2003 October 02 Thursday
Medical Uninsurance Rates Especially High Among Immigrants

As the rate of medically uninsured hits a decade high in the United States immigrants stand out as having especially high rates of being uninsured for medical costs.

Texas has the largest number of uninsured people, with one in four (24%) of its population without health care, while the lowest rate (8%) is in Minnesota.

About 30% of those in poverty, and one-third of foreign immigrants, lacked health care coverage.

The large border between Texas and Mexico makes Texas a major destination for illegal immigrants from Mexico. Note that foreign immigrants lack health care insurance at rates even higher than all those who are living in poverty. Now, immigrants make up a substantial portion of those who are in poverty. So there is considerable overlap between the two groups. But it is likely that immigrants in poverty are, on average, poorer than native born who live in poverty.

The figures provided in this report for overall lack of medical insurance seem low. This may be because all seniors have medical insurance thru Medicare and therefore they raise the average rate of those insured. It isn't clear from the report whether they were included in the total. Also, it is not clear whether those who have Medicaid coverage are included in those who are listed as uninsured.

Illegal aliens receive 30% of the money spent on Medicaid. Hispanics are medically uninsured at about two and a half times the rate of whites. It makes no sense to import large numbers of high school and even grade school drop-outs into the most advanced economy in the world. Current US immigration policy is incredibly stupid.

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