2003 August 24 Sunday
Iran And North Korea Seen As Negotiating Closer Nuclear Cooperation

China eLobby draws attention to a recent report that the North Korean and Iranian regimes are negotiating a deal for more extensive cooperation on nuclear weapons development.

So many North Koreans are presently in Iran working on nuclear and ballistic missile projects, the story said, that a Caspian Sea resort has been furnished for their use.

Then, just two days ago, a story in the Japanese newspaper Sankei reported that the two countries would likely reach an agreement in mid-October to jointly develop nuclear warheads. Also, under the agreement, North Korea will export Taepodong missile components for assembly in Iran.

It isn't called Axis Of Evil for nothing.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 August 24 12:38 AM  Axis Of Evil

Bob said at August 24, 2003 12:06 PM:

Axis of Evil?

Oh come on, Randy. Don't be so "simplistic" and judgemental. They are not evil so much as morally challenged...er, no, morals implies all that simplistic right/wrong stuff. Um, they are "other-valued". That's it, they are "other-valued" or even "differently good"--that one's really good.

Yeah, there is mass starvation, torture and oppression, but who are we to judge how they show their love for their fellow man when we continue to imprison crimin... um, no, when we continue to imprison innocent victims of mandatory sentencing laws?

And this whole axis thing is way overblown. Of course, they turn to each other for comfort and mutual defense when we label them and ostracize them with nasty judgements.

We need to bend and spread... um, I mean we need to show them an opening to demonstrate our sincere desire for dialogue, tolerance and cooperation. Let's just be a little "differently wise" for a while and see where it takes us this time.

We need to embrace the "differently good" and show them how to get what they want through love. It just takes a little behavioural modification, that's all.

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