened around him to indicate that he was somehow blessed and that his father was a heroic resistance fighter against the Japanese in World War II. The reality is that the totalitarian killer Stalin put into power Kim Il-sung, Kim never saw any fighting, his son was born in Siberia near the village of Vyatskoye, and now his son runs a regime that has the deaths of millions of people on its hands as a consequence of decisions made by Stalin in the 1940s.

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